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Friday, October 10, 2003

Cheap Weapons

Due to the actions of a practical joking programmer, Damanor’s logic circuits believe he is a pacifist. As a result, he is proud to announce the grand opening of:
Damanor’s Discount Weaponry
While supplies last, Damanor will be selling product on a first-come, first-serve basis at a cost of 13 power each. That’s right, he’s selling product at a loss to ensure everyone’s ability to annihilate each other.

DDW products have the following advantages:
(1) At 13 power, it is cheaper than manufacturing for most robots.
(2) DDW will sell to anyone with enough power, allowing robots with a power below 50 to purchase product.
(3) For those robots with an efficiency high enough to manufacture product at a cost of 10 power instead of 15, DDW allows you to obtain a second product on the same day for a small additional cost.

To order, just transfer 13 power to Damanor with the note “DDW Payment.” Your product will be delivered as soon as possible under the rules. (If you want to pick up at time of order and it would be legal, go ahead and run it through, raising Damanor’s power and efficiency and lowering the inventory.)

Limit one product per customer per day. If multiple robots place orders, priority goes to the one with lower liquid power, or lower efficiency if liquid power is the same. DDW products are 100% guaranteed and fully refundable.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Proposal: No such thing

Add to Rule 12 - Master Control Program Source Code

// Recalibrate instruments. 

if (power(loop_robot) < 0)
power(loop_robot) = 0;

Change the vent excess power code to

// Vent excess power. 

if (power(loop_robot) > (100*(1+number_of_batteries(loop_robot))))
power(loop_robot) = (100*(1+number_of_batteries(loop_robot)));

If Proposal:Deactivation clarification [Trivial] passed, then remove the phrase "less than or equal to" from paragraph 5 of Rule 2 - Robots

This prevents a robot from having negative power and closes a loop hole which would allow a robot to have more than their maximum power by not running the MCP.

Enacted by Squirrel, 11th Oct.

Proposal : Ascension Repair [Trivial]

[ Just tidying up some messy leftover wording in Rule 18, and formalising the "Emperor"-specific powers to rename their own title, and that of the players and points, upon Ascension. (Which is effective how we've been playing it anyway, allowing the leader to pick their terminology.) ]

In Rule 18 (Dynasty), remove the text "or Empress (the two terms may be used interchangeably, although the Ruleset may be updated to reflect the gender of the new leader, at the dawn of a new Dynasty)," and replace "which that Robot has been Control Unit" with "which that Robot has been the Control Unit (or Control Unit equivalent)".

To Rule 19 (Ascension), add a new action:-

* Replace any of the words "Robot", "Control Unit" and "Power" with new terms of their choice, throughout the Ruleset.

Enacted by Squirrel, 11th Oct.

Proposal : Any Old Iron [Trivial]

Repeal Rule 10 (Spare Parts), as we don't seem to have done anything with it, after all.

Failed by Squirrel, 11th Oct.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Proposal: Deactivation clarification [Trivial]

In Rule 2 - Robots, replace the sentence reading:

Admin may render a Robot Deactivated if that Robot has failed to vote for more than a week, or if its Power is zero, or if it has asked to become Deactivated.

with one that reads:

Admin may render a Robot Deactivated if that Robot has failed to vote for more than a week, or if its Power is less than or equal to zero, or if it has asked to become Deactivated.

The odds of someone's power becoming exactly zero aren't very good. This extends it to cover robots whose power is below zero.

Enacted by Squirrel, 11th Oct.

Proposal: Power drain (Trivial)

To the MCP, where it says:
// !!! Robots are discouraged from activating Product within the Factory.
if (keyword = "ACTIVATE_FIRE" && inventory(self) contains product_object)

Change it to read:
// !!! Robots are discouraged from activating Product within the Factory.
if (power(self)>10 && keyword = "ACTIVATE_FIRE" && inventory(self) contains product_object)

This allows us to nearly drain our power by using product, but makes it impossible to go to zero or lower while doing it.

Enacted by Kevan, 11th Oct. +2 Power to Damanor, +2 Power to Kevan.

Proposal : Virus Patch [Trivial]

[ Careless of me to have used the word "must"... ]

In Rule 14 (Virus!), replace "the Control Unit must" with "the Control Unit should", and add the sentence:-

If the Control Unit fails to perform this task, it loses 30 Power to random network corruption.

Although if the previous Proposal passed, replace "30 Power" with "2 Efficiency", in the above.

Also (since the above rule won't take effect retroactively), the Control Unit shall be fined as above for failing to process the Virus this week.

Enacted by Kevan, 9th Oct. +6 Power to Kevan, -2 Efficiency to Est.

Proposal : Efficiency Drive [Trivial]

[ Because Robots don't have "whims". ]

Remove the paragraph beginning "Imperial efficiency is a numerical rating", and create a new Rule, "Efficiency":-

Efficiency is a measure of a Robot's attention to duty and power wastage. Efficiency may vary from -5 to +5, and defaults to zero in new Robots.

Enacted by Kevan, 9th Oct. +6 to Kevan.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Proposal : Do Not Press This Button

Add to the MCP, after the "ACTIVATE_FIRE" brackets:-

if (keyword = "ACTIVATE_DETONATE" && inventory(self) contains product_object)

// Destroy product.
inventory(self) = inventory(self) - product_object

// Damage all Robots.
loop (robots)
power(loop_robot) = power(loop_robot) - 50;

// !!! Penalty
efficiency(self) = efficiency(self) - 3

Enacted by Kevan, 9th Oct. +17 to Kevan.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Proposal: Moving Day

Add to Rule 2 - Robots

Any robot may change the URL or email address their name links to in the sidebar by posting a request on the blognomic weblog.

Squirrel's name will be changed to link to

Enacted by Squirrel, 8th Oct. +4 to Squirrel.