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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Proposal: Fnord Abbreviations

Add a link to the SupporterList wiki page in the sidebar. Add another column to the table on the SupporterList page entitled 'Abbreviation'

Append to the second paragraph of rule 11
Optionally, the name of the organisation in the GNDT can be substituted by a unique abbreviation of three characters or less, which must be listed on the SupporterList wiki page
This is designed to shorten the madness that is occuring in the GNDT, especially given that the number of orgaisations is apt to increase in the near future.

Cross Failed 5-3, timed out, failed by Excalabur at 07:34 the 20th of June

Proposal: More Anonimity

In rule 19 - Plots for Power, change

* Plot for Membership. Any Illuminatus may post a "Plot for Membership: [Target Organisation]" If it is successful the Illuminatus must be added to the Supporter List for the target Organisation. This addition must be encrypted if the Illuminatus requests it. If the target Organisation is uncontrolled, this addition must be unencrypted.


* Plot for Membership. Any Illuminatus may post a "Plot for Membership: [Target Organisation], [Target Illuminatus]" If it is successful the Target Illuminatus must be added to the Supporter List for the target Organisation. This addition must be encrypted if the Illuminatus requests it. If the target Organisation is uncontrolled, this addition must be unencrypted.

In rule 17, add:

Any Illuminatus may use the anonymous CallForJudgment account to post a Plot for Membership, for Neutralisation or to Expose, as long as more than 25 hours have elapsed since the last Plot was posted by that account.

Tick Passed 7-0, reached quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, 07:19 the 19th of June.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Your involvement in The Switch

It occurs to me that I might not have opened this thing up to the extent I thought I had. So I will now. :)

ANYONE who wants to is perfectly welcome and strongly encouraged to

  • Help with the technical aspects of the Switch, getting everything at the other site put together.

  • Otherwise get an admin account at the new site to fool around however you want.

  • Get a e-mail address.

  • Peruse, edit or create pages at the temporary wiki.

  • Examine the alpha version of The Switch Document and make suggestions here, on the temp. wiki, or on billboards on major highways.

  • Do or ask about doing anything else in the entire world remotely pertaining to setting up our new home.

This is EVERYONE's deal, certainly not just mine. I'm trying to get this set up to where all the admins have as much control as humanly possible without actually owning the web hosting account.

I cannot stress this enough -- this is EVERYONE's deal, which is why I've been so anal about using the Nomic system to implement all the changes. If there's any part of this that most folks want changed or scrapped, then it WILL be changed or scrapped, including but not limited to the very act of Switching at all. :)

Okay. I feel better now. ;)

EDIT: You can now register yourself at the site. You'll be able to post and edit your own posts. If you want to be an admin over there, post something loudly to that effect. (Although non-admins, you may lose your adminness there once the game officially moves, unless you successfully Propose to be an admin by then. :) )

[ 75thtrombone ][{{at}}][ blognomic ][{{dot}}][ com ]

Plot for Membership: Decepticon Fleet


Idling myself for now. My BlogNomic time is goin' toward The Switch, and this dynasty's kinda hard to jump in the middle of anyway.

Only posting here because my previous surreptitious unidling was of dubious legality. 8)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Proposal: 400 to 20

Replace all ocurrences of the number 400 in the ruleset and the gamestare with the number 20.

Veto Vetoed. Failed by Excalabur, the 18th of June at 08:40.

Proposal: This one, I'm not sure about

Append the following titles to the list of exceptional titles in the rule "Titles"

Tweedledee and Tweedledum Each of these titles may be held by a single Illuminatus. Unless two Illuminati hold these two titles, neither shall do anything. If both titles are taken, then for all game purposes, Tweedledee and Tweedledum shall both control a single 'player' of BlogNomic named 'Carroll', except that Carroll's vote counts double, and they may not take any game actions as themselves1.

Upon the taking of the second title, the Illuminatus 'Carroll'2 shall be created, whose numeric GNDT fields shall be the sum of those fields of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, whose agenda shall be either Tweedledee or Tweedledum's, at eir discretion, and whose organisations controlled shall include all organisations controlled by both players. Note that as the two Illuminati who hold these titles may not take any game actions other than as 'Carroll', ey may not stop holding these titles voluntarily.

1. Any game action taken by either actual player of BlogNomic shall be construed as an action taken by Carroll, and neither player shall be idled for not voting so long as Carroll is active.
2. The second player to take one of these titles may change the name 'Carroll' to anything they like, so long as the other titleholder agrees. Upon doing so, this footnote shall be deleted.

This may provide an interesting late-game mechanic..

Tick Passed 3-2, with 2 abstentions. Timed out, enacted by Excalabur 18/6 at 08:30

Proposal: Some useful titles

Append the following to the list of possible 'exceptional titles' in the rule named 'Titles' (the second rule number 17):

Spin Doctor When tallying votes on proposals, if the Illuminatus Rex has not voted on the proposal, or if e has voted 'DEFERENTIAL', then DEFERENTIAL votes shall count the same as the Spin Doctor's votes. The title of Spin Doctor may be bestowed upon any one Illuminatus at any time by the Illuminatus Rex, though that Illuminatus may not have any other Exceptional Title. The title of Sping Docter may be revoked by the Illuminatus Rex at any time. If the Illuminatus Rex is otherwise barred from voting deferential, e is now allowed to do so, so long as there is a Spin Doctor.

R.A. Shea An Illuminatus with this title may use any power of the Illuminatus Rex that does not deal with proposals, though e may not approve powers for organisations that e controls or supports. The Illuminatus Rex may award or revoke this title as e deems fit.

Man of Shadows Sometimes there is a person present in even the tightest of conspiracies that none of the plotters know about, who is often a powerful mover behind the scenes. So long as an Illuminatus holds this title, the following things are true:

  1. E may not declare victory
  2. Organisation ey control may not be subject of any plots
  3. E may not make any Plots for Control.
  4. No other illuminatus may speak to em in public places. E may not be referred to, nor eir posts replied to. Any such references or replies made by accident shall be ignored. E may not be subject of any organisation powers, nor any other game action taken by other players, save for the revocation of this title.
  5. E may not vote otherwise than deferential
  6. E may not make any proposals
  7. If any game action would cause a hidden value containing eir name to be decrypted, eir name is deleted from the value and not revealed.

Any Illuminati may take this title at any time, however, ey must keep this title until removed by decree from the Illuminatus Rex, or by proposal.

The first two are to help the Illuminatus Rex keep on top of things, and note that they are awarded at eir discretion only. The last one is for the conspiracy lovers out there; note that this is balanced by the inability to declare victory -- it will be interesting to see if anyone uses this one

Tick Passed 6-1, reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, 17th June at 16:37

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Proposal: Kingpin

Add an Agenda:

"Kingpin". An Illuminatus with this agenda may declare victory if e controls an Organisation with a Reality Index greater than 400.

Tick Passed 6-0, reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, 17th June at 06:00. Quorum is now down by SEVEN since the last dynasty.

Tentative Powers, Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

Once per day, the Illuminatus who controls the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow may swap the Reality Index Values of the Organisations with the highest and lowest Reality Indexes. If several Organisations are tied for either of these positions, the acting Illuminatus may choose among them.

Proposal: Deadlocked to Death

[ As it stands, a dragging-on even-split vote can hold up the proposal queue indefinitely. I'm sure it didn't used to work like this, that dead heats were just failures, if they timed out. Maybe I'm thinking of Calls for Judgement. ]

In Rule 5, replace "if it is more than 48 hours old and most of its votes are AGAINST" with "if it is more than 48 hours old and at least half of its votes are AGAINST".

Tick Passed 7-0, reached Quorum. Enacted by Angry Grasshopper, at 18:40 on the 16th of June.

Proposal: The Long Game

In Rule 12, replace "may not declare victory within 48 hours of changing its Agenda" with "may not declare victory within seven days of changing its Agenda".

Tick Passed 7-1, reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, at 07:40 on the 16th of June.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A gift.

I have transferred control of my redheaded stepchild of an Organisation, Every Villain is Lemons, to to Illuminatus Aaron. Please contact me for the secret key, as I am not sure how to reach you, or just transfer control again before its Tentative Powers pass...

Tentative Powers, the Republican Party

The Illuminatus who controls the Republican Party may use an additional FOR or AGAINST vote when voting on any Proposal. This is counted as a legitimate additional vote when determining the Enactment or Failure of a Proposal.


Tentative Powers: Every Villain is Lemons

The controller of Every Villain is Lemons is known as the Sourpuss. Once every 48 hours, the Sourpuss must make a post, known as a Complaint, with a title in the format "Complaining about X", where X is the subject of complaint. The post must be in the format of a Shakespearian sonnet (that is, rhyme scheme of abab-cdcd-efef-gg in iambic pentameter). If 48 hours have passed since the Sourpuss last posted a Complaint, gained control of Every Villain is Lemons, or was punished for not posting a Complaint, any Illuminatus may lower the Sourpuss's influence by 10. The Sourpuss loses 20 influence should e transfer control of Every Villain is Lemons to another Illuminatus.

Tick Hilarious. Active since 03:04 on the 17th June

Proposal: Still Plotting...

[I think the Plot for Control needs to remove the plotter from the Supporter List or e can't legally take control of the Organisation.]

In Rule 19 - Plots for Power, change the Plot for Control to read:
Plot for Control. An Illuminatus who is in the target Organisation's Supporter List may post a "Plot for Control: [Target Organisation]" If it is successful the Illuminatus is removed from the Supporter list and becomes a controller of that Organisation.
And add a new Type of Plot:
Plot to Expose. Any Illuminatus may post a "Plot to Expose: [Target Organisation]" If it is successful any encrypted entries in the Supporter List for the target Organisation must be unencrypted.

Tick Passed 7-0. Reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, 16th June at 07:32.

Proposal: Lucky Loser

I'm posting this separately to disentangle the agendas I posted. Seeing as the queue is non-existant, i'm not worried about losing my proposal slots for an extended period...

Append the following agenda to the list of agendas in rule 12:

"Lucky Loser". An Illuminatus with this agenda may, once per week, set eir influence to zero, set the controller of all the organisations ey control to 'uncontrolled', and roll 2DICEX in the GNDT, where X is quorum+1. If the result is 2, e may declare victory.

Cross Self-Kill. (Was going to fail anyway). Failed by Excalabur, 16th June at 07:31

Proposal: Fewer More Agendas

I think these are the ones that people liked:

Append the following to the list of agendas, numbered as appropriate:

"Illuminatus Rex". An Illuminatus with this agenda may declare victory if ey become Illuminatus Rex. Note that ey must have this agenda before becoming Illuminatus Rex

"Control Freak". An Illuminatus with this agenda may declare victory if every other Illuminatus, not including the Illuminatus Rex, is a Supporter of any of the Organisations that ey control. That is, every other Illuminatus must support at least one organisation that the Illuminatus in question controls.

Change the Power Broker agenda to require 400 influence, not 800. Note that it only requires a total of 300 influence to meet the Puppet Master agenda if one controls no organisations, so this is still not a very 'powerful' agenda

Tick 7-0, with one absention. Reached Quorum, Enacted by Excalabur the 15th June at 17:42.

Tentative Powers: Some Organisation with a Random Name

The Illuminauts who controls Organisation Some Organisation With a Random Name (henceforth SORN) may, whenever SORN is affected by any other organisation's power do the following anytime up to 24 hours later, even if SORN no longer exist
  1. Reverse the effects of the other organisations power upon SORN, recreating SORN as it was before the action if it was destroyed.
  2. Apply an identical effect to any other organisation.
Both of these powers must be used if either is.

Tick Active since 14/6 at 14:44GMT. Edited in by Excalabur 16/6

Monday, June 13, 2005


This just in from the Illuminatus Shadownet News Services:

Proposal: More Agendas is currently deadlocked with 5 votes FOR versus 5 AGAINST. It cannot be Enacted or Failed, unless someone changes their vote, or Illuminatus Doodle or Cosmologicon cast a vote.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tentative Powers, Just Some Ninjas

The Illuminatus who controls Just Some Ninjas may make a sneak attack on another Organisation by reducing that Organisation's Reality Index by the Reality Index of Just Some Ninjas. Then the Reality Index of Just Some Ninjas is reduced by 1. If either Organisation is reduced to zero or lower Reality Index, it is destroyed.

Tick Active since 14/6 at 14:40GMT. Tacked into the ruleset 16/6 by Excalabur.

Plot for Membership: Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

Let's see if this plot system works.