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Friday, February 13, 2004

New Player

A character known only as Tabara has rolled into town, looking for an honest living (yeah right). Quorum is still 9.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to add new people to the GDNT. Kevan, could you do it, please?

Proposal: Oh, how the Money Rolls In

Add to the end of the rule called Cash the following:
Any person other than The Man, The Don or any Person officially classed as a Bum may choose to gain $20 at any time if they have not done so within the last 24 hours. This represents income from their job, be it policeman, mobster or some undescribed honest work.

Failed by Keitalia, 18th Feb -5 to Bluebottle, +1 to Keitalia.

Proposal: Legal Fees [Law]

First, in the second paragraph of Rule 25 - Trials, instead of adding "half of" the status of the Prosecuting Lawyer and the Defense Lawyer, make it read "up to half of" in both cases.

Add the following at the end of the second paragraph of Rule 25 - Trials:
The amount of status contributed is limited to the funds provided to the lawyer. Both the Prosecuting Lawyer and the Defense Lawyer must be compensated in advance for their time by being paid $1 for every status point that they contribute to the Prosecuting Status or Defense Status. The Prosecuting Lawyer must be paid by The Man, and the Defense Lawyer can be paid by any person or group of persons that wishes to do so, including himself or herself. If insufficient payment is provided, the lawyer will only contribute status up to the amount that they are paid.

Note: because the Defense Lawyer can contribute to their own legal fees, they are able to accept a partial payment, or even no payment at all, for their work. The Prosecuting Lawyer does not have that luxury, which means that The Man had better have a pretty solid case.

I also thought about increasing The Man's weekly income to make up for the effectively higher legal costs, but decided against it since (1) The Man is loaded, (2) the Defendant needs all the help they can get financially, and (3) historically, the Mob had more money available than the police did.

Enacted by Keitalia, 18th Feb +10 to Damanor +2 to Keitalia.

Proposal : Stabilising the Dollar [Trivial]

In Rule 17 (Cash), replace "Cash may be transferred from any Person to any other Person, for any reason." with:-

Any Person may give an amount of their own Cash to any other Person, for any reason, at any time.

[ It's currently possible to move anybody's money to anywhere. ]

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Feb - +3 to Kevan.

Proposal: Judge not, lest ye be judged [LAW]

Add the following rule, Judgement:

The Man also holds the position of Judge. Once a trial is concluded, and if the accused is found guilty, it is up to him to decide and enforce the sentence that the perpetrator must serve.

If the crime has not been commited before, then the Man must decide upon an appropriate length of time that an offender must serve, based on the severity of the crime and in context with the punishments given for other crimes. Once this precident has been set, any moderator may record it in the ruleset under this rule.

If it is judged that The Man has awarded too high a sentence for any given crime, then he may be lobbied by email to change the sentence. If he refuses to do so, it is the perogative of the people to riot.

If the crime has been committed before, then The Man must abide by his own precedent. He may increase the terms of the sentence by up to 25%, or lower it by any amount he chooses.

Once a prisoner has served half of his or her time, The Man may, at his own descression, release them on bail. While on bail, a Person may not join the police force, and if they are caught committing another crime they must serve the maximum amount possible, plus an extra day.

Punishments may also be accompanied by a fine, at The Man's descression. A fine may not be greater than $250.

If no rule on rioting exists, replace the last sentence of the third paragraph with:

A standard Call to Judgement may force The Man to release the prisoner entirely.

Failed by Kevan, 15th Feb - timed out 1 votes to 1. -5 to Joranj, +1 to Kevan.

Penalised non-voters: Bluebottle, ChinDoGu, Elazar, est, Glaisne, Joranj, Kahbn, Kamikaze, Keitalia, Orkboi, Royce, Satyr Eyes, Taraba, Wittgenstein, Zev.

Proposal: Urban Terror [MOB]

Add a rule, entitled Riot:

At any time, any player may call a riot. This is done making a post to BlogNomic with the word 'RIOT' in the title. All players (excluding The Man) may vote; if more than 75% (rounded up) of the Players vote for, then the riot passes. The Man is removed and may not participate (beyond voting) for the remainder of the dynasty, and rules 12, 15-16, 18-20, and 23-25, plus any rules created of law proposals after this proposal is passed, are repealed. The Police are disbanded, and no player may act as a Policeman.

The player with the highest status after a 48 hour period wins the dynasty and Ascends. During this period, any player may give any amount of their status to any other player freely.

If the initial Riot proposal fails, then any Policeman may arrest any Person who voted FOR it.

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Feb. +10 to Joranj, +2 to Kevan.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Trial of Elazar

BE IT KNOWN that on February 11, 2004, at 7:03 AM GMT, Citizen Elazar was Arrested by Policeman Banzai for brewing Hooch, a crime under the Eighteenth Amendment. Elazar possessed Hooch at the time of his Arrest, as court records will show.

Under the law of Trials, Elazar was put in Jail for 24 hours and given the opportunity to appoint a Defense Lawyer. Elazar has declined to appoint such a Lawyer. During Elazar's term in Jail, Satyr Eyes did reveal himself to be the bearer of the Identity of Policeman Banzai, and in the absence of an acceptance of Satyr Eyes' plaint from Citizen Kevan, did appoint himself as Prosecuting Lawyer.

24 hours have now expired, and the trial of Elazar has proceeded. In the absence of a Defense Lawyer, the Defense Status is equal to the Defendant's Status, namely 80. The Prosecuting Status is equal to the Arresting Cop's Status plus half the Prosecuting Lawyer's Status. Both are Satyr Eyes, and as Satyr Eyes does have a Status of 191, the Prosecuting Status is 191 + 191/2 = 286.5. The results of the trial are as such:
Insofar as the Defense Status is less than 110% of the Prosecuting Status, Elazar is hereby convicted under the Law of Trials and is made a Prisoner. Insofar as Satyr Eyes is the Arresting Cop and the Proposal "All in a Day's Work" has Passed, Satyr Eyes gains 5 Status. Insofar as Satyr Eyes is the Prosecuting Lawyer, Satyr Eyes gains 10 Status.
Whosoever takes issue with any detail of this trial should post a Call for Judgment at their leisure. Long live the Blog.

Proposal: I Make the Rules Around Here [Mob]

Amend Casino to include the following paragraph between subsections "Casino Manager" and "Games":
Any Proposal which makes explicit changes to the rules of a Casino game may be Vetoed by the Casino Manager, if a Casino Manager exists. The Casino Manager's Veto functions as per the rules for the Man's veto and, in particular, may be overridden in any way that the Man's veto may be overridden. The phrase "Casino game" in this paragraph shall not be interpreted to refer to the whole of BlogNomic.

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Feb - timed out 2 votes to 1. +10 to Satyr Eyes, +2 to Kevan.

Penalised non-voters: Bluebottle, ChinDoGu, Elazar, est, Glaisne, Joranj, Kahbn, Kamikaze, Keitalia, Orkboi, Royce, Taraba, Wittgenstein, Zev.

Proposal : Gambeling Fix [Mob]

Replace the text
All losing bets are added to the Casino's Cash.

in rule 21 with the following

For the purposes of this casino odds are expressed as follows

2:1 X

This means the payment back from the casino to the punter, should result X occur will be double the amount the punter paid to the casino at the time of their bet. All payments to the casino must be made at the time of placing the bet, If the payment cannot be afforded the bet is considered invalid.

For example if the odds are 2:1 and the bet is $100, the punter pays the casino $100, and if they win, the casino then pays the punter $200

A bet can only win in a specified category once, but can win in multiple categorys should it qualify. For example in the game Slots, Bar-Bar-X pays off, as does Bar-Bar-Bar. A punter who achieved Bar-Bar-Bar receives the Bar-Bar-X pay off once, and the Bar-Bar-Bar Payoff once.

Should the casino be unable to cover a payoff, the casino is declared Bankrupt, And is closed Automatically. All the casino's cash is paid out to the punter.
The casino may re-open when it has recieved additional funds from any source.

Additionally Remove from rule 21 the phrase

One role only.

I felt that this needed clarified, and there were still a few problems with how the casino is working, so hopefully this will fix it. By my math, this leaves the odds extremely slightly (<1%) in favor of the casino making a profit. Which is how it was intended I believe, and how it should be. If anyone wants a copy of my math, email me for it.

Edit - Remove implication that B-B-X == X-B-B, Fix typo, and add removal of one role only phrase + spelling

Failed by Kevan, 15th Feb - timed out 2 votes to 8. -5 to Chindogu, 1 to Kevan.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Proposal: Sound the Alarm! (Law)

Add a new section to Jobs as follows:

Some jobs can be initiated by persons:

Add a new job to this section as follows:

A person who is in jail and has been there at least 24 hours can plan a jailbreak. This person becomes the leader of the jailbreak. A jailbreak requires at least one other person. Only people in jail can participate in a jailbreak and no one may participate in more than one jailbreak in any 24 hour period. To carry out the job, the leader must make a post in the GNDT stating "Jailbreak in progress". Each participant must also then post their participation within 15 minutes. After 15 minutes is up, the leader may then post "Jailbreak DICE+number of participants. If the result of the die roll is 6 or better, the jailbreak succeeds, otherwise if fails. A police person may stop the jailbreak at any time during the 15 minutes by posting "Gotcha" in the the GNDT. If the jailbreak succeeds, all prisoners gain 20 status and they go from being a Prisoner to being a Fugitive. If it fails, they lose 10 status and remain in Jail. If a police person halts the jailbreak, that person gains 10 status.

Add the follwoing Law rule, entitled Fugitives.

Under certain circumstances, people may become fugitives. Fugitives may not enter the Bordello, the Casino, or City Hall. If a fugitive is ever arrested, they go directly to jail without benefit of a trial, and the arresting officer receives any rewards that are appropriate.

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Feb. +10 to Orkboi, +2 to Kevan.


I, Satyr Eyes, do hereby reveal myself to be none other than Policeman Banzai! Never saw that one coming, did you? And as Satyr Eyes, I shall act as Arresting Cop at Elazar's impending Trial. Hopefully next time I make an arrest there'll be a rule in place about anonymity...

CFJ: Hung Jury

Suspend all trials until some rule is passed that allows arresting policemen to preserve their anonymity during a trial.

Going down in a hail of gunfire. Okay, actually not.

Road trip time for me! I'd like to be idled, if somebody doesn't mind, but I'll be back in a week or two. Good luck, everyone.

Proposal: I'll Go Tally the Votes [Law] [trivial]

To fix the hole Joranj pointed out.

Amend "Trials" to insert the following between the second and third paragraphs:
The Prosecuting Status and Defense Status are computed by the Man. The Man does not report the Status of each side to the blog, but he does report whether the Arrested Person becomes free or a prisoner. He is required to report the outcome honestly and according to the rules below.
I think this should fix the problem, since the Man presumably knows who the cop really is, and can consult the GNDT to find his or her Status.

Failed by Kevan, 15th Feb - timed out 5 votes to 5. -5 to SatyrEyes, +1 to Kevan.
I've just noticed that the current trial rules really require the arresting policeman to give away their identity, when calculating Prosecution Status. I don't have time before going to work, but some sort of fix for this would be a good idea. Preferably before Elazar goes to trial.
At 7:03am GMT, Citizen Elazar was arrested by Policeman Banzai for the preparation and possession of hooch.

The City would like to formally approach Citizen Kevan to represent it in its prosecution of this criminal.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Proposal: There's a Place For Me... [Trivial] [Law]

Remove paragraph entitled Casino Bust By The Man in Rule 21.

Add a new job to 'The Man' section in rule 26:

Casino Raids

The Man must select at least 1 Policeman to carry out this Job. The Policeman must move to the Casino at the designated time and remain there for at least 10 minutes.

If the Policeman observes illegal activities at the Casino they may file a report to The Man. After receiving the report The Man may order a raid, by posting a comment in the GNDT "This is a raid!". During the raid the hooch in the Casino's inventory is revealed to The Man. However, instead of ordering a raid, The Man can email the Casino Manager for a bribe or ignore activities within the Casino.

All Persons within the Casino at the time of a bust loses 10 Status and the Casino Manager can be put into prison or left with a hefty cash fine (Max: 1/2 current Casino cash). The Man may choose to reward the policeman 10 Status.

Raids cannot occur when the Casino is closed.

This is basically the same as before... just some minor changes to meet requirements/format for rule 26. As usual I'd be happy to answer any questions in regard to this proposal or to the Casino. But feel free to vote at anytime.

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Jan. +10 to Keitalia, +2 to Kevan.

Proposal: Term Limits [Law]

Add the following rule, "Eighth Amendment":
No Person may be sent to Prison for more than seven days or forced to pay more than $500 pursuant to being found guilty in a lawful Trial. Any Person who has been Imprisoned for at least seven days is free, may leave Prison at their leisure, and is no longer considered an Accused or Imprisoned Person for the purposes of any Rule.

The punishment for brewing or buying hooch is five days' imprisonment. The punishment for selling hooch is five days' imprisonment, plus a fine equal to the amount the hooch was sold for. The punishment for running a Casino is either seven days' imprisonment or a fine of half the Casino's cash (not exceeding $500); the Man may choose which on a case-by-case basis. All fines are payable to the Man. This rule takes precedence over all other rules determining sentence.

If the Proposal "Prison Reform" passes, replace all instances of the word "Prison" in this Rule with "Jail" and of "Imprisoned" with "Jailed", and delete this paragraph.

Revised to let the punishment fit the crime and to up the maximum length of a sentence.

Enacted by Kevan, 15th Jan. +10 to Satyr Eyes, +2 to Kevan.


Vetoed by The Man, failed by Kevan. -5 to BlueBottle, +1 to Kevan.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Power Bid

I claim Donhood ... er, Donship ... or maybe, Dondiggity Goodness.

So ... uh, yeah feel free to stab me if you disagree.

Contact is if there are any requests for private ammendments to the list thingy.
Hmm, someone had mentioned that the BackBlog comments were showing the wrong time - they're actually two hours behind GMT, for some reason. I've relocated us to Budapest instead, which seems to have solved the problem. (So you were too late with your vote on Jury of Your Peers, I'm afraid, Brendan - I'd already started processing it.)

Still a lot of dead proposals in the queue, but I haven't got the time to time them out just now. The whole administration thing does seem to have slowed down a bit - I wonder if it was a mistake to lower the Admin rewards, after all...


Unexpected personal problems have arisen, rendering me without the time required to participate effectively.

I request to be made idle; the new Don may e-mail me for the current list of mobsters.

Proposal : Prison Reform

[ We've got one rule defining Prisoners and one defining a Jail location - this is a proposal to combine them, and to unify various mentions of Jail, Imprisonment and Prison throughout the ruleset.

Essentially the non-Proposing "Prisoner" state becomes "being moved to the Jail, which you can't leave". Sentence duration and escape is left as an exercise to the player. ]

Repeal Rule 16 (Jail).

In Rule 20 (City Locations), add the following effect-text to "Jail":-

People in Jail may not submit Proposals, nor may they move to another Location.

Replace "becomes a Prisoner" with "goes to Jail" in Rule 15 (Eighteenth Amendment).

Replace "goes to Prison" with "goes to Jail" in the Rule "Police Rewards", if it exists.

Replace "made a prisoner" with "sent to Jail" in the Rule "Jobs", if it exists.

Replace "becomes a Prisoner" with "goes to Jail" in the Rule "Trials", if that one exists.

Also in "Trials", replace "Jailed" with "Charged", and "that Person's condition becomes Charged" with "they are moved to the Police Station and may not leave it until their Trial is over".

Also replace "shall be in Prison" with "shall be put in Jail", in Rule 23 (Warrants).

Enacted by Kevan, 13th Feb. +12 to Kevan.

Proposal : Codification

[ Having another go at what Orkboi was trying to do with "Codenames are People Too", and tidying up the increasingly terrifying Codenames rule while I'm there... ]

In Rule 19 (Codenames), remove the paragraph:-

Any field that exists in one GNDT must exist in the other.

Replace the second and third paragraphs with:-

The Codename GNDT tracks the status of Codenames - any field that exists in one GNDT must exist in the other. A Person may choose to perform any game action (other than voting) using their Codename; any GNDT changes are made to the Codename GNDT instead of the standard one. Furthermore, People may choose to perform actions against Codenames, instead of People, with the same effect.

Numerical variables on the Codename GNDT are expressed with a plus or minus before them, and may drop below zero. A Codename's Location can only be changed during a Job, and defaults to About Town at all other times.

Also replace the paragraph beginning "If at any point a Policeman or Mobster's code name is revealed" with:-

If a Person's Codename identity is revealed and confirmed by The Man or The Don, then all values from that Codename's GNDT entry must be added to the Person's standard GNDT entry, and the Codename is deleted. A Codename's Status is increased by 10% (rounding down) prior to this addition, if its owner revealed their identity voluntarily - otherwise it is reduced by 10% (rounding down).

Enacted by Kevan, 13th Feb. +12 to Kevan.

Proposal: Let go of my hooch! [Blah]

So we have hooch, a blognomic alcoholic beverage that does nothing to the drinker. Which is a little boring...

Add new paragraph to Moonshining:

Once a Person consumes hooch they must roll a dice to determine how the hooch effects them. 1-3 means they react very badly and lose 5 status. 4 means they don't react. 5-6 means that they react rather well and gain 5 status. If a Person whom consumes hooch in the Bordello and rolls a 1 they also lose $20.

AGAINST Failed by Damanor Feb 11; -5 to Keitalia, +1 to Damanor

Proposal: Jackpot [Trivial] [Mob]

Add a new game into rule 21.

* Slot Machine:
Use 3dFRUIT, one roll only, the wager being made in a comment in the GNDT along with the roll. (ex: 'FRUIT, FRUIT, FRUIT $5') The the list below has a combination and a corresponding payoff; each roll must appear in the exact order of the combination, and X is equal to any fruit:

Orange-Orange-X, 2:1
Kiwi-Kiwi-X, 3:1
Hooch-Hooch-X, 4:1
Cherry-Cherry-X, 5:1
Bar-Bar-X, 6:1
Lemon-Lemon-Lemon, 4:1
Orange-Orange-Orange, 8:1
Kiwi-Kiwi-Kiwi, 10:1
Hooch-Hooch-Hooch, 12:1
Cherry-Cherry-Cherry, 24:1
Bar-Bar-Bar, 36:1

If there is no FRUIT command use DICE. 1=Lemon, 2=Orange, 3=Kiwi, 4=Hooch, 5=Cherry, 6=Bar

Comments, Suggestions, & Questions are always welcome. If not then feel free to vote.
All games brought to you by: Dungeon Masters Guide (1st edition) by Gary Gygax, copyright 1979 - TSR Games.

FOR Enacted 11 Feb by Damanor; +2 to Keitalia, +1 to Damanor

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Nomination? Me?...

Yes, I think this would be a good time to nominate myself as Casino Manager. I've waited about 19 hours in fairness to provide the opportunity for others to take the position of Casino Manager for themselves, but it appears that there hasn't been any takers. Oh well, more fun for me. I await your apporval.

Comments or questions are always welcome.