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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Proposal: Credit Use

Enact a rule "spare parts" in which:

Robots can lose or break their component parts. They may purchase replacement parts with their hard-earned power units. The component parts list and their corresponding power unit prices are as follows:
AI -- 50 PU
Motherboard -- 40 PU
Memory Unit -- 45 PU
Motary Equipment (i.e. legs, arms) -- 10 PU
Sensory Equipment (i.e. optical, olfactory) -- 20 PU

Of course, this is easily added to and subtracted from with the aid of ammending proposals, which I encourage.

Enacted by Mat, 22nd September.


I nominate Aaron for being responsible for me joining this game. Like soooooo um keehee ........... am i allowed to give myself 25 credits?

Proposal : Battery Drain

If the Proposal "New Terminology" passed, replace the first paragraph of Rule 9 (Power Units) with:-

A Robot's Power Unit rating is a measure of the electrical power remaining in its battery. Some game actions require expenditure of Power Units; if a Robot has insufficient Power for an action, it cannot perform it.

New Robots start with the highest Power Unit rating amongst the active Robots. Returning Robots continue with the Power Unit rating they had when they left.

The Control Unit may, no more than once per week, add 50 to every Robot's Power Units.

Enacted by Kevan, 22nd September. 17 Power to Kevan.

Just testing

Here is text not blockquoted.

And this text is so naughty that it must be blockquoted.

Thank you, this was just a test.


Proposal: New terminology

I think that the robot theme is a good one, so I propose that we need some terminology changes.

Throughout the Ruleset, GNDT and greater Blognomic area replace as follows:

  • Replace "Citizen" with "Robot"
  • Replace "Credit" with "Power Unit"
  • Replace "Emperor" with "Control Unit"
  • Replace "IMPERIAL" with "DEFERENTIAL"

Enacted by Kevan, 22nd September. 16 Power to Est, 5 Power to Kevan.

New Player

A new player, Elazar, has joined us under the First Dynasty of Est.

Say hello.

Discussion: Theme

I don't know if est already has some ideas, so sorry if I'm jumping the gun here, but does anyone have any ideas for a new theme? I know a Piratical/Nautical theme was breifly mentioned -- I was thinking the same thing just a couple of days ago. I've also thought about maybe a Surrealist theme, or maybe a Robot theme. I just love robots.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Proposal: prevention of further veto mishaps

[ I'm hoping that this will assist (or at least inspire someone to propose something that will assist) in having a set way to overturn a veto without having to default to a CFJ.]

In rule 18-Dynasties, change the line stating:
However, a veto may be overturned if all other citizens vote FOR the vetoed Proposal within 48 hours of the initial Proposition.

However, a veto may be overturned if a Request for veto annulment is declared. Requests for veto annulment may not be vetoed by the Emperor; as they aren't traditional, rule changing propositions.

If quorum is met on the Request for veto annulment, the Emperor will be fined half of the credits he/she possesses. If two such requests are successfully put forth in one dynasty, the Emperor will be removed and nominations for a new Emperor may be posted.

This, in turn, will require Emperors to veto wisely.

This Proposal cannot make Quorum - Failed by est, 22nd September. -5 Credits from Mat, +2 Credits to est

Proposal : Less Blog, More Nomic

[ Maybe it's time to remove the requirement for players to have weblogs, considering that a couple of us just have blank 'look, I've set up a weblog' pages and are quite affronted at the idea of having to update them.

I'm not sure there's much else we can do with the blog/nomic link, either, really, now that we've covered "post stuff and get prizes" and "post stuff and get penalties". ]

In Rule 2 (Citizens), replace "Anyone who maintains an active weblog may apply to join BlogNomic by contacting any of the Admin Staff, giving a contact email address and the URL of the weblog that they wish to use in BlogNomic." with

Anybody may apply to join BlogNomic by contacting any of the Admin Staff, specifying the name they wish to use in the game and the URL or email addrses they want their name to link to in the Citizen roster.

In the Glossary, change "For the purposes of the game, a Citizen's weblog is the one that they chose to use when they joined." to:-

For the purposes of the game, a Citizen's weblog is the one that their name links to in the Citizen roster (if it doesn't link to a weblog, they are considered to have no weblog).

[ Note that we can actually make Proposals whilst not 'in the Concourse' - the second and third paragraphs of Rule 1 mean that anything that the ruleset doesn't regulate the alteration of can't be regarded as gamestate, so can be changed at whim. ]

Enacted by Kevan, 20th September. 15 Credits to Kevan.

Proposal : Nick of Time

[ Quickly proposing this before I enact Est's repeal proclamations... ]

Remove the sentence "A citizen must either be located in the Concourse or the Imperial Palace in order to make a proposal." from Rule 3, otherwise we won't be able to make any further proposals.

Enacted by Kevan, 20th September. 15 Credits to Kevan.

Ascension Address

Greetings Citizens!

Thank you all for your vote of confidence, I will endeavour to prove your faith in me well-founded.

Like you I am eager to put the turbulence of the past week behind us and start afresh. To this end I will be repealling all laws bar only those necessary for our reconstruction. Instead of stating which rules are to be repealled, I believe it would be far simpler to identify those we are to keep. The rules that are to be kept are rules 1-9, 18, 19 and 31 (the Glossary), I feel that these lay out the core principles that govern our existence. If these laws are not exactly as we would like them then they may be modified, but I feel that at least for now they are required.

There is much to be done, but alas at the moment there is little time to do any of it. I will be retiring to the People's Palace for now to reflect upon how best to set us on the right course in these early times, but fear not, for soon I shall re-emerge and lay out the plans I have made, with unprecedented transparency and interactivity for all.

Your humble servant,

Emperor est.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Leaving the Game

I want to just thank Mat, Royce, Est, and Squirrel for playing the game by the rules, which I still think is the point of a nomic, but which most of you seem to have abandoned. Before all the hateful words from Aaron, Kevan, and Gillian, I found this game to be a fun way to waste some time and learn about how governmental processes work. So, for that, I am thankful.

If it wasn't utterly clear that people weren't playing by the rules and making up nonsensical comments about me, than I would probably stick around to challenge the legality of the CfJ, but I realize it doesn't make sense to spend anymore time playing with the assholes that not only take playing the game personally, but managed to ruin it for me. I really was excited to be part of this game. I created Blognomic News, which I planned on introducing into the game as a fun way to look at the trends that were going on, etc. I guess that won't be being used now.

So, I'm moving on from this game and its childish members. Thanks to those who played the game properly. I know take leave and bring my contributions with me.

Nomination: Est

I nominate Est for the position of Emperor. All those in favor of Est being Emperor vote FOR in the comments section here within the next 48hours.

Call for Judgment

The disagreement:
It seems that many people disagree with Anthony's heavy-handed use of veto, especially since his brother is playing and will pretty much vote against anything that is negative towards Anthony, thus negating the checks and measures set out in Rule #18 - Dynasties.

Corrective measures:
I put it to you that the best way to finalise this incident is to remove the current Emperor and stage an election within the next 48 hours whereby the citizens of blognomic nominate and vote upon the next Emperor, where the candidate having a plurality of the vote, at the end of the 48 hour period immediately following the enactment of this proposal, shall be proclaimed the next Emperor.

Action needed:
If you agree that this is the best course of action, place a tick FOR in the comments. If you do not agree, place a check AGAINST in the comments. There are no IMPERIAL or VETO votes in a Call for Judgement.

How does the citizenry judge?

Proposal: Upheaval

I find it utterly foolish of Anthony to have alienated Kevan from the game through an abusive use of the veto. And maybe Anthony will be big enough to not use his veto power, and truly see what the people think, in this instance. However, if the Emperor does exercise this power, I request to be made idle as well.

I propose, with the consent of the majority of the citizens of blognomic:
That Anthony be removed from the position of Emperor.

That Anthony be reassigned to the position of CW1:floorhand.

That within the next 48 hours the citizens of blognomic nominate and vote upon the next Emperor, where the candidate having a plurality of the vote, at the end of the 48 hour period immediately following the enactment of this proposal, shall be proclaimed the next Emperor.

I hope that everyone would see the merit in this proposal and that there is still room for Anthony to be Emperor, provided enough people vote for him.

Vetoed by our benevolent Emperor.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Eh, very disappointed that Anthony vetoed the proposal to start the dynasty afresh with a new theme, despite six players being in favour of it and only a couple having any strong reservations.

I think I'll go Idle.

To work!

While the Emperor is in a repealling mood, wouldn't it be more logical to get a shift in at the factory to at least garner a few credits before something unexpected happens, like the restructuring of the employment system?

To the factory! You won't find me anywhere else! *

*until I'm forced off the premises by exhaustion!


While on the subject of promotions and on the basis of the pending death of education; might I be upped to a Finisher?

Another Proclamation of Repeal

The following rules have been repealed and immediately removed from the Ruleset:

11 - Education
24 - CCTV in Operation

Note: I liked the Education idea, but the current course requirements were seemingly unequal. Maybe someone can propose Education again, but with similiar credit and hour requirements for each branch?

Also, there are no current pending proposals, since a bunch of us proposed illegally, therefore just taking up space. So, feel free to get proposing!


In the interests of greater production and revenue for the Empire, I would like to request a promotion to Overseer of the Factory.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Trying out my first post.

Hi, I am new here, but someone said I have to ask to be a government person. Is this good enough?

New Citizen: Paul

Citizen Paul has arrived in the Imperial City with 0 Credits (sorry!), and reports as a Civ:W1:Floorhand to Housing Block Beta. Quorum rises to 7.

Proposal : Cleaner Slate

[ I realised that my Clean Slate proposal was illegal because I wasn't in the Concourse when I made it. But it's probably just as well, because I forgot to repeal the location-specific bit of Rule 3 (which would have meant that nobody could have made proposals, after the Concourse and Palace were destroyed). ]

Repeal all Rules except 1-8 (the basic game mechanics), 18 (Dynasties) and 19 (Ascension) and the Glossary.

Also, remove the sentence beginning "A citizen must either be located" from Rule 3 (Proposals).

Vetoed by Anthony. -5 from Kevan, +2 to Anthony.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Kanji symbols in operation (trivial)

Time to update the graphic link from the last Dynasty.

Alter the wording of Rule #24 - CCTV in Operation to include the correct URL of the graphic and change any references of "CCTV" to "Kanji symbols" throughout the Ruleset.

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it doesn't have a subject line of "Proposal : [Title]". -- Kevan)

Posting is fundamental

This whole game is about the celebration of using weblogs, to play the game and to write about whatever your write about on your daily weblogs.

Add to Rule #25 - Thoughtcrime:
Not posting within a week. (20c)

Writing one thing a week about BlogNomic or your own life should be easy. And anyway, the Ruleset says players must have an active weblog to join. This would be subject to the other listed Thoughtcrime limitations, of course.

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it doesn't have a subject line of "Proposal : [Title]". -- Kevan)

Rock the Vote (trivial)

Add to Rule #25 - Thoughtcrime:
Not voting within 48 hours of a proposal. (10c)

This is because Rule 7 - Time Out lets proposals be decided in 48 hours. This would be subject to the other listed Thoughtcrime limitations, of course.

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it doesn't have a subject line of "Proposal : [Title]". -- Kevan)

Renumber Rules (trivial)

I propose we renumber the remaining rules in the Ruleset so that it doesn't seem like some are missing.

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it doesn't have a subject line of "Proposal : [Title]". -- Kevan)

The Emperor Likes When You Work

Here's your first chance to earn some favor points. I propose we add a rule called "Taxes":
The Emperor encourages all Citizens to lead productive happy lives.

In order to ensure factories and other places of work are safe for all employees and to provide essential governmental services, all Citizens working in the Factory or the Cafe will contribute 2c each shift (per 10c pay, rounded up) to the Emperor in order to claim their earnings.

One of the shortcomings of the last Dynasty was that the Government received little funding to run the Empire. I will award 2c to the first seven people to vote FOR this proposal.

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it doesn't have a subject line of "Proposal : [Title]". -- Kevan)

Proposal: limiting lottery play

I discovered in the last dynasty that I would have easily been able to quasi-rig the lottery (and yet I didn't persue this) by buying a massive amount of tickets just prior to my own calling of the lottery, and still be in accordance with the ruleset and yet have a better chance to win from simply having the greatest amount of tickets. So, I with to propose the following be added to rule 17:
No government citizen may possess a quantity of lottery tickets greater than that held by the non-governmental citizen who possess the most tickets.

Failed by Anthony, 9/16. -5 from Mat, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal: The High Shogunate of Anthony [Trivial]

In the spirit of multi-culturalism and inspired by the Kanji characters now erected as our emblem of state I suggest we:

exchange all instances of "Emperor" with "Shogun".

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it wasn't made from the Concourse. -- Anthony)

Proposal: It Takes an Idiot to Raze a Village

enact a rule "Village Idiot":

Village Idiot shall be denoted by a questions mark(?) next to their name on the game data list and may only be held by one person at a given time. The Village Idiot is appointed by the Emperor. The Village Idiot's responsibilities are to entertain the citizens of blognomic. This includes but is not limited to: posting on the blognomic site at least once a day. If the Emperor is displeased with the Village Idiot the Emperor may withhold any earnings the Village Idiot may get from his/her antics. The Village Idiot shall survive on a mere pitance of three credits a day.

(This posting is not a legal proposal, as it wasn't made from the Concourse. -- Anthony)

Proposal : Clean Slate [Trivial]

[ As commented in a previous post, I think I'd rather start a new round afresh, and come up with a new theme. Anyone with me? ]

Repeal all Rules except 1-8 (the basic game mechanics), 18 (Dynasties) and 19 (Ascension).

(This proposal is illegal because I wasn't in the Concourse or Imperial Palace at the time of proposal. -- Kevan)
"Any Citizens who were idle throughout the previous Dynasty are removed from the game." - I think Emperor Anthony (or someone) has been a bit overzealous in burying the bodies; there was at least one Citizen who only went idle midway through the First Dynasty of Kevan.

A Proclamation of Repeal

In order to start anew and clear out some clutter from the previous Dynasty, I hereby repeal the following rules, which will be immediately removed from the Ruleset:

10 - Scientific Projects
13 - Labour Union
15 - A Stitch In Time
26 - Coup d'Etat
27 - Ministry of Peace
28 - Chestnut Tree Cafe Menu

More may follow, but I am open to suggestions, since I am not a tyrant, but a caring Emperor, who wants a productive society. I actually really liked a lot of ideas from the last Dynasty, so some of them will probably stay.

I am also taking applications for a Government Official position, if anyone is interested. Please contact me by commenting on this post before posting an official request.

Welcome to Round Six: The First Dynasty of Anthony

It seems my credit count as Labor Union Leader has now exceeded that of all Government officials, so I officially claim the position of Emperor and start a new dynasty, as per the Ruleset, especially Rule #13:

"If the Labour Union Leader’s credits exceed those of all the Government Officials put together, a new dynasty will begin and the Labour Union Leader will become the new Emperor."

Don't worry, Citizens, the official Ascension Address and the rest of the Ascension process changes will be announced shortly. Please return to your homes and watch some TV.

See the final tally for Round 5.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Proposal: More amendments (trivial)

Amend Rule #22 - Locations :

In the section regarding Factory Revenue, add: "The Factory Overseer is responsible for distributing this Revenue once a week, at the end of the week (on Sunday). When distributing the funds the Overseer will post a 'Weekly Revenue report' in order to disclose the amount of Revenue generated the previous week."

after the sentence "The amount of revenue a Factory generates can be found by multiplying the number of workers active at the Factory that week by 50."

Enacted by Anthony, 9/16. +2 to Est, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal: Governmental Diligence (trivial)

Amend Rule #22 - Locations thusly:

In the section regarding Factory Revenue, replace: "The remaining 40% is divided evenly among the remaining government citizens"

with: "The remaining 40% is divided evenly among the remaining non-Idle Government citizens"

I went to divide up Revenue this week & realised that under the current rules Renee was entitled to Revenue, even though she was Idle :/

This should hopefully seem like a fairer division. If this passes it will not be retroactive, it will apply from the time it is enacted.

*** PS: I tried to reduce the font down to a normal level, but then the text went white. I had to set the style:color to black to get it to display normally. Is our stylesheet setting everything with a font tag as "white" or something?

Self-failed by Est and Failed by Anthony, 9/16. -5 from Est, +2 to Anthony.

Weekly revenue report - 8-14th Sept

There were only two Workers active in the Factory this week, generating a Revenue of 100 credits for the empire.

The revenue will be split up and distributed among the relevant parties.

Bottle: I have been lenient this week because you are settling from your transfer, but please try to attend work next week!

Proposal : We Have Always Been At War

[ Not only are there no rules for what to do if a targetted Nation completely ignores our attack, there's no way to abort a war that our Empire feels isn't going anywhere. ]

To Rule 27 (Ministry of Peace), add the paragraph:-

If a War has been in progress for a period greater than ten days, the Emperor (or any Military Officer who outranks the Operation Commander) may choose to call the War off, and optionally demote the Operation Commander by one Level.

Self-Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 16th. -3 Credits to Kevan.
(Illegally failed. Since the previous proposal was illegally failed, this one should not have been failed.)

Self-Failed by Kevan and failed by Anthony, Tuesday the 16th. -5 to Kevan, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal : Pro-Anthony Union Fairness

[ As before, but not kicking Anthony out. ]

In Rule 13 (Labour Union), replace the first two points of the "Members of the Labour Union may" list with:-

1. Nominate a new Labour Union Leader. Any Union member may post such a nomination; if a majority of Union members respond in favour (and if the Union has at least three members) within the next 48 hours, then the nominated member becomes the Labour Union Leader.

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 16th. 15 Credits to Kevan. No ruleset changes because the rule doesn't exist any more.
(Illegally passed. With a 5-0 vote, this did not meet quorum, nor did it expire by the 48-hour rule when it was illegally passed around 7am.)

Enacted by Anthony, Tuesday the 16th. +10 to Kevan, +5 to Anthony. No ruleset changes because the rule doesn't exist any more.