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Friday, February 21, 2003

Proposal: This Rule Is Rubbish [Trivial]

Remove from the rule "Points" the paragraph beginning "Within 24 hours". [it doesn't have the intended effect of speeding things up, it just causes a mess of points to be given out for nothing, cluttering both GNDT and Rules]

Enacted by Myke, Tuesday the 25th, 10 points to Raven, 5 points to Myke
Proposal: Freedom of Weblog

Add to rule 2:

"Any Player may change the weblog that they wish to use for BlogNomic purposes by posting an entry in BlogNomic stating this change, and providing a link to the weblog they wish to use. The change is valid when an admin changes the hyperlink in the Player list."

[This, obviously, stems from my recent experience... it only affected me slightly, but could have affected me and others much worse had the LJ Blackout lasted longer. If I need to switch my blog... there's no reason I should need to achieve quorum to do it... and even then, it could be delayed by Players not voting while I lost points from it.]

Enacted by Kosta, Saturday the 22st, 10 points to Myke, 5 points to Kosta

The LiveJournal server is currently fending off a DDOS attack, and they've cut off access to most computers... UConn IP addresses being among them.

During this very upsetting period, I will be maintaining a blog at and this will be the blog I will use for all BlogNomic purposes until the LiveJournal site is available, at which point I will make another announcement switching my default blog back. (I intend to republish all blogspot entries into my LJ.)

As an admin, I'm changing the link in the Players list to reflect this change.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Proposal: Acceleration [Trivial]

In the rule "Points", replace "final vote" with "first vote".

[Tsk, missed 'Proposal' before. Thanks for pointing it out, Kevan.]

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 21st, 2 points to Raven, 2 points to Kevan
In a master plan to confuse things further regarding the whole purposeful idling versus AWOL idling, I'm going to be taking a break from Blognomic for a bit, before I burn out. Have fun all. I'll probably be back in a few days or so.
Acceleration [Trivial]

In the rule "Points", replace "final vote" with "first vote".

[Any vote having been cast within 24 hours has the same potential as the final vote to make the game move on, and by restricting it to the final vote we get the situation I had just now; a proposal that is almost resolved, that I could swing by changing my vote and thus have the game move on, but I don't want to because I'd lose the fast-vote bonus for changing my vote. ie. the fast-vote ruling, intended to keep the game moving, is actually causing it to be slower at the moment.]
Call for Judgment

Raven dropped my points because of my statement in my post that the game I described wasn't invented by me, but rather my son. I contest this action.

The prize description reads, "A Player may claim this prize for an entry that contains rules to a game they have invented, or a link to a page containing rules, where the game has not ever appeared online before the date of the entry." I cite the "or" portion of that, and note that the rules didn't appear online before the date of entry.

Failed by Kevan, 5 votes against
Proposal: Kicking the Kicking-the-Idle-Idle [Trivial]

[As I understood it, the whole point of being idle was that if you knew you were going to lose access to the net for a week or so (and yes, it can happen; "What I Did on my Summer Vacation: You Don't Want to Know"), you could excuse yourself for a while and not get kicked out of the game. Kevan's proposal defeats the whole purpose of going idle. I therefore offer this counterproposal...]

Replace the contents of Rule 7 with the following:

If, at a given moment, a non-idle Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog during the previous week, or an idle Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog during the previous two weeks, he or she shall no longer be considered a Player, and should be removed from the player roster as soon as is possible.

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 21st, 2 points to Don, 2 points to Kevan

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Proposal: Trivia [Trivial]

If the Proposal "Aligning the Mandala" passed, append after "(again, including the Idle)." the additional text "The GNDT comment on these alterations should be 'averaging'."
[This to make it easier to check whether someone has done it within a week - making the logs searchable for the last time it happened.]

In the rule "Points", replace:
All players start with the lowest score amongst the active players, or zero, whichever is greater.

All new players start with the lowest score amongst the active players, or zero, whichever is greater. Returning players start with the lowest score amongst the active players, or their score when they left, whichever is lower.

[as promised when I last modified Points]

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 21st, 2 points to Raven, 2 points to Kevan
Proposal : Kicking the Idle Idle [Trivial]

In Rule 7 (Kicking the Idle), replace "a Player has posted no entries" with "a Player (or Idle Player) has posted no entries", and rename the rule to "Publish or Be Damned".

[ As it stands, an Idle Player will never time out in this fashion, as they aren't considered to be Players. ]

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 21st, 0 points to Kevan

Not to be difficult or anything... but I think Xylen left the game.

The blog she was using for BlogNomic has changed... all old entries wiped out, etc.

... I think it's fair to say we can remove her... should we contact her and make sure, or twist the rule about maintaining the blog? Technically she got rid of it...

Proposal : Aligning the Mandala

Add to the Rule 13 (Karma):-

"Any Player may, if no other Player has done so during the current week, calculate the average of the Players' Karma scores (including Idle Players, and rounding towards zero), and then deduct that amount from every Player's Karma score (again, including the Idle)."

...and replace "equal the lowest Karma amongst the active players, or zero, whichever is greater" with "zero".

[ So that a Karmically average player would have a Karma of zero, and other players would have a positive or negative Karma depending on their comparison to that average. It'd be nice to automate this, but a once-a-week kick from anyone who can be bothered seems fair enough.

For reference, if this Rule were applied to current Karma standings, we'd all lose 13 Karma and be adjusted to: Kevan -4, Ben 11, Adam -7, Myke -2, Ole -4, RavenBlack -4, Kosta 1, Don 4, Xylen -9, Erik 17. ]

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 21st, 15 points to Kevan
Craig's weblog has not been updated since the 11th of February. As an automatic consequence of Rule 7 ("If, at a given moment, a Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog during the previous week, he or she shall no longer be considered a Player, and should be removed from the player roster as soon as is possible."), he has been removed from the game.

(Since he had the lowest score, though, he'll actually increase his score when he rejoins, under the new initial-values rule...)
Proposal : I Am Jack's Inflamed Sense Of Rejection [Trivial]

[ Removing the pesky 'talk about' part of the obfuscation rule. ]

Rename Rule 16 (The 16th Rule of BlogNomic) to "You Don't Talk About BlogNomic", and reword it to:-

Although players are encouraged to include a link to BlogNomic from their weblog, and may include a generic warning that any weird content may be due to the game, they should not specifically explain that a given entry was made for the purposes of BlogNomic. (Anyone breaking this rule may be fined 20 Points.)

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 21st, 4 Points to Kevan
Proposal: A Stitch In Time

Add a new Rule entitled "A Stitch In Time", containing the following:
Whenever another Rule specifies a time-limit for an action (eg. "claim points within half an hour of posting an entry"), that time-limit is extended by up to 24 hours if the Player attempts to make the action within the time-limit and is prevented by connection difficulties (eg. the comment server or the GNDT server being down).

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 20th, 10 points to Raven, 5 points to Kevan
Proposal: Prize Headline

Insert between the second and third paragraphs of the rule "Glittering Prizes", the following:

The Blognomic side-bar contains a section entitled "This Week's Prizes".
On Tuesday, the first Admin to update This Week's Prizes with the titles of all the week's Prizes is awarded 5 points. On Sunday, the first Admin to replace the Prize-titles under This Week's Prizes with "To Be Announced" is awarded 2 points.

[Since this is pretty much based on Myke's extra-info-in-the-sidebar proposal, I'll give him half of the points if it passes.]

Enacted by Kosta, Wednsday the 19th, 5 Points to Raven, 5 Points to Myke, 5 points to Kosta

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Slightly nit-picking here, but does anyone else believe that Kevan's misinformation post breaks Rule 16 of BlogNomic? The phrase "In the light of rules which are now actively encouraging the publication of misinformation in player's weblogs" is a pretty specific reference to the game, and could be considered as "talk about it". Also, it dilutes the effect of the misinformation that was intended by the misinformation prize, though the prize itself wasn't specific enough about whether or not it was good enough to simply state that you were leaving the game, or whether misinformation actually had to occur. This isn't a CfJ, just pre-emptively wondering if anyone would object to fining Kevan 20 points.
Proposal : Subjectivity [Trivial]

To Rule 17 (Glossary), add:-

* When the game refers to the "subject" of a blog entry, blogs which do not normally support subject lines shall have the first sentence of an entry treated as that entry's subject.

[ Because not everyone's weblog has subject lines. Might as well have a way to convert the concept, for future reference as well as the current "Satire" prize. ]

Enacted by Myke, Tuesday the 18th, 2 Points to Kevan, 2 Points to Myke
Proposal: Groups

[Thought I'd try another variation of the Government rule, for the heck of it.]

Add this new rule named: "Groups":

Any player who is not already in the maximum number of Groups may create a new Group by posting an entry to BlogNomic that begins "Group: [Name]" and which contains, at minimum, the following additional information: a link to a weblog that does not currently belong to any Players and which will serve as the Group's Official Weblog (to which all Group members will be able to post), instructions on how interested Players can join the Group, and any restrictions that may apply.

No Player can belong to more than two Groups. A Player may leave a Group at any time, as long as it doesn't break any other Rules of BlogNomic, by stating his/her wish to do so in a post on BlogNomic.

All posts in the Group's Official Weblog are attributed to the Group, and do not count as posts made in the Player's individual weblog.

The Group(s) that a Player belongs to will be indicated in GNDT.

Failed by Myke, Tuesday the 18th, -2 Points to Erik, +2 Points to Myke
Proposal: Move the Game Board (attempt number two)

The current text and HTML table of Rule 15 should be replaced with the following: "The Game Board is part of the Gamestate and will serve as an abstract environment in which objects (that the Rules have specified as belonging on the board) can interact. The Game Board is located here.

The Rules of Play on the Game Board are as follows:

Play on the Game Board is limited to what is permissible within the Rules of BlogNomic.

To make changes to the Game Board, register an account here and notify Erik (or another Player with appropriate privileges) to add permissions to your account.

Every action made on the board must be documented in the "Notes and Revisions" portion of the Game Board."

Enacted by Myke, Tuesday the 18th, 10 Points to Erik, 5 Points to Myke
Prize: Sestina (15 points)

Players may claim prize by writing a sestina. How to form a setina. This prize may be claimed only once per week.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Prize: Misinformation Prize (20 points)

A player may claim this prize if they make a post on their weblog claiming that they are quitting Blognomic. This prize my only be claimed once per player, and must be claimed within two hours of posting.

[The point isn't to make several players quit, which would require posting such in Blognomic, but to give the appearance of quitting, for more motive obfuscation ala the 16th rule. Long live the conspiracy.]
Prize: Game Invention Prize (50 points)

A Player may claim this prize for an entry that contains rules to a game they have invented, or a link to a page containing rules, where the game has not ever appeared online before the date of the entry. This prize may be claimed only once per player, and must be claimed on the same date as the entry.

[I haven't got a game invented in advance or anything, so I'm in no position of advantage over anyone else in this except perhaps having thought about it for ten minutes or so]
Prize: Satire Prize (10 points)

Player must make a post that is a satire of a post by another BlogNomic Player. The name of the Player being satired must be present in the subject of the post. Each Player may claim this prize up to 3 times, providing it is a different Player being satired each time.
Prize : Photography Prize (10 Points)

A Player may claim this prize for an entry that contains a photograph (or digital image) they have taken themselves, or a link to such an image. This prize may be claimed only once per week.
Proposal : Order, Order

[ We're getting too many Calls for Judgment over issues where the rule-breaker wouldn't have even contested the call - we should only need to take something to a CfJ if two people are actively disputing a rule's interpretation.

I think rule-breaking can be covered as it would be in a game of Monopoly or chess; undo its effects if it's an obvious breach, question it if you're not sure. If there's a difference of opinion, take it to a formal CfJ and let the rest of the players cast judgment. ]

Reword Rule 6 (Call for Judgment) to:-

"If two or more Players actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Ruleset, any Player may raise a Call for Judgment by posting an entry which begins with the paragraph "Call for Judgment" in bold text, and goes on to describe the disagreement, and measures that should be taken to correct it.

All Players may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons. If more than half of the Players' votes (their later votes overriding their earlier) are in favour, the Gamestate and Ruleset should be amended as was specified. If more than half disagree, the CfJ fails and may have no further effect."

Enacted by Myke, Tuesday the 18th, 10 Points to Kevan, 5 Points to Myke

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Call for Judgement

Rule 2 states that "Admin may un-Idle a Player who has asked to become un-Idle."

Currently, (unless he asked if of an Admin who didn't change his idle status in the Player list,) Adam is not an active Player, but has been voting on recent proposals, one of which would be resolved if his vote was valid.

Suggested action: All of Adam's votes on current proposals should be invalidated. Then, if he requests it, an Admin should un-idle him. When he is listed as active, he may revote on all proposals.

Failed by Kevan