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Thursday, April 24, 2003

I'm away for the weekend - probably won't be back until Tuesday, so I might as well declare myself Idle so that I don't slow anything down, or get shot for failing to vote on things. Quorum falls to two; have fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Proposal : BlogNomic Wants You

[ We need more players - here's an incentive to recruit. ]

Add the following paragraph to Rule 2 (Players), after the first paragraph:-

Within 24 hours of joining the game, and only once, a Player may nominate a single (other) Player as being responsible for their joining - the nominated Player gains 50 Gold, and the new Player gains 25 as a reward for nominating.

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 29th, +15 Gold to Kevan
Proposal: Admin Selection

Admin players are special. They have more responsibility, more power, and the oppurtunity for greater rewards. As such, they are important, and should be selected carefully.

Change Rule 2 to omit the sentance Any Admin Staff may confer Admin status onto another Player at any time, and update the sidebar appropriately. And create a new rule:

Admin's are selected to assist in running a Dynasty. The New Emperor selects one Admin (possibly herself), and the remaining non-admin non-emperor players select the other Admin. Additional Admin are invoked through unanimous approval of the exsisting Admin.

[Note: For Myke's Dynasty we well say Myke and Kevan are the Admin's unless they don't want to be.]

An Admin may choose to quit his role as an Admin at any time.

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 29th, -2 Gold to Mikey
Proposal: Taxes

Administators have a distinct advantage over non-administrators in point-gaining ability. As such, it is unlikely a non-administrator will ever achieve a number of points to be considered successful or elite in BlogNomic. Therefore, these non-admin players are a lower class.

My proposal is that the lottery be changed into a taxation scheme. Change rule 17 to 'Representation/Taxation': All non-admin players are taxed 1 Gold per blog entry per day. This Gold is collected by any Admin into the Tax Account and shall be posted as "This Month's Taxes" on the right side of the page.

The Taxes shall be assigned on the last Sunday of the current month, between noontime and midnight, and no sooner; at which point an Admin must award the Admin with the most Karma points. The Admin awarding the Taxes must also announce in the BlogNomic the winner of the month's Taxes in an entry beginning 'Your Taxes at Work: [winner's name] is given [Gold Issued] Gold.'

If an Admin fails to do this during the allotted time on the last Sunday of the month, all Taxes will be distributed amoung non-admins the following week.

[Let's just admit that yes, advantage is to the admin players, and this way they must curry favor amoung the non-admin to get hella points, which makes us all happy!]

Failed by Myke, Sunday the 27th, -2 Gold to Mikey, +2 Gold to Myke

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Proposal : What's Your Game? [Trivial]

I only noticed this when the new Wiki ruleset started highlighting it... Replace "GamePlayer" with "BoardPlayer", throughout the Ruleset, since both terms get used, and only one of them gets explained.

Also, replace all occurrences of "BoardPlayer", "GameBoard" and "CfJ" with appropriately escaped equivalents, to get rid of the needless (and unresolvable, since we can't create new Wiki pages) highlighting.

Enacted by Myke, Sunday the 27th, +2 Gold to Kevan, +2 Gold to Myke
New Ruleset Location

I've had a word with Bill of Brilliant Corners, and he's kindly given us another password-locked page on his Wiki, to host the BlogNomic ruleset. From this point on, the official Ruleset will be located at here (the sidebar's been updated). This should make it a lot easier to edit and keep track of, particularly with the automatic timestamping and attribution - let me know if anyone has any problems accessing it or (in the case of Admin) updating it.
Proposal: Burying the Monkey's Gold (gameboard)

Eliminate the last paragraph of the rule "The Game Board."

[I think it's time to give up this scam. I mean, it's starting to put Lyndse at a serious disadvantage since she's now the only Player who isn't playing the game board. The monkey gold is far too easy, and way too much, when a daily post is only worth half as much. We can still play with the monkey, and perhaps come up with some other reward or title... but I think we need to stop getting 10 gold a day for it]

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 22nd, +10 Gold to Myke, +5 to Kevan
Be my team!

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Proposal : Imperial Bankcruptcy

[ Another simple proposal to give the game a Dynasty-ending mechanism - one that also assuages Noelle's Admin concerns, since it becomes in the interests of scheming Administrators to give their extra money to the poorer subjects.

Myke is currently quite comfortably off, so shouldn't have anything to worry about for a while - whether he feels like trying to impose taxation laws, in light of this, is up to him... ]

Enact a new Rule, "Imperial Bankcruptcy":-

If each and every Subject possesses more Gold than the Emperor, then the Emperor's Dynasty collapses into bankcruptcy and comes to an end. A new Dynasty begins with the richest Subject as its Emperor (resolve ties by having the previous Emperor choose).

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 22nd, +15 Gold to Kevan
Call For Judgement

Now that Noelle is officially withdrawing from the game, I think it's important for me to point out that I'm the only non-admin player. It's no secret that the admins have more opportunities to get points than regular players, so it's obviously a bit unfair to me. I have a few suggestions to fix the problem:

1.) Somehow we magically recruit new members.

2.) One of the Admins willingly give up their privilages, therefore making an even ratio of admins to normal players.

3.) We have a "Survivor" or "Weakest Link" style face-off between the three Admins to see which one has to fork over the privileges.

4.) His Majesty must choose which of the other two admins must go.

5.) Make me an admin (which, mind you, I'd rather not have happen)

Your Majesty, what say you? Pending your decision on this, I have a few proposals that might permanently fix the problem. Everyone, thanks for considering this.