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Friday, August 12, 2005

Proposal: Laddish

Add a new rule, Snakes and Ladders:

A Snakes and Ladders board has been pinned to the wall. Board position is tracked in the GNDT, under GameData; the board may be seen in the Wiki, under "Gameboard".

A Player may occasionally convert their Kudos into moves on a board, at a rate of 2 Kudos to one Board Move. Board Moves can be spent to allow the player to move to another square numbered one greater or lesser than the square currently occupied by that Player. Any move or sequence of moves is termed a 'play'.

Multiple board moves may be spent allowing the player to progess by an equal integer of squares; the player is not considered to touch any of the intervening squares when this is done. At the beginning or end of a play, a player may use a Board Move to use a ladder on the currently occupied square to travel to its other end.

Whenever a player wins Kudos at a game, they may, instead of gaining Kudos, instead elect to force one other Player to convert Kudos (2 of their Kudos per Kudos point that the winning player would otherwise gain) to Board Points, and spend them as ey sees fit.

Some squares have special properties. These may be specific or generalised, and are applied immediately, based on the Player landing on the square at the end of a play. They are listed below.

- If the square on the game board contains writing, and the writing contains the letter 'a', then move back one space. This only be done once per play.
- If the square contains the body of a snake, but neither its head nor its tail, or the graphical representation of a snake, then they player may optionally convert two more Kudos to travel up the snake to its tail.

Suggestions for new board rules may be proposed at any time and do not count towards individual proposal totals; however, there may be no more than three pending at any time, unless they are appended to proposals that affect any other rules, or any other parts of this rule, in which case they are treated as normal proposals.

At the following text to the 'GameData' field of all player in the GNDT: "GameBoard:1".

Add a new page to the Wiki, entitled "Gameboard". On it, place this:

Image hosted by

Cross Times out 2-5. Failed by Excalabur, 16:34 on the 15th of August

Starting a Game of Scrabbliator

Starting a Game of Scrabbliator.

Game identifier: mush

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cosmologicon goes idle, as requested.

Quorum does not change

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Idle me please

I freaking hate Mornington Crescent.

Also, since I'm going idle, I stop playing Shootout; the rules don't say how I go about this, so I'm just saying it here.

Is TrumanCapote Yellow?

It's way past high noon and I've got an ichy trigger finger. We're just waiting for you to post your Accuracy and then the first Game of Shootout can begin.

Veto icons:

May i suggest:


as the veto icon?

Proposal: Occasionally often

Add the following to the glossary:


* An action which may be taken 'often' may be taken once per day, but not more than once every six hours.
* An action which may be taken 'occasionally' may be taken once per week, but not more than once per twenty-four hours.

Move the first three bullet points in the glossary below this heading.

Tick Passed 8-1, reached quorum last week sometime. Where're the rest of admin staff? Enacted by Excalabur, 15/7/05 at 16:12.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gnashing, wailing

I can't seem to edit posts for failure or enactment--clicking Publish sends me to the login screen even after I've logged in several times. Is this happening for anyone else?