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Saturday, March 27, 2004


This is a plea from the Mariners of the SS Calypso, Royce and Strider, who are trapped in the brig and have no Captain to free them, as TrumanCapote was captured during the recent attack by the SS Eriphyle. From Rule 24, Piracy:

"The transferred Mariner is stripped of his rank of Captain in accordance with Rule 11,"

So the SS Calypso does not currently have a Captain. I was thinking about calling an election for a new captain, but according to Rule 22, Ailments:

"Imprisoned Mariners are considered to belong to no Ship."

and, from Rule 16, Captaincy:

"If a Ship has no Captain, any Mariner on that Ship may call for a 48-hour vote"

but neither Strider nor myself are considered to belong on the SS Calypso.

So, I am extending an invitation to any member of either the SS Eriphyle or the SS Odyssey to transfer to the SS Calypso, call an election, and being the only voting member of the ship, immediately claim Captaincy, at which point you could free us from our prison.

Proposal: Victory games

In the victory rule change:

If a Ship has reached Ithaca and has a Captain, then that Captain may declare Victory


When a ship has 0 or less distance it arrives at Ithaca. When the first ship arrives at Ithaca, a marksmanship contest starts. When a ship arrives at Ithaca, all mariners on that ship will be considered at Ithaca. When the marksmanship contest has started, each mariner has a point value that is tracked in the GNDT. Captains that have arrived at Ithaca receive a point value of 1 and all other mariners receive a point value of 0.
Once per lacuna, each mariner that is at Ithaca may make a "fire roll" by making a GNDT comment 'fire DICE' (only the part between quotes). If (Dice * 50) is lower than that mariner's morale, that mariner's point value will increase by 1. When any mariner has 3 or more points, thatariner may claim victory.

I wonder if Poseidon would accept sacrificial fish as a tribute. Failed 2 to 10 by Keitalia @ 3:18 GMT, 3.30.2004. -3 to Dunam, +1 Keitalia.

Mysterious turn of events... and declaration of attack

When Dunam arrived on the ship to get the tradable supplies of board, he was shocked beyond measure.
Joranj and a good number of the crew that he had chosen on guard had disappeared, while the rest of the guarding crew lay dead, slaughtered on board. Enraged and saddened at the same time, Dunam send Axiallus to check on the supplies: everything was still there.

Puzzled Dunam called an emergency council. With the advice of ChinDoGu, Axiallus would be outfitted as a warrior and take on the responsibility of guarding the ship.
However, they were still men short of leading a succesful journey to Ithaca and would have to find young strong ambitious men in Ismarus.

That night Dunam had a dream...
...he dreamt of the waves of the sea...
And on the sea there was a boat, which was not the eriphyle,
there was a captain who worshipped Poseidon
the captain was suffering.
Wounded he lay in his cabin, while waves struck the ship.
and the captain cried out for help.
... and the waves agreed.

Dunam did not hesitate and send the ship on a quick beheadment mission to extract the suffering captain.

SS-Eriphyle declares an attack to behead the SS-Calypso

Proposal: Cronos relapse

In the rules, change:

Once the Mariner has occupied a basic job for two weeks without occupying an advanced job


Once the Mariner has occupied a basic job for two lacuna without occupying an advanced job

I'm not sure if it would have been worth it to make a CFJ to fix get the first proposal to be accepted, but I just thought this would be an easier solution.

Music begins with silence. Passed 7 to 3 by Keitalia @ 3:15 GMT, 3.30.2004. +2 to Dunam, +1 Keitalia.

Friday, March 26, 2004


I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch this dynasty worshiping the wrong gods. I should like to be considered back.


What happens if someone who already has a job becomes Captain?

The rules state that a Captain may not choose another job, and that a mariner may "choose only one job for themselves," but, as becoming Captain is less of a choice than an honor bestowed, I wouldn't be sure what to do in the situation that someone with a job was elected captain.

(P.S., I'm also calling for a Captaincy election on the SS-Palladium)

Welcome to the new mariner: Zebu!

Apparantly the SS-Palladium already had a mariner on board. Give a warm welcome to Zebu!

Quorum increases to 8

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Proposal: More jobs![trivial]

Create the following new advanced jobs:

Templar. A templar has speed equal to (morale/200) rounded down. A templar also counts as a priest. This is an advanced job for Priests and Deckhands.

Monk.Once per lacuna, the monk may make a GNDT comment "Aid: DICE". That roll is known as the Aid roll. On an aid roll of 1, 2 or 3 nothing happens. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 the monk may remove one ailment of a mariner on the same ship. A monk also counts as a warrior. This is an advanced job for Priests and Warriors.

There weren't any deckhand/priest priest/warrior hybrid. While it's only a small thing, I thought it should be included.

There is real magic in enthusiasm.  It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. - Norman Vincent Peale Failed by Keitalia @ 21:40 GMT, 3.28.2004. -3 to Dunam, +1 Keitalia.

Proposal: Protagonists [trivial]

In the rule chapters modify the following:

He may include up to three options for the Captain or a specific Mariner to make.


He may include up to three options for the Captain or a specific Mariner to make. For that chapter that mariner will be called 'the protagonist'.

And change:

until the Mariner has made his choice or the 48 hours are over

until the Protagonist of the chapter has made his choice or the 48 hours are over

And under the headers 'positive' and 'negative' change all instances of
choosing mariner


hmmm... Passed 7 to 6 by Keitalia @ 21:18 GMT, 3.28.2004. +2 to Dunam, +1 Keitalia.

Proposal: Keeping track of time [trivial]

In the rule distance add the following line:

The poet makes a post to weblog at the start of a new lacuna, including the lacuna number. Each new lacuna gets a higher number than the previous.

Makes it easier to keep track of all lacuna related rules. The poet can pick any number for the lacuna to start with. Depending on how many lacuna have past before this rule could be enacted, this would likely be lacuna 3

I have nothing to say. Passed 8 to 4 by Keitalia @ 21:18 GMT, 3.28.2004. +2 to Dunam, +1 Keitalia.

Proposal: Cronos' weave

Once the Mariner has occupied a basic job for two weeks without occupying an advanced job


Once the Mariner has occupied a basic job for two lacuna without occupying an advanced job

Just seems more logical to me.


Declared an Illegal Proposal by Cayvie

This proposal did not actually propose any changes to the ruleset, so I'm kind of surprised we all voted for it. congrats, we passed a proposal that does nothing. However, by rule 4, Proposals, "Any Mariner may propose a change to the Ruleset or gamestate." As this proposal does not change the ruleset or gamestate in any way (due to the lack of any sort of verb), it is an illegal proposal, and hence has no effect whatsoever.

Proposal: Vroom, Vroom!

Add a new Action into the appropriate rule:

UPGRADE: The Captain decides to improve his or her ship in some manner, by purchasing (with supplies) new, improved parts to it. The Captain specifies what he/she wishes to purchase in the e-mail to The Poet. The Poet then enacts these Upgrades, subtracting the appropriate value from the ship's Supplies. If the total cost of the items desired is greater than the current Supplies onboard, then the Poet enacts purchases, in temporal order, until the next Upgrade cannot be bought. There is an appropriate GNDT column listing the specific Upgrades each ship has. The Captain may only take this action when docked.

The list of purchasable Upgrades, with prices, is as follows:

Marble Altar 10 Supplies: Add 1 to all Prayer Rolls made on this ship. A ship may have more than one Marble Altar, but the effects are not cumulative.

schwing Passed 6 to 3 by Cayvie (timeout) at 18:16 GMT, 3.27.2004. +12 to Cayvie

Proposal : Different Hoops [Trivial]

[ Removing the admin sign-up hoopla deconstructed in an earlier proposal, and making it into a proposal-based application. ]

Repeal Rule 3, and renumber the ruleset to cover the gap.

Replace "excluding Rules 1-11" with "excluding Rules 1-10", in the new Rule 10.

Replace "Rules 1-11 are the "core ruleset"" with "Rules 1-10 are the "core ruleset"", and "Rules 12 onwards" with "Rules 11 onwards", in Rule 1.

In Rule 2 (Mariners), replace:-

Any Admin Staff may confer Admin status onto another Mariner at any time.


Mariners who wish to become Admin should sign up with a username for the Ruleset Wiki, and submit a Proposal to make themselves an Admin. Existing Admin may be removed from their post by Proposal, CfJ or voluntary resignation.

schwing Passed 10 to 0 by Cayvie at 18:54 GMT, 3.26.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Cayvie

Proposal : Penelope Pitstop [Trivial]

[ Time for a proper victory condition. ]

In Rule 21 (Victory), replace:-

No Mariner may win this Dynasty without having reached Ithaca.


If a Ship has reached Ithaca and has a Captain, then that Captain may declare Victory.

schwing Passed 10 to 2 by Cayvie at 18:51 GMT, 3.26.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Cayvie

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Do not say goodbye...

...chiefly because I'll be back in a little while. I start shooting my final film for my Uni course next week, and that's going to consume my time for the next month or so. Hopefully I'll be back in about two weeks, but to a large extent it depends upon my continuing differences with the voting buttons and the GNDT resolving themselves in the interim.

Either way, I'll try and be back for the next dynasty. Godspeed, Mariners.

Quorum is now 7.

Proposal : Disambiguated Battle Strength [Trivial]

In the Rule "Ships", replace:-

(warrior's morale times two) plus (captain's morale) plus (mariner's morale)


(Warriors' Morale x 3) plus (Captain's Morale x 2) plus (Morale of all other Mariners)

Let there be no ambiguaty from this day on Passed 11 to 0 by Dunam at 22:43:40 GMT, 3.25.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Dunam

Proposal : Removing the Hoops [Trivial]

[ Eh, I'm still a bit surprised that the Admin Job Requirement thing passed. The final three requirements are all quite easy for an unsuitable Admin to crash through, and the demand that Admin must have "participated in 1 Dynasty without becoming idle" seems heavily restrictive - if you joined just after the start of a two-month dynasty and we're now two months into the following Dynasty (or if you took a few days holiday at some point), then sorry, you can't help Administrate the game yet. Similarly, if a wise and trusted Nomic veteran joins us from elsewhere and wants to help us out, they have to wait for two Dynasties.

I think we can live without strict regulations, and rely on casual human vetting. In a year of BlogNomic, I don't remember us having any particular trouble with that. ]

Repeal Rule 3, and renumber the ruleset to cover the gap.

Replace "excluding Rules 1-11" with "excluding Rules 1-10", in the new Rule 10.

To the end of the "Some Mariners are Admin Staff" paragraph in Rule 2 (Mariners), add:-

... and Admin Staff may resign their post, at any time. If a Mariner feels than an Admin is being consistently incompetent, they may issue a CfJ to remove them from their post, optionally fining them for any undeserved Morale gains.

Do Numbers Numb? Is that why I fall asleep during mathematics classes? Failed Selfkill by Dunam at 22:43:40 GMT, 3.25.2004. -3 to Kevan, +1 to Dunam

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Proposal: Cronos listens to his people [trivial]

In the rule 'distance' amend the following:

this action has a recharge time of six days


this action has a recharge time of four days

By popular request. I considered not giving myself points for this second proposal, but because I take a second risk of losing 3 points, I won't. Also notice that this would probably average to one update in 5-6 days, because it isn't implemented exactly at the end of the recharge time. Poet's discretion of course.

Jam Keret! Indonesian phrase meaning: Time is made of rubber (time can be stretched) Passed 12 to 0 by Dunam at 22:43:40 GMT, 3.25.2004. +3 to Dunam

Monday, March 22, 2004

Proposal: Athena Rocks!

I propose that we create a new ship, the SS Palladium, with a starting Distance of 100, for the followers of Athena among us.

Huh? They left already? After them! Passed 10 to 0 by Dunam at 21:42:20 GMT, 3.25.2004. +2 to Cayvie, +1 to Dunam

The Eriphyle's captain speaks

"All right men, that'd be some smooth sailing. Poseidon's gaze is smiling upon us and let's do everything we can to please him. Axiallus, thank poseidon for your hard work in steering us clear from the monsters that attacked the calypso and the odyssey. We will make the gods proud of us yet!
However, ChinDoGu has adviced me to take on extra supplies so that we can continue to make sacrafices to Poseidon. Therefor we will dock the isle of ismarus and resupply.

I would like to ask our fiercest warrior, Joranj, to choose his men to stand and guard the ship while Chindogu, Axiallus and a few others will escort me to the market. We will negotiate for acceptable prices and then carry the goods back to the ship. Some of the goods we've taken from Troy are in demand here so we should be able to increase our supplies easily.

The men not named yet will have three days of freedom in the city to spend as they like.

Meanwhilst I would like to see some order on the ship. After the brawl last night, I demand a quiet working environment. Octave, as a punishment for throwing somone overboard, you will be scrubbing the deck. I want to see my reflection in the deck when I come back. "

As Dunam sits in his own cabin he ponders the decisions he made. Octave had acted to save another and threw a cheating scumbag off the ship. However, Dunam could not let any transgression go unpunished, no matter how much he sympathised with the act. Already the men he thought landlubbers were outgrowing Dunam's expectations. Some of them surely would be heroes during hard times. And there were hard times ahead yet....and in his limited experience Dunam only hoped he would lead his men through them.

Proposal: Cronos' impatience [trivial]

In the rule 'distance' amend the following:

this action has a recharge time of seven days


this action has a recharge time of six days

This means it would probably still be an average of seven days, but just allows satyr eyes to do it every sunday for example. Previously he would be restricted to do it at a later point each week. This allows for a bit flexibility on his side and a small speed up on our side. If it were up to me, it would be five or four days. As you vote, please let me know whether you prefer speed-up or no.

Modify the phase varience Passed 12 to 1 by Dunam at 21:35:38 GMT, 3.25.2004. +3 to Dunam

Proposal: Pass the rum! [trivial]

In the rule 'actions' add a new order equivalent to sail, resupply and idle:

Feast: The supplies value of the ship is decreased by 4 per mariner on board (or all supplies, whichever is less). Then if the supply value of the ship is greater than 0, all mariners on that ship gain 15 morale. Each mariner on that ship who worships dionysus, receives an additional 10 morale.

One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer, take them down, pass them around and twenty drunken sailors will fall Passed 13 to 0 by Dunam at 21:26:27 GMT, 3.25.2004. +3 to Dunam

Pray That the Road Is Long

And so the three ships sailed southward, with plans to dock and resupply at the port of Ismarus. Great-hearted Dunam guided the prow of the Eriphyle blithely; the sea lay calm beneath his craft, and as he felt the strong wind at his back, Dunam knew that his fortunes were good. Already his fellow mariners had reported tragedies; Captain Capote of the Calypso had been assaulted by a colossal six-headed monster, and the Odyssey had suffered fever and the roiling waters of a whirlpool. But Dunam was untouched by such setbacks, and prayed once more to Poseidon for his safe deliverance home.

Kevan, the great tactician, eyed the Eriphyle's silhouette on the horizon with some envy. He knew not whether the gods or dumb luck had precipitated his ship's troubles, but he knew that the catastrophes plaguing the Odyssey had already cost him weeks, perhaps months. When would he finally reach Ithaca? The captain's mind was troubled; but as his ship sailed into the port of Ismarus, he allowed himself to relax. Time and perhaps the gods might be against him, but Kevan trusted his intelligence and perseverance to see him through this difficult time.

Long-suffering Truman Capote, on the other hand, could not even take consolation in having reached safe anchor. His ship was fast, and the weather good; but Scylla's attack last week had gravely wounded the captain, hindering his ship's journey as Capote recovered. Even now bandages still blanketed his flank. Nonetheless, it was with satisfaction that Capote now guided his craft, one steady hand on the tiller. His crew had proven its ability to pull together and get things done in times of crisis -- and Capote's years at sea had taught him that if a crew could do that, it could do anything.

Hence the three ships had truly left Troy behind. Ismarus ahead of them and the wind still at their backs, the ships sailed on, that much closer to home.

CFJ : Numeric Reorganisation

Well yeah someone had to do it. All 3 of the changes to the numbered ruleset by Habeas Corpus were illegal. Since none of them were made as allowed for by a proposal.

Way forward. Undo all 3 changes. However as part of this CFJ Id also like to resolve another issue. Because of the renumbering of the ruleset, some proposals (most noticably the one mentioned earlier) will not achieve their desired effect. therefore id like to suggest that we allow the admins to make appropriate changes as if the ruleset had not been renumbered for any proposal that did not take this in to account.

Net effect - no change. So why am I proposing this CFJ you might ask. Because I feel we need a CFJ to allow keitalia to do what she did. Without it its illegal.

So in summary, this CFJ simply validats keitalia's illegal admining actions as legal.