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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Proposal: "We need to de-centralize to retain optimum efficiency"

If "Proposal: Efficency Drive" passes:

Add a new rule, "Reorganization":

A Department Head, upon reaching 7 efficency, has the option of 'Reorganizing' (also referred to as a 're-org') their department by posting a post with the title of either "Reorganizing" or "Re-org", and listing the name of two Teamspersons.

One Teamsperson must be from the poster's department (referred to as the "Lackey"), and another must not be (referred to as the "Chum"). The Department Head in question must also have more Dignity than the Teamsperson from the other department. Preforming this action costs a department half of their efficency (rounded up), not to exceed 5.

If the above conditions hold true 24 hours after the inital call for Reorganization, then the following takes effect:

The Chum and the Lackey swap departments. The Lackey loses 10 Dignity, but the Lackey's new department gains half of the Efficency spent by his original department (rounded down). The Chum gains 5 dignity.

If this proposal passes, Greth will gain half the accepted dignity for its passing.

FOR Passed 9 to 0 by Brendan at 8:03 pm GMT on 6.20.2004. +5 to Greth, +2 to Brendan.

Proposal: You're an Asset to the Department

Add to the Rule 'Efficiency', if such a rule exists:
Every Saturday, the Head of the Department with the highest Efficiency gains 10 Dignity. All members of that Department gain 5 Dignity. If no one Department has the highest Efficiency, these bonuses are ignored.

FOR Passed 9 to 1 by Brendan at 7:01 pm GMT on 6.20.2004. +2 to Royce, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : The Singing Directive

Add a new rule, "The Corporate Song":-

A singing workforce is a happy workforce. This rule shall contain the (unfinished) Corporate Song of the TTC Conglomerate.

The District Manager may encourage staff to assist in the writing of the Corporate Song by posting a memo with the subject "Corporate Songwriting", containing a single feedline of text. Other Teamspersons should post their choice of a single follow-up line, in comments to that memo - after 24 hours, the District Manager shall choose the best of these lines and add both it and the feedline to the Corporate Song. The writer of the chosen line gains 10 Dignity.

The Corporate Song:-

[song goes here - this paragraph shall be deleted when the first two lines of the song are posted]

To the Glossary, add:-

Blog entries can also be referred to as "memos" during this Dynasty. (This glossary entry shall remove itself at the end of the First Dynasty of Brendan.)

FOR Passed 10 to 1 by Brendan at 6:58 pm GMT on 6.20.2004. +10 to Kevan, +2 to Brendan.

Going idle

...but just for the weekend. I'll be back to filing reports and pretending to work on Monday morning, same as always.

Quorum is 7.

New Teamsperson: Knightking

Hello, everyone. I'd like you to meet Knightking, our newest TTC Teamsperson. He comes to us with an excellent background of infomanagement and solution dissemination, and I'm sure that he'll do just fine here in our atmosphere of desperate, dog-eat-dogfood one-upmanship.

Quorum rises to 8.

Proposal : Efficiency Drive

Enact a new Rule, "Efficiency":-

Each Teamsperson (except the District Manager) may belong to a single Department - Sales, Marketing, Research, Accounts or Admin. Each Department has a Department Head, who tracks that Department's Efficiency as a GNDT variable next to their own name. (All non-Head Teamspeople have an Efficiency of "-".)

Whenever a Proposal belonging to a member of a Department passes, the Head of that Department may add one to that Department's Efficiency, within the next 24 hours.

If a Department has no Head, it has an Efficiency of zero - any member of the Department may take on the role to change its Efficiency to one.

AGAINST Passed 10 to 1 by Brendan at 6:55 pm GMT on 6.20.2004. +10 to Kevan, +2 to Brendan.

Proposal: Meet your targets

Add to the glossary:

The official symbol of currency in BlogNomic is '~'.

Add a new rule, Salaries:

Every Teamsperson has a salary, which is changed by weekly review. It is tracked in the GNDT under 'Salary'. Each Teamsperson's salary may only be changed once per week.

When it reaches various points, a Teamsperson's salary will give certain bonuses and a new rank, which is also tracked in the GNDT. Each bonus may only be applied once per player and are not reversed when the salary criteria is no longer true. Ranks, however, continue to conform to the value of the Teamsperson's salary.

"Tea boy" - ~7k - Dignity -40% (rounded down)
"Desk Clerk" - ~10k - Dignity -20% (rounded down)
"Salesperson" - ~15k - Dignity +25 points
"Office Mascot" - ~25k - Dignity +20%
"Team Leader" - ~30k - Dignity set to 120

Whenever a Teamsperson moves up a rank, all other Teamspersons who were on the same rank as them loose 5 Dignity.

Add a new rule, Targets:

Each week, the District Manager may set a sales target for the team by changing their own 'Sales' field in the GNDT. The number of sales made by each Teamsperson is tracked in their own 'Sales' field, and is reset each week when the new targets come out. Salary increases and decreases may result from poor sales performance.

The District Manager cannot edit their own 'Sales' field in the GNDT. As soon as a rule has been made that allows for players to make sales, this paragraph repeals itself.

AGAINST Failed 2 to 8 by Brendan at 6:53 pm GMT on 6.20.2004. -3 to Josh, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal : It's Only Fair [Trivial]

Add 25 to the Dignity of all Teamspersons except Brendan.

Add 50 to Brendan's Dignity.

FOR Passed 10 to 1 by Brendan at 6:46 pm GMT on 6.20.2004. +3 to Brendan.

Ascension Address: A Bold Time For Vision

Employees and Associates, I'm glad to see you all here today. It's a good thing I wore my glasses. Pause for laughter. I--that's, um, hold on.

As I was saying, I've called this team-wide infosession to discuss the reformation of our mission statement and, more importantly, the new philosophy behind it. We've thrown out all the old rules and cleared up most of the lingering tasks. We're ready to forge ahead, to think outside the box. I may be your District Manager, but each of you Teamspersons is equally vital to the dignity of this company as a whole. The TTC Conglomerate is, now more than ever, poised to leap directly into the cutting edge of office solutions.

Replacing "Computer," "Crew Member" and "Health" with "District Manager," "Teamsperson" and "Dignity."

Repealing rules 1-10, and removing several long-idle players.

Vetoing all pending Proposals except "Cost Accountancy."

One quick note--as is clearly visible in this PowerPoint chart, our CorporateCorporal license has corresponded with a distinct and sustained rise in productivity. In other words, since morale's improved, the beatings will continue.

Now, if you'll flip to the next page in your handouts, we'll begin.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Declaration Of Victory

As the last surviving Crew Member, I hereby claim victory over this Dynasty, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities thereto appertaining.

Thanks again to my lovely conspirator Keitalia for all her help, and thanks to all of you for playing. I've had a lot of fun with these games. But now, finally, it's about time we all got back to work.

Proposal : Cost Accountancy [Trivial]

[ That "voluntarily create an effect" thing in Rule 3 is far too vague and mysterious. And also doesn't cover negative "costs", in hypothetical Dynasties where gaining too much "Health" might be a bad thing... ]

In Rule 3, replace ". No Crew Member may voluntarily create an effect which requires them to lose more Health than they have." (or any very similar sentence with a different term in place of "Crew Member") with:-

, unless the change must be made as a precondition of a game action (such as paying a "cost"), in which case that action cannot be performed.

FOR Passed 7 to 0 by Brendan at 7:24 am GMT on 6.19.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Alien Attack: And then there was One...

Shrill shrieks fill the air announcing the oncoming onslaught as Truman Capote, DarkElf, and Keitalia suddenly became aware of their impending doom.

All those within the caves were hit with 25 health damage.

Brendan is the last survivor with 31 health.

Alien Attack: We're All In This Together

Aliens. Caves. 25 Health.

The plot, as it were, thins.

Proposal: Permanent wounds [Trivial]

In rule 3 - Health, change:

If it was lower than 75 before the Ascension, it rises to 75.


If it was lower than 75 and above or equal to 0 before the Ascension, it rises to 75.

and add the following:

If a Crew Member's health was lower than 0 before the Ascension, it rises to 75 plus their health prior to the Ascension.

If 'Having proven my point...' doesn't pass, this still leaves the option of sub-zero health penalty open in the future.

VETO Vetoed by Brendan upon Ascension.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Proposal: Having proven my point... [Trivial]

After making note of this possible free health for the living at no cost to the dead:

Delete the sentences in rule 3 - Health that read:
Health may not fall below 0 or rise above 200. Any effect which would take Health beyond either of these boundaries instead sets it to that boundary. No Crew Member may voluntarily create an effect which requires them to lose more Health than they have.

If more than half of the Crew Members who vote for this proposal also include the phrase "Fine him" in their vote, the next time Damanor has 12 or more Health or Health-equivalent, remove 12 Health or Health-equivalent from his total.

I know that arguably my actions violate the second of those sentences, but so would self-failing any proposal when someone has zero health, as Josh did below. Please note that I did this at no profit to myself.

VETO Vetoed by Brendan upon Ascension.

Proposal: It's just not going to work... [Trivial]

This is the last proposal that's going to die, here.

AGAINST Self-killed at 22:40 GMT on 6.17.2004. +1 Keitalia.

Proposal: Dying to post [Trivial]

This proposal does nothing, too.
Are you noticing a pattern, here?

AGAINST Self-killed at 22:37 GMT on 6.17.2004. +1 Keitalia.

Proposal: Destined to Fail [Trivial]

This proposal also does nothing.

AGAINST Self-killed at 22:36 GMT on 6.17.2004. +1 Keitalia.

Proposal: Whatever [Trivial]

This proposal does nothing.

AGAINST Self-killed at 22:34 GMT on 6.17.2004. +1 Keitalia.


My previous attempt was invalid because I had Food. Trying to eat TrumanCapote again.


I'm going to try and eat TrumanCapote. Just for kicks.


Keitalia looks mighty tasty!

Alien Attack: The Littlest Crew Member

In a statistically unlikely turn of events, the aliens have availed themselves of the last remaining parts of Ornithopter. Meanwhile, the masses huddled in the Caves have availed themselves of the last remaining Med-Kits for 8 Health each. Ah, morphine! How well you dull the pain of a companion's departure.

Proposal : Shut Up And Get On The Cart [Trivial]

[ As ChinDoGu has demonstrated, it's meaninglessly confusing to have Josh's corpse sitting around with 10 Health. ]

In Rule 13 (Death), replace "Dead Crew Members may not gain Health." with:-

Dead Crew Members' Health is always zero.

FOR Passed 7 to 1 by Brendan at 4:20 pm GMT on 6.17.2004. +1 to Brendan. +0 to Kevan.

Proposal: Brains

Add the following rule, Zombies:

If a Dead Crew Member gains life, effectively raising their Health above zero, they are considered to be zombies, reanimated by the spores in the air. They retain the RIP tag in the sidebar, and are still considered dead for the purposes of Rule 13.

Zombies may cannibalise other Crew Members in the same location at any time. However, they are extremely slow. Once they have moved into a location, they may not move again or cannibalise any of its residents for 24 hours. They can also be fought off quite easily, although they are very powerful; a zombie cannibalisation does not kill its target, the victim simply looses health equal to the health of the zombie who is cannibalising him, and 1 food.

A Zombie may gain 5 health after every successful cannibalisation. If a zombie cannibalises the last Crew Member, they may declare victory.

Delete "Dead Crew Members may not gain Health." from Rule 13.

AGAINST Self-killed; failed by Brendan at 3:28 pm GMT on 6.17.2004. -3 to Josh, +1 to Brendan.

Call For Judgement: Truman is sleazy

On 5/14 I proposed a proposal Achilles v Tortise. It passed and I was awarded 2 points. In truth I should've received 10 points as it was not trivial. What looks like a lower-case L in the proposal is, you will see, on closer insepction a capital I.

Therefore, things need to be corrected and I should recieve 10 points as the ruleset states for my non-trivial proposal. I changed my health to 44 accordingly. Brendan changed it back, claiming that this does not work since my health is to be set at the median of the others, 36, after being un-idled.

However, the rules state that I should be rewarded 10 health for the proposal. Rule 16 also says:

16 - Temporary Rule

New Crew Members' Health is set to the median Health of existing crew members (rounded up). Crew Members returning from being idle will have their Health set to whichever of their previous Health and the median Health of existing Crew Members (rounded up) is lower.

There is no statute of limitations on fixing the err made when I sleazed things up in the proposal from May. There is nothing in Rule 16 which states that this should not be fixed. It only gives a way to set the health of returning Crew Members, it does not say what changes they can and cannot make to their health because of events in the game, whether they occured before or after being idled.

Vote FOR if you believe that Rule 16 does not block me from fixing the the Admin error in the point awarding, vote AGAINST if you believe that Rule 16 somehow blocks this.

AGAINST Failed 1 to 8 at 2:31 pm GMT on 6.17.2004.

Proposal: Blowin' Stuff Up [Trivial]

Rule 18 - Self-Destruct

Add the following to the list of effects:

In Rule 15 - Aliens, replace "If the aliens haven't attacked for more than 12 hours" with "If the aliens haven't attacked for more than 30 minutes" and delete paragraphs 3-7.

When self destruct goes off, the space that the aliens have to move through will be greatly lessened, allowing them to organize attacks and move in more frequently. As for the med kits, they're already mostly used up, and the remaining ones would be inaccessible anyway.

AGAINST Failed 2 to 7 by Brendan at 3:26 pm GMT on 6.17.2004. -3 to DarkElf, +1 to Brendan.


Some Admin, please activiate me. I demand to be able to get in on the cannibal-action.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Proposal: Feed Me I'm Cute

In the rule: Rule 19 - Cannabilization

Insert the following between 2nd and 3rd paragraphs (making this the new 3rd paragraph):

If the intended Victim possesses a Food supply, the Ringleader may divide the intended Victim's Food supply with an/the Accomplice(s) by stating the amount divided and the amount given to each Accomplice in the Ringleader's Cannibalization post.

Example Post (do not add to ruleset):

I'm devouring Crew Member #2 and dividing their food supply of 5 with Crew Member #3 and Crew Member #4. I invite #3 and #4 to be my Accomplices. The food division is as follows:

Keitalia: 1
Crew Member #3: 2
Crew Member #4: 2

After the insertion change the new fourth paragraph to read:

If these conditions hold true at any time within 24 hours of the Ringleader's post, then the Victim has his or her Health set to 0, the Ringleader and all Accomplices may set their respective Food values to 3 + X. (X being the amount given to the Ringleader and/or the Accomplice(s) as specified in the Ringleader's post.) If these conditions are not true 24 hours after the Ringleader's post, the Ringleader and all Accomplices who voted FOR the sacrifice lose 5 Health each from the sound beating administered to them by the opposition.

AGAINST Self-killed; failed by Brendan at 3:24 pm GMT on 6.17.2004. -3 to Keitalia, +1 to Brendan.


I'm eating ChinDoGu. Bam!

Proposal : Weeding the Riot Act [Trivial]

[ More grumpy clutter-sniping from the grave. I still don't think we need Riots to be specifically defined in a big clump of core-ruleset - if we're that fed up with a Dynasty, we can just Propose to kill it off. (Actually, this is exactly what we did when Cayvie went idle - Brendan made a proposal that was pretty much a Riot.)

Unique Proposals could have been useful for codifying things like Tasks and Cannibalisations, but we seem to have done okay with just specifying such things in individual rules. ]

Rename Rule 7 to "Calls for Judgment", and remove the paragraph beginning "Unique proposals obey their own rules...", the bold title "Calls for Judgement", and all of Rule 7 after "Riots Any Crew Member...".

For Enacted by Keitalia with 9 to 0 at 13:41 GMT on 6.17.2004.

Alien Attack: Just As I Opened The Door

"Oh, hey, everybody! Who's the new GYAAAARGAHACK"

Aliens, probably bored at this point, slam every surviving Crew Member for 20 Health. And keep the Med-Kits for themselves.

New Crew Member : Dark Elf

The Emergency Freezer Life-Support systems finally run out of power and, with a faint hiss of dry ice, disgorge a fresh crew member onto the tiled floor of the Galley.

Welcome to the game, Dark Elf. And run, run for your life.

The Return of the Malice Queen

Laughter fills the cave as Keitalia re-enters the scene.

By using the rules: temporary rule, death and food; I now have 45 Health and 3 food. I have taken the liberty of un-idling myself. Quorum remains the same.

Proposal : Untitled Document [Trivial]

[ Eh, I still don't see the need for Titles being defined in Rule 2, at all. Rule 13 (Death) currently says that "R.I.P." is added after the name of dead players in the sidebar, which is fine, and makes sufficient sense by itself.

But Rule 2 (Crew Members) has a big empty paragraph saying that hey, it's possible that some other rules will say that things get added after names in the sidebar, and that these "may or may not" have any game effect. Which doesn't really add anything to what Rule 13 has already said. The only thing this paragraph enforces is that titles never get deleted, which means that we'll be going into the next Dynasty with "R.I.P." after nine players' names, which doesn't seem particularly useful. (Without the paragraph in Rule 2, the "R.I.P."s would fall off automatically at the end of the Dynasty.) ]

So remove the paragraph beginning "During the course of a dynasty...", and also the "R.I.P." title, from Rule 2 (Crew Members).

For Enacted by Keitalia with 9 to 0 at 12:56 am GMT on 6.17.2004.

Self-Destruct in T Minus 48 Hours

I dont trust that brendan, he'll kill us all...

Alien Attack

The aliens, Sencing the lack of people in many locations arround the ship through the use of the bridge sensors, instead directed their attack into the caves, where all the survivors, bar ChinDoGu were hiding out.

The gallant (Insane?) Brendan attempted to hold them off so that his weaker companions could survive, but alass, The aliens managed to slip past him, and slay the near dead (Damanor, Royce, and Josh) The also seriously wounded Ornithoptor. ChinDoGu returned to the caves, to find many dead and dying... who will be next to go.

In other news, medpacks were discovered in the dirlling Rig. Shame noone was there to use them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Proposal: I don't think you'll be needing this... [trivial]

I propose that, as a new third paragraph in rule 13 (Death), that the following be added:

Any food which the now dead Crew Member had on his or her person is now available for scavenging by other Crew Members in the same room. Scavinging must be noted via the appropreate changes to the GNDT along with a comment stating your action. These changes consist of subtracting a food value from your target, as well as adding the same food value to your food number. You may not take more food then your health divided by 10 (rounded down)(minimum 1) per 24 hours.

This italicized section is not a part of the proposal, mearly an assurance that this proposal is a legal proposal under the current ruleset.
I have a Non-trivial proposal and a CtJ up at the moment. The rules for a CtJ state that rules for typical proposals do not count for it. Thusly, it is neither Non-trivial or trival, and does not count against my maximum proposal total.

AGAINST Self-Failed by Greth and Adminned by Keitalia at 12:28 am GMT on 6.17.2004.

Last ditch effort

I'd like to be an admin again, please.

I am now "OrnithOpter" on the Twiki.

Call for Judgement: Brendon's Cannibalization

Nice try, but as I said in my comment, you gained three food after eating Kevan. And, as Rule 19 explicetly states, you may only cannibalize another Crew Member should you, the Ringleader's food equal 0.

A vote FOR indicates that you believe what I have said, and that the two most cannibalizations will be called null and void, and play will continue as if they did not happen.

AGAINST Failed 1 to 7 at 2:43 pm GMT on 6.16.2004.


I hereby intend to eat poor, lonely Greth. Sorry, my child, but it'll be a new Dynasty soon. (This also automatically succeeds.)


I hereby intend to eat poor, lonely Gobleteer. This also automatically succeeds.


I hereby intend to eat poor, lonely Kevan. This automatically succeeds.

Call for Judgment: New Player Setup

Nice try, Josh, and technically you could maybe get that 10 Health for setting up Greth--it's part of a core rule. However, Rule 13 states that you become Dead, and have R.I.P. added after your name, if your Health is 0 at any time. There are no rules that give any provisions for losing Dead status.

Ergo, logically, you can gain Health according to the core rules, but you can't perform any of the actions specified in rules 11+ (like eating Food or changing Locations), and you are still Dead no matter how much Health you get.

Vote FOR this CfJ if you agree with the interpretation that Josh is still dead, and that his game actions should be undone. In addition, the wording of the second paragraph of Rule 13 - Death should be changed from
Dead Crew Members may not gain Health and are not considered Crew Members for the purpose of non-core rules other than this one.

Dead Crew Members may not gain Health. Dead Crew Members are not considered Crew Members for the purposes of non-core rules other than this one.

FOR Passed 6 to 2 at 2:37 pm GMT on 6.16.2004. Ruleset is updated, and Josh keeps his Health, remains Dead, gains one Food and is moved back to the Drilling Rig.

Proposal : You Hold Him Down [Trivial]

In Rule 19 (Cannibalization), before "and the total Health of all those Accomplices", add:-

there must be at least one Accomplice

For Enacted by Keitalia with 6 to 3 at 12:26 am GMT on 6.17.2004.

Proposal: Takin' Names

New Rule: Self Defense

All Crew Members will have a Defense rating in the GNDT.
When a location is attacked, all Crew Members in that location have the option to spend their Defense points to reduce the amount of damage they take in the attack. Any damage avoided in this way is spread to the other players.

Should the amount of defense points spent in total exceed the amount of potential damage the attack inflicts, including 'spread' (as outlined above), the attack resolves as normal, but the defense points are still spent.

New Crew Members begin play with the average of the three highest defense points among living crew members.

It should be noted that there is no way to gain defense points after they have been spent in a valid fashion.

Should this proposal pass, current Crew Members obtain 30 defense points.

FOR Failed at 7:00 am GMT on 6.16.2004. -3 to Greth, +1 to Damanor.

New Player: Greth

Brendan, who had been secretly pregnant all along, finally gives birth to his hybrid son. Please give a warm last-remnants-of-humanity welcome to Greth!

Alien Attack : The Second Die-Nasty Of Cave-y


Having finished their feasting in the Galley, the aliens swarm back through the empty wreckage of the Bridge, and cluster out around the hull, blinking their infrared eyes against the starlight. Detecting a heavy concentration of body heat in the Caves, they split up and scramble through forgotten volcanic vents to surround the sheltering crew in a matter of moments. Everyone in the Caves takes 20 damage.

However, all is not lost - one of the aliens had snagged a Med-Kit on its dorsal spines when escaping the ship, and the assaulted crew are able to split its contents after the massacre. They all gain 6 Health, except Brendan, who's already at 100.

Monday, June 14, 2004


He was crazy.. He tried to blow up the ship.. and.. well.. Im out of food.. Im doing this for all our goods... dont hate me for it.

Worthstream (Is the specified crewmember) and since were alone there are no accomplices. So this passes.

Proposal : Death! Death! More Death! [Trivial]

Remove the second paragraph from Rule 18 - Self-Destruct.

FOR Passed 6 to 2 at 6:53 am GMT on 6.16.2004. +2 to Brendan, +1 to Damanor.

Self-Destruct in T Minus 48 Hours

Again... from the engine room.

Btw shouldn't the bridge be removed from the gndt list of locations?

For the Record

The Galley has had its Med-Kits accessed three times, and the Cargo Hold and Drilling Rig have had theirs used twice each. The Engine Room has had its Med-Kits used only once, and the Med-Kits in the Caves (assuming there are any) have never been touched; those two are now the only eligible locations.

You may notice that there have only been four med-kit rolls, but let's not forget that in the first alien attack, the med-kits at every Location except the Caves were opened and used.

Self-Destruct in T Minus 48 Hours

No one is in the bridge... otherwise anyone there could have seen Worthstream sneaking in, all covered with blood.
Driven crazy by aliens who had almost eaten him, he looks for the big red button, mumbles a quick prayer and, taking a deep breath, pushes it!

Proposal : Spelling Bee [Trivial]

Crew Members may point out spelling mistakes in the Ruleset, in comments to this post. When this Proposal enacts, the Admin who enacted it should correct all of these mistakes and, for each mistake, award 1 Health to the Crew Member who was first to spot it (to a maximum of 10 Health per Crew Member).

FOR Passed 6 to 1 at 3:10 pm GMT on 6.15.2004. +5 to Kevan, +4 to Brendan.

Proposal : Really, Really Trivial [Trivial]

Add the following sentence to Rule 11 - Food:
Crew Members returning from being Idle will have their Food set to whichever of their previous Food and the mean average Food of existing Crew Members (rounded up) is lower.

FOR Passed 5 to 1 at 3:08 pm GMT on 6.15.2004. +3 to Brendan.

Idling Again

Axiallus hasn't voted since at least June 6. Quorum drops to five.

Harder to Breathe

For the record, Ornithopter, Kevan, Worthstream and I were the only Crew Members to move in the last 48 hours. Everybody else takes damage equal to five times the number of Crew in their own Locations--including themselves.

Sadly, we just watched Axiallus and Josh drop dead before our eyes, the victims of not enough walking around. Rest in peace, gentlemen.


The last time Shade voted was on June 5. Quorum remains 6.

Alien Attack: Dish of the Day

A quiet hiss of acidic breath against the window of the Galley, a fumbled rattle of the manual door-release handle, and Damanor and Worthstream's quiet lunch is unexpectedly interrupted.

Watching blood slap against the light of the starboard portholes, the crew at the Drilling Rig search the dark machinery with a little more urgency. They find one of its two first-aid kits, strapped beneath a control panel - Josh, Ornithopter and Gobleteer manage to share out enough gauze and plastiskin to seal 8 Health of wounds each, while the healthy Brendan quietly liberates a few scalpels and chloroform ampoules for later use.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Proposal: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

The long-distance communicator breifly crackles to life, informing the survivors that Earth has been invaded by the aliens and destroyed. Those alive on this planet are the last remnants of humanity.

Add a new rule, Despair:

Each crew member has a Despair rating, which is tracked in the GNDT. The initial despair rating for each crew member is equal to 10 minus their Health divided by 10, rounded down. Each time a Crew Member is the victim of an Alien attack, any crew member may add 2 to their Despair rating. Each time a Crew Member fails to eat, any crew member may add 1 to their despair rating. Whenever a Crew Member is alone in a location, their Despair rating goes up by 2. Whenever a Crew Member successfully leads a cannibalisation attempt, their Despair rating goes down by 5, reflecting their descent into a different kind of insanity, but being an accomplace to a cannibalisation adds 1 to a Crew Member's despair. If a Crew Member is in the same location as a dead body, any player may raise their Despair by 1 per day. All Crew Members gain 1 despair every 5 days.

Every time a Crew Member eats, their Despair threatens to overwhelm them. They must roll 4 Dice (by posting DICE: to the GNDT four times). If the result is higher than their despair, they may reduce their despair by 1. If the result is lower, they commit suicide, and their health is set to 0. If they roll four 1s, they go mad and engage in a killing spree, killing everyone in the same location as them.

If there is a rule called Cannibalization, add the following. If not, add the following to the bottom of Rule 11, Food.

If there is a dead body in the same location as a Crew Member, any eligable Crew Member may lead a cannibalisation attempt against it, which succeeds automatically. Dead crew members yeald 1 Food to all Crew Members in that location when cannibalised.

If there is a rule called Cannibalization, change the following in the third paragraph:

and the Ringleader and all Accomplices may set their respective Food values to 3.


and the Ringleader may set their Food value to 3, and all Accomplaces may add 3 to their Food value.

If, when this proposal is enacted, more than half of all votes (FOR and AGAINST) are followed by the word 'English' (in bold), then change all instances of the term 'cannibalization' to 'cannibalisation'.

AGAINST Failed 1 to 5 by Brendan at 3:16 pm GMT on 6.14.2004. -3 to dear departed Josh, +1 to Brendan.

Alien Attack:

The aliens have struck again. They found Brendan, Josh and Gobleteer, huddled together in the drilling rig, prehaps a real attack, prehaps just a diversion for what they are planning next, we must all be vigilant for future alien activity. (34 damage toi each of them)

In othre news, Damanor had a lucky find, finding a full medkit. Since he was by himself, he gobbled ythe whole thing up. (+30 --- to 95)

(Also be aware this was the fifth attack. Thus it is now after the fourth attack, so the ruleset should have been updated.. halving the time between attacks. Can an admin please fix. Thanks)