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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Proposal : Stevens From Accounts

Create a new Tool, the Red Shirt:-

Red Shirt (1) Any Crew Member may force the wearer of the Red Shirt to assist on a Task, by posting a comment to the Task, to that effect. The Red Shirt may neither be dropped nor given away, but doesn't count towards the two-Tool limit. The Computer may assign the Red Shirt to a deserving Ensign, at any time.

FOR Passed 10 to 2 by Brendan at 3:19 pm GMT on 5.24.2004. Trivialized by majority vote. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: Getting the hell out of Dodge

If any terms in used in this proposal are changed in the ruleset, then the appropriate versions will be used if this rule is enacted.

Add to the end of Rule 12 - Ranks:

If the Crew succeeds in getting off the planet, the Crew Member with the highest rank (excluding sabotuers and Crew Members in custody) may declare victory.

In Rule 15 - Fuel change "The ship requires 20000 Fuel to travel one light-year" to

The ship requires 4,000 Fuel to travel one light-year

[Currently, if everyone listed in the GNDT (including the Computer, Planet, and any sabotuers) gain 5 fuel every turn and give it and any fuel they have now to the Computer, saturation will be 528 before the ship has enough fuel to leave. In the same (unrealistically ideal) situation this proposal reduces the saturation to 106.]

FOR Passed 10 to 0 by Brendan at 3:15 pm GMT on 5.24.2004. +10 to Ornithopter, +2 to Brendan.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Proposal: Ghosts of Mars

Change the title of Rule 14 to Possession?. Delete rule 20 and append its contents to Rule 14. Change all instances of the term 'a Saboteur', 'Saboteur', and 'Saboteurs' to 'Possessed'.

Add the following to Rule 19: Of The Apes -

The Planet can use the disembodied souls of its dead inhabitants to Possess any Crew member. The Planet must email the Computer with his intent to possess the crew member. The Computer must then reduce The Planet's Health equal to the health of the target crew member at the time of possession, to a minimum of 10 Health, modified by the number (randomly generated, between -15 and +15) shown by clicking here. He must then email the former Crew Member to notify them that they have been Possessed.

Create a new rule, entitled Psyphon:

Once per day, the Planet may reduce the Computer's amount of LowGrade Fuel by an amount equal to the number of Possessed crew members who are not in custody.

Add the following to Rule 14, Possession:

If the number of Possessed Crew Members not in custody ever exceeds the number of unpossessed Crew Members, then any Possessed Crew Member may declare victory for the Planet. The Computer is destroyed, and the dynasty ends with no clear winner.

Add the following to the description of the Phaser in Rule 16: Tools:

If the Planet tries to possess a Crew Member holding a phaser, it costs them double the amount of Health it would do otherwise.

In Rule 17, Transfers, add ", or put in custody," after the word "fainted" in the following:

If the supervising Officer is fainted at anytime between the initial request of the transfer and it success, the transfer automatically fails.

I bet you people miss me whan I'm away.

AGAINST Failed 2 to 9 by Brendan at 1:56 pm GMT on 5.24.2004. -3 to Josh, +1 to Brendan.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Proposal : Ceramic Hammers [Trivial]

Change the sentence in Rule 16 - Tools that reads
Crew Members may also permanently commandeer Tools from lower-ranking Crew Members.

to read
Crew Members may also commandeer Tools from lower-ranking Crew Members.

And change the sentence in the same rule that reads
When a Crew Member goes Idle, they drop all of their Tools.

to read
When a Crew Member goes Idle or Faints, they drop all of their Tools.

Change the clause in Rule 11 - Oxygen that reads
Fainted Crew Members may not Declare Victory except under the conditions stated in Rule 14.

to read
Fainted Crew Members may not participate in Tasks, pick up Tools, or Declare Victory except under the conditions stated in Rule 14.

FOR Passed 11 to 0 with 1 unresolved IMP at 5:26 am GMT on 5.23.2004. +3 to Brendan.

Proposal : Bad Chemistry

Should Proposal : Honors Student pass, replace all references to "Low-Grade Fuel" in this Proposal with "Fuel."

Add a new rule, Oxygen Floods:
The Planet, as an entity, can detect unusual activity in its atmosphere--such as rapid oxidation--and attempt to compensate. Any time a Crew Member uses a Tool to consume at least one unit of Low-Grade Fuel, the Planet may post to the BlogNomic weblog, declaring that he or she is raising the oxygen content of the atmosphere. This action is known as an Oxygen Flood.

The Oxygen Flood must be declared within 24 hours of the triggering Tool use, or it has no effect. Oxygen Floods for multiple Tool uses may be aggregated in the same post, but the Planet may declare no more than one Oxygen Flood per Low-Grade Fuel-consuming Tool use.

Oxygen Floods are dangerous to the Crew Members, as they each raise Saturation by 2.

Within 24 hours of the Planet's declaration, any Admin may increment the Saturation value by 2 per Oxygen Flood; instructions on how to make this change are contained above the saturation() JavaScript function in the header of the BlogNomic template. Only one Admin may perform this change in Saturation for any given Oxygen Flood. If no Admin makes this change within 24 hours of the Planet's post, all Admins lose Health equal to twice the unperformed change in Saturation.

Should this Proposal pass, Brendan will add instructions for changing Saturation value to the BlogNomic template.

FOR Passed 10 to 1 with 1 unresolved IMP by Brendan at 4:50 am GMT on 5.23.2004. +12 to Brendan.

O Ensign, My Ensign

I just checked the record to be sure, but neither Hobbes nor Kahbn have voted in a week. They're idled; Quorum drops to 8.

Proposal: Honors Student [Trivial]

There is no use for High Grade Fuel right now, except for travelling one light-year. I suggest eliminating different units of fuel and converting them to one generic unit known as "Fuel".

Change Rule 15 - Fuel to read:
Fuel is needed to perform certain tasks and use some tools.

Any Crew Member may, once per day, add 5 Fuel to their GNDT value, from the oil rigging.

Any Crew Member, at any time, can choose to transfer any positive integer amount of his or her Fuel to any other Crew Member or to the Computer.

The ship requires 20000 Fuel to travel one light-year, the distance to the nearest repair station. Any Fuel in the Computer's possession is considered to be in the ship's engine.

In the ruleset outside of Rule 15, if there are any other references to "Low-Grade Fuel" or "Low Grade Fuel" change them to "Fuel", and if there are any other references to "High-Grade Fuel" or "High Grade Fuel", change them to "Fuel" and double any previous High Grade Fuel costs. Do the same for all proposals that are pending at the time this proposal is enacted.

In the GNDT, add an amount to each Crew Member's Low Grade Fuel equal to double that Crew Member's High Grade Fuel; then, delete the High Grade Fuel column and rename the Low Grade Fuel column "Fuel".

FOR Passed 9 to 0 with 1 unresolved IMP by Brendan at 4:11 pm GMT on 5.21.2004. +2 to Damanor, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: Should have thought of this too [Trivial]

Alter the sentence in Rule 20 - Desperate Times that reads
Crew Members in Custody cannot help on tasks and immediately drop all Tools.

to read
Crew Members in Custody cannot help on Tasks and immediately drop all Tools; so long as a Crew Member is in Custody, he or she may not pick up any Tools.

FOR Passed 10 to 0 with 1 unresolved IMP by Brendan at 4:08 pm GMT on 5.21.2004. +3 to Brendan.

Proposal: Carrer Advancement, Mark II

Add to the end of Rule entitled "Ranks":

At any time, the Captain, First Officer, or Computer may choose to switch the ranks of two Crew Members such that there is no more than one of any rank other than Ensign; this must be announced with a post to the Blog entitled "Post Reassignment". However, this action requires the unanimous agreement of the Captain, First Officer, and Computer, to be signified by posting a "For" reply to the post within 72 hours of the post. If any of the three parties vote "Against" the post reassignment, or if 72 hours passes without garnering the required votes, the reassignment does not occur. If the Captain or Computer desires a post reassignment of the First Officer, the unanimous agreement of the Computer and all non-ensigns and non-mascots must be obtained, save the First Officer, in the above manner, with the same 72 hour time limit; if any of the parties whose agreement is needed vote "Against" the reassignment or the 72 hours elapses without gathering all needed votes, the reassignment does not occur. If the First Officer or Computer desires a post reassignment of the Captain, the unanimous agreement of all Crew Members, save the Captain, must be obtained, in the above manner, with the 72 hour time limit; if any Crew Member other than the Captain votes "Against" the reassignment, or if the 72 hours passes without gaining all required votes, the reassignment does not occur. The Computer may not be reassigned.

I think that covers all the previous concerns; I'd just like to thank everyone who made recommendations. They were excellent points that needed to be covered.

FOR Passed 9 to 0 by Brendan at 4:04 pm GMT on 5.21.2004. +10 to Axiallus, +2 to Brendan.

Request to be set idle

I'd really enjoy playing, and this looks to be shaping into a particularly amusing dynasty, but as I (yagyu_jubei) don't currently have the necessary time to make sufficiently high-quality contributions, I'd like to request someone set me as idle.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Well then

In case you hadn't noticed, Ornithopter is the random new Planet, which I guess means he loses his position.

Also, Hobbes is going to be set idle for nonvoting (along with some others when i check the vote history)

I think this means there are going to be some openings in the job field.

If any ensigns would care to express opinions on what positions they'd like, i might be willing to promote them.


I am

Proposal : Our Two-Tone Jumpsuits Have No Pockets [Trivial]

In Rule 16 (Tools), after "requiring fuel to activate", add:-

, although no Crew Member may take an action which would result in any Crew Member having more than two Tools.

FOR Passed 9 to 2 by Brendan at 4:01 pm GMT on 5.21.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : Megaphone Theology [Trivial]

Add a new Tool to Rule 16 (Tools):-

Megaphone (1): The Crewmember with the Megaphone may choose to increase their Rank by one-and-a-half levels, for the purposes of suggesting a course of action for a Task.

FOR Timed out 6 to 5; passed by Brendan at 3:54 pm GMT on 5.21.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan. -5 to Cayvie, Keitalia, Josh, and CzarOfCanada.

Proposal: Not those peers. (trivial)

Change the sentence in "Desperate Times" that reads

The rest of the crew (not the Accuser, and not the Accused one) then has 24 hours to vote For or Against.

to read

The crew (excluding the accuser, accused, and any crew members already in custody) then has 24 hours to vote For or Against.

Clearly, if we threw you in jail for conspiring against us, we aren't going to let you try to convince us that someone else is or isn't a co-conspirator.

FOR Passed 12 to 0 by Brendan at 5:01 pm GMT on 5.20.2004. +2 to Ornithopter, +1 to Brendan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Proposal: Get him!

Add a new Rule, "Overpowering":
Any Crew Member may try to overpower another Crew Member. For this, e posts a new entry on the blog with a title that begins with "Look out:", followed by the name of the target and the reason for overpowering him.

Other Crew Members vote on the issue as usual -- a vote of FOR indicates they are helping hold the target down, a vote of AGAINST indicates they are trying to protect the target, and a vote of IMP indicates they are doing whatever the Computer tells them to. As soon as there are three votes FOR more than there are votes AGAINST, the target is said to be Overpowered, which has the same effects as Custody (cf. "Desperate Times") -- however, its effect is limited to a 24-hour period.

If there are not enough votes for the Overpowering to take effect within 48 hours of the original posting, it is said to have failed, and no more Crew Members can vote on it. Nothing happens.

Crew Members undergoing an Overpowering attempt get the chance to use a Tool in their possession once (and only once); this can only be claimed within 24 hours of the original post.

AGAINST Failed 1 to 9 with 1 unresolved IMP, by Brendan, at 4:57 pm GMT on 5.20.2004. -3 to Shade, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: Everybody get behind Eric!

Add a new Tool, the PSG:
Personal Shield Generator (2): The Personal Shield Generator (PSG) protects its user and any objects e is carrying from moderate to high speed impacts and energy beams (included, but not limited to, thrown rocks and phasers). It does not, however, protect against low-speed penetration (e.g., a dagger. cf Dune). Once a Crew Member states the PSG is turned on, it will cost em 5 Low-Grade units of fuel per day (or fraction thereof) to keep it so. In the event of a direct threat, the PSG will activate itself (if and only if it is on at the time) to defend its user at the cost of 10 Low-Grade units of fuel. This extra cost is paid at most once per 12-hour period, during which the PSG is said to be 'active' and effectively protecting against further attacks.

If and when the proposal "We come in peace" has been or is enacted, add to the description of the Phaser:
Phasers cannot be shot by a Crew Member with a turned-on PSG.

AGAINST Failed 4 to 8 by Brendan at 4:55 pm GMT on 5.20.2004. -3 to Shade, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: As Promised [Trivial]

Change the sentence in Rule - Desperate Times that reads
Crew Members in Custody cannot help on tasks, and cannot vote or propose, and immediately drop all Tools.

to read
Crew Members in Custody cannot help on tasks and immediately drop all Tools.

FOR Passed 13 to 1 by Brendan at 4:27 pm GMT on 5.20.2004. +3 to Brendan.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Proposal : We Come In Peace

Add a new Tool, the Phaser:-

Phaser (3) A Crew Member carrying a Phaser may fire it at another Crew Member, either on Stun or Kill - firing costs 10 Low-Grade Fuel. If firing on Stun, then the target drops any Tools he or she is carrying. If firing on Kill, the target loses 25 Health.

In Rule 13 (Tasks), add before "and may have a number of descriptive keywords":-

may require one or more Tools to be brought by Crew Members,

replace "declared such an intention," with:-

declared such an intention, and have all the required Tools in their possession

Enacted by Kevan, 20th May - timed out 9 votes to 5. +12 to Kevan. -5 to Axiallus, Hobbes, Kahbn and Yagyu for failing to vote.

Proposal: Freedom of Information Act

Add to the end of Rule - 13 "Tasks"

Changes to the Ruleset announced at the time of the task's introduction do not take effect if one more than half of the Crew Members participating in the task (rounded down) include "no rule change" in the comments of the task.

Changes to the Ruleset resulting from completed tasks which are not announced at the task's introduction must be posted to the BlogNomic weblog with the heading "[name of task] rules". These changes take effect after 48 hours unless two-thirds (rounded down) of the Crew Members have voted Against within that time.

FOR Timed out; passed 8 to 4 by Brendan at 6:03 pm GMT on 5.19.2004. +10 to Ornithopter, +2 to Brendan.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Proposal: EPA

add a rule entitled "The Planet" in which:

Add a field in the GNDT titled "Green". This field tracks, on a scale of 0-100, each Crew Member's relative environmental friendliness, and, consequently, how happy The Planet is with that given Crew Member. The Computer is obliged to include a Green rating in the tasks it gives out to the Crew Members. If a task is completed, then the participating Crew Members have the task's Green Rating number added to each of their personal Green ratings. Each Crew Member starts out with a Green rating of 0.

At most, once per task posting; The Planet may post a corresponding punishment for the Crew Member, or members if there is a tie, with the highest Green rating. The punishment may be anything from as minor as docking the offending Crew Member(s) one unit of low-grade fuel or as severe as prohibiting them from proposing indefinitely. However, the computer may veto The Planet's punishment if he deems it too severe.

AGAINST Failed 3 to 11 by Brendan at 7:45 pm GMT on 5.18.2004. -3 to Aaron, +1 to Brendan.

Task: Rust?

Put off by First Officer Royce's declaration that the gases would be used for biological testing on the crew, the issue of the rising yellow gases remained unaddressed. They began to thicken and rise steadily toward the drilling equipment. However, when the gases reached the surface level, they appeared to level off, and simply thicken without rising any further. A greenish rime began to form on the drilling equipment where the gases thickened.


Do something about the rime, gases, etc. (or not). Format is the same as last time, with crew members proposing ideas, and the highest-ranking crew member on the job has his/her idea implemented, to much hilarity.

KEYWORDS: Engineering

Among other things (dependent on what the crew does), the following will be added to the ruleset.

A new rule entitled "Desperate Times"

The crew have come to realize that some within their midst may be working against them. If a Crew Member thinks he/she has sufficient evidence that another Crew Member is a Saboteur, he/she may post an Accusation to the blog, with the title "[playername] is a Saboteur!" and text documenting the offenses this Crew Member has committed.

The rest of the crew (not the Accuser, and not the Accused one) then has 24 hours to vote For or Against. If, at the end of 24 hours, most of the votes are For the Accusation, then the Accused Crew Member is put into Custody (marked with square brackets around the Crew Member's name in the Crew Member list). Crew Members in Custody cannot help on tasks, and cannot vote or propose, and immediately drop all Tools. If most of the votes are against, or the vote is a tie, nothing happens.



Crew on the job: TrumanCapote (key member), CzarOfCanada, Keitalia, Axiallus

They cleaned the equipment successfully and fairly easily. The rime scraped off without leaving any noticeable stains or corrosion on the equipment, much to the crew's surprise. While TrumanCapote checked to make sure the drilling equipment still worked properly, CzarOfCanada took a sample of the gas and rime back to the lab for analysis.

The gas, on closer inspection, appeared to be a cloud of microscopically fine dust particles, with a similar makeup to the soil of the planet. Additionally, there appeared to be some form of adhesive agent in the gas, that CzarOfCanada did not recognize.

Turning to the rime, he found that it was this same weak adhesive agent with these dust particles stuck to it. Checking all the sources he could find, the closest match anywhere to this adhesive agaent that he could find was tree sap. This seemed odd, as there had been no evidence of any plantlike life anywhere on this planet so far, though there was quite a bit of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Somewhat disturbed by this, the crew began to search for a more permanent drilling site.


As above.

Proposal: This Is One of Those Really Weird Planets Like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

add a rule entitled "Of The Apes" in which:

The Gaia Hypothesis is true, at least for this planet. The Computer must appoint a crew member to be the planet within 24 hours of the passage of this proposal. The Planet shall be recognized as such with a "Tapuat" beside his/her name. The Planet thereafter does not count as a Crew Member, for the purposes of Rules outside the Core Ruleset.

also add the following to the end of rule 2:

Tapuat: The Crew Member with character string "Tapuat" is known as The Planet.

FOR Timed out 6 to 4 with two IMPS; passed by Brendan at 7:29 pm GMT on 5.18.2004. +10 to Aaron, +2 to Brendan. -5 to Cayvie, Kahbn, Yagyu_Jubei, Hobbes and CzarOfCanada.

Proposal : Welding [Trivial]

Reword the effect of the Blowtorch from "The Blowtorch costs one unit of lowgrade fuel per use." to:-

The Crew Member carrying the Blowtorch may pay 1 Low-Grade Fuel to count as one extra Crew Member, for a Task with the Engineering keyword. This may only be done once per Task.

FOR Passed 9 to 0 by Brendan at 3:10 pm GMT on 5.17.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.


Right now Fuel and tools are pretty much useless. We should incorporate them into the game and make large amounts of fuel and tools (or something made from them) helpful in winning. Maybe the goal of the Dynasty would be to rebuild the ship? I'd propose something except I (A) have thought and thought and have come up blank and (B) am so tired I can barely keep my eyelids apart.

Please brainstorm in the space provided below.