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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Proposal: The Gremmie who would be King of the Beach

Enact a rule called Victory:

A Gremmie who has more Skill than all other Gremmies combined has met the victory conditions of this dynasty and may declare victory unless this rule ends with the sentence "Simon is an awsome dude"

Simon is an awesome dude

Tick 4-3. Timed out. Enacted by Smith, 8th of February at 22:50.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Hm, I don't know how many of the BlogNomic players check the Nomic Bulletin Board at, but there's a new post there about a possible resurrection of InterNomic.

It's been run before, seven or eight years ago, when I was a player in Thring - essentially it's just another Nomic, but one where each player is a Nomic. Typically each Nomic nominates one of their players to be a representative to InterNomic, and then develop some system within their own Nomic for deciding what proposals are put forward to InterNomic, and how their Nomic votes on things. (We could just have the Emperor as representative, and let him do what he likes, or we could build something a bit more democratic.)

I can't really remember what happened with it before - not very much, I think, with only minor impact on the sub-Nomics' rulesets - but it's a step closer to the cross-Nomic wars that we were mucking around with (unsuccessfully) in earlier Dynasties.

What do we think?

Monday, January 31, 2005

Proposal: Lets do the wave

Add a new rule called waves

On every even aeon is a nice wave day, and as such Gremmies love to atempt surfing on these aeons. If on any even aeon a Gremmie is without a board they lose 10 props as they can't surf. This deduction can happen once per even aeon at any time during that even aeon by any Gremmie.

Add the following to rule 11

On wave days a Gremmie gains 10 props for a successful surf as they successfully rode an bodacious wave, but loses 5 props for an unsuccessfull surf as their wipe out will be extra knarley.

Add a rule entitled Storms

On any Aeon that has a 0 in its tens digit, that is Aeons divisible by 10, a Storm comes, and it is a storm day. On storm days waves are HUGE and as such all wave day bonuses and penalties are doubled, as the surfing will be most excellent and the wipe outs will be knarleyer

also add to rule 99

When dealing with Aeons the ones digit may not have an effect on the game play

Thats just there to clarify, cuz new players dont know that, and its not actually in the rules yet, so time to add it, this can and will be removed if the ones digit ever gets to be perfect

Cross 3-7. Timed out. Failed by Smith, 8th of February at 22:45.

Proposal: We Got Skillz

Upon passage of this Proposal:
- The King of the Beach shall have his Skill set to 4; all other Gremmies shall have their Skill set to 1.

add the following to rule 11

All new gremmies start with 1 Skill

Cross 2-5. Timed Out. Failed by Smith, 8th of Feb at 22:35.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Proposal: the end my friends

Add to the end of rule 9

The King of the Beach may not declare victory in his or her own dynasty.

Tick 9-2 Enacted by Quazie, 31st of January at 4:37 AM.

Yo Simon

I'm buying a trout, now, right now, on your mark, get set, go