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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Proposal: Research Grants

In the rule "Career Branches" replace the sentence "Scientists get 15 Credits instead of 10, when a non-Trivial Proposal of theirs passes." with "Scientists get 25 Credits instead of 10, when a non-Trivial Proposal of theirs passes."

(Considering that that it's a bit harder to get a proposal, especially non-trivial, passed than it is to go to the factory for a day, especially with limits on the number of pending proposals, and delays waiting for people to vote and admins to enact. This in mind, it seems more than fair to raise the amount scientists get a little. Also remember you can try and declare a proposal as trivial with FOR votes, to prevent abuse of research grants without having to shoot the proposal itself down.)

After this, append the text of the rule "Career Branches" to the rule "Career Options", then delete the rule "Career Branches"

(Fixing the mistake Squirrel noted.)

Enacted by Kevan, Sunday the 17th. 15 Credits to Ben, 5 Credits to Kevan.
The proposal "Proletariat Clause" says "To the Rule "Career Branches", add..."

There is no rule named "Career Branches." There is a rule called "Career Options."

I have done as the proposal stated, and added the specified text to the (formerly balnk and non-existatant) rule "Career Branches."

Was I right in doing this?

Friday, August 15, 2003

Proposal : Providing for the common good.

Enact a new Rule: Revenue

All Government revenue is tracked on the GNDT by two Credit accounts called General Revenue, and Military Funds. At the beginning of each Dynasty, the General Revenue account is set to 10,000 Credits, and the Military Funds account is set to 5,000 Credits. These Revenue accounts can only be adjusted by the Minster of Revenue and the Emperor.

The Minister of Revenue oversees all revenue related affairs, including taxation, payroll of Government Citizens, and administering funds to the Military. The Minister of Revenue is appointed by the Emperor, and can be appointed at any time.

Taxation: By the end of the day each Monday, all Citizens are taxed Credits by the Minister of Revenue. 80% of these Credits are moved to the General Revenue account, and 20% are moved to the Military Funds account. All Citizens (excluding the Emperor) are taxed 5% (rounded up to the nearest whole Credit) of their total Credits as of the end of the day each Sunday. If a Citizen's total Credits are less than one Credit at the time of taxation, they are be taxed. If the Minister of Revenue fails to carry out the taxation by the end of the day on Monday, taxes are not taken for the week, and the Minister is fined ten Credits.

Payroll of Government Employees: By the end of the day each Monday, the Minister of Revenue pays each Government Citizen by subtracting Credits from the General Revenue and adding it to the Government Citizen's Credits. The amount paid to each Governement Citizen is 50 Credits plus 2% of the total number of Revenue Credits after the current week's taxation, divided by the number of Government Citizens including the Emperor. The Emperor is paid 100 credits plus 2% of the total number of General Revenue Credits after the week's taxation, divided by the number of Governement Citizens including the Emperor.

Administering funds to the Military: To carry out any action including, but not limited to the payroll of Military Citizens, and the acquisition of equipment, supplies or land, a Military Citizen must submit a budget to the Minister of Revenue. This budget will be reviewed by the Minister of Revenue, and can be revised before being granted. The Minister of Revenue or the Emperor can grant funds to the Military by posting that a budget is approved, or approved with revisions. Once a budget is approved, the Credits requested in the budget are moved to a Credit account called Active Military Funds. This account can be adjusted in the form of subtractions to carry out actions specified by a budget by a Military Citizen. This acount can be adjusted by the Minister of Revenue, or the Emperor for any purpose.

Failed by Kevan, Sunday the 17th. -2 Credits to Renee, 2 Credits to Kevan.
Proposal: Sancuary

In Rule 21, Locations, append to the end of the line beginning 'The Chestnut Tree Café':

"Government officials may not enter The Chestnut Tree Café."

Enacted by Kevan, Sunday the 17th. 10 Credits to Royce, 5 Credits to Kevan.
Proposal : Grey Suits

[ Replacing the Vizier with Government Citizens - giving the Government Branch a purpose, and effectively just allowing multiple Viziers. ]

In Rule 17 (The Lottery), replace "the Grand Vizier (if one exists)" with "any Government Citizen", and "The Grand Vizier selects" with "The Citizen selects"

In Rule 18 (Dynasties), replace "provided that the post of Grand Vizier (handler of the imaginary veto paperwork) is filled" with "provided that there are at least two Citizens in Government". Remove the paragraphs beginning "Each Dynasty may have a single Grand Vizier" and "If a Dynasty has no Grand Vizier".

Enacted by Squirrel, Saturday the 16th. (Ruleset updated by Kevan, Sunday the 17th.)
New Citizen : Ben

Citizen Ben has joined the game of BlogNomic - he starts with zero Credits, and reports to Housing Block Beta. As requested in his comment, he is immediately transferred to the Science Branch.
Proposal : Overwork

To the Rule "Locations", add a new Location:-

* The Hospital. Citizens may not move themselves from the Hospital, but may be moved from it by a Government Citizen.

To the Rule "Career Branches", add the following to the end of the Civilian Factory paragraph (if it exists):-

(If a Civilian has been in the Factory for more than 48 hours, any other Citizen may call an ambulance and have them moved to the Hospital.)

Enacted by Squirrel, Saturday the 16th. (Ruleset updated by Kevan, Sunday the 17th.)

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Proposal: Militia Training

add Rule 22 - Military Residence

A civilian may not join the BlogNomic Military branch unless he/she has resided in Housing Block Beta, known forwardly as "The Barracks", for at least 3 days.

Once established in the branch, Military Personnel may move from The Barracks to other locations.

Military Personnel, if present in the factory for 8 hours, may claim 5 credits more per day than civilians, pending such value exists.

To the Rule "Locations",

Change location specified as "Housing Block Beta" to "The Barracks".

Failed by Squirrel, Saturday the 16th
Proposal : The Proletariat Clause (revised to supersede "Working for a living")

To provide an even greater initial value of a stipend for civilians than stated in Kevan's proposal, I'd like I'd like to propose the following:

To the Rule "Career Branches", add:-

Scientists get 15 Credits instead of 10, when a non-Trivial Proposal of theirs passes.

Civilians may claim 10 Credits, once per day, if they have been present in the Factory for the previous eight hours.

Enacted by Squirrel, Saturday the 16th
Proposal : Working for a Living

To the Rule "Career Branches", add:-

Scientists get 15 Credits instead of 10, when a non-Trivial Proposal of theirs passes.

Civilians may claim 5 Credits, once per day, if they have been present in the Factory for the previous eight hours.

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 15th.
I nominate Kevan as being responsible for my joining, and claim 25 Credits thusly.
New Citizen : Renee

Another new Citizen has joined us - Renee. She starts with zero credits (since that's the current minimum among active players), and reports to Housing Block Beta as a Civilian. Welcome to BlogNomic.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Proposal : Location Location Location

Enact a new Rule, "Locations":-

The Imperial City of BlogNomic consists of a number of government-approved Locations - Citizens may move themselves between them at any time by updating the GNDT, but may not stray from the Locations listed below, nor enter Locations they are barred from.

Currently recognised Locations are:-

* The Concourse.
* The Factory.
* Housing Block Alpha.
* Housing Block Beta.
* The Chestnut Tree Café.
* The Imperial Palace. (Only Government Citizens may move to the Imperial Palace.)

New Citizens are assigned to a Housing Block by the Admin responsible for adding them to the game. Unless otherwise specified, all Locations are fitted with security cameras.

Upon enactment of this proposal, each Citizen shall be moved to random Housing Block, and the Emperor shall be moved to the Imperial Palace.

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 14th, 15 Credits to Kevan.
Proposal : Arrest This Man [Trivial]

[ Thought I'd take this to a vote rather than repealing it by proclamation - Karma is a nice thing to have around, but nobody seems to be using it much any more... ]

Repeal Rule 11 (Karma).

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 14th, 4 Credits to Kevan.
I nominate Kevan as being responsible for my joining

(and claim 25 lead, as per rule 2 : "...and the new Player gains 25 as a reward for nominating.")
Proposal : Career Options

[ A variation on the old factions. ]

Enact a new Rule, "Career Branches":-

There are four Branches of employment in BlogNomic - Government, Military, Science and Civilian. All Subjects are initially Civilian, and the Emperor must always be Government.

A Government Player may reassign any Player to a different Branch, at that Player's request.

If the Proposal "New Terminology" passed, replace "Player" with "Citizen" throughout the new rule.

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 14th, 15 Credits to Kevan.
Repeal Proclamations

In a bid to curb dissent, uncertainty, restriction of speech and agriculture, and to encourage the development of a fresh and dynamic BlogNomic society, the following Rules have been repealed by the proclamation of your new Emperor:-

Rule 21 - Revolution
Rule 22 - Factions
Rule 23 - The Brigand
Rule 24 - Bonus Words
Rule 25 - The Atomic Bomb
Rule 26 - Farming
Rule 27 - Taxation
Rule 28 - Kaleidoscope
Proposal : New Terminology [Trivial]

Replace "Player" with "Citizen" and "Lead" with "Credit" or "Credits" (as befits context), throughout the Ruleset. Players shall become Citizens and Lead shall be converted to Credits (on a one-for-one basis), in the gamestate.

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 14th, 4 Lead to Kevan.
New Player : Est

Another new Player to BlogNomic - Est joins the Empire with the current minimum of zero Lead. Welcome aboard.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Attention Citizens!

Your new Imperial government is in the process of installing itself. Proclamations of rule repealing will be made over the course of the next few days. Please stay in your homes while the Empire is slowly repainted in the colours of the new Dynasty, and take no notice of the black security cameras going up on street corners.

Ignore the rumours of the quarantine zones and government cull squads - please go about livestock trading as normal.

You will remain informed. Thankyou for your attention.
New Player : Mat

A new Player has joined us! He gets a very sneaky 100 Lead as his starting cash ("new players start with the lowest score amongst the active players", and I was the only active player when he joined). Nicely done. And welcome.
Resquest to Become Un-Idle

I, Royce, request to become Un-Idle. And, I must say, good show Kevan. Very nice ascension.
Proposal: Coup de Sommeil

The reign of Emperor Geran shall quietly end, and the First Dynasty of Kevan shall begin.

[ I've got enough Lead to fund an official Revolution, but this is quicker. ]

Enacted by Kevan (with one active Player, Quorum is one), Tuesday the 12th, 10 Lead to Kevan.
Actually, I hereby declare everyone except me to be Idle (under the final paragraph of Rule 2), since none of you cast any votes during the previous game week...
No blog entries for ten days, so the Atomic Bomb ticks down by another five seconds, under Rule 25...