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Friday, June 20, 2003

Proposal - Board Stiff

[ Nobody seems to be playing this any more, and it's taking up a hefty, important-sounding part of the ruleset. ]

Repeal Rule 13 (The Game Board).

Remove from the Ruleset the paragraphs beginning "A Board Player may state", "Only Board Players may vote" and "For Proposals that are designated as Game board Proposals".

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 24th, 10 Gold to Kevan
Proposal - Swapping Shirts [Trivial]

[ This was mentioned at the time, but never proposed... ]

To Rule 21 (Revolution), add:-

"All Players who were Rebels at the end of the previous Dynasty become Loyal, and all previously Loyal Players become Rebel."

Enacted by Kevan, Sunday the 22nd, 4 Gold to Kevan (2 to Néa)

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Proposal: Revocation of Membership

Remove the Players Mikey and Erik from the game of BlogNomic.

[rod was still involved this dynasty.]

Enacted by Kevan, Sunday the 22nd, 5 Gold to Geran (3 to Royce), 5 Gold to Kevan (3 to Néa)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Proposal: Taking Out The Trash

Add to the rule "Dynasties"

"At the start of a new dynasty, any Players who began and remained idle during the previous dynasty are removed from the Player roster and the game of BlogNomic. They may rejoin as a new Player at any point."

[they're just cluttering up the gndt. i was almost going to just propose to kick them out, but this is more of a permanent solution than just evicting players once.]

Enacted by Geran, Thursday the 19th, 15 Gold to Geran (8 Gold to Royce)
The Atomic Bomb is set at 30 seconds.

It currently appears in the sidebar under the GNDT.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Bonus Word for the Week of June 16th

idee fixe \ee-day-FEEKS\, noun;

plural idees fixes \ee-day-FEEKS\:

An idea that dominates the mind; a fixed idea; an obsession.

I thought I'd start you out with an easy one. Have fun, and good luck!