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Saturday, May 29, 2004

New Crew Member: Inauspicious

A hole opens in the sky, dumping a new human into our midst like a bag of hammers.

Let's have a big BlogNomic welcome for Inauspicious!

Friday, May 28, 2004

New Crew Member: Iron

A cargo unit bursts open, releasing Iron into our midst.

Quorum is now 8.

Proposal : Don't Get Up [Trivial]

If "So... hungry..." didn't pass, then enact a new Rule, "Death":-

Once a Crew Member's Health hits zero, they are Dead and may not have their Health raised again, by any effect.

If all but one of the Crew are Dead, the remaining Crew Member may declare victory. If all of the Crew are Dead, the last Crew Member to die may declare victory. (If the last remaining Crew all died at the same time, then any of them may declare victory.)

If the previous proposal passed, add a new paragraph to the "Death" rule, after the first:-

Dead Crew Members may not change their Locations.

AGAINST Self-killed; failed by Brendan at 3:50 am GMT 5.29.2004. -3 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : They Mostly Come at Night

Enact a new Rule, "Location Location Location":-
There are six Locations in and around the ship that can provide some form of shelter for the Crew:-
  1. The Bridge
  2. The Galley
  3. The Engine Room
  4. The Cargo Hold
  5. The Drilling Rig
  6. The Caves
Crew's Locations are tracked in the GNDT, and they may move themselves to another Location at any time. All Crew begin on the Bridge.
Enact a new Rule, "Aliens":-
Shadowy aliens are massing around the perimeter of the crater that the ship rests in, and they will periodically launch attacks on the crew. If the aliens haven't attacked for more than four days, any Crew Member may resolve an alien attack by posting a GNDT comment of "Alien Attack: DICE". The number rolled should be looked up on the list of Locations in the previous Rule - all Crew in that Location lose 50 Health, and the resolving Crew Member should post a blog entry detailing the attack.

(The aliens are holding back to begin with, however, and may not attack before the 6th of June 2004. Any Admin may remove this paragraph on or after that date.)

FOR Passed 7 to 0 by Brendan at 3:49 am GMT on 5.29.2004. +10 to Kevan, +2 to Brendan.

Proposal: So... hungry...

If Proposal: Emergence passes, this propsal has no effect.

The crew has a plentiful supply of water, as former Science Officer CzarOfCanada tested a river near the crash site for contaminants and found it to be within acceptable limits. Unfortunately, he vanished before he was able to test the indigenous vegetation, and these tests are no longer possible due to the computer's demise. The limited supply of food remaining on board has been divided evenly among all Crew Memebers.

Create a variable in the GNDT named "Food". Set all Crew Member's Food to 10.

Create a variable in the GNDT named "Spores". Set all Crew Member's Spores to 0.

Enact a rule "Food" that reads:

Each player's suppy of food (measured in units equal to one day's supply for one person) is tracked in the GNDT.

A Crew Member may eat one unit of their food at any time by removing it from their inventory.

Each Crew Member can go 48 hours without eating. If a Crew Member has not eaten or had their Health lowered for not eating withing the past 48 hours, any Crew Member may lower their Health by 10.

If a new Crew Member joins they receive an amount of food equal to the average Food of all other Crew Members (rounded up).

Enact a rule "Foraging" that reads:

Once per day, in place of consuming a unit of their food supply, a crew member may choose to eat some of Nadil-5's indigenous vegation. To do so, post a comment to the GNDT saying "Foraging: DICE"

If a 1, 2, or 3 is rolled, the plant was edible and the Crew Member is no longer hungy. If a 4 is rolled, the plant was poisonous and the Crew Member loses 5 Health and is no longer hungry. If a 5 is rolled the plant contained sprores, the Crew Member's Spores goes up by one, and they are no longer hungry. If a 6 is rolled, roll again and perform the action appropriate to your new roll. If 6 is rolled twice in a row the Crew Member's Health is reduced to 0.

Enact a rule "Death" that reads:

If at any time a Crew Member's Health is 0 they are considered dead, and "R.I.P." is added after their name in the sidebar.

Dead Crew Members may not gain Health and are not considered Crew Members for the purpose of non-core rules other than this one.

Add to the list of titles in Rule 2:

R.I.P. : These Crew Members are deceased.

FOR Passed 7 to 3 by Brendan at 2:07 pm GMT on 5.28.2004. +10 to Ornithopter, +2 to Brendan.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

An in-game explanation of "The Ship does not go without the Computer"

Following a phaser misfire from an unknown crew memeber (Damanor) the computer has failed and without it's help there is no hope of repairing the ship. All equipment (phasers, the drill, etc.) has ceased to operate, and thus the crew no longer has a use for fuel.

The old heirarchy has vanished, as its usefulness in this new situation is doubtful.

Realizing that the mission has definitely failed and that survial is now the only objective, the sabotuers have given up their ulterior motives, and are now working along with the rest of the crew, who have forgotten all worries of sabotuers.

Crew memeber Ornithopter, who was previously lost in a nearby cave, has managed to find his way back to the ship unharmed.

The dangerous oxygen levels have vanished, and it is believed that they were a result of damage caused to the ship's life support systems by the crash rather than being, as was previously thought, a natural part of the planet's atmosphere.

Proposal: Emergence

Change all instances of the term 'Crew Member' in the rulestate and gamestate to 'Minor God'. Change all instances of the word 'Health' in the Rulestate and GNDT to 'Population (millions)'.

Add a new rule, entitled Evolution:

Each Minor God has control of one burgeoning race of insects, with the aim of guiding it to genetic superiority. Each race is described in the gamestate by 4 generalised characteristic-based statistics, Strength, Speed, Intelligence and Community Spirit (or STR, SPD, INT and COM). These are tracked, along with each species' name, in the GNDT, and may not be changed unless provision for such exists within the ruleset.

At any point, a Minor God may abandon their race and start afresh. When creating a new race, the Minor God may apportion 5 points among their statistics and create a new name for their race. Once these details have been entered into the GNDT, that race is considered to have been created, and thus those fields may not be altered unless provisions for such alterations exist within the ruleset.

Create 5 new fields in the GNDT; STR, SPD, INT, COM and Species Name.

AGAINST Self-killed; failed by Brendan at 2:02 pm GMT on 5.28.2004. -3 to Josh, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: Big hairy caulks (Trivial)

Add the following to the Glossary:

No numeric field in the gamestate may be reduced to a negative value unless the ruleset specifically provides for it to do so.

AGAINST Failed 3 to 7 by Brendan at 1:58 pm GMT on 5.28.2004. -3 to Josh, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : The Ship Does Not Go Without the Computer

Remove the title "Tapuat" from the end of Rule 2, and from the Sidebar.

Repeal Rules 11-20. If Proposal: Fixer-Upper passes, repeal Rule 21.

Remove all GNDT fields other than Health.

Set all Crew Members' Health to 100.

Should this Proposal pass, Brendan shall gain no Health from its passage; the Admin who Enacts it, however, may still gain 2 Health, to be applied after everyone's Health is reset.

FOR Passed 8 to 0 by Brendan at 7:48 pm GMT on 5.27.2004. +2 to Brendan.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I have to quit.

I'm sorry; ever since I ascended, I've felt quite out of place. I'll set myself idle. I may be back sometime.

Declaration of Victory

The wreckage of the ship is complete. Later salvage crews find computer records that say that the chief medical officer went insane, and with the aid of another crew member, successfully killed all of the crew and then himself. He was babbling something about "...going on to a better, less boring world."

Oh, and hey. I'm a saboteur.

AGAINST Voted down 5 to 7 at 2:03 pm GMT on 5.27.2004.

Proposal: Fixer-Upper

Create a new GNDT column, called 'Damage'.

Create a new rule, 'Damage', with the following text:
Each Crew Member has a value called Damage, which represents the amount of damage to the ship that Crew Member has been ordered to fix. Every Crew Member has an initial Damage value of 15. Crew Members may transfer their Damage to lower-ranking Crew Members. The ship can not leave the planet until all Damage values have reached zero.

FOR Passed 7 to 1 by Brendan at 7:47 pm GMT on 5.27.2004. +10 to Royce, +2 to Brendan.

Proposal : Inspecting the Crash Damage [Trivial]

Enact a new Rule, "Level One Diagnostic":-

The Computer cannot take any other game actions until it has posted an entry to the BlogNomic blog clearly and truthfully specifying the number of Saboteurs among the Crew (if any). After it has done so, any Admin may repeal this rule.

AGAINST Failed (self-killed) at 2:09 pm GMT on 5.27.2004. -3 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.


Well I gave the game a chance, but to be perfectly honest, I really cannot get into it, so I hereby resign from the game and all positions and ranks I currently hold (just one I think). Sorry for dropping out and I hope all of you enjoy yourselves.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Declaration of Victory

Okay, this might be a bit of a strech, so I'm willing to back down on this one if most of you say 'No way! You didn't win!'

According to Rule 15 - Fuel, "The ship requires 4000 Fuel to travel one light-year."

Therefore, we can safely assume by simple mathematics that the ship would require 2000 Fuel to travel half a light-year, 1000 for a fourth, and so on.

From Rule 12 - Ranks, "If the Crew succeeds in getting off the planet, the Crew Member with the highest rank (excluding sabotuers and Crew Members in custody) may declare victory."

Note that the Rule does not say we have to go one full light-year. It only says if we succeed 'in getting off the planet'.

The ship's engine currently has 45 Fuel. Using the math above, that would mean the ship can travel .01125 light-years.

According to this site here, a light year is equal to 5,865,696,000,000 miles. This means that the ship is currently capable of traveling 65,989,080,000 miles, which (being the crux of my victory) I safely assume to be 'off the planet'.

So, since we (using the Fuel currently in the Engine) can get off the planet, and I am the highest-ranking officer, I declare Victory.

AGAINST Voted down, 7 to 3 with 1 unresolved IMP, at 3:51 pm GMT on 5.25.2004. Hiatus ends.

Proposal : Unexpected Eclipse [Trivial]

The light on the planet begins to redden and dim, and the solar-panelled drilling rig whines and sputters into silence. Remove the sentence "Any Crew Member may, once per day, add 5 Fuel to their GNDT value, from the oil rigging." from the ruleset.

FOR Passed 11 to 1 with 2 unresolved IMPs at 2:07 pm GMT on 5.27.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : Gets Your Reds Redder [Trivial]

If the Red Shirt exists, replace "The Computer may assign the Red Shirt to a deserving Ensign, at any time." with:-

Whenever an Admin times a proposal out, he or she may assign the Red Shirt to a random Ensign who failed to cast a vote on that Proposal.

FOR Passed 10 to 2 by Brendan at 2:04 pm GMT on 5.27.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Proposal: Getting the hell out of the dodgeball game (trivial)

If "Proposal: Getting the hell out of Dodge" passes, append the following to the end of the paragraph it added:

In the event that there is a tie for highest rank, the Computer will decide which one of the tied Crew Members may declare victory.

[This seemed more appropriate to me than giving the title to the one with the highest health or having them fight to the death, which were the other two solutions I came up with.]

FOR Passed 10 to 0 by Brendan at 3:23 pm GMT on 5.24.2004. +2 to Ornithopter, +1 to Brendan.