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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Proposal: I Disown Thee!

A family named Outcasts will be added to the GNDT

Add a new rule called Outcasts

There exists a family in the GNDT called Outcasts with a surname of Outcasts. When this family is created it will initially have no Family Members. If a family wants to get rid of a family member for any reason without waiting until they die they may Outcast said family member.

When a Family Member is Outcasted then their original family name shall be denoted after their name within parenthesis. (For example if Jane age 40 is part of the Doe family and is outcasted then she will become part of the Outcast family as the following - Jane (40/F/(Doe)).)

If a Family wishes to outcast a family member and no longer have their family name attached to the Family Member then they may reduce their Thalers by 10 to do so, and when the outcasted Family Member is added to the Outcast family there will be no original family name denoted, just an open and closed parenthesis. If the Family does not have more than 10 Thalers they may not Outcast a Family Member with out original Family name retention. For example if Jane age 40 is part of the Doe family and is outcased AND the doe family reduces their Thalers by 10, Jane will appear in the Outcast family as Jane (40/F/())

Only live family members may be outcasted and they may not be outcasted if over the age of 60.

Once a Family Member has been Outcasted they are no longer considered part of their original family and their original family may no longer gain any benefits from that Family Member.

When outcasting a Family Member, a comment must be made in the GNDT as to why the outcasting is happening.

Tick 13-0. Reached Quorum. Enacted by Smith, 5th of Dec. +10 to Quazie, +5 to Smith.