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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Trivial Grammar

Upon passage of this Proposal:
- All Gremmies with fewer than 85 Props shall have their Props increased to 85.
- All Gremmies with greater than 125 Props shall have their Props decreased to 125.
- The King of the Beach shall have his Skill set to 5; all other Gremmies shall have their Skill set to 1.

This'll average out our Props at 96 per player. As for my Skill bonus, hey, I'm the King of the Beach. I think I deserve some kind of advantage before a clever Gremmie works out a way to increase Skill and makes a run at me.

Proposal: Waves of Change

All Gremmies with less than 100 Props have their Props set to 100. All Gremmies with greater than 100 Props gain 10 Props.

Tick Timed Out6-5
Enacted by Quazie, 31st of January at 4:30 AM.

Friday, January 28, 2005

In with the Old ...

Some kind admin, please change my name back to Heiwa.


My STUFF SHALL BE post was changed even though there were comments on it which is against rule 7. Please change it back.

New Player

welcome Angry Grasshopper!

no change in quorum

Proposal: Surfin'

Add a new rule, Surfing:

Each Gremmie has a Skill listed in the GNDT as a positive number. Once a day, a Gremmie who owns a Board may attempt to catch a wave by posting "Go Surfing DICE6" to the GNDT. If the DICE roll is less than or equal to the Gremmie's base Skill plus the bonus from their Board, the attempt is successful, and the Gremmie may increase their Props by 1; otherwise, the Gremmie must decrease their Props by 1.

Add a new rule, Surf Shop:

The King of the Beach owns a Surf Shop where he sells Boards to Gremmies. Each Board is listed with its price, required base Skill to use the Board, Skill bonus, extra information (which may or may not include extra non-Skill bonuses,) and availability (ie. stock.)

A Gremmie can purchase any Board which they have enough Skill to use by posting their action in the Blog, whereupon they must pay the price of the Board with their Props and add the Board's name to the "Board" field in the GNDT. If a Gremmie already has a Board, they must sell it before buying a new one, for which they receive half of the Board's listed price in Props; this may be done in the same post as a purchase request. The King of the Beach will update the Surf Shop sales listing to reflect the sale as soon as he notices it, unless he's off girl-watching again.

A Gremmie who attempts to purchase a Board which is out of Stock, even if the change in Stock has not appeared on the sales listing yet, will have their Board removed from their possession. If they sold a less expensive Board to gain the new one, their old Board will be returned, free of charge; otherwise, they will be refunded half the price of the new Board and told to wise up.

Every Tuesday and Friday, the King of the Beach receives a new shipment. He may add up to three stock in any combination to any existing Boards as he sees fit, and may also list up to two new Boards with the relevant information. New Boards are added to the Surf Shop list with one stock.

Add a new rule, Shop List:

This is the current Surf Shop sales listing. The King of the Beach may alter or update this list at any time to reflect the availability of current or new Boards. Prices as marked - All sales final - Seller is not responsible for attempted purchase of nonexistent Boards - Do not ask for credit as a punch in the mouth may offend.

Name - Cost - Required Base Skill - Skill Bonus - Info - Stock

Minnow - 20 Props - 0 - +2 - Rides like it sounds. Gotta start somewhere though, and the price is right! - 10 in stock.

Trout - 40 Props - 0 - +4 - Goes upstream like nothing else. Get 'em while they're hot! - 5 in stock.

Animal - 200 Props - 10 - +10 - Hard to handle, but an expert can practically double their skill with one of these. Shame about the high price, but I gotta stay in business somehow! - 2 in stock.

Reword the first paragraph of rule 10, Props, as follows:

Each Gremmie has an amount of Props, which may vary during the course of the game. Props may not fall below 0. Any effect which would take Props beyond this boundary instead sets it to the boundary, unless the change must be made as a precondition of a game action (such as paying a "cost"), in which case that action cannot be performed.

This gives us a makeshift currency and some stuff to buy. From here, we could set up competitions, and figure out some other aquatic sports maybe. This could be the Dynasty where BlogNomic jumps the shark!

Tick Passed 9-1. Enacted by Simon, 29th of January at 6:32.

Ascension Address


1. Lifeguard not on duty. Enter the water at your own risk.
2. Replace "Muffin" with "Gremmie", "GRAND POOBAH" with "King of the Beach", "Stuffs" with "Props", "Year" with "Aeon", and "A.E. (Anno EquitisRegis)" with "AA (Aeon of Awesomeness)".
3. No whiners. If someone splashes you, splash 'em back.
4. Repeal rules 11 through 25.
5. If someone else calls a wave, don't steal it. Unless you're better than them.
6. jkqrlvilsvkja jhwvfdsjkladnckerb dfibonrbk slvnasdj kvhewb kirndfsvmab a dsfasddd (There's graffiti all over this rule. You can't read it.)
7. For all your surfing and swimwear needs, come to Simon's First Dynasty and Surf Shop, located right behind you on the boardwalk.

Well, that's about it. Welcome to BlogNomic Beach.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Unidle me

Pretty plesase?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Declaration of Victory

When the proposal "That Sweet Muffin Music" passed, Blueberry's Shooing combined with the surpassed Switcheroo Alarm caused the Hands to exchange "a Muffin" with "the GRAND POOHBAH" in rule 23. The rule now reads "Only a Muffin may give the role of GRAND POOBAH to another Muffin." I'm a Muffin, so I gave myself the role of GRAND POOBAH and can now declare victory as per rule 23.



Monday, January 24, 2005

Proposal: Tag fix

In the rule Tag, remove the rule of Tag reading: "Tagging can only happen on designated tag days."

Veto VetoVetoed. Failed by Simon, 28th of January at 2:54.


... fly don't bother me.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Proposal: Calling all Muffins

Any Muffin who does not vote on this proposal becomes Idle.

VetoVeto Vetoed. Failed by Simon, 28th of January at 2:50.

Proposal: That Sweet Muffin Music

In the Music rule, after the text, "(Movements in Limbo must my notated in the GNDT as '-', and can never be contained in a sequence to make a Concerto.)", insert these paragraphs:
If a Muffin bounces off of another Muffin, the note they would have played for the Position they are bouncing from is instead added to the note history of the Muffin they are bouncing off of.

For example: If Chronos moves to Position 8 and bounces off of 75thTrombone to Position 9 and then stops bouncing. An A note is added to 75thTrombone's note history and a B note is added to Chrono's note history.
[With the current rules, bouncing allows Concertos to be played very easily. This would make it more challenging.]

Tick Timed out 3-1 with 1 deferential. Enacted by Simon, 25th of January at 23:19.

Proposal: The hands want this to end, but lets keep things going

Remove the role 'GRAND POOBAH' from the roles rule

Cross Timed out 4-5. Failed by Simon, 25th of January at 23:17.

Proposal: Red Tape Tag

In the rule Tag, remove the rule of Tag reading: "Tagging can only happen on designated tag days."

I forgot that my last proposal would eliminate the definition of tag days, leaving me unable to tag anyone at all.

Veto Vetoed at 5-1. Failed by Simon, 25th of January at 00:02.

Proposal: Slightly Warmer Tag

In the rule Tag, remove the sentence:

When the tens digit of the year is either a 5 or a 0, then it is a designated tag day.

Also, remove the words "if itís not a Tag Day and" from the rule Position.

Tick Passed 7-0. Enacted by Simon, 23rd of January at 17:33.