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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Proposal: Xerox Knows What You Do

[But the copy machine could still prove useful.]

Enact a new rule: "Copy Machine":

At any time, for a cost of 5 Dignity, a Teamsperson may "use the copier" to
create a duplicate of any paper in their inbox or outbox, which is then placed
in the same box. Unfortunately, it's an old monochrome model, so the duplicates automatically have the colours Black and White, instead of the original colours. (Note: This does not remove the original paper, just makes a new one of Black and White.)

In addition, the copier may be used for "non-business purposes." Such a paper is labeled with a color of "NB," and automatically goes to the creating Teamsperson's outbox. Non-Business papers may be moved to any other Teamspersons outbox at no cost, at anytime. A non-business paper costs 15 Dignity to create.

This rule doesn't seem to do much right now, but it opens up some interesting possibilities for future use, especiall the NB (aka, Joke) papers.

FOR Passed 9 to 0 by Brendan at 9:41 pm GMT on 8.9.2004. +10 to CodexArcanum, +2 to Brendan.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Proposal: Contradiction is the Soul of Business

... but difficult to game with.

Replace the sentence in Rule 11 - Paper-Pushing that reads
The effects of each paper vary depending on the colours of the stationary:
The effects of each paper vary depending on the colours of the stationary (if two colours have contradictory effects, the effect that comes first in the following list is considered to have precedence):

AGAINST Self-killed; failed by Brendan at 9:39 pm GMT on 8.9.2004. -2 to Brendan.

Idling, and wish me good luck!

May i ask to be set idle?

I'm going on a long road trip to nordkapp, ten thousands of kilometers by car...

I'll be (hopefully) back in ~20 days. Wish me good luck! ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Er, for the record

Not to suggest anything retroactive, but Quorum has been 8 for a while now, and remains so now that I've idled Garran.

(Edit) Whoops. 7 again, since apparently Euthydemos asked to be idled as well.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Proposal : One Ring-Binder To Bind Them All [Trivial]

[ Papers should perhaps be described as bundled Documents, if we're pulling apart the Puce ones, and things. ]

Replace the word "Paper" with "Document" throughout the ruleset.

FOR Finally passed 10 to 0 by Brendan at 9:35 pm GMT on 8.9.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : Clear Paper

[ Clarifying the display format, and making different-colours optional. ]

Add after the first sentence of Rule 11:-

A Paper is represented by a string of characters, being the first letters of all of its colours (so a Teamsperson with two Yellow Papers and one Blue-and-Puce would have an Inbox of "Y Y BP").

Reword the effect of "Generate Work" to:-

This costs 10 Dignity. The Teamsperson may post a GNDT comment containing up to two occurrences of the string "Paper:COLOUR", upon Generating Work, or simply opt to create a White Paper. A new Paper is then added to their Inbox with the resultant colours. (The District Manager may perform this action for free, if there are fewer than ten Papers in circulation.)

Swap "Green" and "White" in the Paper colours, such that Green becomes "Routine and Daily" and White becomes "No effect."

Any documents created prior to the introduction of colour (eg. the one in Kevan's Inbox) shall be made White.

Enacted by Kevan, 4th of August: +12 to Kevan.


I'm going on vacation; I've been pretty idle anyway, distracted by the preparations for this, but here's making it official. I'll be back next Tuesday, and will hopefully start paying attention again then.

(Oh, and also, the e-mail address linked to for me is currently down, so it should probably be changed to garran at gmail dot com.)

See you in a week!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Proposal: We are doomed to become what we hate the most

Add a new GNDT field, 'Gossip'.

Add a new player field to the GNDT, called 'Water Cooler'.

Add a new rule, entitled 'Gossip'.

At any time, any Teamsperson may create a new piece of gossip. They do this by messaging an admin with the piece of gossip, which must take the following format:

'Subject' 'flavour text' ('effect').

For example:

'Kevan is off his diet (lose 15 dignity)'.


'ChinDoGu comes to work with a hangover every morning (cannot recieve Blue papers)'.

The effect may only apply to the subject of the gossip. The Subject must be an active, non-idle Teamsperson. The flavour text has no effect.

The Admin then adds this new gossip to the Gossip field of the GNDT and posts to that effect on the BlogNomic weblog. Admins may not apply their own gossip; they must get another admin to do it for them. No Admin has to add any Gossip they are approached with if they choose not to.

Any player may change their own Gossip field to any piece of current Gossip at any time. The piece of Gossip which has been selected by the most Teamspersons is set to the player Water Cooler's Gossip field. This must be changed whenever it ceases to be correct. The piece of gossip active in Water Cooler's Gossip field is known as the Active Gossip.

For each 24 hour period that the Active Gossip remains active, its Subject looses 5 Dignity. The stated effect of the Gossip also remains in effect, although this effect is only considered to occur once, at the end of the first 24 hour period. The proposer of the gossip also looses 2 Dignity during this period; however, this penalty may be ignored if the propser has generated some work during the same period of time.

The Subject of the Gossip may email the applying Admin at any time, trying to guess who proposed the gossip. Should they get this right, the Gossip is deleted and has no further effect, and the proposer of the gossip looses 20 Dignity. The Subject may only guess in this manner once per day.

Gossip is deleted from the field if seven days have passed without it having been the Active Gossip. There may not be more than one piece of currect Gossip about any Teamsperson. A value of '-' or no gossip in the Gossip column of the GNDT is considered Gossip for the purposes of deciding the Active Gossip (i.e. if more people have no gossip in their Gossip column than anything else, then '-' is the Active Gossip). The District Manager may delete any Gossip he chooses at any time, unless he himself is the Subject of that Gossip.

The fix, for those who don't want to read: a Teamsperson no longer pays to gossip, but instead looses 2 Dignity per day that the Gossip is Active. This penalty can be circumvented by generating work within each 24 hour period.

Enacted by Kevan, 4th of August - timed out 5 to 2. +10 to Josh, +2 to Kevan.