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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Such timing!

I'm back. Big country. Looking forward to the new party! Can somebody wake me up?

Friday, February 20, 2004

Declaration Of Victory

Daily Bugle: City In Ruins

"I'm currently standing on rubble where City Hall once stood. It appears as if the entire city has been hewn into a disarray after the 2 day riot. However, there are signs of rebuilding. Despite allegations that she ran an illegal Casino, Keitalia has spear headed much of the city's reconstruction. "We'll come back from this. My only concern are the reports of a minor radioactive spill. We don't know how many have been affected so far." This is I. Ben Looted reporting from City Hall."

The 24 hour Hiatus has begun. And if you're wondering why the IP address is the same as Damanor's that would probably be because I'm currently at his house.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Proposal: Unacceptable

Repeal rules 11, 13, 14, 17, 21, 22, 26, and 29.

Call for nominations (24 hours immediately following the passage of this proposal) and subsequent elections (24 hours immediately following the nomination period) for the next Emperor. The nominee with the most votes after the 24 hour election period becomes Emperor. In the event of a tie, a run-off election shall occur during the 24 hour period immediately following the initial election.

Self-failed by Wittgenstein, -5 to Wittgenstein, +1 to Damanor 6 pm 20 Feb.

New Person: Axiallus

While destruction reigns across the city, a new person slips into the chaos with great plans for the future of BlogNomic.

Welcome to Axiallus.

Quorum is 10.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The City Chronicle: City Hall Crumbles, Mob Takes Over

"A Riot fills the streets today as the Mob overthrows City Hall. The first act of the Mob: Close down the Police Station and fire all the Policeman. Banks close in fear of being robbed. Hooch consumption sky rockets. When we asked Keitalia what she thought of all this, she replied: "It doesn't bother me much. The Casino will remain open for the rest of this Dynasty." Will this Chaos ever end? Will there be some return to order? This is Robin Banks signing off."

The following law rules have been repealed: 12, 15-16, 18-20, 23-25, 27 and 28.

Idling Royce, and we can Riot! Yay! [Violent]

Royce has been declared Idle for not voting.
Quorum drops to 9, and the required 75% for a riot drops to 12.75 votes, rounded up to 13.
Let the riot begin!

Interestingly enough, this could be considered a riot proposal because it's a post with the word "riot" in the title. Except that we're already rioting.

We now have 48 hours to determine who the next ruler will be. Everybody can donate your status freely to everyone else, and the person with the highest status after that time will be the next ruler of BlogNomic.

Proposal : Chloroform [Trivial]

Any People (or equivalent terms for BlogNomic players, if we're in a new Dynasty by now) who failed to cast a vote on this Proposal shall be set Idle.

[ This will also remove the silent minority who are delaying the riot.]

Failed by Damanor 20 February at 6 pm, -5 to Kevan, +1 to Damanor

Proposal : Easier Rioting [Mob]

add to rule Riot:

Should 48 hours pass without a 75% majority being reached, the riot will be considered passed, if 75% or more of actual votes on the RIOT post have been for.

Since theres no way to fail a riot, this can be passed before the riot can resolve, and allow us to have our riot!!

Veto by The Don (Wittgenstein) -5 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Damanor (19 Feb 4 pm)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Eh, I don't know if it's just me, but this Dynasty seems to be exploding into lots of slow, complicated rules, without having much of a day-to-day game going on (you can visit the Bordello for free Status, or gamble at the Casino for money that can't be spent, and that's been about it) - we're just adding huge clauses and details to rules that nobody's really using, voting and administration has been slowing down, and I can feel the dust beginning to settle.

The ruleset could be heavily overhauled to wake the game up, but I'm beginning to wonder whether we're heading into an overcomplicated dead end, whether the time would be better spent on a fresh new Dynasty.

So is anybody up for a Riot? I'm willing to take a vote for the next Dynasty's Emperor and give them my dominant Status - put a nomination next to your FOR vote.

Riot begins 7:16 pm on February 18, recorded by Damanor.

Proposal: Another new Game [Mob] [Trivial]

Add a new game into rule 21.

Players are invited by the casino manager to place as much money as they wish on any one dice result. They must have enough money to cover their bet. Three dice are then thrown by the casino manager once betting is closed. If your number appears on one die only, you get your money back plus the same amount. If two dice show your number, you get your money back plus twice the amount you bid. If your number appears on all three dice, you get your money back plus three times the amount. Of course if the number is not on any of the dice, the casino gets your money.

To make this clearer with an example, suppose that you bet 1 dollar on No. 6. If one die shows a 6, you get your dollar back plus another dollar. If two dice show 6, you get back your dollar plus two dollars. If three dice show 6, you get your dollar back plus three dollars.

Vetoed by Wittgenstein, -5 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Damanor (19 Feb 4 pm)

Monday, February 16, 2004

Proposal: A Fool For a Client [Law]

At the end of the second paragraph of the rule Trials, add two sentences:
For the above calculations, if the Arrested Person names oneself as the Defense Lawyer, the Defense Lawyer's status is considered one half the Arrested Person's status. Likewise, if the Arresting Cop names oneself as the Prosecuting Lawyer, the Prosecuting Lawyer's status is half of the Arresting Cop's status.

[So if someone is representing oneself, the Trial only uses 125% of one's status, not 150%.]

Enacted by Keitalia 18th Feb; +10 to Glaisne, +2 to Keitalia.

Proposal: Follow the Cash (Trivial) [Mob]

Transfer $1000 from Cayvie to Wittgenstein.

[I think the mob may be at a disadvantage since Cayvie left as the Don. As things stand now, the mob is missing out on a week of income]

Enacted by Keitalia, 18th Feb 3:38 GMT +2 to Glaisne, +1 to Keitalia.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Proposal: Back with a Vengeance [Law] [trivial]

Amend the sentence of "City Locations" which reads "They may not stay in the Bordello for longer than 24 hours, and may not visit it more than once every 5 days" to read:
They may not stay in the Bordello for longer than 24 hours, and may not visit it more than once every 5 days except for the purposes of making a Bust.

Failed by Keitalia, 18th Feb -5 to SatyrEyes, +1 to Keitalia.

New Player : Truman Capote

A new Person is at large in the city.