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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Proposal: Multilingual Prize

Add to Rule 12

Multilingual Prize : 10 points. Player must make a post in a language not regularly posted in their blog. Post must be at least 50 words long to qualify.

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 28th, -0 Points to Myke

Friday, January 24, 2003

Proposal : Amp Switch

[ Making Positive Feedback into a Prize. ]

Repeal Rule 14 (Positive Feedback).

Add a Prize to Rule 12 (Glittering Prizes):-

Audience Participation Prize : X Points. Player must make a posting that receives at least one comment. X is equal to the number of people (other than the Player themselves) who commented on the post, and may be claimed at any time in the same week as that post.

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 28th, -0 Points to Kevan

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Proposal: Would You Like to Reconsider That?

In the rule titled Proposals, replace the text "Pending, Enacted, Failed or Expired" with "Pending, Enacted, Failed, Reconsidered or Expired".

In the rule titled Voting, replace the text "FOR and AGAINST" with "FOR, AGAINST and RECONSIDER. A RECONSIDER vote should be used if a player feels a proposal requires changes, but would support the proposal if the changes were made".

In the rule titled Enactment, add the following paragraph:

If a Pending proposal's RECONSIDER votes equal or exceed the quota, then any Admin Staff may mark that Proposal as Reconsidered.

In the second paragraph of the rule titled Points, replace the text "When a proposal ceases Pending" with "When a proposal ceases to be Pending, and is not Reconsidered".

[The general idea being, if I think your proposal looks good except for this one little detail, and everyone agrees about that little detail, you should be given the chance to fix the proposal without losing points over it.]

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 28th, -3 Points to Don
Proposal : Shush

Remove the "by posting a entry to Blognomic declaring they are doing so" bit from the points-donating section of Rule 11 (Points); comments can be left in the GNDT itself, without cluttering the BlogNomic weblog (and requiring login/publication faffery).

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 28th, +7 Points to Kevan, +1 for admin
Proposal : Glittering Prizes

[ Making the theme awards non-day-specific, and optional. And throwing in a new one. ]

To the glossary, add the bullet-point:-

* Reference to a "week" refer to the period of time between the start of a Monday and the end of the following Sunday.

Rename Rule 12 (Alliteration Sundays) to "Glittering Prizes", and reword it to:-

Various Prizes are up for grabs in BlogNomic - they are gained by achieving certain criteria in blog postings, and must be claimed within half an hour of the relevant post being made. A Player may not claim the same Prize more than once in a given week.

Alliteration Prize : X Points. Player must make a post where as many words as possible share a letter with the first word of that post. X is equal to the number of words that match, minus the number of words that don't, and has a maximum value of 30.

Surveillance Prize : 10 Points. Player must make a post in the form of a report by someone performing surveillance on the player.

Faux-Haiku Prize : 5 Points. Player must make a three-line post which consists of five syllables on the first line, seven on the second, and five on the third. A bonus 5 Points are awarded if the faux-Haiku contains reference to a season of the year.

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 23rd, +6 Points to Kevan, +1 for admin
Proposal: Son of Theme Sundays

Replace the rule entitled "Alliteration Sundays" with the following rule:

Theme Sundays

Each Sunday has as a theme for posting one of the themes listed in this rule. If this rule lists more than one theme, the theme for a given Sunday cannot be the same as the theme for the prior Sunday. Any time between the end of one Sunday and the end of another, prior to the first post being scored for the coming Sunday, the player with the highest positive karma can post to the game blog selecting from this rule's list what the coming Sunday's theme will be, provided it does not repeat the prior Sunday's theme; selecting a theme will cause the player's karma to be reduced by 2, but will not reduce it below 0. If no player selects a theme, or if there are no players with positive karma, the theme in the list following the prior Sunday's theme will be used for the coming Sunday.

The list of themes is as follows:

  • Alliteration -- For the first 50 words blogged by each player, the blogger scores one point for every word that begins with the same letter that the first word does, and loses one point for every five words that do not.
  • Surveillance -- A player participates in this theme by making the first post in the form of a report by someone performing surveillance on the player. Said participation earns the player 10 points.

[This creates a placeholder rule that other themes can be added to. It also makes karma something that can not only be used, but used up.]

Failed by Kevan, Thursday the 23rd, -4 Points to Don

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Proposal: Judgment Week

In the first paragraph of Rule 8:

  • replace "If a Proposal" with "If a Proposal or Call for Judgment".
  • replace "mark that Proposal as Expired." with "mark that Proposal or Call for Judgment as Expired. Expired items have no further effect on the game.".

[Perhaps my Nomic experience is somewhat on the anal-retentive side, but I couldn't help but notice that marking a proposal "Expired" doesn't necessarily invalidate it...]

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 21st, 10 Points 8 Points 7 Points to Don, 1 to Kevan
Proposal : Immigration Clarity

[ Just sketching over some grey areas in the signup stage - players really need to supply an email address to be signed up with Blogger, and the current game is a bit vague where players maintain more than one weblog... ]

In Rule 2 (Players), replace "and giving the URL of that weblog" with "giving a contact email address and the URL of the weblog that they wish to use in BlogNomic".

In the Glossary, add "For the purposes of the game, a Player's weblog is the one that they chose to use when they joined."

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 21st, 11 Points to Kevan 9 Points to Kevan
Proposal - Judgment Day

[ Hmm, "failed" Calls for Judgment actually stay active forever, waiting for enough people to change their votes... ]

To Rule 6 (Calls for Judgment), add the sentence:-

"If more than half disagree, the CfJ fails and may have no further effect."

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 21st, 11 Points to Kevan 6 Points to Kevan

Monday, January 20, 2003

...And a thanks to Kevan for setting me up.
... I'm deliberately "mumbling," as it's been called, rather than proposing, because I'm not sure how to make this happen, or if it can be done... much less how I'd word it into a proposal... No hard feelings towards anyone who does know, and does it...

Is there a way we can make a quicklist in the Blognomic blog or GNDT of all pending proposals that need to be voted on? I lost Karma points for not voting on a proposal that I honestly just overlooked... and in all the jumble of proposals, CfJ's, etc... this will probably end up happening more to all of us...

Anyway, just a thought.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Proposal: Theme Sundays

Replace the rule "Alliteration Sundays" with a rule entitled "Theme Sundays", as follows:

Each sunday has a theme for posting, such as "Alliteration" or "Refer to yourself in the third person" or "Movie Review", as examples. At any point during the week, the player with the highest Karma may post an entry defining that week's sunday theme, and what counts as participation in the theme, provided the theme for that week has not already been determined. Players who participate in Theme Sundays receive 50 points, which must be claimed before the day is over. If two or more players are tied for highest Karma, either may post the theme.

[All the amusement of Alliteration Sundays, with none of the repetitiveness, and more optionality. Karma as a socially-determined attribute should prevent most abuses of this, like "Sing Ben's Praises Sunday!" And hopefully people will get to voting on Retraction and the other proposals idling down there in the queue before next Sunday. Cough.]

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 20th, -2 Points to Ben
Proposal : A Call for Clarity

[ Reproposal of the acceptable bit of Raven's CfJ fix. ]

In the rule "Calls for Judgement", replace "Other Players may append comments of agreement or disagreement to this entry - if more than half of the other Players agree with the call, the Gamestate and Ruleset should be amended as was specified." with "All Players may add comments of agreement or disagreement to this entry, using the FOR and AGAINST icons. If more than half of the Players' opinions (their later votes overriding their earlier) agree with the call, the Gamestate and Ruleset should be amended as was specified."

Any points gained for this Proposal shall instead be donated to the RavenBlack Memorial Fund (ie. lost).

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 17th, 11 Points to charity
Proposal: Know Thine Enemy (or, 'know who to blame')

When a new rule is passed, and added into the ruleset, the name of the proposer of the rule will be added at the end of the text of the rul..

All current rules will be amended to include the name of the proposer, and this paragraph will delete itself afterwards.

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 20th, -2 Points to Adam