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Saturday, December 27, 2003

New (Old) Representative

An old BlogNomic player, Cayvie, has chosen to rejoin BlogNomic.

Welcome back.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Proposal: Contracts

Create a new rule: Contracts

Any Representative may form a contract by creating a Blog entry with a title beginning with the word "Contract:" followed by a name for the contract. The entry should clearly delineate the terms of the contract. The terms of a contract may not violate the rules of BlogNomic. Any Representative may declare his or her desire to be bound by the terms of the contract by responding to the contract's blog entry with the green check mark icon in the body of the response. Any representative so binding himself or herself to a contract shall follow the terms of the contract as if they are rules of BlogNomic or decisions of the Council. Representatives who do not mark a contract with the green check mark icon are not bound to its terms. Representatives may publicly declare that they choose not to be bound to a contract by responding to its blog entry with the red "x" icon in the body of the response, unless they have previously responded with a green check mark icon to that contract.

Failed by Damanor Dec. 28; -5 to Loric, +2 to Damanor

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Budget Proposals:

This week's possible budget proposals:
If all concerned representatives would kindly vote, we can collect taxes and determine the results.

And this weeks budget is officially D:20/C:30/R:20/I:30. I'll start taxing immediately, and you can collect whenever appropriate.

Proposal : Intergalactic Trade [Trivial]

[ Trade Shipyards seem a bit obsolete now that we have an actual system for Commodities and Trading.

And eh, it's only a matter of time before someone starts heavily scamming the Trade Shipyards by buying lots of ships at (effectively) 3MCr each, and then gaining loads of credits each week afterwards (which can be ploughed into buying more trade ships). ]

In Rule 15 (Infrastructure), reword the Trade Shipyard to:-

Trading Post (25): Allows trading with other galaxies; a Representative with a Trading Post may buy and sell Commodities from other galaxies for their Galactic Trade Price, plus one if the Rep is buying, minus one if selling. A Commodity's Galactic Trade price (per Eetcha) is the Mega-Credit cost of manufacturing one Eetcha of it, or (for mined Commodities) of performing one mining expedition for it.

All Trade Shipyards and Trade Ships shall be scrapped, refunding 25MCr and 3MCr to their owners per item, respectively.

Enacted by Damanor Dec. 28; +2 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor

Proposal : Round Table [Trivial]

[ Making the Council a bit more active, and sharpening up what "players must obey Council Proposals" actually means (as it stands, I suppose ignoring proposals is "breaking the rules", and anyone can adjust the GNDT on the ignorer's behalf. But this doesn't cover situations where Representatives can't afford to obey Proposals. ]

In Rule 14 (Planetary Council), replace "All players must obey the orders of successful Council Proposals." with:-

Representatives have 72 hours to obey the orders of a passed Council Proposal - any that fail to obey them in this time shall be Suspended from the Council. (Suspended Representatives may only be reinstated by a Council Proposal.)

Replace "Each Representative that represents a Planet has one seat on the council." with:-

Each Representative that represents a Planet, and has not been Suspended, has one seat on the council.

Replace "Any player may make a Council Proposal." with:-

Any Council member may make a Council Proposal.

Also remove "Quorum for Council Proposals is equal to half the number of Representatives plus two, rounded down, plus one."

[ This works out to be the exactly same as default proposal quorum. ]

Also remove "The Council may have any assets a Representative may have, except Planets."

[ There's no way for the Council-entity to build Infrastructure, obtain Commodities or receive Mega-Credits. And it looks like the Bank will be serving the role that this might have been attempting to serve, anyway. ]

Enacted by Damanor Dec. 28; +2 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Are there any more budget proposals?

Because of family, guests and so forth I won't be posting budgets on Thursday, as I usually do; instead, I plan to post tomorrow. Does anyone have a budget proposal?

I already know about Mat's (kudos for requesting early), but I may have missed some others, so if you could just put them in the comments below, or e-mail them to me, I'll try to post tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for the help.

Proposal : Born Free

[ Simplifying the whole 'Free Agent' thing. ]

In Rule 11 (Planets), replace "If a Representative does not represent a Planet, " with:-

If a Representative does not represent a Planet, and if they have more than 20MCr

And add:-

If a Planet's Representative has less than 20MCr, that Planet revolts. The Representative ceases to represent it, and all Infrastructure on the Planet is destroyed during the revolution.

In Rule 14 (Planetary Council), replace "Each Representative that is not a free agent has one seat on the council." with:-

Each Representative that represents a Planet has one seat on the council.

And repeal Rule 12 (The people love me!).

Enacted by Damanor Dec. 28; +10 to Kevan, +5 to Damanor


Hi. I don't know if this is appropriate, but I am going to make (and act on) some assertions based on my interpretation of the rules. Thus, if anyone disagrees with my assertions and actions thereon, they may issue a CFJ to dispute.

Assertion 1: Planets do NOT get to collect mega-credits for Universal Budgets enacted before they were represented.

Assertion 2: Homeless representatives who claim a planet as per Rule 11 do NOT have to pay the "exploration and conquering" fee.

Assertion 3: When a representative gains control of a previously unrepresented planet, he/she also gains control of that planet's wealth, currently set by Rule 11 at 100 MCr.

Anyone disagreeing with my assertions, please feel free to CFJ. I am doing this primarily to get the ball rolling.

Thank you, that is all.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Proposal: Lost…Lost…

A recent wormhole nexus has reopened revealing several fleets of lost fighters. To see how many of your fleet has returned by putting a comment in the GNDT of: DICE. 1 to 2 yields 2 fighters, 3 to 4 yields 3 fighters and 5 to 6 = 4 fighters. Representatives then may add the Oortnot value to their original.

This must be done within 48 hours of this proposals passing.
This proposal is not to be added into the ruleset due to its brief nature.

Enacted by Damanor Dec 28; +10 to Keitalia, +5 to Damanor

Proposal: Space, The Final Whatchamicallit!

Running out of space...

Rename Rule 15: Infrastructures and Space Utilities

Add the heading 'Infrastructures' before the first paragraph.

Add to Rule 15:

Space Utilities

If a Representative controls a Planet, they may build any of the following non-mobile space utilities around it. Space Utilities share the same category infrastructures in the GNDT. A space utility's size is measured in units. Each Planet may have 5 units of space utility. Cost and units are brackets after the name.

*Space Complex (20MC, 2): Any one infrastructure, except a Mining Complex, may be built on to a space complex for the same cost as the planets surface. This is tracked by adding a the infrastructure after the Space Complex in the GNDT. (ex: Space Complex: Trade Shipyard.)

*Space Station(35MC, 3): Acts as a military headquarters. Once activated it deploys a planetary defense grid that attacks UFOs and hostile fleets. Has a defensive Oortnot value of 20.

Within 48 hours of the enactment of this proposal any Representative may move a pre-existing infrastructure to a Space Complex for 10MC after building a Space Complex.

Enacted by Damanor Dec. 28; +10 to Keitalia, +5 to Damanor

PROPOSAL: Galactic Banker

Relevant only if "Galactic Economy" passes

Creates a new rule:

The Speaker's position entails the job of Chief Galactic Banker, described below. The Speaker may, at his discretion, delegate the position of Chief Galactic Banker to another representative, or remove the position so delegated.

The Chief Galactic Banker is responsible for overseeing all transactions to which the Galactic Bank is party. It is the duty of the Chief Galactic Banker to ensure that all such dealings are transacted fairly, and to guard the Galactic Bank's interests in such matters.

As such, the Chief Galactic Banker is responsible for ensuring that updates to the Galactic Bank's GNDT listing are accurate.

The Chief Galactic Banker has the authority to collect, by direct modification of the GNDT, debts overdue to the Galactic Bank.

Failed by Damanor Dec. 28; -5 to Loric, +2 to Damanor


Question: Do the hard-working people of the Planet Hydrae get to collect Mega-Credits for the budget passed 12-19?

Question: Rule 11 - Planets states that "A Planet without a Representative has a wealth of 100 MCr." When such a planet becomes represented, does that representative acquire that 100 MCr?

Thank you.


The council proposal titled "Support the Homeless" was enacted via a timeout. This, in turn, means all representatives must hand over 5 MegaCredits to Shadow within 72 hours. That is all.


Proposal: Inflation and Devaluation

Only relevant if 'Galactic Economy' passes

Every week on Sunday, the total in the Galactic Bank is compared to the total of the Sunday of the week before. If there is more money in the Galactic Bank than there was the week before (i.e. people have spent more than they have claimed) then the currency is considered "strong". If it is less (i.e. more money have been claimed and saved than spent) then the currency is considered "weak".

If the currency is strong, its value increases, and more currency is made available. All Representatives may claim 10 MegaCredits without having to take them from the bank.

If the currency is weak, some of it is withdrawn to promote a more controlled economy. All representatives loose 15 MegaCredits and the bank gains 100.

Thus, there is an element of risk in having your system's economy around 35 or below.

Failed by Damanor Dec. 28; -5 to Joranj, +2 to Damanor


Proposal: Galactic economy

The value of the galactic MegaCredit is variable, and depends entirely on how much of it is in free circulation.

A new row will be added to the GNDT, called 'Galactic Bank'. The only field relivant to the Galactic Bank is the MegaCredit column. Every transaction that involves an expenditure or aquisition of MegaCredits takes place, either the total added to a Representatives MegaCredit total is subtracted from the Galactic Bank or the total subtracted from the Representatives total is added to the Galactic Bank. This does not affect straightforward player-to-player transfers. This does effect the gain of credits for having a proposal enacted and also for the gains of administration. This also affects taxes; the taxes are added to the Galactic bank total and the rebates are claimed from it. In short, all money that enters the game comes from this finite source, and all money that leaves the game get put into it. The Galactic Bank enters the game with 5,000 MegaCredits.

For Example:
Mat of Zarquon collects his taxes of 27 MegaCredits. He adjusts his total from 100 to 127, and at the same time adjusts the Galactic Bank's total from 5,000 to 4,973.

Keitalia of Zenith wants to buy a Mining Complex. She deducts 25 MegaCredits from her total, leaving her with 20, and adds those 25 to the Galactic Bank, putting it back up to 4,998.

Should the Galactic Bank ever run out of money, the Galactic Credit would suddenly become worthless (Any representative who tries to claim money from the bank, only to find it empty, may declare it bankrupt). The economies of all the planets, and the galaxy as a whole, would be ruined, and civilisation would begin to disintegrate. A representative could then "buy out" the bank, by paying off all money that it owes and adding 100 MegaCredits to its total reserve. The player that does this then has total control over the Galactic economy and wins the Dynasty. If the economy collapses and no-one is in a position to buy it out, then the Representative with the highest military power will be winner of the Dynasty. If two Representatives have the same Oortnot rating, the Speaker may decide between the two of them by the roll of a dice in the GNDT.

A separate proposal will follow dealing with inflation and devaluation.

Enacted by Damanor Dec 28; +10 to Joranj, +5 to Damanor

Claiming Zarquon

To my utter amazement, the good people of the planet Zarquon have unanimously requested my representation. As I have no other pressing affairs to attend, I have gratefully and humbly accepted their accolades and their trust in this matter.

Thank you, that is all.

Oh, $&*#^

I don't know what happened, but I noticed after I put Loric into the game that half of the sidebar is gone. I didn't even go that far down in the BlogNomic template, or at least I didn't think I did; it's probably my fault, though, so I'll spend a good portion of tomorrow trying to figure out how to undo what happened.

Meanwhile, the GNDT is here, and if anybody can help fix this problem, whatever Supreme Being you believe in knows I could use the assistance.

I have to assume that this is my fault, and give heartfelt apologies to everyone, especially to Kevan - who has put so much into BlogNomic only to have one stupid Speaker screw it up. I only hope that I didn't mangle it beyond recovery.

New Representative: Loric

A new Representative has just arrived from the spaceport, and is interested in representing a world on the BlogNomic Council. Welcome to Loric.

Please Note that we still have the same problem as before: no fixed rules regarding finances for new representatives. So if anyone wants to provide a fix (temporary or permanant) please make a proposal. (Though we are more likely to be favorable toward you once you make a post, Loric.)