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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Proposal: Prizes for Proposals

Create a new rule, Kaleidoscope, with the following text:

If a player proposes a new rule that meets the requirements for one or more of the Kaleidoscope tasks ( during the week that they are posted, that player may claim an extra 10 Lead for each point if that propsal passes.

Enacted by Kevan, Sunday the 27th, 5 Lead to Royce, 5 Lead to Kevan.
Income Tax

I am setting a 20% Income Tax, effective immediately.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Since no posts were made to BlogNomic over the weekend, the Atomic Bomb ticks down to 27 seconds, under Rule 25...
Just a brief post to mention that the faintly-alluded-to Kaleidoscope is now up and running - it's a standalone version of the old prize game from BlogNomic, if anyone else has been mourning its loss. Running it as an automatic, database-fed script has actually given it a lot more depth and usefulness - it becomes possible to view all the prizes claimed by a player, and to view all the players who've claimed a particular prize...
Proposal : Market Forces

In Rule 26 (Farming), replace the sentence beginning "Once per week, the Emperor may alter these values" with:-

Once per week, the Grand Vizier may adjust these values as follows - if there is more Corn in existence than Sheep, then the Corn price decreases by one and the Sheep price increases by one; if there is more Sheep than Corn, then the opposite happens. Prices cannot drop below one.

Enacted by Kevan, Sunday the 27th, 10 Lead to Kevan.