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Friday, May 23, 2003

Proposal: Revolution Institution

In Rule 21 (Imperial Bankruptcy), replace the text "If each and every subject possesses" with "If a number of subjects equal to or greater than Quorum possess".

Vetoed by the Empress, failed by Kevan, Monday the 26th, -2 Gold to Royce (-1 to Geran), 2 Gold to Kevan
Proposal: Reverse Alchemy (Trivial)

[also to help distinguish Dynasties... this also happened between rounds one and two]

Throughout the Ruleset (and GNDT) replace the word "Gold" with "Lead"

[why lead you ask? reverse alchemy my friends.]

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 26th, -2 Gold to Geran (-1 to Royce), 2 Gold to Kevan
Proposal: Retro Reset

Upon the passing of this proposal, every Player's stats will retroactively reset to zero at the moment the new Dynasty began.
Their stats will then reflect any changes inputed since that time. (example: my Gold would be 15 because I made 3 Daily Posts since the Dynasty began)

[i looked back, and this reset happened between the first two rounds, and it would seem that things should reset each round, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it to bother separating rounds]

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 26th, -2 Gold to Geran (-1 to Royce), 2 Gold to Kevan

By Imperial Decree, I hereby appoint Nea as our new Grand Vizier. I'm certain she will do a great job. Congratulations, Nea!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Proposal: Truman Decimal System

Sections of rules will be given their own number, which will follow the section number and a period. (i.e.
1 - Ruleset and Gamestate
1.1 This is the ...
1.2 Any information...)

The Glossary will be an unnumbered section, and it's entries will be numbered G.#

This will make reference to the ruleset easier and more exact.

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 26th, -2 Gold to Squirrel, 2 Gold to Kevan
Proposal : Faction Action

Add a new Rule, "Factions":-

There are three Factions in BlogNomic - the Loyal Faction, the Rebel Faction and the Other Faction. The Empress is always Loyal; each Subject may belong to any Faction, and may change that allegiance at any time. Subjects with no Faction immediately become Other.

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 23rd, 15 Gold to Kevan

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Proposal : One Hat Each [Trivial]

In Rule 18 (Dynasties), replace "may appoint any Player as Grand Vizier for that Dynasty" with "may appoint any Subject as Grand Vizier for that Dynasty".

[ The Empress shouldn't be able to appoint herself, of course. Note, incidentally, that there is no current Vizier, as Lyndse was only appointed by Myke as Vizier "for that Dynasty". ]

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 23rd, 4 Gold to Kevan
Another New Player

Crikey. Hello also to Rod.
New Players

An appreciative welcome to new sources of precious Nomic lifeblood - Royce and Squirrel are now registered as Players, raising the voting Quorum to 4. Welcome aboard.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Imperial Address

Fellow citizens of Blognomic, it gives me great pleasure to accept the mantle of Empress from our last beloved Emperor, Myke, who sadly has left us much too soon. With Myke goes his legacy of humor, intelligence, and wit, as well as his incredible tenacity and fervor for Blognomic. We shall miss him, and anticipate that he shall one day return.

I must admit that it was my hope that if ever I should become Empress, it should be because of my own skill, and of late I find that I certainly did not feel I was coming any closer to achieving that goal. Alas, it seems that out of the kindness of his heart Myke has bestowed the Mantle upon me, and I am grateful to him. Imagine my surprize!

As Empress of Blognomic, I promise to be just in all decisions, aid my fellow Citizens, and direct affairs not for my personal gain, but for the gain of my subjects. I promise to come down hard and swift upon offenders, and to praise and reward those loyal and helpful to the Empire.

I look forward to leading you toward a great and shining future!

~Empress Lyndse~

[Kevan, please contact me ASAP about the new color schemes and such for my first Dynasty]

Monday, May 19, 2003

Proposal : Bored Game

[ Resisting the urge to scam it (quorum for Board Game Proposals is now 'one'), I'll just propose to repeal it all. ]

Repeal Rule 13 (The Game Board).

Remove the paragraph "A Board Player..." from Rule 3, "Only Board players..." from Rule 4, and "For Proposals that are designated as Game board Proposals..." from Rule 5.

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 23rd, 0 Gold to Kevan
Proposal : Equal Rites

In Rule 18 (Dynasties), replace "Each Dynasty has a single Emperor or Empress (the word "Emperor" may be taken to mean "Emperor or Empress" throughout the ruleset)," with "Each Dynasty has a single Emperor or Empress (the two terms may be used interchangeably, although the Ruleset may be updated to reflect the gender of the new leader, at the dawn of a new Dynasty)".

Then replace the word "Emperor" with "Empress", throughout the Ruleset.

Enacted by Kevan, Wednesday the 21st, 4 Gold to Kevan

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I hereby quit the game of BlogNomic.

Now that I've moved out of my dorm, my internet connection over the summer is sporadic, and I've lost my spark of enjoyment for BlogNomic anyway. Perhaps this fall I'll come back if it looks interesting, perhaps not.

Thanks for everything, and good game to y'all.

Imperial Bankcruptcy

Each and every subject now posesses more Gold than the Emperor.
The First Dynasty of Myke has collapsed.

This round of BlogNomic is over, and soon will begin the First Dynasty of Lyndse.