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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Proposal: Planetary records [Trivial]

Create a list in the sidebar, entitled Planet Listing. It contains the list of planets, their size, and their budget preferences.

The Speaker must randomly assign budget preferences to unclaimed systems.

Enacted by est @ 3rd Dec : +5 to Damanor, +2 to est.

Understanding Rule 17 and 18

Okay. I've been reading these rules, and I'm not entirely sure that I understand them. I'll run through a hypothetical situation, and those that do understand can say what I've read wrong.

Any player can make a budget proposal, which looks like: Defense 30%, Public Works 30%, Reconstruction/Welfare 20%, Industry/Business 20%. Once a week, the Speaker picks two, and we vote on them. If the above was passed, and my preferences were 50/20/20/10, then I would lose 20 Credits in tax, and gain 3*3+2*3+2*3+1*3=8*3=24 Credits in Returns.

If that's so, then what's to stop people changing their preferences to fit the budget suggestion that looks like winning? And is is really possible to lose credits through this?

Council Proposal:War preparation

All Representatives must construct a Combat Shipyard, in preperation of Hydran attacks. If any Representative does not do this within 48 hours of the passing of this Council Proposal, then an Admin may organize the construction.

Failed by est @ 3rd Dec : -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to est.

Announcement from the Speaker:

Two changes have recently been made to BlogNomic.

First, with the passage of
Our Glorious Past, I took the time to set up another blog. The link is on the sidebar at the bottom of the Imperial History. I haven't had time to post anything yet, but if anyone wishes to make a historic reference and/or become an admin there, just e-mail me at the address on the sidebar, or comment here.

Second, with the passage of
Taxes and Returns and Government Spending, we need some budget plans and planetary priorities. I'll put possible planetary preferences in the GNDT (CFJ if you wish - it's not in the ruleset, but that's the only official "description" of any planets) so you can choose them. Also, start submitting budget proposals; I'll put the first group up for vote at the end of next week. Either propose them here in the comments, or e-mail them to me. If there are any questions about tax payoffs, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

Try to be creative on the budget proposals, instead of just proposing your own preferences, okay? I won't choose my planetary preferences for a while, and unless somebody else submits my preferences as a possible budget, it won't be an option.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Proposal: Expand Your Borders

Add to Rule 11:

Each System possesses a net wealth of mega-credits and other assets (which is manifested by the GNDT of their current Representative). A System without a Representative has a wealth of 100 MCr. In order for a represented System to expand it's borders to other Systems, the current Representative must spend: Large: 30 MCr, Medium & Small: 25 MCr (for the cost of exploration and conquering) and they must notify The Council by posting a Council Proposal. A Representative may not expand into an already represented system unless a war or compromise results.

In order for The Council to prevent a Representative from expanding they must vote against the Council Proposal; a Representative must wait until he or she has the approval of The Council before they take over a System.

The remaining MCr, after deducting the costs, is then added to the Representative's MCr total. The size of the original system also changes (instead of adding another system to the GNDT which is against rule 11) to include the new territory: S+S=M, S+M=L, M+M=XL or L+S, L+L=3XL, L+M=2XL. (In other words S=1, M=2, L=3, XL=4, 2XL=5 etc.)

Note: The cost of adding a system is due to the amount needed to spend on exploration and conquering/colonizing/campaigning.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 30, +10 to Keitalia, +5 to Damanor.

Permission to come aboard, Sir


Esteemed Council Members, I am Ambassador est of the Verthandi system.

I come before you today to relay a request on behalf of all Verthandi to let us fully enjoin with the Union. If it pleases the Council the Verthandi have elected me as their Representative, and if Verthandi is deemed fit for inclusion then I will stay on with you as the voice of my people.

Ambassador est of the Verthandi.

Proposal: Speci..what? (Trival)

Wherever it says 'idle specimens' change to 'disenfranchised'.

Failed by Damanor, -5 to Elazar, +2 to Damanor, 5 Mega-Credits donated to Elazar cause it's my own darn fault.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Proposal: Oortnot Standard [Trivial]

Create a new rule, entitled Military force reading:
Each Representative has an Oortnot value, tracked in the GDNT. This value, either a positive integer or zero, stands for the current military might they have at their disposal.

Any Representative in control of a Planetary System with a Combat Shipyard on it may construct military ships at any time. There are two types, Cruiser and Fighter class. A Cruiser costs 30 Mega-Credits to build, and increases the Rep's Oornot value by 10. A Fighter costs 10 Mega-Credits to build, and increases their Oortnot value by 1.

If 'System Shock' is enacted, replace all instances of 'Planetary System' in this rule with 'Planet'.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 30, +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor

Council Proposal: Damn Greyfaced Aliens [Extra-Trivial]

I, Mal3, propose that on this day, the 27th day of November, all Representatives should perform the Turkey Curse at the Hydran homeworld.

The Turkey Curse is performed as follows:
Take a foot stance as if you were John L. Sullivan preparing for fisticuffs. Face the particular greyface you wish to short-circuit, or towards the direction of the negative aneristic vibration that you wish to neutralize. Begin waving your arms in any elaborate manner and make motions with your hands as though you were a Mandrake feeling up a sexy giantess. Chant, loudly and clearly:
The results will be instantly apparent.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 30, Time machines issued, Turkey Curse performed en-masse. -500 Mega-Credits to the Hydrans.

Proposal : System Shock [Trivial]

[ Eh, call me a sentimental old collection of organically-evolved monkey-level perceptional schemata, but I'm happier thinking in terms of planets than of entire solar systems... ]

Replace the phrases "System" and "Planetary System" with "Planet", throughout the ruleset.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 30, +2 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor

Proposal : The Empire Strikes Back [Trivial]

[ If any Dynasty has cried out for the term 'Emperor', this is it. 'Speaker' seems far too abstract and mundane. ]

Replace "Speaker" with "Emperor", throughout the ruleset.

Self-killed by Kevan, -5 to Kevan, +2 to Damanor

Proposal: More on Council [Trivial]

Reword rule 14 to read:
There exists a plantetary council. Each Representative that is not a free agent has one seat on the council. Any player may make a Council Proposal. Council Proposals are direct orders to one, some or all representatives to do things that they could have done voluntarily, such as donating money to antoher Representative. Council Proposals are handled exactly the same way as regular proposals, except the Speaker's vote counts as three (3) votes. All players must obey the orders of successful Council Proposals. Quorum for Council Proposals is equal to half the number of Representatives plus two, rounded down, plus one.

The Council may have any assets a Representative may have, except Planetary Systems.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 30, +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor

Council Proposal: Funding

Each Representative must immediately give 15 Mega-Credits to the Council.

Failed by Damanor Nov. 30, -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.


It occurs to me that we may want to have a method of secret voting. Sending emails to the speaker is an obvious and fairly easy method, but I figured I would ask if anyone had any better ideas.

Do you?

Proposal: Commodities

There exists objects known as Commodities. These Commodities are divided into different types, depending on their individual nature. Commodities of the same type can be measured in Eetchas. 1 Eetcha of a Commodity is equal to a whole lot of that Commodity.

Commodities may be freely traded among Systems through the use of a Trade Agreement. Any System may propose a Trade Agreement by posting to the Blog with a title beginning with "Trade Agreement:". The involved Systems may then debate the exact terms of the Agreement. To make the Agreement valid, one System must post a comment in the Trade Agreement post presenting the exact terms of the Agreement. All other involved Systems must subsequently reply with a comment including a FOR vote. If any of the Involved Systems reply with a comment not containing a FOR vote, the terms must be presented again if the Trade Agreement is to take effect.

A System may come into possession of Commodities only in accordance with the rules.

Commodities will be tracked in the GNDT.

Enacted by Damanor, +10 to Mal3, +5 to Damanor

New Planetary Systems

The following planetary systems expressed willingness to join the Planetary Council:
Aberdeen(S) Home of Captain Scotty, who destroyed 34 Hydran ships in the war - after losing his weapons.
BlackEarth(M) Trade world, merchants extraordinaire.
Carolina(L) Biotechnology world, recent space travellers.
Ed(L) Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4.
Forge(M) Advanced technology with minimal resources.
Hydrae(M) Site of the first Hydran invasion, and the source of their nickname. Rebellious Zarquon colony.
Jackson(S) Military exports to anyone - for a price.
Komarr(M) Great military and industrial power, until the Hydrans wiped out their fleet.
Krypton(M) Primary source for Kryptonite, the fuel for most Wormhole drives.
Louisiana(L) Komarran colony, lost and rediscovered.
Magrathea(S) Planetary Manufacturers.
Serious(S) The Blog Star, and a wormhole nexus.
Tortuga(L) Smugglers' paradise, competing with Jackson.
Verthandi(L) Recently discovered precious metals and Kryptonite mine.
Zarquon(M) Rising power - until the Hydrans destroyed their hopes.
Zenith(L) Zenith 12, held off the Hydran fleet until reinforcements arrived. Known for Z12 University.

Proposal: Taxes and Spending

Create a Rule: Taxes and Returns
During the week, Representatives may propose budget spending priorities. Once each week, the Speaker will post a list of 2 of these proposed budgets, or all of them if less than 2 are proposed. Each Representative can vote on the priority he or she would prefer. Each Representative can only vote for one pending budget plan, and the Speaker will only vote to break a tie between plans.

Once each week, the votes will be tallied by the Speaker and the current budget plan will be announced. At that time, each Planetary System in the Council will be taxed 20 Mega-Credits. New budget proposals will also be announced at that time.

Each Representative can collects returns once each week for his or her planetary system. To determine payoffs for each area, compare the budget preference and current budget figure; collect 3 Mega-Credits for every 10 percent on the lower of the two.

To clarify payoffs: Budgets and planetary preference are listed at 10, 20, 30, and 40, one in each spending area. (Or something similar, as long as they add up to 100%.) If your planet wants defense to be 30%, and the final budget says 40%, you take the lower of the two (30%) and collect 3 MCr for every 10%, in this case 9 MCr. Do this for all for budget areas. With a cost of 20 MCr, you'll almost always come out ahead.

Create a Rule: Government Spending
Government spending is divided among 4 areas: Defense (D), Public Works (W), Reconstruction/Welfare (R), and Industry/Business (I). Each planetary system has its own list of preferences in spending, listed in the planet's description; no two planetary systems can have identical preferences.

Preferences and budget proposals are based on how much of the budget should be spent in a spending area, in increments of 10 percent. No preference or budget can have less than 10 percent in any spending area.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 28, +15 to Damanor.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Proposal: The bigger they are, the harder they fall [Trivial]

In rule 5, change "When a Proposal fails, its proposer loses 5 Mega-Credits." to:
When a Proposal fails, its proposer loses 5 Mega-Credits (or 1 Mega-Credit, if that proposal was marked trivial in its title or on most of its votes).

Self-failed by Mal3; -5 to Mal3, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal: Our glorious past [Trivial]

Create a new rule, entitled 'Our Glorious Past', reading:
There exist documents known has Dynasty Records. A Dynasty Record records events that took place during a Dynasty, noting the theme, the Speaker or equivilent, interesting rules, large arguments, the winning move, etc. A Dynasty record must accuarately reflect the Dynasty it refers to. If any Dynasty (including Round 1) other than the current one has no Dynasty Record, then any Representative may write one, and send it to the Speaker. It is the speaker's responsibility to ensure that Dynasty records can be accessed by a link in the sidebar. Any player who writes a Dynasty Record receives 20 Mega-Credits.

It would be a shame to lose track of all the interesting things that have happened over the history of BlogNomic. If anyone does a shoddy job for 20 points, we can CFJ them (must accurately reflect).

Enacted by Damanor Nov 28, +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal: Linked in Matrinomy [Trivial]

That all references to 'BlogNomic' is the Ruleset link to, not the obsolete gameboard.

I think Kevan's comment is right on this one; we probably can't do it. *snarl*
vetoed by Damanor Nov. 28. No points awarded.

Proposal: Anti-Err? #2 [Trivial]

In rule 13, remove ", which represent the wealth of the planetary system they stand for in the council".

Enacted by Damanor, +2 to Mal3, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal: Anti-Err [Trivial]

In rule 13, replace A Representative has total control over the Credits of their planetary system. with
A Representative has total control over the Credits of their planetary system, but if they lose control over that system, their Credit Total is set to 0.

Failed by Damanor Nov. 28, -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor.

Proposal: Infrastructure

Create a rule, named Infrastucture, reading:
If a Representative controls a plantery system, they may build any of the following infrastructure at any time on it. Each system may only have one of each type of infrastructure on it. Costs are in brakets after the name, and are in Mega-Credits.

Mining Complex(25): Increase productivity, and consequently income. Tax from this system is increased by 50% (rounded up).
Combat Shipyard(25): The Representative in control of this system may build combat ships (see the rule regarding combat ships).
Trade shipyard(25): Trade ships allow trade between neighboring systems, and can be built at a cost of 10 Mega-Credits. Each Trade Ship allows the Representative to increase their Mega-Credit total by 7, once a week.

If the numbers are out of whack, we can adjust them later. This is inspired by Sid Meir's Alpha Centuri, which I suspect will affect my way of thinking a lot during this Dynasty.

Enacted by Damanor Nov. 28, +10 to Bluebottle, +5 to Damanor.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


I dunno if this has been talked about in any comments yet, but the fact that both 'Budget' and 'The People Love Me' seems to suggest that when a system kicks it's leader out, the leader takes all their wealth.

'Budget' states that MegaCredits
"represent the wealth of the planetary system they stand for in the council."

Yet 'The People Love Me' suggests that MegaCredits are a measure of personal wealth.


Proposal: Income and expendtiure

Create a new rule, reading
Every star system gives their representative a certain amount of credits in taxation, but also requires credits to run governmental services. Once a day, each representative may increase their Mega-Credit total by (X-Y) where X is the tax the system they control generates, and Y is expenditure. If this would cause a negative increase, then the alteration is compulsory instead. If an Admin notices that a Representative has not altered their Credit Total for more than 24 hours in accordance with this rule, they may do it for that Representative. The amounts for tax and expenditure are:

Small: Tax, 1 Mega-Credit; Expenditure, 1 Mega-Credit
Medium or Undefined: Tax, 2 Mega-Credits; Expenditure, 2 Mega-Credits
Large: Tax, 3 Mega-Credits; Expenditure, 3 Mega-Credits

Note that tax figures are balanced now. We can argue about how to alter them later, but this sets up a system.

Failed by Damanor Nov. 28, -5 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor

How are going to handle star systems?

All righty then. Star systems will soon become a huge part of the game, and will possibly have their own data that may change regularly. I think someone's already mentioned it, but would it be possible for systems to have their own GDNT? Possible fields include: Name, size/population, tax?, expenditure?, fleet size, location?, controller/rep.

Kevan, is this possible? Do we want it if it is?

Proposal: Alternative government

In an attempt to solidify the existence of the entity known as "The Hydrans," I propose the following:

Create a new rule, The Hydrans, stating:
Those opposed to the system may join the underground collective known as The Hydrans via changing their status in the GNDT. If the total credit-count possessed by all Hydrans is greater than that of the total of all non-Hydrans, a coup may be exclaimed by the Hydran with the greatest number of MegaCredits and a new dynasty will begin with the lead Hydran becoming the Speaker.

Failed by Bluebottle Nov 27, -5 to Mat, +2 to Bluebottle

Proposal: handling old dynasty's proposals

I looked over the ruleset and didn't find anything to handle the case where a new dynasty starts, rules are eliminated, and many proposals are no longer applicable. So, here goes:

In Rule 10 - Ascension, at the end of paragraph 1, add:
Any pending proposals from the previous dynasty are marked as failed. The Representative from whom the proposal was written receives no MegaCredit penalty for their proposal being failed in this way.

Failed by Damanor Nov 26, -5 to Mat, +2 to Damanor

Monday, November 24, 2003

Proposal: Planetary Council [Trivial]

Create a rule, entitled 'Planetary Council', that reads:
There exists a plantetary council. Each Representative that is not a free agent has one seat on the council. Any player may make a Council Proposal. Council Proposals are direct orders to one, some or all representatives. Council Proposals are handled exactly the same way as regular proposals, except the Speaker's vote counts as three (3) votes. All players must obey the orders of successful Council Proposals.

Oh, and since I seem to have far too much time on my hands, could I become an Admin?

Enacted by Damanor +2 to Bluebottle, +2 to Damanor

Proposal : Planetary Systems

Reword Rule 11 to:-

There are a number of Planetary Systems in the BlogNomic universe; each of them has a name and a size (small, medium or large). Systems are listed in the sidebar, and the Speaker may announce and record the discovery of new Systems (with any name and size) at any time.

A Representative in Interstellar Council may represent one System at a time; this is tracked in the GNDT. If a Representative does not represent a System, they may claim any unrepresented System as their own (or a represented one, if its current Representative agrees).

...and name it "Planetary Systems".

If this passes, the Speaker is encouraged to create one System per Representative, using any names suggested in the comments to this or earlier proposals, and random sizes.

Enacted by Damanor Nov 26 +10 to Kevan, +5 to Damanor

Proposal: Uncle Damanor needs you!

Create a new rule entitled 'Military Force', reading
Each planetary system, and consequently the Representative, controls a spaceship force. The power of this force is measured by the Oortnot standard, which analyses a planet's military capability, and gives a single positive integer, recorded in the GNDT under Force.

Set each Representative's Force to 0.

This rule could be adjusted later to include the increases caused by constructing ships.

Failed by Bluebottle, -3 Mega-Credits overall.

Proposal: Population [Trivial]

Create a rule, entitled Population, reading
Each plantery system has a certain population, recorded in the GNDT. Population is measured in millions for convenience.

Set each players population to one billion (one thousand million).

Failed by Mat Nov. 25, 13:53

Proposal: Budget [Trivial]

Create a new rule, entitled Mega-Credits, with the text:
Each Representative has a supply of Mega-Credits, which represent the wealth of the planetary system they stand for in the council. Each Mega-Credit is equivilant to one million Credits. A Representative has total control over the Credits of their planetary system.

Any Representative may give any amount of Mega-Credits to another Representative at any time

Enacted by Mat Nov. 25, 13:48

Proposal: The people love me!

If at any time a Representative's MegaCredit total drops below 20, they will be voted out of office by their system.

While a Representative is out of office, their status immediately changes to that of Free Agent, and they may loose some of the rights, and responsibilities, that are only available to working reps.

In order to regain their position as a Representative on the council, a Free Agent must:

1. Amass a personal wealth of more than 50 MegaCredits;
2. EITHER be voted back onto the council by a majority of the currently-standing Representatives, OR be granted his chair back by the Speaker;
3. Find a new system willing to have him or her as their Representative. This may be a system that already exists, but currently lacks an active Representative, or a new one introduced through another means. Note that a Representative CANNOT invent a new system for themselves to Represent; new systems may only be made in accordance with the Ruleset. A Free agent becomes a Representative by 'buying in' to the system; by donating 30 of their MegaCredits the rep essentially buys the system's economy and armed forces.

A rep may not be the Representative of the same system twice. If a rep is voted out and cannot legally take over another system, then they must remain as Free Agents until a new system becomes available or the Dynasty ends. A system may not have more than one Representative at a time.

Enacted by Mat Nov. 25, 13:40

Proposal: Give me a name!

Rule 11:

Therefore, a planetary system can only be represented by one Representative.
In being a Representative of a single planetary system states that we (the reps.) cannot choose the system we represent. Instead, we must be elected/appointed to the system, either by a randomized process or by an appointed manner

Therefore, it is necessary that we name the planetary systems. It is suggested when the Representatives vote on this proposal that they should declare a planetary system's name in which they desire to represent. And the Spokesman can accept 1/2 suggestions listed below or decline should he choose to do so. Should the Representatives fail to name a system, the Spokesman will name it for them.

[Suggestion 1] Randomized Election:
Being, as we only have 12 active members on the council, that a roll of 2 die 6s should determine our respective planetary system. D1=X (being the number of 2 planetary systems) D2= odd or even (to determine which of the two systems).
Names selected:
1- Zennith 12 & Blank
2- Blank & Blank
D2 - Column 1 = odds Column 2 = evens

[Suggestion 2] Appointed by the Spokesman:
Representatives will suggest a name for their system and then Spokesman accepts or declines the name.

Note for clarity: Representatives are only voting on the box & naming a planetary system.

Failed by Mat Nov. 25, 13:38

Proposal: Stellar Home, Sweet Stellar Home [trivial]

Rule 11:

A Representative in Interstellar Council represents one respective planetary system.

Enacted by Mat Nov. 25, 13:33

Proposal: In space, no one can hear you freeze [Trivial]

Replace all references to "Frozen" in the Ruleset with "idle", "Freeze" with "set to idle", "Unfrozen" with "Reactivated", and "Unfreeze" with "Reactivate".

Enacted by Mat Nov. 25, 13:24

Nomination: Kevan

I, Mal3 (no relation), nominate Kevan as being responsible for my membership in this blog.

Happened upon it in his description of 'Confab'.

New Specimen/Representative

A new Specimen/Representative has decided to join BlogNomic and hails by the Alphanumeric title of Mal3.

Rules Changes

The Speaker announces the following changes to the ruleset:
Rules 11 through 22 are hereby repealed.
The term "Specimen" will be replaced by "Representative"
The term "Doctor" will be replaced by "Speaker"
The term "Life Force" will be replaced by "Mega-Credits" (Each represents a Million Credits)

Ascension Address

People of the Interstellar BlogNomic Union, I greet you and thank you for your support. While our worlds have been scarred by recent devastation wrought by the Hydran menace, our Union between former enemies allowed us to destroy this mutual threat and form a unified government. As Speaker of the BlogNomic Council, I promise to bring an end to warfare within the Union, to promote the expansion of the Union to new, uncharted areas, to provide peace and prosperity to everyone, and to boldly go where no being has gone before!

To the Representatives of the BlogNomic Council:
By now, I’m sure you have all read the ascension address and are unanimous in your view that its worth can be measured in the pixels it is printed on. The Hydrans were temporarily defeated, not destroyed. Similarly, we may give the illusion of unity between our states, but we need make no such pretensions among ourselves because of a simple alliance against a mutual threat. Each of our governments has the same goal: to gain supreme power. This newly formed legislative council is simply the latest means to that end, created because open warfare is destroying everything worth conquering.

Each of us, as legislators, has the following objectives:
(1) Rebuild our crippled military fleets.
(2) Utilize captured Hydran technology to gain a military advantage over each other and, when the Hydrans return, over them.
(3) Rebuild the civilian infrastructure in war-damaged worlds.
(4) Maintain our support base in our respective governments to gain and hold power in our respective nations.