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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Proposal: We're Special Too [Trivial]

In rule 10 - Ascension, change

(excluding Rules 1-8 and the Glossary)


(excluding Rules 1-10 and the Glossary)

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 17. +2 to Nakor, +2 to Damanor.

New Specimen: Nakor

A new experimental subject was just discovered in the freezer behind some frozen Glarsh. Please welcome Nakor to Blognomic.

Just Stopping By

Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and say hi. The novel's going great, I've got about 21,000 words so far. It looks like Kevan's Dynasty Version 2.0 is still going strong - very cool. Like I said before, I'll be back when November's over. Just wanted to keep in touch.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Proposal: Mensa [Trivial]

That, in rule 19, the phrase:
Should a specimen attain an intelligence of 6

be replaced with:
Should a specimen attain an intelligence of 5

This allows surgical challenges to be possible under the current Attributes system.

Enacted Nov. 15 by Damanor. +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.


This struck me as odd when I lost to both Squirrel and Joranj in the Arena. With Squirrel, it was forseen, but Joranj had no modifications, basically no altered stats beyond the basics and yet his roll of 6 defeated me. I'm not one to complain, but instead I wish to inquire whether the defensive entity always rolls a 6.

Can anyone help me understand this madness?

Proposal: Rest in Peace

That, in rule 14, the phrase
and are moved immediately to the Lab.

be replaced with
and are moved immediately to the Rest-rooms.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 15 +2 to Bluebottle (Trivial Proposal), +2 to Damanor.


I think Squirrel isn't as blind as he lets on. Seeing him sitting calmly in the Arena, I decided to have a crack at him. As I raised my metallic fists, a sudden kick knocked me back against the wall! Do not trust this being!

Proposal: Trancedence

Rule 19 requires a specimen have at least intelligence 6 to use it's awesome powers, yet that is imposible under rule 16. So... In rule 16, replace 'from 0 to 5' with 'from 0 to 10'.

This allows a little tidying, so, also in rule 16, replace the phrase 'the only exception to the Attribute rating limits' with '.'.

On a side note, could I have a Learn Latin CD implanted into my brain? This would allow me to read the mystical texts in the Doctor's library.

Self-vetoed by Bluebottle. -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Chemical : Glarsh Lite

There's a fresh, still-fizzing batch of Glarsh Lite in a rack of test-tubes in the Lab. Help yourselves.

When Carol Attacks

Fresh from mauling the inattentive Doctor, Carol finds her path momentarily blocked by Elazar on her way back to the basement. She flings him aside with a heavy, webbed paw, sending his robotic body into a cabinet of needles and chemicals.

As the trapdoor slumps shut, Elazar rises from the wreckage clutching his head, puzzled but somehow enlightened by the faint ghost-forms that now shimmer around his companions...

Proposal: Where is Carol hiding? [Trivial]

It's been a while since Carol got her regular feeding, but there's no hard and fast rule about enforcing it.

Rephrase the last paragraph of Rule 15: Carol so it reads:
If the Doctor does not choose someone to feed the creature within 8 days of its last feeding, any specimen who notices should send the creature to attack him at a cost of 20 life force (recorded in the GNDT). This attack does not modify the Doctor at all. (The creature likes him just the way he is.)

I just want to make sure she gets fed regularly.

Self-failed by Damanor. -5 to Damanor, +2 to Damanor.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Challenge: Squirrel

Squirrel, care to fight?

Battle: Elazar vs Squirrel

The Method: well, I thought it was about time somebody played Go to get results, so I downloaded a simple 9x9 Go game and played against the AI. Now, I'm terrible at Go, so I played six games, with the net scores as the scores for battle, adjusted by combat stats. (Only lost 5 out of 6.) I alternated between challenger (Elazar) and challenged (Squirrel).

Round One: Just because you're blind doesn't mean you can't hit, as Squirrel proves by smashing right through Elazar's defenses. (-21 to 2)

Round Two: Elazar's dynamo fists provide a severe shock to Squirrel's chest. Lightning crackles across the arena. (-15 to -20; I told you I was terrible at Go.)

Round Three: With a wink of sightless Chameleon eyes (do they change color with what you wear?) Squirrel performs the legendary Kamehameha attack, which Elazar almost, but not quite, ignores. The hit gets through. (-38 to -23; you thought I was bad before...)

Squirrel is victorious! +10 Life Force, +1 Int to Squirrel because Att and Def are lower.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


I asked this in the comments of "There's a light..." but I don't think anyone noticed.

One of the biggest complaints was that it would be difficult to reduce the probability of the blind specimen's victory by 50%. What if the battle proceded as normal, and if the blind specimen won, the person presiding over the fight flipped a coin and awarded the battle to the non-blind specimen if the coin landed on tails? Would that work?

Monday, November 10, 2003

Challenge: Bluebottle

Bluebottle, are you prepared to face me in battle?

Proposal : The Anti-Puppetry League [Trivial]

[ It's impossible to legislate effectively against this, online (cf. ex-Emperor Anthony's "brother") but it'd be useful to make it clear that it's frowned upon.

Assuming that we frown upon it... ]

To Rule 2 (Specimens), add:-

A single human player may not play as more than one Specimen - anybody caught doing so shall have all of their Specimens removed from the game.

Enacted by Damanor, +2 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor.


Squirrel, will you fight me?
That is all.

Sunday, November 09, 2003


Hi guys,

I'm sorry, but I have some personal things that I need to sort out, so I'm gonna have to ask to be put into the freezer for a while (I'd do it myself, but I'm not sure if that's kosher or not). I won't bore you with the details, but I might regale you with tales once I get back.

Seeyas when I get back.

Combat: Est v Bluebottle

Method: Rolled a D20, adding 4 to the roll for Est's stats and subtracting 2 for Bluebottle's. Net roll 10 or less went to Bluebottle, 11+ to Est.

Round One: Bluebottle's Cybernetic arms are deflected by Est's chest shield and face guard, and a Rocket fist barely got through. (Roll was 9; with the modifiers it's 11, so Est barely hit.)

Round Two: Est's swarm of bees strike at Bluebottle, stinging his face. Ouch! (Rolled a 15, modified score 17)

Round Three: Knocked back by his earlier losses, Bluebottle struggles to rise before being pounded by rockets and swollen by insects. (Roll was 18, modified to a 20)

Est is the Winner!

+10 Life Force to Est, -10 Life Force to Bluebottle, no Int change because Est had the higher stats.


Proposal: Let's get down to business

Once per week, at any time, a Specimen may 'invest' a portion of his lifeforce in another Specimen. If that Specimen's lifeforce after seven days is higher than when the investment was first made, the investor may claim his original investment back plus the value of his investment in profits, and the investee gains 10 lifeforce points.. If, after seven days, the investee's lifeforce is lower than the original investment, then the investment is lost for good and the investee looses 10 lifeforce points.. If the Investee's lifeforce has not changed, then the Investor gets his original investment back.

An investment must be significant; i.e. over 10 lifeforce points. To prevent kamikaze tactics, like inesting 1 point in someone you know will go down, just so they loose a further ten. The Doctor may not invest or be invested in, to prevent conflict of interest.

An investment must be expressed as a blog post at the time of investment, and must include the Investee's original lifeforce and the amount of lifeforce invested.

Failed by Damanor, -5 to Joranj, +2 to Damanor

Dropping Out

Hey folks! I'm going to take a break ... a fairly long break from blognomic now. The build up of 19 credit hours + life is getting to me. No need to freeze me, if you could just remove me and my alter egos (Bottle & Gillian) from the list we would very much appreciate it. It was a real treasure getting to know Est, Royce, and Kevan ... Damanor and Bluebottle, you two were starting to sound like a couple of fun chaps, too bad I didn't get a chance to play with you longer. Sayounara.