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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Proposal: This proposal doesn't have a good name because of an Evil Conspiricy.

Add the following text to the despription of the Delta Group:
The highest ranking member of the Delta Group may be refered to as the Engineer. If the Engineer is not in the cell e may spend all eir action points to create a piece of Machinery defined in the ruleset at eir Location by making a entry to that effect. The Engineer may not create a Console, Power Core, Jettison Thruster, Interdimensional Transporter, Crewmeber Detention Field, or Training Device.

Please tell me if you think that this is too powerful.

Tick Passed 7-1 (timed out). Enacted by smith, 18th of Month at 2:41.

Proposal: The Doctor is in. Again.

Add the following to the desription of the Beta group:
The highest ranking member of the Beta Group may be refered to as the Doctor. If the the Doctor is not dead e may set eir Vitality to Wounded and eir logic to -1 to set another Crewmember's Vitality to Wounded

The Doctor's ability may seem unbalanced but if e uses eir ability e will cease to be the Doctor.

Cross Failed 3-6 (timed out). Failed by smith, 18th of May at 2:38.

Proposal: The Crewmember with the machine gun.

Add the following text to the description of the Epsilon Group:
The highest ranking Crewmember of the Epsilon Group may be refered to as the Warden. The Warden may spend an action point to use eir neural stunners on as many Crewmembers in the same location as em as e wants.

This is the first in a series of proposals that make ranks actually do something.
Tick Passed 7-2 (timed out). Enacted by smith, 18th of May at 2:31.

Computer Sequence #7

0, 1, 0, 2, 0, 2, 0, 4, 0, 4, 0, 4, 0, 6, 0, 8, 0, ...

Proposal: Repairs

The Caine can recieve some assistance from her crew in her attempt to reach Euclidean Space. They can repair parts of the ship, decreasing the time left until she reaches Euclidean space, and earning themselves some logic at the same time

Create a rule entitled "Repairs" with the text

At any time, if a crewmember can complete the requirements in the most recent legal post entitled 'Repairs' to the blog, then e may increase eir logic by 5, and add a post to the frontpage entitled 'Repairs', which contins the following information:

  1. The location, action, and results of eir DICEX check for the logic test required by the previous repairs post
  2. The text "T=T-1"
  3. The requirements for the next action under this rule, which are a randomly determined location, action, and logic check value, determined as detailed below

The location and action shall be determined by using a DICEX for each, where X is the number of locations or actions accessable by every crewmember, and the result shall be the DICEXth item on the respective list. The value required for the logic check shall be DICE(Y)+20, where Y is the highest logic value of any crewmember, including the computer.

If the requirements for the location and action for the current repair correspond to a piece of machinery in the ruleset, that piece of machinery can not be used until the repair is completed. Note that this applies to every instance of that machine in all locations, but the repair can only take place in the location given in the 'Repairs' post.

Append to rule victory the text
Whenever a legal post entitled 'Repairs' is made, the value of T shall be decremented by one. Note that neither the poster, nor whoever decremented the timer shall be considered to have attained victory under the first sentence of this rule if the timer is set to 0

Upon passage of this proposal, the enacting admin shall make a post entitled 'Repairs' detailing the first repair to be made, but omitting the information regarding the completion of the previous (non-existent) repair. The admin's logic shall not be incrased, nor the value of T decreased.

Furthermore, increase the value of T by one per active crewemember upon passage of this proposal.

This gives people that don't like logic puzzles something to do, and means that the time remaining is variable. The value of T is increased so that all crewmembers have a chance to make Repairs.

If you don't like the wording, suggest improvments and I'll fix it.

Cross Failed 2-4 with one abstention (timed out). Failed by smith, 18th of May at 2:22.


I got a DICE50:34 this time.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Computer Sequence #6

0, 13, 6, 17, 24, 6, 17, 0, 18, 18, ...

Not the same idea as #2 or #4.

Notice: Compliance

The computer is not complying with this text (found under rule 14 - Vocal Folds):

If a Command allows the Computer to alter the Ruleset or the Gamestate in any manner, the Computer can only do so after announcing, in the main page, the altering. This announce is done by marking the post with the command as if it were an enacted Proposal, as specified in Rule 5 - Enactment. Within that marking, the Computer must also include an abstract, in italic type, of the alterations to be made.

Howard, when you do some alteration on the ruleset, like this one, please edit the post so we can follow the alterations.

Proposal: Not that much

In rule 32 - Computer Sequences, change

A Crewmember that correctly answers a Sequence has eir Logic increased by 10. The Computer may further add up to 5 points per Sequence for aesthetics and presentation at eir discretion.


A Crewmember that correctly answers a Sequence has eir Logic increased by 5. The Computer may further add up to 2 points per Sequence for aesthetics and presentation at eir discretion.

Tick Passed 5-4 (timed out). Enacted by smith, 18th of May at 2:14.

Euclidean Clock Update

The clock ticked to 14, then got up to 16 again, due to the 2 "T=T+1" posts.

Edit: It's 15, not 16. Rodney action was illegal.


Gasp! DICE50: 6

Tough with a logic of 8, but playing at midnight did it.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I got a DICE50:1 (It's the same roll as earlier, I never stopped using the console).

Proposal: Fixing Typos

1. Treat Propsoal: Hiatus Fix as if it were a valid proposal, enacting it or failing it as appropriate.
2. Strike "Failed or Expired" and replace with "or Failed" in rule 3, since "Expired" no longer does anything...
3. Strike "The failure of said proposals shall incur no Props penalty for the proposer." from rule 9, as I have no idea what a "Props penalty" is...

I apologise for Propsoal: Hiatus Fix... everyone seems to have voted on it as if it were valid, so if the Admin want to enact it despite the typo, feel free..

Tick Passed 9-1 (reached Quorum). Enacted by smith, 16th of May at 23:51.

Computer Sequence #5

1/2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3

Non-Euclidean Javascript

Are any of the Crew proficient with Javascript? I plan to manually update the countdown timer until I can cobble together a dynamic timer. When adding the timer to the sidebar, I managed to eliminate the Oldest Pending Proposal - but not permanently, I do have a backup of the template.

For now the timer decrements by 1 but is also incremented by 1 due to Crewmember Rodney's actions, so we remain at T=15 days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I got a DICE50:1

On a completely diffrent note the Illuminati stole our voting icons.

On a completely diffrent note Blogger is acting weird so if there are multiple copies of this then blame the Illuminati, err, Blogger. Or maybe the Illuminati really is responible and they are hacking into Blogger to prevent me from posting this. In any case I still got a DICE50:1

Computer Sequence #4

0, 0, 1, 1, 3, 1, 5, 3, 5, 3, 9, 3, 11, 5, 7, 7, 15, 5, 17, ...

Easier than #2, similar idea.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


>QUERY. Howard, how can the Interdimensional matter transporter be used to prevent reentry into euclidean space?

The reason that I made this query is so that those with low logic could have a chance at winning the game. Also, if someone keeps using the IMT to prevent anyone from winning one can use the Video Bank to stop em.

TickEdited the Console to allow Crewmembers, no more than once per day, to delay the Euclidean space ETA by one tick. Thanks to Chronos for pointing out the necessity of this edit--I had forgotten about this requirement.


Just to mention that I've gone quietly idle; haven't had enough time to keep up with this fully for a while, really, but as I'm off on a brief holiday somewhere, now, I won't even hold up quorum. Will be back next week.

Computer Sequence #3

0.4612695550..., 0.4450853368..., 0.4305349047..., 0.4173569528..., 0.4053456945..., 0.3943364654..., 0.3841956640..., 0.3748135580..., 0.3660990370..., 0.3579757153..., 0.3503789912..., ...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Call for Judgement

Crewmember Gobleteer has increased his logic after resting outside the Crew Dorm. Other than the fact that he did this AFTER training, there is a problem. The wording reads:

"A Crewmember reseting eir Action Points when in the Crew Dorms is considered to have rested the night and receives 1 extra Action Point for doing so. If a Crewmember who has just rested the night has less than 15 Logic, e may increase eir Logic score by 2 points."

However, Gobleteer argues that this rule only implies the rest must be in the Crew Dorm.

For: As the rule currently reads, this is not permissable. Abridge the rule to more clearly read "If a Crewmemeber who has just rested the night in the Crew Dorms has less than 15 Logic, e may increase eir Logic score by 2 points." [Sugg: Set Crewmember Gobleteer's Logic to 1 and give him 1 extra AP.]

Against: This action is permissable under the current rules. Change Crewmember Gobleteer's Logic to 5 again.

Tick Passed 11-2. Enacted by smith, 11th of May at 3:11.

Sequence: Note

TheExcaliber -- one must post at least the next 6 items in the series. Please do so in the future!
Oh and also tell me instead so I can get tons of logic points for your work!

Propsoal: Hiatus Fix

In Rule 9, replace

If a Crewmember believes that e has achieved the victory conditions for the current Dynasty, e may post a Declaration of Victory to the BlogNomic weblog. At this point, BlogNomic immediately goes into Hiatus, during which no further game actions (other than Calls for Judgment, and all relevant actions specified in Rule 6) may be taken.


If a Crewmember believes that e has achieved victory as specified in the current ruleset, e may add a post to the Blognomic frontpage entitled 'Declaration of Victory', and a Hiatus begins. So long as the Hiatus is in effect, the only game actions that may be taken are those covered by rules 2 and 6.

The proposal brought in since hiatus would seem to be the most sane time to add new players and remove players that want to be idle, as well as other such administrative tasks.

Tick Passed 11-2 (reached Quorum). Enacted by smith, 16th of May at 23:54.

>Power Check

Sonic Euphoria Projector [Bar]
The Discoball-like Sonic Euphoria Projector will emit mood-altering beats at pleasant frequencies while a Crewmember is turning its knobs. While this Action is being performed, no Space Madness abilities can be used in the Bar, nor can any Service Group specific abilities be used there, with this exception: if a member of the Gamma Service Group creates an alcoholic drink with the Nanotechnological Beverage Synthesizer, that Gamma may serve it to any Crewmember in the Bar who then consumes it and becomes Stunned.

Computer Sequence #2

0, 0, 1, 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 7, 1, 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 3, 9, 1, 3, 9, 5, 1, 3, 9, 9, 9, 19, 1, 27, ...

Here you go, Quazie. Tomorrow's sequence will be easier; I think that it is difficult to cook up a sequence of integers that is not too easy but not already known.

Proposal: My God man! Do they want tea?

add the following to the end of Rule # 18:

I'm 'Enery the Eighth, I am.

Cross Failed 5-9 (with 1 Octopus vote). Failed by smith, 11th of May at 12:15.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Proposal: Not so Fast

[Excalabur pointed out that 3 doses of Speedy would still be too powerful. How about this as a brake on Drug abuse?]

Add to Rule 20 (Wonder Drugs):
Any Healthy Crewmember using or being administered 3 or more doses of any drug within a 24 hour period becomes Stunned.

Also, add a Law to Rule 25 (Ship's Protocol):
Law #6: No Crewmember may administer a drug to another one without explicit permission of the target, except in the conditions delineated in this Rule; this includes doing so via usage of robots. Members of the Beta Group may administer Saner to a Crewmember with Space Madness, or Slowy to a Criminal.

Tick Passed 9-0 (Reached Quorum). Enacted by smith, 11th of May at 12:09.

Proposal: Balancing Act

[Since Logic will be used to win the game, we should balance the service groups abilities to gain Logic. Alphas can gain Logic easily. Betas have a more roundabout method: they can repeatedly take Speedy, healing their lost Logic as they go, and finally take Slowy to convert the DPs into a big boost of Logic.]

Change the Alpha and Beta Service Group descriptions in Rule 17 to:

The Alpha Group consists of programmers, navigators, and machine operators. If two pieces of Machinery respond to the same Action, a member of the Alpha Group may, instead of having the Machinery in eir Location react to eir Action, remotely operate the other piece of Machinery instead. This does not work if the Machinery on either end is Damaged or Locked.

The Beta Group consists of nurses, doctors, and medics. By spending 2 Action Points a Beta Group member can use eir medikit to either change the Vitality of a Crewmember in the same Location from Stunned to Healthy, or create a single dose of a drug listed in the Wonder Drugs rule, which they can use on emselves or administer to another Crewmember in the same Location.

Change the Drug descriptions in Rule 20 to:
  • Speedy: The Crewmember using or being administered a dose of Speedy adds 2 to eir Action Points.

  • Slowy: The Crewmember using or being administered a dose of Slowy subtracts 2 from eir Action Points.

  • Saner: The Crewmember using or being administered Saner adds 10 to eir Logic if they have Space Madness. If that removes the Space Madness that Crewmember's DP is set to 3 if greater than three, and e becomes Stunned if e is Healthy.

In Rule 16 change the description of the Nanotechnological Drug Synthesizer:
Nanotechnological Drug Synthesizer [Sickbay, Crew Dorms] A Crewmember who is Turning the Knobs here may create up to three doses of a drug described in the Ruleset by stating the desired one in the GNDT comments field. Drugs may be used or administered in the place they are created (this costs no AP) and are disintegrated if the Crewmember who created it moves elsewhere.

[Here is a way to improve DP which won't translate into Logic:]
Add an Ambulatory Routine to Rule 31:
Sleep Reduction Routine - Increase the Daily Points of all Crewmembers in the Ambulatory by 1, unless that Crewmember already has 8 DP or more.

[And finally, I don't like Betas and Epsilons being the only ones who can move crewmembers, now that we have bounties.]

Add this to Rule 12:
A Crewmember may drag a Stunned, Wounded or Dead Crewmember with them when moving to a Location by spending an additional 2 Action Points.

Cross Failed 1-9. Failed by smith, 11th of May at 12:06.

Computer Sequence #1

-2, 0, 4, 10, 18, 28, 40, 54, 70, 88, ...

One more give-me?

Proposal: Two weeks of shore leave and then you're AWOL

Salutations, crew! I am pleased to announce that I have, with your assistance, successfully diagnosed and repaired the Caine's propulsion control system. If my calculations are correct, we will emerge from non-Euclidean space in 15 days, outside of a system that has three habitable colonized bodies. Please relax and enjoy the remainder of your stay on the vessel.


On the passage of this proposal, add a timer on the side bar of the front page titled "Euclidean Space in: T days", to be placed beneath "Oldest pending proposal". Set T to 15. Each day after the passage of this proposal, decrement the value of T by one.

Add to rule 28, "Victory"

If the value of T in the sidebar timer is legally set to zero or a negative number, then any Crewmember (excepting the Computer) who is alive may declare victory if eir Logic score is strictly greater than the Logic scores of all of other non-Dead Crewmembers.

If T is legally decremented to zero and two or more living Crewmembers are tied for the highest Logic score, then the first one to correctly answer a Computer Sequence (in the Computer's estimation) may declare victory.

Change rule 13, "The Computer Is Never Wrong" from

Every Crew Member, including the Computer, has a Logic rating, tracked in the GNDT. This may be any integer value from -60 to 60. New Crew Members start with a Logic rating of 15.

A Crewmember or Computer with a negative Logic rating has Space Madness.


Every Crew Member, including the Computer, has a Logic rating, tracked in the GNDT. This may be any integer value from -360 to 360. New Crew Members start with a Logic rating of 15.

A Crewmember or Computer with a negative Logic rating has Space Madness.

Tick Passed 9-5 (Timed Out). Enacted by smith, 11th of May at 2:42.