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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

.Proposal: Family, GNDT, Death

That to the GNDT be added:

A new table with for each Family, with the Family Name in the uppermost row, which is as wide as the entire table. The leftmost column shall contain slots for Family Members. Upon passage of this proposal each Family is given two Family Members, one male, one female.

Add a rule entitled Family:

There exists a GNDT entity called Family Members, who are tracked in the leftmost column of their Family's secondary GNDT table. Whenever a Family gains a newly-created Family Member they may name them whatever they wish, provided no similar or identical name exists.

Some Family Members are Male, some are Female, this is noted by an [M] or an [F] after their name.

Add a rule entitled Death and Inheiritance:

The first row, entitled Age, in the secondary GNDT table tracks the number of days a Family Member has been alive, by stating the date and hour of their creation. After a Family Member has been alive seven days, they pass on. At this time any Family may change the deceased's Age column to an X to denote the death.

The idea here is that the normal and usual GNDT table tracks Family-wide information such as Thalers, land holdings, military, while the secondary individual GNDT tables tracks information and holdings specific to only one Family Member such as titles, percent of family money control, children, etc.

11-0. Reached Quorum. Enacted by Chronos. As the rules doesn't say how we get new Family Members, the secondary table is not needed as yet.