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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Challenge: Bluebottle

BlueBottle, you have sat in the shadows for too long. Will you fight me?

Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!

Let the cry go out, Halloween is upon us! I hope our excellent malformed bodies shall earn plenty of trick-or-treat goodies.

Battle : Est vs Damanor

Est and Damanor prepare to battle; Est has the advantage.

Again - "toss a coin for each combatant; heads beats tails, and the specimen with the advantage breaks ties".

Round 1: Est (tails) is bluntly clawed by Damanor (heads).
Round 2: Damanor does exactly the same again.
Round 3: And again!

Damanor is victorious! He gains 10 Life, Est loses 10. And for defeating a stronger opponent, Damanor gains 1 INT.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Proposal: More on Medical Malpractise [Trivial]

That the following text be added to rule 19:

A specimen must be in the Lab to enter a Surgical Challenge

This would result in a more interesting situation should the modifications to 'Sanctions' take place.
This proposal was brought to you by Bluebottle, who doesn't know how to stop it saying 'Posted by Alex'.

Enacted by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Challenge: Est

Est! Your rocket fists do not frighten me! (Though the bees are more than a little terrifying...) Will you face me in fair and equal combat?

Oh, and thanks for correcting the other fight, Doctor Kevan. Not that I mind winning...

Proposal: Bodyguards

That the rule 'Sanctions' be altered as follows:

Replace the phrase, 'The Doctor has only sufficient enough staff to banish two(2) such smart specimens from The Lab at a given time,' with 'The doctor may recruit any specimen to act as a bodyguard if they agree. Specimens on duty as a bodyguard must be in the Lab. If the doctor has any bodyguards he can banish specimens from the lab,'.

Add, at the end of the rule, the phrase: 'A banished player may battle his way into the lab. To do this, he must defeat any bodyguards the Doctor has in a battle. These battles are done as normal, with the doctor presiding, except this/these battle(s) take place in the lab.'

Failed by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Proposal: BOOM!

Add to rule 14:

Specimens may request weapons that are not surgically planted onto the body (such as clubs, bats, missile launchers, rabid bunnies, etc.) to use in battle in the arena. Specimens may only request such weapons if both arms are already modified and cannot be modified any more.

The stats are recorded the same, as far as defence and attack goes.

Failed by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Proposal: Temporally Enhanced

add to the rule "5 - Enactment" the following paragraph:

Specimens that vote AGAINST an enacted non-trivial proposal may each claim 2 lifeforce within 24 hours of that proposal's enactment.

This proposal, if enacted, does not apply to itself.

Enacted by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Freeze dried

The specimens labeled "Gillian" and "Mat" have been forced into the freezer as a punishment for not voting. they will be released when they feel they are ready to take an active role in the Doctor's experiments.

Quorum is now 6.

Proposal : Diet Glarsh

[ As it stands, a new batch of Glarsh will have exactly the same effect as the old one, which seems a bit limiting, and a bit demanding - if it goes on forever, I'm going to have to be very careful not to let someone pour Glarsh in their ears and gain Life, when pouring Glarsh into ears a month previously got "no effect".

I also quite like the idea of using Glarsh as a Mastermind-style subgame - that I could pick a useful, powerful effect for a particular reaction to the substance, and let the Specimens try and work their way towards it, through reckless experimentation. ]

Reword Rule 17 (Glarsh) to:-

The Doctor, stopping at no perversity in the name of scientific research, frequently unleashes new and untested chemical compounds on his specimens. He may, at any time, present a new Chemical to the game by declaring such in a post with the title "Chemical : {Name}".

The Specimens may choose to react to this Chemical in any way they choose (i.e. drink it, attack it, ignore it, stare at it, play Go with it) in the form of a comment to the post.

The Doctor should respond to each such comment, detailing the effects that the Chemical has when manipulated in this way; such Chemical effects may change any number of GNDT variables, either permanently or temporarily.

Once an effect has been established for particular behaviour towards a Chemical, any further examples of that behaviour will invoke the same effect. (eg. Timmy drinks Chemical "Glarsh" and gets the Orange Spots modification; any further Specimens drinking Glarsh will also get Orange Spots.)

The Doctor may remove a Chemical from the game when he feels it has served its purpose, by announcing its removal in the comments of the post that introduced it; Specimens may not manipulate a Chemical once it has been removed.

Any player may start a Chemical petition. If a number of players equal to or higher than Quorum sign the petition, the the Doctor must, within 48 hours, provide a new Chemical for a period of at least 48 hours. If the Doctor does not, he is attacked by crazy-eyed Specimens, and loses 20 Life Points.

And rename the rule to "Recreational Chemistry".

Enacted by Kevan, 2nd November. +15 to Kevan

Battle : Elazar vs Damanor

Elazar and Damanor prepare to battle; Damanor has the advantage.

Today's exciting new method of resolution is - "toss a coin for each combatant; heads beats tails, and the specimen with the advantage breaks ties".

Round 1: Elazar (tails) suffers at the claws of Damanor (heads).
Round 2: Elazar (heads) brings the Dynamo Fists into play, striking Damanor (tails) and recharging hidden batteries in the process.
Round 3: Elazar (heads) locks fists with the claws of Damanor (heads), but after a few minutes of creaking and grunting, Damanor prevails.

Damanor is victorious! He gains 10 Life, Elazar loses 10. Again, no INT bonus as the favourite won.

Petition: Glarsh

We, the under-:FOR: checked, do request and demand the reappearance of such Glarshy goodness substance so we may realize our fantastic appetites for strange and unpredictable things.

Carol Attacks!

Carol lurches angrily out from the basement, bees swarming around her, to attack Est for 4 Life. Having done so, she slouches back to her pit, but a minor subswarm of angry bees remain swirling around Est, giving him a bonus to Attack.

Proposal : Freedom of Movement

[ Reproposed without the corridor. Note that it is still illegal to move anywhere apart from into the Arena - Location is gamestate, and there's no rule that permits Specimens to leave the Arena, or to enter the (very crowded) Lab... ]

To Rule 11, add:-

Specimens may change their Location at any time, or be moved by Admin when Dying, becoming Frozen or being imprisoned in the Tank by the Doctor. Specimens may only enter and leave the Morgue and Stasis when their Death or Frozen status changes, and may not leave the Sceptic Tank before their sentence is up.

Any Specimens without assigned Locations shall be moved to the Lab.

Enacted by Kevan, 2nd November. +4 to Kevan

The Doctor is Out

Since Frozen Specimens still exist for the purposes of Rule 2, I'm able to Unfreeze myself out of stasis using the booth's microsensitive retinal scanner. Hello again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Proposal: Substitute Doctor [Trivial]

Probably won't matter, but just in case it comes up again...

In Rule 14 - Arena, replace the first sentence of the section entitled "Battle":
The Doctor (never an eligible combatant) shall always preside over the fight.

The Doctor (never an eligible combatant) shall preside over the fight. If the Doctor does not or cannot resolve a battle within 24 hours after a challenge is accepted, a non-combatant Adminion can resolve the battle in his place.

Enacted by Kevan, 2nd November. +2 to Damanor, +2 to Kevan

Challenge: Damanor

I, Elazar, challenge you, Damanor, to a battle.
May the best creature thingy win!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Mod request : Ephedrine Infuser

Can someone with an Int of 1 or more please mod me with an Ephedrine Infuser? If my calculations are correct it should speed up my metabolism, increasing my Regeneration.


Proposal: Give Blood, Play Nomic

In Rule 12: Life force, add the following sentence:
Once a week, a specimen may voluntarily donate up to 20 Life Force to another specimen if both are in the lab. The machinery to do this is fully automated.

I donated blood the other day, and life force transfusions seemed to fit the atmosphere around here.

Enacted by Squirrel, 28nd Oct.