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Friday, March 21, 2003

Proposal: Turnstyle

In Rule 15, replace the text

"A BoardPlayer may take a Turn if at least two thirds of the other BoardPlayers have taken a Turn since the BoardPlayer's previous Turn."


"A BoardPlayer may take one Turn each day. A BoardPlayer may take multiple Turns in one day if at least two thirds of the other BoardPlayers have taken a Turn since the BoardPlayer's previous Turn."

[Though, if passed, Kevan's proposal might pick up Board play, it is too easy for a single Player to stop up play, either by refusing to take a turn or by disappearing for a few days. This would let play continue for those who wish to.]

Enacted by Myke, Friday the 28th, 15 Points to Myke
Proposal: Operation Free Squares

[ Tidying up the rule, and making the claiming of white (or abandoned) squares free, as the Game Board seems to have seized up... ]

In Rule 15, remove the paragraph beginning "Within the GameBoard", and the one after it.

In the "When taking a Turn" bullet list, add the following sentence to the first point:-

"(If claiming an owned Square, the claimer must first pay points equal to 1/4 of the Point score of the Square's owner, rounding up. These points are lost. If claiming a Square whose colour matches that of an idle BoardPlayer, the claimer must first pay points equal to 1/8 of that idle Player's score, rounding up.)"

Enacted by Myke, Friday the 28th, 10 Points to Kevan, 5 Points to Myke
Proposal : Blog Traits

[ With Prizes and the Nomic in general going a bit stale, here's a fresh (and additional) look at how-to-combine-blogs-with-a-Nomic. Not really sure where it'll go, but having some low-maintenance brass-dial tracking might be quite interesting, even if we never do anything with the data. ]

Add a new Rule, "Blog Traits":-

Each Player's weblog has a number of Traits, to be tracked through the GNDT. Traits can be either Active or Passive - an Active Trait can only be updated by the weblog owner, but a Passive Trait can be updated by any Player. Traits can be updated at any time. Traits which have never been updated default to zero, "none" or whichever value seems most appropriate.

Current Traits are:-

  • Output Level (Passive). This is the total number of postings made to the weblog during the day on which the Trait was updated, and during the previous six days.
  • Political Leaning (Active). This can be either "Left", "Right" or "None", and reflects the general political mood of the weblog, if not the Player.

Enacted by Kevan, Monday the 24th, 15 Points to Kevan

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Proposal: No Man's Land

[ Hmm, seems a bit unfair that the squares of people with below-average scores are easier to invade than empty ones. And having to calculate point averages every turn is a a bit tiresome anyway. ]

In Rule 15, replace:-

"The point cost to occupy an empty square is the point average of all active players divided by 3."


"The point cost to occupy an empty square is the point score of the Player with fewest points, divided by three."

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 21st, -2 Points to Kevan, +2 Points to Kevan...

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Call for Judgement

Kevan blanked the square F3 on the gameboard, which I had claimed after 3 other boardplayers had taken their turn.

By current rules, I was allowed to take a turn after "at least two thirds of the other BoardPlayers have taken a Turn since the BoardPlayer's previous Turn."

While Ole still appears as active on the gameboard, he is no longer a BlogNomic Player, and so regardless of his name being placed on the Gameboard, he is still invalid. This leaves 5 boardplayers.

The 2/3 requirement does not state that the 2/3 needs to be rounded up. 2/3 of 5 is 3.33 Players. Rounded down, this is 3 Players. Also, when counting the number of moves needed to have another turn, a rounded down count has been used previously without causing the move to be undone (most recent example would be Mikey taking E2 after 3 other Players had taken turns.)

I propose that F3 be returned to it's orange color.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Prize: Deja Vu (50 points)

To claim this prize, Player must

* Re-post an entry that was posted in the same blog at least one week prior. The text and subject line (if applicable) of the entry must remain unaltered in any way.

* Comment on this Prize Entry in the BlogNomic blog with a link to both the orginal entry and the re-post.

*Receive a comment on the entry noting - or questioning - it's re-posting before the end of Sunday.

Prize may only be claimed once by each Player, and may be claimed at any time before the end of Sunday after the prize-winning comment is made.

Players are strongly urged to not instruct others to comment on entry, and any posts or references to such will be seen as reason to revoke any points claimed for this prize.

Player cannot respond to comments questioning the re-posting with any reference (direct or implied) to BlogNomic, or any Prize points claimed for this will be revoked (and also go against Rule 16.)
Prize: Coolhunting (30 points)

Each player must blog a cultural trend that has not yet reached mainstream that she believes will be an influence in the near future with an explanation about why it's important or some theory about it. (including an image in th blog entry is encouraged)