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Saturday, November 08, 2003

New Specimen : Joranj

The new crate in the lab contains a fresh, unsullied human specimen Joranj, who's free to step out and start playing with the machinery and with the other specimens, when he feels ready to.

Welcome to BlogNomic.

Proposal: One in a million

After the first sentence of the second paragraph of the 'Battle' section of rule 14, add:

However, each combatant must have some chance of winning the battle, however small.

unless proposal 'Fight Club' is enacted.

Failed by Damanor, -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor

Friday, November 07, 2003

Challenge: Bottle

So, Bottle, are you prepared to come out from the lab to face my claws? Hey, wait...Carol, come back here with those!

Proposal : No Pain, No Gain [Trivial]

[ Just rounding up some numbers for ease of calculation, and elegance. ]

In Rule 13 (Experimental Modification), replace "8X-4Y" with "10X-5Y" and "4 Life" with "5 Life".

In Rule 15 (Carol), replace "4 life force" with "5 Life Force".

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 13, +2 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal : Fight Club

[ Automating the combat system so that specimens can fairly resolve their own battles through the GNDT, and also have a better idea of how well a particular fight is likely to go. ]

Reword Rule 14 (The Arena) to:-

Any Specimen in the Arena may attack another Specimen in the Arena by posting a GNDT change that includes the string "Self:DICE+X Opponent:DICE+X" in its comment, where "Self" and "Opponent" are the two specimens' names, and X are the combat modifiers specified in the next paragraph. (The words "DICE" will be automatically replaced with the results of six-sided die rolls.)

Each combatant's ATT is added to their die roll, and their opponent's DEF is subtracted from it. The Specimen with the lowest total is defeated; they lose 10 Life and are moved immediately to the Lab. The victor gains 10 Life. (If scores are tied, then nothing happens.)

If a Specimen defeats a Specimen whose combined Attack and Defence exceed its own, then the victor's Intelligence shall increase by one.

The instigator of the battle may optionally post a commentary of it to the BlogNomic weblog.

Enacted by Damanor, 13 Nov. +10 to Kevan, +5 to Damanor.

Challenge: Bluebottle



I mean, I say old chap, fancy a bit of the old what-for? We should probably wait until those other geezers (Elazar and Aaron) finish up before having at it though, wouldn't want to interrupt their enjoyable scuffle now, would we?

Bluebottle vs Squirrel!

The method: Combatants have a natural AC of 3, which Defense is added to in order to find the effective AC. Each combatant gets one attack per round, the effectiveness ("Attack Rating", or "AR") of which is found using: 1d6+ATT. If the AR is higher than the effective AC of the opponent then a hit is made. Best of three rounds wins.

The outcome:
Round One:Bluebottle's cyber arms score a solid HIT (5+2 = 7 AR) on Squirrel (3 AC) - Squirrel fights back but the blow (3+0 = 3 AR) merely glances off Bluebottle's armour (3 AC) : Round goes to Bluebottle.
Round Two:Bluebottle again goes on the offensive, scoring another thumping blow (3+2 = 5 AR) to Squirrel's unprotected midsection (3 AC) - Squirrel saves some face by gnawing tenaciously (4+0 = 4 AR) on Bluebottle's extended forearm (3 AC) : Round is a Draw.
Round Three:Bluebottle seems to have been shaken by that vicious gnawing, as he swings blindly, missing (1+2 = 3 AR) Squirrel completely (3 AC) - Squirrel sees this as his big opening and dashes in to attack Bluebottle's overextended frame, but unfortunately (2+0 = 2 AR) hits a hard spot in Bluebottle's armour (3 AC) and only succeeds in jarring his fist : Round is a Draw.

Bluebottle is victorious!

Life force is transfered, but Bluebottle is awarded no Int bonus this time seeing as he was the stronger combatant.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Proposal: There's a light...

Add to Rule 13-Experimental Modification:

Special modifications:
  • Blind: A specimen with the "blind" modification has a 50% greater chance of losing any arena combat fought against a non-bling opponent. Modifications relating to the eyes have no effect until blindness is removed. The blind modification cannot be purchased.
  • Occular implants: Occular implants remove the "blind" modification. Occular implants may be purchased by blind specimens at a life force cost equal to four times the number of modifications other than "blind" a specmen has. If a specimen with occular implants reacquires the "blind" modification, their occular implants are destroyed.
  • Sensory Enhancement: A specimen with the "sensory enhancement" modification removes only the effects of blinding. Sensory enhancement costs one fourth of a specimen's life force after the first hundred, with a minimum cost of twenty life force, and can only be purchased while blind. Instalation of occular implants on a specimen with sensory enhancement causes sensory overload leading to the destruction of the sensory enhancements.
  • Night vision: A specimen with the "night vision" modification is immune to the effects of fighting in a darkened arena. Night vision may be purchased at a cost of one third of a specimen's life force after the first hundred, with a minimum of thirty life force.

Enact a rule entitled "Darkness" which reads:

There is a ten percent chance at the beginning of any arena combat that the lighting system was damaged in the previous battle (or if the lighting was laready damaged in the previous battle, that the repairs were ineffective). If this happens the battle is fought in darkness.

In a darkened arena, blindness has no effect and specimens with night vision or sensory enhancement are 50% more likely to win when fighting a specimen with neither modification.

The special modification section also provides a place to put vampirism, zombie plague and any other non-stat enhancing mods.

Failed by est, 8th Nov. -5 from Squirrel, +2 to est.

Proposal: Stay where you are! [Trivial]

I've been making a lot of proposals lately, I know. Things are pretty dull here. Anyway, under the current rule system, a player can go to the arena, make a challenge, have it accepted, then go to the lab and get surgery before the Doctor has had time t resolve the battle. A simple addition: to the end of the first paragraph of rule 14, add:

Specimens in a battle may not leave the arena until the battle has been resolved.

Enacted by est, 8th Nov. +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to est.

Challenge: Hey Bro!

Okay Elazar, I was standing on the balcony of the Arena observing your technique. I am sufficiently confident that my triple umber-hulk nostril reflector nicotine solvent grinning Fallstaff semi-non-automatic kick to the spleen shall have you reeling in despair. So come, let us adjourn to that good ole' Arena and make some sparks fly, die, and cry. Spectators my view us through the peep hole in the conveniently adjacent Lab.

Proposal: Cowardice take two

Let's try this again.

That a rule, entitled 'Cowardice' be created, with the following text:

If a Specimen other than the Doctor does not participate in a battle for a period of at least a week, then it shall be labelled a Coward. Cowards may not enter the Laboratory, though they still have access to the rest-rooms and the Arena. A Coward retains the label until they have fought a battle.

A sensible time scale, it doesn't apply to the doctor, and Cowards can gather in the rest-room.

Enacted by est, 8th Nov. +10 to Bluebottle, +5 to est.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Elazar v. Bluebottle (at last)

Sorry, I've been busy WriMo-ing, and I'm currently over 5,000 words behind.

The method: A coin is flipped for each of Elazars attack points. A different type of coin is flipped for each of Bluebottle's defence points. Coins that land on tails are ignored. Bluebottles coins are subtracted from Elazar's. that number is Elazar's score for the round. The process is repeated for Elazar's defence and Bluebottles attack. The player with the highest score wins the round. Best of three rounds wins.

The outcome:
Round One: Elazar misses Bluebottle completely (0). Bluebottle returns the favor, and is thrown off balance in the process (-1).
Round Two: Despite this Elazar still manages to miss Bluebottle entirely (0). Bluebottle recovers his balance and manages to dent Elazar's cranial exoskeleton with a blow from his right cyber arm (1).
Round Three: Elazar, possibly stunned by that last blow, misses Bluebottle a third time (0). Bluebottle grabs Elazar's still extended dynamo fist, and thtows him into the arena wall (1).

Bluebottle stands victorious!

Life force is transfered, and Bluebottle gains an Int. bonus, as he was one point weaker.

Proposal: (Sigh) We shouldn't need this. [Trivial]

In Rule 14 - The Arena
In the section entitled Battle, change the first paragraph from:

The Doctor (never an eligible combatant) shall preside over the fight. If the Doctor does not or cannot resolve a battle within 24 hours after a challenge is accepted, a non-combatant Adminion can resolve the battle in his place.

so that it reads

Ordinarily, the Doctor (never an eligible combatant) shall preside over the fight. If the Doctor does not or cannot resolve a battle within 24 hours after a challenge is accepted, a non-combatant Adminion, or another non-combatant specimen acceptable to all combatants, can resolve the battle in the Doctor's place. The Doctor or Specimen who presides over a challenge receives 2 Life Force.

Sometimes the Adminions are all busy, so this provides an alternative and gives (small) motivation to deal with challenges.

Enacted by est, 8th Nov. +2 to Damanor, +2 to est.

Could we fight, please?

To Est, Kevan, Mat and Squirrel: Elazar and I have been counting the cracks in the walls of the Arena for over four days, now, and we'd really like to battle to the death. Rule 14 says an Adminion can preside over the fight if the Doctor does not within 24 hours. So if someone could organise the fight, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Challenge Accepted

Bring it on, Bluebottle! When I'm done with you, you tinted glass monstrosity, you'll be so broken you'll make Humpty Dumpty look like a children's jigsaw puzzle.

Proposal: About the Dead [Trivial]

Add to rule 12, at the end of the first paragraph:

A reanimated Specimen has its Life Force score is set to 1.

Currently, reanimating the dead does nothing, as they still have 0 or less Life Force, and promptly die again.

On a side note, don't y'all find it fustrating we can't leave comments at the moment? I want to try out Kryptodrine!

Enacted by Squirrel, 6th Nov.

Chemical : Kryptodrine

I've gotten hold of a batch of tiny yellow Kryptodrine pills, for side-effect testing on live Specimens; it's only supposed to be a simple painkiller, but other animal testing labs are refusing to trial it, for some reason.

There are only twelve Kryptodrine in the foil-pack I've got, so when they're gone, they're gone.

Challenge: Squirrel!

Squirrel! It is clear to me that you have become lazy, simply accumulating huge amounts of life force, and not working to improve your combat skills! I hereby challenge you to a duel! May the most best person be the person that doesn't lose! (And yes, I know I'm waiting for a challenge, but I'm pretty sure making a challenge while being challnged is legal.)

Proposal: Boom! (Remix)

Lets try this again. I messed up the last one pretty bad.
This rule doesn't really change the game much, but it can help you add to your assortment of weapons.

Add to rule 14:

Specimens may request weapons that are not surgically planted onto the body, (such as clubs, bats, missile launchers, rabid bunnies, etc.) as well as weapons that are surgically planted onto the body, to use in battle in the arena. Specimens are not aloud to request more non-surgically planted weapons than they have hands unless they get a weapon holding device to hold them (such as vests, belts, cup holders, etc.).

I hope this sounds better then the last one....

Failed by Squirrel, 6th Nov.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Petition - What Chemicals do you have for us today?

Owing to a lack of cable TV, reading material, and recreational facilities, we hereby request a supply of entertaining chemicals to play with.

Proposal: Location (Loc)? [Trivial]

The reason the shortened names for locations (Loc) were put into the proposal was to keep things a little simpler in the GNDT. Since they make no difference:
Remove the parenthetical names of locations from Rule 11 - Locations

Enacted by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Proposal: Blogs?

Why are Specimens awarded 5 points for making a blog entry? I had a look at some of them, and none of them seem to have anything to do with the game. I occasionally saw entries such as "Just posting to earn points".

As these blogs don't seem to have anything to do with the game, I propose that specimens do not get life points for them. Specifically, remove the paragraph reading:

A Specimen may award themselves five Life Force for the first entry they post to their weblog, for a given day (this Life Force must be claimed within 12 hours of the entry being posted).

from rule 2.

Enacted by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Proposal: Corridors [Trivial]

That the following Location be added to rule 11:

Rest-rooms (Rest): For specimens who are not fighting, or part of an operation.

Enacted by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.

Proposal: Cowardice [Trivial]

That a new rule, entitled 'Cowardice', be created, with text as follows:

If a Specimen fights no battles over a period of 336 hours, it shall be labelled a Coward, and bear this label until it fights a battle. Cowards are banned from the Lab, unless the Doctor specifically states otherwise.

'Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.'
-William Shakespeare,
Julius Caesar

Failed by Squirrel, 5nd Nov.