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Saturday, November 22, 2003


Sorry guys, my computer was taken in for something. But i have it back now.

Change in Leadership

Assuming the surgical challenge officially lasts 96 hours, as Kevan and I agreed under "Attention: Surgical Challenge Vote Deadline," the surgical challenge between us would have ended at 5 pm EST, or 17:00, on November 21, 2003. Based on the final tally, Doctor Kevan has one vote from Nakor, three from Mat, and six votes for Kevan himself, for a total of ten; and Damanor has three votes from Joranj, five votes for himself, and five from Bluebottle, for a total of thirteen.

Based on this, I declare myself the winner, and the heir to a great legacy of BlogNomic - unless someone wants to dispute it with a call for judgement, since the rule is pretty vague about the time limit. I'm (selfishly) inclined to stick with the time frame that Kevan suggested, but it's your call, people. Kevan has been a great Doctor, and I'm not about to oust him unless he, and all of you, are willing to accept it.

If nobody disputes this declaration, any thoughts on a new theme? This is a hard act to follow. I've been considering a Science Fiction, interstellar government setup, but I'd like some input on that or other alternatives.

(Kevan - I feel a bit hypocritical asking for help, but what programming ability I have was learned on the fly, and I don't have the first clue about how to change the imperial seal or how to change colors without possibly messing things up. If you could contact me about this, I'd appreciate it.)

If there is no argument over my ascension, I'll post the ascension address and repeal rules in a day or two.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Surgical Challenge!

Doctor Kevan, despite brutal beatings, dangerous surgery, failed proposals and glarsh-induced illnesses, I have re-attained a Life Force of 100, am am ready for a SURGICAL CHALLENGE! (Special thanks to Damanor for the recent donations). Whatever you suggest, I will design; however, to celebrate the Rugby World Cup, may I suggest something either rugby or generally sports-related. (In case you don't know, I'm from NZ, and dissapointed us slightly. Can we design some better All Blacks?)

But whatever you suggest will be designed and viciously imposed on any willing idiots.

Proposal: Loneliness [Trivial]

Add to the end of rule 11 the following:
If, at any time, there is only one specimen in the Lab, he or she becomes the doctor.

If Kevan ever wants to retire, all he has to do is leave the Lab (or announce that he will soon) and leave us to battle for the glittering prize.

Vetoed by Damanor

Proposal: General win compensation

In rule 14, paragraph 2, change:
The victor, if the battle took place in the Arena, gains 10 Life. (If scores are tied, then nothing happens.)

If the battle took place in the arena, the victor gains 10 life. If fought elsewhere, the victor earns only 3 life. (If scores are tied, then nothing happens.)

Vetoed by Damanor

Battle Report: Restroom Break

That's it! Everyone out of the lab (by legit means, of course.)

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Proposal: Killer Instinct

Create a new rule called "Killing and Suicide." It shall read:

In a fight to the death, the specimen who lives through the fight is considered to have killed the specimen who did not. In all other fights, if the fight resulted in the death of a specimen, and that specimen was not the instigator of the fight, then the instigator is considered to have killed the dead specimen. If the dead specimen was the instigator of the fight, that specimen is considered to have committed suicide. The instigator of a fight is considered to be the specimen who posted the dice rolls for that fight in the GNDT.

When a specimen kills another specimen, if their combined attack and defence did not exceed the dead specimen's combined attack and defence by more than 1, they gain 1 point of attack and 1 point of defense from the experience. When a specimen commits suicide, they gain 1 point of intelligence in addition to whatever else they would gain upon revival, reserrection, or reanimation, for "learning their lesson."

[Right now, the only reason for fighting to the death is if you have much less than 100 lifeforce, and a good chance of winning. These rewards ought to spice it up a bit.]

Vetoed by Damanor

Proposal: Yet another rematch? [Trivial]

In Rule 14: Combat, add the sentence:
Each specimen may attack each other specimen once per day.

at the end of the first paragraph.

Hasn't really been a problem so far, but you could effectively fight someone to the death without their consent.

Vetoed by Damanor

Proposal : Cosmetic Surgery [Trivial]

Copy the paragraph from Rule 20 (Expenditures) to the end of Rule 16 (Attributes), then repeal Rule 20. [ It's just a couple of extra sentences about attributes, after all. ]

Move Rule 16 (Attributes) to appear immediately after Rule 12 (Life Force), and renumber the ruleset. [ It still throws me that this basic game aspect is listed quite far down in the ruleset. ]

Vetoed by Damanor

Carol Attacks

Carol emerges from her trapdoor to attack Kamikaze. She kicks him around for 5 Life, teaching him a valuable lesson - he gains 1 INT.

Proposal: The Back Door To Resurrection

The newly made morgue located in the basement (morgues are traditionally located in the basement) has caused Carol to be somewhat upset. Its favorite pouncing spot has been turned into a body bin. Carol then rams the back wall and creates a new back door out of the basement. Carol has left the basement and is headed to the newly formed volcano. The residing Volcano Totem God decides that it likes Carol and becomes its new friend. In return, the Totem gives Carol the extra attention it needs and to the residents of the island it gives a 10% chance of resurrection to the dead.

In rule 12 add in as 2nd paragraph:

In order to enact true resurrection, Carol must lift a body (once every week) from the morgue and deliver it to the Totem God. The Doctor or Adminions will then role a die ten (10 = lives again) to see if the Totem God will indeed resurrect the corpse. If the corpse is resurrected, the specimen receives the minimum life force on the specimen list and half of its original modifications (of the doctors choosing) + 1 (as a gift from Carol; playing with dead bodies is fun!). The corpses that were unable to be revived by the Totem God are returned to the morgue and later reanimated it receives 1 modification due to Carols tampering with the corpse (no pain in death); however they will be missing an organ, such as an ear or a colon, a Totem God has to eat you know.

In rule 11 add in new locations:

Volcano: Home of the Totem God and a great place to commit suicide.
Basement: Where Carol likes to hang out.

Also in rule 11 add on to morgue:

convenietly located in the basement.

Vetoed by Damanor

Nomination: Damanor

I Keitalia being of sound mind (so far), hereby nominate Damanor as the individual responsible for drawing my attention to nomic. Thank you, that is all.

Attention: Surgical Challenge Vote Deadline

In response to a question by Bluebottle:
Voting on the surgical challenge should be done at noon tomorrow, Nov. 20, 48 hours from when both Special Surgical Enhancements were posted.
Either that, or at 17:00 on Nov. 21, 96 hours from when the challenge was accepted.
I think everyone who plans to vote is aware of the challenge already, and if you get 48 hours to vote, it should be long enough.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Proposal : Go, Go, Gadget Skin

To Rule 14, add:-

If a Specimen has the "Go-Skin" modification, it may declare an attack to be Go-based (as part of the dice-rolling message); it adds each combatant's INT score to their roll instead of their ATT, and ignores DEF. No Life is lost in a Go-based attack, and the victor always gains 1 INT rather than any other attribute.

Vetoed by Damanor

Proposal : Two Separate Separate Gorillas [Trivial]

In Rule 14, replace:-

If a Specimen defeats a Specimen whose combined Attack and Defence exceed its own, then the victor's Intelligence shall increase by one.


If a Specimen defeats a Specimen whose combined Attack and Defence exceed its own, then its lowest attribute is increased by one. (If two or more attributes are equally low, the Specimen who initiated the combat must choose one to increment.)

Vetoed by Damanor

Proposal: Respect the Dead [Trivial]

In rule 12, replace:
it is considered Dead, and cannot perform modifications,

it is cosidered Dead, and is immediately moved to the Morgue. Either the Specimen that killed it, or an Adminion, can move it. Dead specimens cannot perform modifications,

We don't just want dead bodies lying around, do we?

Vetoed by Damanor.

New Specimen: Keitalia

A new specimen was delivered to the Doctor's front door. Please welcome Keitalia to BlogNomic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Surgical Modification: Tactical Primate

It is said that if you take an infinite number of monkeys and give them an infinite number of typewriters, they will eventually create the complete works of Shakespear.

Now You can have that kind of processing power available, with the new Tactical Primate, coming soon from Damanor Modifications.

Tactical Primate
Features: Mounted on your right or left shoulder, the Tactical Primate locates your opponent's vulnerabilities, allowing you to hit them where it hurts - every time! Bred for war, each Tactical Primate applies its military genius to every form of conflict, ranging in scale from Go to Global Thermonuclear War, and can face any combat situation, whether a battle in the boardroom or simply battling boredom.

A Tactical Primate also has great sex appeal - how often does someone ask, "Is that a monkey in your jacket or are you just happy to see me?"*

So order your Tactical Primate today, simply by making the appropriate mark in the comments section!

*Please note that playing Go against your Tactical Primate is not a good way to attract members of the opposite sex, because you will lose.

In practical game terms, the Tactical Primate's ability to strategically dominate opponents adds +1 to your Attack score.

Yes, I want to outfight my enemies at every opportunity! Give me a Tactical Primate at once!
I want to be outsmarted by my opponents who have Tactical Primates.

Surgical Enhancement: Go-Skin

Okay, here we go - it's a 30x30cm square of skin, impregnated with cuttlefish pigmentation cells at 24dpi and subcutaneous neural wiring that runs to an (ostensibly) dormant section of the subject's brain. With sufficient training, the subject will learn to manipulate this square of skin (or "board") between any number of loose monochrome configurations - starting with a simple checkerboard, and working up to the finer delineations required for Go.

Ultimately the subject will be also able to simulate dynamic counters on top of the board, but until that time (and as a way to reassure opponents who might not trust the subject, nor their own attentiveness) the skin is also studded with thin but powerful magnetic ribbons beneath the surface; sufficient to hold small metal objects against the skin, irrespective of the body's orientation. The subject of this implant will receive a small bag of metallic Go stones as part of the surgery.

The Go-Skin Implant gives Specimens +1 INT and (through future proposal, if approved) will allow Specimens to initiate INT-based combat with rivals.

To support your Doctor, vote FOR this Surgical Enhancement.

Proposal: Pain and Suffering

Just an idea, since everyone is on a fight/killing mood, but maybe not brave/stupid enough to fight to the dead just for the sake of it.
In the second paragraph of rule 14 change the phrase "The victor gains 10 Life." to:
The victor gains 7 Life.

Vetoed by Damanor

Monday, November 17, 2003

Surgical Challenge

Doctor Kevan, I challenge your ability to out-surgery me. Even though I'm blind and can't hold the surgical equipment without blowing it up, we (the dolphin, the frog, and the enhanced me) challenge you to a surgical challenge!

If everybody would please note that this means no more modifications until the surgical challenge is over; also, if you would kindly record your Int next to your votes as you make them to simplify record-keeping, we'd appreciate it.

Squirrel, I waited 48 hours after Mensa became official to give you the first shot at it. I'm sure you'll have an opportunity soon enough.


Proposal: Safehaven 2 (This time, it's not Safehaven 1) [Trivial]

If Axis All Areas is enacted, make the following changes to rule 14:

Change 1: Replace:
Any Specimen may attack another Specimen

Any Specimen may attack another Specimen in the same area

Change 2: Add to the end of the first paragraph:
Specimens in the Rest-rooms may cannot be attacked.

if no identical sentence can be found in rule 14.

Enacted by Mat Nov. 21, 17:06

Proposal: Second thoughts [Trivial]

Add to rule 3, the following:
A Specimen may change a proposal they have made freely, provided nobody else has voted on it.

Enacted by Mat Nov. 21, 17:04

Proposal: Final Curtain

In rule 12: replace:
A reanimated Specimen has its Life Force set to 1.

A reanimated Specimen has its Life Force set to 1, Attack, Defence, Intelligence and Regeneration set to 0,Modifications set to 'none', and be located in the Rest-rooms.

Death should hurt.

Enacted by Mat Nov. 21, 16:58

Quick rules question

I want to change my proposal, to the death, and no-one has voted on it yet. Can I change it without penalty?

Proposal: To the Death!

Add to the end of rule 14:
Any specimen may challenge another specimen to a fight to the death, by moving to the Arena and making the challenge in a post to Blognomic. If the other Specimen accepts, he/she must immediately move to the Arena, and all Specimens in the Arena, but not involved in this fight, are immediately moved to the saftey of the Rest-rooms. The fight is overseen by the Doctor himself. The fight is the same as a normal combat except for 3 differences:

* If a Specimen loses, they are not moved to the Rest-rooms.
* If a Specimen wins they gain no bonuses to Life.
* If both Specimens have life greater than 0 after a fight, another round starts immediately.

Any specimen who wins a fight to the death has their Life total raised by 99, to a maximum of 100.

Enacted by Mat Nov. 21, 16:54

Proposal: Safehaven [Trivial]

If Axis All Areas is enacted, make the following changes to rule 14:

Any Specimen in the Arena may attack another Specimen in the Arena
Any Specimen may attack another Specimen in the same area
Add to the end of the first paragraph:
Specimens in the Rest-rooms may cannot be attacked.

If Axis All Areas fails, it has no effect. It it succeeds, then there is a place where specimens can live in peace and harmony.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 19, +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal : Axis All Areas

[ Enough of this polite, Queensbury-rules arranged-challenge nonsense! Nobody's even been badly injured, yet, let alone killed. Let's allow combat in any location, not just the Arena. ]

Rename Rule 14 to "Combat", and replace "Specimen in the Arena" with "Specimen" throughout that rule.

[ We can keep the Arena as a place to fight for a reward, though. ]

Replace "The victor gains 10 Life." with "The victor, if the battle took place in the Arena, gains 10 Life."

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 19, +10 to Kevan, +5 to Damanor.

Proposal : Two Separate Gorillas [Trivial]

[ Shouldn't combat help boost strength, resilience and recuperative powers, as much as intelligence? ]

In Rule 14, replace "the victor's Intelligence shall increase by one" with:-

the victor may increase his or her lowest attribute (choosing which, if two or more are lowest) by one.

Self-killed by Kevan, -5 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor

Challenge: Kamikaze

Your second head is pissing me off. LET'S FIGHT!

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Proposal: Boosters [Trivial]

Reword rule 20 to read
Specimens may use their lifeforce to temporarily boost a quality of their choosing. Once per week a specimen may spend (20 - 2*INT) lifeforce in order to boost one attribute by one. This boost lasts for 24 hours.

I've never seen anyone take advantage of this rule. With the new fight system, and a reduced cost, perhaps it will become viable.

Enacted by Damanor Nov 19, +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal: Mod Limit

Add a paragraph to the end of Rule 16 - Attributes stating:
No specimen may have a quantity of modifications greater than eight (8). When one reaches the limit, and a ninth modification is requested, it will be added with the loss of the first modification. With the tenth modification, the second will be lost, etc.

With the loss of a modification follows the loss of any attributes that originally accompanied the trait.

Failed by Damanor, -5 to Mat, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal: Hooray for Glarsh! [Trivial]

Replace the last paragraph of rule 17 with:
Any player may start a Chemical petition, optionally naming a chemical previously provided. If a number of players equal to or higher than Quorum sign the petition, the the Doctor must, within 48 hours, provide the Chemical named, or, if none was named, an untested Chemical, for a period of at least 48 hours. If the Doctor does not, he is attacked by crazy-eyed Specimens, and loses 20 Life Points.

Failed by Damanor, -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal:Blindness [Trivial]

Add to the end of rule 16, the paragraph:
In addition, a specimen may have the 'Blind' attribute, noted in the 'Modifications' section of the GNDT. A specimen who is Blind receives minus 1 to both Attack and Defence, to a minimum of 0. A specimen may only be blinded once at a time. A specimen may be cured of Blindness with occular implants of any sort; the cost of which is the same as increasing attack by one and defence by one.

Also, I'd like to thank Damanor for the donation of life force: I'd like to use it for an improved nervous system, which would allow more efficient information relay from the brain in my toe.

Enacted Nov. 17 by Damanor, +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.