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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Proposal: You Again?

Add the following rule, entitled Confrontations

Whenever a hero and his/her archenemy respond to the same emergency, that hero has the option of confronting their foe. This is done by making a GNDT post with the words "Kapow: archenemy name DICE." For each superpower the hero uses in the confrontation (paying appropriate costs, etc.), they may add 1 to the dice roll. This is seperate from any use of the superpower in the emergency. If the result of the roll is a 4 or better, the hero gains 10 power and their archenemy loses 5. If the result is 3 or less, they lose 10 and their archenemy gains 5.

This is pretty basic. Let me know if you have any ideas how we can spruce it up!

AGAINST Timed out 6 to 6. Failed by Brendan at 8:17 pm GMT, 3.1.2004. -5 to Orkboi, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: Rob the rich to feed...Me! [Trivial Superpower]

Create a superpower:
* Master Thief. A hero with Master Thief can attempt to steal power from another hero by making a GNDT entry "Steal from [Target Hero]: DICE+DICE". The stealing hero takes power equal to the result from the target hero. If another hero makes a GNDT entry of "Gotcha" within 10 minutes after the thief strikes, the thief loses twice as much power as he or she gained from the theft (for a net loss equal to what would have been the thief's gain) and the target hero is returned to his/her level of power before the theft. Master Thief has a recharge time of 12 hours.

Edited at 17:25 on 28 Feb to remove the initial power cost and increase the amount stolen.

Enacted by Damanor (7 to 6) at 8:12 on 1 Mar 04; +3 to Damanor, superpower goes to Damanor at a cost of 58.

Proposal: Nifty Nullifier [Superpower]

Create a Superpower:
* Nifty Nullifier. A hero with Nifty Nullifier can choose one superpower and nullify its effect for 24 hours by making a comment in the GNDT declaring what superpower is nullified and putting a "*" next to the superpower in the GNDT. For 24 hours after the comment is made, any power by that name is treated as if it has no effect. After that 24 hours, any hero can remove the indicator from the superpower that was nullified. Nifty Nullifier has a recharge time of 24 hours, and each power can only be nullified once every 96 hours (4 days). Nifty Nullifier cannot nullify superpowers with keyword [Dark]. The power cost to activate Nifty Nullifier is equal to the highest bid of the hero who wins the power, recorded in the GNDT next to Nifty Nullifier.

If Thermonuclear Spuds passes, give Hot Potato the keyword [Dark].

Edited at 17:34 on 28 Feb to follow Orkboi's suggestion in the comments.

Enacted by Damanor (12 to 1) at 7:35 on 1 Mar 04; +12 to Damanor, superpower goes to Keitalia at a cost of 17.

Proposal: Venom Touch [Trivial Superpower]

Create a new Superpower:
*Venom Touch. [Genetic, Poison] At any time, a hero with Venom Touch can pay 2*X power and make a GNDT entry: "Poison [Target Hero]:X". The target hero loses power equal to X and is considered poisoned for X days after that GNDT entry is made, or until the poison wears off. Once each day the target hero is poisoned, the poisoner or the target hero can make a comment on the GNDT: "[Target Hero] [Day] DICE-1". The target hero loses power equal to the result; if they lose no power, the poison wears off and that hero is no longer poisoned. Venom touch cannot be used on a hero who is poisoned until after the poison wears off.

The target hero has the option of trying to force the poison through their system, which might make a difference if future powers rely on a hero being poisoned (or not being poisoned).

Edited at 14:05 on 28 Feb to fix the initial damage from poisoning.

Enacted by Damanor (9 to 3) at 7:17 on 1 Mar 04. +3 to Damanor, Venom Touch goes to ChinDoGu at a cost of 30.
TrumanCapote's last comment was technically not a bid because of "A Bid for Clarity" below, which had been enacted before he posted it. Unfortunately, the ruleset hadn't been updated, so if either of you wants a CFJ, it could be justified. Either that, or the two of you should work it out and get back with us.

Friday, February 27, 2004

The Story Continues As 'The Emergency: The Longest Minute' Is Concluded

In a secret fortress located somewhere in the vicinity of the City; a spy barges into a secret room and salutes to a dark corner. "What is your report?" demands a sinister voice. The spy begins to look around nervously as he gathers what fortitude remains on his person to muster a reply, "The Chronomaster is dead your maliciousness." "I see... By what means?" "At first he was captured by the combined forces of Pusher, Panpype and The Asparagus. BAYNE was also involved my Lady," as he nervously twitches. "BAYNE? Involved? How?" demands the unseen mysterious voice. "He blew up Enormous Jameson. Killed all the hostages, 15 members of the police precinct... This resulted in the Chronomaster's death your vileness. (Please don't hurt me!)" as he whimpers. "And yet he failed to kill these heroes!" "It would seem to appear that way..." slightly cringing as he hopes for a dismissal. "It's a good thing I wasn't paying him to do this. Lets see... Chronomaster was working for The Nebulizer. Get me my cellphone (of evil)! I have a few calls I need to make. And afterwards you will take a small dispatch of henchgoons to the City to find whatever information you can concerning the whereabouts of these super heroes. I want them found! Do you understand?" "Yes, your evilness!"

You have successfully defeated the Chronomaster. Scores are based on Power Use, Loyalty to the Theme set by Brendan, Comic Plot-line, Resolution and Overall Enjoyability.

1st: Cayvie as the Pusher (47/50)
2nd: Satyr Eyes as Panpype (46/50)
3rd: joranj as BAYNE (42/50)
4th: Orkboi as The Asparagus (36/50)

These successful heroes may go into the GNDT and roll a 'Power Up: DICE' to see if they gain the new super power of 'Anti-Anagramity'.

Add a new Super-Power:

* Anti-Anagramity: When another Hero uses their Super Power(s) to alter the GNDT stats of a Hero with Anti-Anagramity; that Hero can use Anti-Anagramity to reverse one alteration to their GNDT stats. This super power has a recharge time of 24 hours and costs 5 power if it affects any other stat than power. However, if the alteration affects power, then it costs 1/2 of the power rounded down of the original amount that was lost.

Proposal: Thermonuclear Spuds [Superpower - well, sort of]

Create a new power: Hot Potato
Hot Potato is always the last Superpower in a hero's list of Superpowers. A Hero with Hot Potato may get rid of Hot Potato at any time by making a post in the GNDT: "Handoff to [Other Hero]" and moving Hot Potato to the other Hero's list of Superpowers.

If a Hero does not handoff the Hot Potato within 72 hours of receiving it, any other Hero can make a post to BlogNomic announcing that the Hot Potato has detonated. The hero with Hot Potato then forfeits 5 power and Hot Potato to the Hero announcing the detonation (who can immediately handoff Hot Potato to another Hero), and is considered idle until they apologize for scattering mashed potatoes across the Blog. (Any admin can switch them to idle at any time.) This paragraph has no effect until 15:30 GMT on Friday, 5 Mar 2004, and any Admin can delete this sentence from the ruleset after that time.

If no hero bids on Hot Potato, it goes to the Admin who enacts this proposal, who may immediately hand it off to another hero.

There's no real reason to bid on this, unless you want to begin by giving it to your nemesis, but I certainly didn't expect anyone to bid very much for A Healthy Diet, either.

This is a simpler alternative to having admins search through a week of posts to find out who didn't vote. Obviously, this is open to comments, especially regarding the time limit.

FOR Passed 11 to 1 by Brendan at 8:05 pm GMT on 3.1.2004. +10 to Damanor, +2 to Brendan. Brendan gets Hot Potato at a cost of 1 Power.

Proposal : A Bid for Clarity [Trivial]

[ Potential sneakiness in the fact that bids can be made in response to higher-up comments, which might be overlooked, and that they could be conversationally worded in such a way that other players or (particularly) processing admin might miss them. ]

In Rule 12 (Super-Powers), replace "must exceed previous bids for that Super-Power" with "must exceed and appear below previous bids for that Super-Power".

Also add "be worded as 'I bid X' (where 'X' is a number)," before "and may not exceed".

FOR Passed by Brendan, 15 to 0, at 8:30 pm GMT on 2.28.2004. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Proposal: The Time is Now (Trivial)

Since Blognomic now uses GMT for everything, I propose we add a script to the Blognomic home page that shows the currnet time in GMT at the top of the page. I almost went ahead and did this myself, but I'm not sure that anyone (particularly an non-admin) should be messing with the blognomic template without asking first.

FOR Passed 12 to 4 by Brendan at 8:28 pm GMT on 2.28.2004. +2 to Orkboi, +1 to Brendan.

Emergency: The Longest Minute

One of The City's finest tourist attractions is Enormous Jameson, a historically important clock tower that overlooks a gently decaying area of downtown. None of the security guards thought it odd, this morning, when a sniggering man with black hair and goggles bought a ticket for the Enormous Jameson observation-deck tour. They noticed the enormous clock pendant around his neck, of course, but hey, there's no law against jewelry.

Little did they know that the begoggled man was actually The Chronomaster, scourge to watchmakers everywhere! By harnessing the enormous temporal power of the Jameson and reversing its chrono-thrust against the local timeflow, he has now caused time to completely halt within The City, setting it permanently to 4:43 on a Thursday afternoon--just before everyone would normally go home for the day!

The resulting office riots have already killed eleven people.

The Chronomaster has set his demands at 20 million Swiss Francs, a private jet and Kylie Minogue's home phone number. He holds a superior tactical position with excellent visibility and has at least eight hostages. What will The City's Heroes do?

This Emergency has a Danger Rating of 10.

Question: backBlog config

BackBlog comments claim to be GMT, but as I only just noticed, they're not--unless it's Daylight Savings right now, or something. I'm in EST, which is GMT - 5:00, but when I post a comment it lists its time as only four hours later. For instance, I just posted a comment on "Look, Behind You" that lists its timestamp as 17:38 GMT; it should have been 18:38.

I only started noticing it now that we have to keep track of how long it's been since the last bid on a Super-Power. Can anybody else confirm this disparity? If so, is there a way to fix this in the backBlog configuration?

Proposal: Katastrophe

In the nearby MegaTropoGotham City 1, a nuclear meltdown has simultaniously killed all the superheroes and created Katastrophe, a Super Villian of immense power. Having terrorised and eventually destroyed MegaTropoGotham City 1, Katastrophe is now roaming the cities of the area, killing the super heroes of the region and dominatingf the villianous circles.

Create a new rule, entitled Katastrophe.

If any Hero, including the Super Villian, ever has more than 220 points of Power, or if the mean average Power of all the Heroes in the game is greater than 150, then Katastrophe arrives to make his mark on the city.

Immediately upon his arrival, Katastrophe kills the Hero with the lowest amount of Power. The player who controlled that Hero now controls Katastrophe as his or her Hero instead. It is Katastrophe's sworn duty to kill or damage as much as possible.

He or she then also strips the Hero with the highest power of 3/4 of their total power (rounded up), and removes two Super Powers of his or her choice.

Katastrophe initially has a Power of 350, an Evil allegiance, and has every other player as his or her ArchEnemy. Katastrophe's Powers are as follows:

Massive Leap: The Hero can jump exactly 40ft. He or she has no control over this ability, and so may not jump any distance (greater than, say, a long step) other than exactly 40ft.

Meteo: Can expend 20 Power to rip a boulder the size of a bus from the earth and throw it at another Hero, knocking them out entirely. That Hero is unable to use Super Powers for 24 hours.

Titanium Exoskeleton: Any Power damage that would be dealt to this Hero by another Hero's Super Power is halved.

Severence: The Hero may spend 100 Power and strip one super power from one other Hero. This power may only be used once per week.

If Katastrophe is every reduced to 0 Power, he is kiled, and the player may resurrect their previous Hero (or start a new one). In either case, their Hero has 100 Power and no super powers. In that event, this rule automatically repeals itself.

Failed - Self killed by Joranj; -5 to Joranj, +1 to Damanor

Proposal : Keywords [Trivial]

Repeal Rule 16 (Super-Power Types) and add the following to Rule 12 (Super-Powers):-

Super-Powers may have one or more Keywords, signifying the nature of the Power. These Keywords are given in brackets after the Power name.

Add the keyword "Psychic" to "Ki Conduit" and "Luck of Heroes", and "Genetic" to "Web-Slinging".

Enacted by Damanor 28 Feb; +2 to Kevan, +1 to Damanor.


A new Hero with an already applicable Superhero name enters this terror-stricken land, hoping to find a ray of hope in the darkness of... um... hopelessness.

Say hello to SilentSpoon.

Proposal : Regeneration [SuperPower Proposal] [Trivial]

Create a new superpower "Regeneration"

Superhuman Regeneration, possesed by the hero with this ability, allows them to regenerate 4 points of power. However this power may not be used, if the hero's power is already above 120. Once used this ability can then not be used again for 72 hours. Additionally this regeneration continues on even beyond death. A hero with regeneration who is killed, may still use the regeneration superpower, regardless of any rule disalowing the use of superpowers to dead heros. Once the heroes power is greater than 0 he is considered alive again.

Should Proposal : Definition Addition [ Trivial ] Pass, replace
Once used this ability can then not be used again for 72 hours.

This ability has a recharge time of 72 hours.

Timed out by Damanor 6:08 on 28 Feb (5 to 8); -5 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Damanor

NEWS FLASH : Quicksilver Defeats Mean History Teachers

Quicksilver surveyed the school hall, from his vantage point on the roof of the building. He could see the mutants, spread evenly around the room, where the children sat, they're creative draining from them even as he watched. On the stage at the front of the hall, Mrs. Irene Kantreid stood, microphone in hand, and the collective works of Shakespeare open in front of her. The cad! The young minds of this generation deserve literature, they are our future. Should her nefarious schemes succeed, the nations youth would be drained of all creativity... and become mere slaves, convinced that the only literary works of any value were those of her and her supporters.

Quicksilver glanced over the room, formulating his plan now, knowing that he couldn't play things be ear, since once he entered the room, he too, would lose all creative energies. Having made his decision, he attached a rope to the inside of the skylight, and swung into the room, directly to his first target.. A quick snap kick, and POW!, the electric plug fell from its socket, and the boooooooorrrrrrrinnnng monotone ceased to emit from the speakers. Mrs. Kantreid continued to read for another few seconds before noticing the lack in volume… and the slow return of awareness to the eyes of the students below.

The students looked hesitant.. the had vague memories of what had happened, but were afraid of what their teacher might do, should they cause any trouble, meanwhile quicksilver was in a spot of trouble, a number of the other teachers had cornered him, pinned his arms, and were dragging him up on to the stage.

[e.d. "If only I had a superpower he thought" :P ]

Quicksilver was thrust facedown onto the stage, and the power point quickly reconnected.. he glanced quickly round the room hoping for inspiration to strike before he had his creativity also removed. His eyes fell on the copy of Shakespeare's works, laying open in front of him, to hamlets rousing speech, about facing up to adversity and fighting evil.. or something like that..

Grabbing the book, breaking free of his captors and claiming the Microphone from a surprised Irene, quicksilver quickly began to recite the speech, hoping to inspire the children to move forward and put down their oppressive teachers.

It was the following morning. Quicksilver nursed the number of bruises he had achieved the previous day, in his eventually successful, yet not-to-plan defeat of the Nefarious Mrs. Irene Kantreid and her associates. He remembered with pride his plan to inspire the children to leap to his defense.. and with horror what had actually happened. The children had been so angered by his reading of such trash, that they had rioted, destroying the sound system, along with Mrs. Kantreid's plans for mass control. "Kids today are so much harder to please" he thought... still good had been done.. The mean English teachers were behind bars, in a soundproof cell no less, the children were safe, and he'd got a chance to brush up on his Shakespeare... but that's all in a day for QUICKSILVER! Hero extraordinaire.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Proposal: Trivialising the mundane

Change the paragraph in rule 4, Proposals, that reads:

(A Hero can state in his Proposal's title that the Proposal is Trivial, if they feel that it only makes minor changes, or is otherwise unworthy of reward.)

so that it reads:

A Hero can state in his Proposal's title that the Proposal is Fast Track, if they feel that it only makes minor changes, or is otherwise unworthy of reward. Fast Track proposals should have italicised titles and may be enacted or failed as soon as they reach quorum, or 24 hours after the first vote has been cast, whichever is sooner. Fast Track proposals do not count towards the proposal queue when enacting or failing normal proposals.

Change all instances of the word 'Trivial' in the ruleset to 'Fast Track', except as mentioned below.


When a Proposal is enacted, its proposer gains 10 Power, or 2 Power if it was Trivial. When a Proposal fails, its proposer loses 5 Power.

Whenever an Admin Enacts a non-Trivial Proposal, they may claim 2 Power. Whenever they Fail a Proposal or Enact a Trivial Proposal, they may claim 1 Power.


When a Proposal is enacted, its proposer gains 10 Power, or 2 Power if it was Fast Track or Trivial. When a Proposal or Trivial Proposal fails, its proposer loses 5 Power. When a Fast Track proposal fails, the proposer looses 2 Power.

Whenever an Admin Enacts a Fast Track or non-Trivial Proposal, they may claim 2 Power. Whenever they Fail a Proposal or Enact a Trivial Proposal, they may claim 1 Power.

Do not change the line in Rule 5 that reads

FOR votes may be marked as 'Trivial' if the voter thinks that the Proposal should have been marked Trivial. (If most of a Proposal's FOR votes are marked 'Trivial', the Proposal becomes Trivial.)

Failed by Damanor 28 Feb. -5 to Joranj, +1 to Damanor.

Proposal: To the Death

Add the following rule, entitled POW!

Any Hero may attack any oppositely-aligned Hero who has a superpower. This is done by posting an entry to Blognomic entitled [ATTACKER] vs [DEFENDER]: [CATCHY TITLE]. For example, "JORANJ vs. WITTGENSTEIN: a grudge as old as time itself!" The text of the post will detail the method with which the attacker intends to take out his or her foe. The defender then has 48 hours within which to respond with his or her method of defense.

After the defender has replied, people may cast votes on whether they think the attack would be successful. (FOR votes mean the attacker wins). If the FOR votes outnumber the AGAINST votes 48 hours after the defender replies, or if the defender does not reply within the alloted 48 hours, then the attack is successful; otherwise, the attack fails. Whatever the outcome, the winner may take 20 Power from the loser.

No Hero may attack the Super Villain unless no other Villains exist; the Super Villain may never attack anyone.

Failed by Damanor 28 Feb. -5 to Cayvie, +1 to Damanor.

Proposal : Definition Addition [ Trivial ]

Add to the text of rulle 99 : Definitions the following bullet point

* Recharge time : A recharge time can be defined on any action that is taken by a hero in blognomic. It specifys the number of hours untill that action may be taken again by that hero. Recharge times can be defined for ANY action of any type.

Should any of the following actions be valid, complete them

In rule 16, Replace

or take time to recharge


or have a recharge time specified.

In superpower "Luck of Heros" replace

Once used this power may not be used again for a 24 hour period


This power has a recharge time of 24 hours.

In superpower "Create Food" replace

Once per Day, a


This Power has a 24 Hour recharge time. A

In Superpower "Bullet Dodge" replace

, and may use it only once every 24 hours


. This Power has a 24 Hour recharge time

[This prevents the 11:59 12:01 use of the same power some of these things are succeptible to, and gives us a nice definition to use in future dynastys.]
Comments First please, dont want this to fail cause I made a stupid mistake in one of the edits, or missed one.

Enacted by Damanor 27 Feb 21:41; (13 to 2) +2 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Damanor


There seems to be some misunderstanding as to the use of CFJ's. My understanding is that CFJ's are used where it is QUESTIONABLE wether an action is LEGAL under the ruleset. They are NOT used when someone complets a LEGAL action which we as a group think is unfair. Thats just tough. And if you want to fix it, youll need to PROPOSE a solution. CJF's are only for clarifying interpretations of the rules.. right?

AGAINST Failed by Brendan, 5 against to 0 for, at 8:15 pm GMT on 3.1.2004.

Proposal: a Healthy Diet [Ultra-Trivial Superpower]

Create a Superpower: Create Food:
Once each day, a hero with Create Food can create one cubic meter of a random substance, determined by making a comment in the GNDT of "Food: FRUIT." The hero can either increase the volume before creating the substance or create an additional substance with another comment of "Food: FRUIT" but must spend one power for each additional cubic meter of material created.

Bizarre and pointless, but it may be useful in an emergency.

Enacted by Damanor 27 Feb 20:18 (17 in favor) +3 to Damanor

Proposal: Great Risk, Trivial Reward?

Amend the portion of Rule 6 (Enactment) reading "When a Proposal is enacted, its proposer gains 10 Power, or 2 Power if it was Trivial. When a Proposal fails, its proposer loses 5 Power" to read:
When a Proposal is enacted, its proposer gains 10 Power, or 2 Power if it was Trivial. When a Proposal fails, its proposer loses 5 Power, or 2 Power if it was Trivial.
I want to give people greater incentive to make trivial Proposals (Superpowers, for instance). At the moment, someone can get two trivial Proposals enacted and one failed, yet be down a point overall. This has deterred me from making Proposals in the past, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Failed by Damanor 27 Feb at 20:13 (3 to 7 with 2 Imp) -5 to Satyreyes, +1 to Damanor.

Proposal : Quanta [Trivial]

[ Incrementing bids by one is maybe dragging things out a bit. ]

In Rule 12 (Super-Powers), replace "be an integer" with "be an integer multiple of five".

[ Altered to keep the integer thing, for Brendan. ]

AGAINST Failed 6 to 7 with 2 undecided Imps by Brendan at 5:53 pm GMT on 2.27.2004. -5 to Kevan, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: ...and the Time to Act is Now! [trivial]

Create a new Super-Power, "Heroic Haste."
You have supernatural speed. A Proposal affected by Heroic Haste may (and should) be marked as Enacted even if older Proposals have not yet been resolved, provided that it fulfills all other conditions for Enactment. Your Proposals are automatically under Heroic Haste; you may also cause Heroic Haste to apply to a Proposal you did not make by stating in comments to that Proposal that you do so and expending 5 Power.

If two or more Proposals under Heroic Haste are both eligible for Enactment, the oldest passes first. Heroic Haste cannot affect Proposals which are conditional on the passage or failure of unresolved Proposals.

AGAINST Failed by Brendan, 7 to 10 at 5:43 pm GMT on 2.27.2004. -5 to SatyrEyes, +1 to Brendan.

Proposal: We Must Come Together In This Dark Hour... [trivial]

Create a new Super-Power, "Serpent's Tongue."
When you vote on a Proposal, you may expend 4 Power to use Serpent's Tongue. If you choose to do so, then Quorum on that Proposal is treated as being either one less than or one greater than the value recorded on the sidebar (your choice, stated when you vote). If Serpent's Tongue is applied repeatedly to the same Proposal, only the most recent application of Serpent's Tongue changes the effective Quorum (though all Heroes using Serpent's Tongue still expend 4 Power per application).
Kind of a Mind Control Lite. This mechanism prevents a small cabal with the Super-Power from gaining immense power.

FOR Passed by Brendan, 11 to 4 at 5:39 pm GMT on 2.27.2004. +2 to SatyrEyes, +1 to Brendan, and SatyrEyes pays 32 Power for the privilege.

Proposal: Do As I Say; Not As I do. (Really Evil)

I know how everyone feels about locations. So I decided to put a extra spin on the idea. Hopefully you'll like lair security.

Create a new rule: Lairs Of Randomness

The Super Villain has created several lairs here in Blognomic. Heroes and Villains encounter security upon entering any lair. Security comes in a form of a comment in the GNDT of 'DICE' and must occur within 24 hours of entering a different/new lair.

Here is a list of lairs you can visit:

*Corporate Tower
*Fake Mountain - Strangely appeared one night in the middle of the city.
*Amusement Park
*Haunted Woods
*Abandoned Church

The Villain's DICE:

*1 - You are safe. There are no Henchgoons. No Danger.
*2 - You walk in on a Villain party. Heroes immediatly get tossed out of the lair. Villains enjoy a movie and snacks. Villains gain 5 power.
*3 to 4 - Death Trap: Hall of Mirrors.
All the exists are sealed and fruit punch starts poring in. You manage to escape out of one the pipes. However, you lose 10 power because of the effort involved in struggling against the strong current of the fruit punch. If a Hero/Villain rolled a 4 they gain the super power to duplicate their own image. (Create the illusion that there are more than one of you. Great for confusing Arch-Enemies.) This super power is called 'No Mere Mirror'.
*5- Power Aid: Upon contact with a Hero/Villain it gives 15 additional power. (Can only be used once & disappears afterward.)
*6- Death Trap: Pit Of Despair.
Heroes fall down a pit. they find themselves surrounded by bodies of dead Henchgoons. If a Hero don't have super powers that help them to scale walls or to fly; then they will remain trapped within the pit until they expend 15 power to climb out. Villains know how to avoid the pit because the Super Villain requires them to watch the Pit Of Despair Safety Video.

Heroes may come up with locations (Secret Headquarters) and a DICE that Reflects what happens when a Hero/Villain strolls in.

Create a new category in the GNDT: Lairs. Include (-) as in the lair field (for those who don't wish to utilize this).

Comments/Questions/Suggestions... Before voting.

AGAINST Failed by Brendan, 7:13 pm GMT on 2.26.2004--self-killed. -5 to Keitalia, +1 to Brendan.

Double Agent

Change rule 14 from:

14 - Allegiances

All Heroes are either Good or Evil; they may choose to declare this in the GNDT, or to keep it a secret and reveal it later. Once a Hero has declared themselves to be Good or Evil, they may not change their mind.

Any Hero who has declared their allegiance may nominate an Arch-Enemy from those who have declared the opposite allegiance; this is also tracked in the GNDT, and may not be changed once first chosen.

Evil Heroes are known as "Villains". The Super Villain is automatically Evil.

14 - Allegiances

All Heroes are either Good or Evil; they may choose to declare this in the GNDT, or to keep it a secret and reveal it later.

If a Hero wishes to change their allegiance, they must've first declared it in the GNDT. A Hero may change allegiances, but no more than twice in this Dynasty. If they switch from the side with a lesser sum of Power to the side with a greater sum of Power (before their switch), they lose 10 Power.

Any Hero who has declared their allegiance may nominate an Arch-Enemy from those who have declared the opposite allegiance; this is also tracked in the GNDT, and may not be changed once first chosen.

Evil Heroes are known as "Villains". The Super Villain is automatically Evil.

I think the ability to be a double agent once is important, and may become much more so when Good and Bad become further seperated.

I'll give this 24 hours of discussion time, and if it hasn't gotten too bad of a reception then I'll edit it to make a legal proposal. Don't vote before then, because technically there isn't anything to vote on.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

To Be Or Not To Be. That Is The Question!

Henchgoon - Mean English Teachers:

Masters of torture; by using their monotonous tones they are capable of driving even the sanest person to the brink of insanity. These tones have been known to render an unsuspecting Hero powerless by their hypnotic effects. They can extinguish any sense of creativity once held by an individual, as well as transform previously enjoyable literary works into nightmares of horror and confusion.

If a 1 is rolled: After defeating the Mean English Teacher the Hero gains the ability to recite the Speech of

The Mean English Teachers Have Been Defeated!

The Super Hero Quicksilver has succeeded in vanquishing the Mean English Teachers. I laughed and I cried (when my henchgoons failed). Congratulations you benevolent Hero you... Here's your 20 power. Don't spend it all in one place.
Next time I will succeed in my reign of terror. And there will be nothing you Heroes can do about it! BWAHAHAHAHA!


Is the proposer of a new rule assumed to have cast a For vote for his proposal unless he states otherwise?

Proposal: A Shameless Bid for Rule 11

Since the discovery that some of The City's formerly ordinary citizens held powers beyond mortal ken, there's been a wild reshuffling of the ranks in the various organizations that support the metropolitan way of life. Those with power are rapidly becoming those with authority...

If Rule 11 does not exist, create the following as a new rule; if it does, alter its wording to:


There exist a number of Syndicates within The City, each of which has its own resources, goals and leader. Syndicates must be Good or Evil, and have one Hero as Boss. The identity of each Boss is public knowledge, and is listed in the sidebar.

Should a Boss have 0 or less Power at any time, he or she loses Bosshood. A Boss may also voluntarily give up Bosshood at any time. If another Hero is directly responsible for a Power loss that causes a Boss to go to or below 0 Power, he or she becomes the new Boss.

Any Hero of the same alignment as a Syndicate without a Boss may make a post to claim Bosshood, with a Bid of 1 or more Power. If any other Heroes wish to claim that Bosshood, they may respond in comments with their own Bids, and Bidding then continues just as it would for a new Super Power, with one exception: Heroes may designate their Bids to count for another Hero, in addition to that Hero's own Bid--effectively voting for that Hero to become the new Boss.

Should a period of 12 hours elapse after the most recent, highest Bid for a Bosshood, the Hero who made that Bid may pay the Bid cost and claim the Bosshood. (If this Bid puts him or her at or below 0 Power, of course, he or she immediately loses it.) If a Hero who receives donated Bids becomes Boss, all Bids must be paid by their invididual bidders. If any Hero is unable to pay his or her contributed Bid, the Hero with the next-highest Bid becomes Boss instead.

The Syndicates are listed below; further Syndicates may be created through the usual Proposal process, and should be appended here.

The Mafia
Boss: The Don

The "Family" has been a part of the fabric of The City for centuries, and has ears (and guns) everywhere. While Don, a Hero has the Retribution Super-Power. Once per week, if a Hero gains a Super-Power through the bidding process, the Don may use Retribution to cause that Hero to lose Power equal to the winning bid divided by two and rounded down.

The Sewer Dwellers
Boss: The Alligator King

A disenfranchised but cheerful segment of society, the Sewer Dwellers make up for their aroma with their vast knowledge of The City's subterranean structure. If a Hero is Alligator King, he or she has the Unpleasant Route Super-Power. Use of Unpleasant Route incurs a cost of 10 Power.

If the Alligator King uses Unpleasant Route in response to a Henchgoon attack, no Hero with a greater total Power than the Alligator King (at the time a winner is declared) may be declared the winner of that Henchgoon encounter. (If the Alligator King loses Bosshood between his or her response and the declaration of a winner, this Super-Power has no effect.)

The Department of Records
Boss: The Librarian

Mild-mannered civil servants to the casual eye, these file-keepers have always held a power not fully understood to the common Hero. The Librarian possesses the Fudge Record Super-Power. At his or her discretion, the Librarian may use this Super-Power to change the Hero Name of any consenting Hero, exacting whatever price he or she chooses. (Should a Hero have his or her Hero Name changed without consent, he or she may simply change it back.)

The Redemption Battalion
Boss: The Major

Friends to the downtrodden, for a small daily fee, the Redemption Battalion operate a network of shelters and discount stores throughout The City. Their establishments are open to anyone, except when they're not. The Major has the Warm Blanket Super-Power. Once per 24 hours, he or she may use this Super-Power to give another Hero 10 Power.

If Proposal: To The Abandoned Warehouse! passes, change the description of Unpleasant Route (under The Sewer Dwellers) as follows: replace "a Henchgoon attack" with "an Emergency," and replace "encounter" with "Emergency

AGAINST Failed by Cayvie, 7:10 pm GMT on 2.26.2004, Self Fail. -5 to Brendan, +1 to Cayvie.

Proposal: Look, Behind You!

Create a new superpower, "point man":

Whenever a hero with this power points his finger, everyone who can see him looks where he pointed. If the holder of this power loses power due to the direct action of another hero, they may cause that hero to lose 3 power. This must be done within 48 hours of the power loss.

Pretty lame, but not every power can be great, right?

FOR Passed by Brendan, 19 to 0, at 6:06 pm GMT on 2.26.2004. Cayvie gets the Super-Power with the final bid of 40 Power. +10 to Orkboi, +2 to Brendan.


As per Rule 11, I hereby declare myself The Don.

Proposal: I am your father

Alter the dice results table in rule 15 - Henchgoons from

4: (Left blank to be filled by future rules)

4: During the fight, The Hero discovers a disturbing familial relation to one of the Villains (the Super Villain chooses what type of relationship, of course, and with which Villain). If that hero attempts to stop any Emergencies posed by that particular Villain, the Danger Level is doubled for him or her.

AGAINST Failed by Brendan, 6:20 pm GMT on 2.26.2004, 5 to 5 with 4 undecided Imps. -5 to Cayvie, +1 to Brendan.

proposal: 'what are you saying? that I can dodge bullets?' [trivial]

create a new super-power, "bullet dodge":

a hero with bullet dodge may avoid losing power from a failing proposal. this is done by self-failing one of their proposals with a comment including something about "dodging this bullet". when this super-power is used, the hero loses no power from that proposal failing. heroes may not use this power on other hero's proposals, may not use this power on any proposal that has already been failed, passed or vetoed, and may use it only once every 24 hours.

might be usefull for those who have a tendency to need to re-post their proposals.

AGAINST Failed by Brendan, 4 to 13, at 1:47 pm GMT on 2.26.2004. +1 to Brendan, -5 to Kahbn.

Proposal : Go Web [Trivial]

Create a new Super-Power, "Web Slinging":-

A Hero with Web-Slinging may prevent another Hero from pursuing a Henchgoon (to a maximum of two Heroes per Henchgoon). This is done as a comment to the Henchgoon post, and must be performed before the targetted Hero has attempted to stop the Henchgoon.

If "To The Abandoned Warehouse!" passed, reword the power to:-

A Hero with Web-Slinging may prevent another Hero from attending an Emergency (to a maximum of two Heroes per Emergency). This is done as a comment to the Emergency, and must be performed before the targetted Hero has attempted to avert it.

Enacted by Kevan, 26th Feb. +3 to Kevan. The Web-Slinging Super Power goes to Kevan, for 25 Power.

Proposal : To The Abandoned Warehouse!

[ Changing Henchgoons into generic emergencies and disasters, and allowing any Villain to initiate them... ]

Rename Rule 15 to "Emergencies", and reword it to:-

Any Villain may use a weblog posting to declare an Emergency, if no Emergencies have happened in the last three days - the post should contain a brief description of the Emergency; its location, its apparent cause, the risk to the general public, and so forth. Each Emergency should also have a Danger Value, of the Villain's choice; a number between one and twenty. The Heroes then have 24 hours to save the day!

Any Hero may attempt to avert the Emergency by describing their efforts in comments - such efforts are considered to take place at the time of posting, so any invoked Super-Powers that require a cost must be paid for at that time. Heroes may choose to work alone, or to add their efforts to those of previous attempts (Heroes receiving unwanted assistance may attempt to disown it in further comments).

After 24 hours, the Super Villain must choose one or more of the Heroes who responded within the time limit as being directly responsible for averting the Emergency (based on the creativity and plausibility of their solution). The chosen Hero or Heroes each gain Power equal to the Danger Level of the Emergency.

Within 24 hours of successfully resolving an Emergency, a Hero may see if they've developed any new Powers by making a GNDT comment of "Power-Up:DICE" - if they roll a six, the Super Villain must create a new Super-Power somehow related to the Emergency and give that Super-Power to the Hero. If they roll a one, they are wracked with exhaustion and lose the Power they gained from averting the Emergency.

If no Hero responds to an Emergency within 24 hours, then the Emergency runs its course - the Villain who initiated it gains Power equal to its Danger Level. In addition, all Good Heroes lose Power equal to its Danger Level.

[ Edited to retain the power-gaining thing, at Joranj's persuasion. ]

Enacted by Kevan, 26th Feb - timed out 7 votes to 6. +12 to Kevan.

On a different note ...

In our last episode, Royce had been trapped in a maniacal device by the nefarious villain, The Mad Bomber, and sent hurtling through the vast reaches of space far away from his home planet. Now, trapped inside this evil asteroid, he his pulled into the gravity of a small blue-green world. It hits the surface with a giagantic explotion, and Royce rises from the ashes.

I'm back.

A Sad Departure

Although this round looks very interesting, I simply don't have time to take part. I do hope to come back, but this could be many months in the future. Idle me, please.

I'll see y'all around.

Sitting out

I've got quite a bit going on in my life at the moment, so I'm going to have sit this dynasty out. Can someone idle me?

Monday, February 23, 2004

Proposal : Luck of Heroes [SuperPower Proposal]

Create a superpower "Luck Of Heroes"

A hero with this power may chose to adjust the result of any dice throw that they make by +1 or -1. Once used this power may not be used again for a 24 hour period. This must be specified before the results of the throw are applied, and once modified the result cannot be modified again, this new result is final. This power may not be used to adjust the result to less than 1 or greater than 6. A result of 6 can therefore only be changed to 5, and 1 only to 2 through the use of this power.

For example. Quicksilver rolls a 4 on his check to detect the nefarious Dr Evils mind control.. however he needs a 5 to succeed. After rolling and before perfomring any action that might result from this failed roll, he posts in the GNDT his use of "Luck of Heros", adjusting his result to 5, then continues with the resolution of the roll having succeeded in his attempt.

Add the following text, and the descripions of all superpowers that are enacted to the end of rule Super-Powers

The following is a list of all enacted superpowers. Should a new superpower be enacted its description is to be added here.

Enacted by Damanor Feb 25; +10 to ChinDoGu, +2 to Damanor

Proposal: Watch your Back(Stab!)

Remember those superhero cartoons you used to watch, and that episode they always had, with the bad guy and the good guy cooperating against a greater foe? They bickered, they quarreled, the bad guy tried to kill the hero, the good guy tried to arrest the bad guy, hijinks ensued. In the end they always defeated the big bad and then departed as enemies. I think we ought to replicate that here.

Create a new rule (and Nomic minigame), Precarious Alliance:

To start with, this game lasts 7 rounds. Each round is a day.

Each round, the Hero can make one of two decisions. Either they Cooperate with the other Hero, or they Betray them. These messages can be conveyed through e-mail. A Hero shouldn't have any advanced knowledge of what the other may do, besides guessing. It ruins the game, obviously.

If both Heroes cooperate, they each gain 5 points. If both Heroes betray each other, they both gain no points. If one Hero decides to betray, with the other naively cooperating, the betrayer gains 9 points and the other Hero none.

The winner of the minigame gains 5 power, and the loser loses 5 power. Finally, Heroes who have chosen an allegiance are encouraged to act in accordance with their choice in the game.

The amount of Power gained was just a number I thought reasonably small. People could even bet power on the outcome of their game. Also, the number of the points the winner wins by could effect the amount of Power they get. If that were the case, then a limit on number game rounds would be prudent.

(Edited to more accurately reflect where I got this idea from, the non-zero-sum game, Prisoner's Dilemma)

Thoughts, comments? Commence abuse.

Failed by Damanor Feb 25; -5 to TrumanCapote, +1 to Damanor.

Proposal : Pick 'n' Mix [Trivial]

[ Actually, proposing several powers at once will get things going more quickly, and make less of a mess of the BlogNomic weblog. There's nothing to stop people proposing several at once and tacking on some enactment-effect auction-resolution already, but it'd be easier to formalise it. ]

Replace the second two paragraphs of Rule 12 (Super-Powers) with:-

If a Proposal would create one or more new Super-Powers, any Hero may bid on any of those Super-Powers by specifying an amount of Power to bid (which must exceed previous bids for that Super-Power, be an integer, and may not exceed the bidder's current Power), in comments to that Proposal. Such Proposals may not be enacted within an hour of a bid being made on them.

Whenever a new Super-Power is created in this way, the single highest bidder who is still able to pay their bid price (if one exists) does so, and gains the Power in question.

Enacted by Damanor 25 Feb, +2 to Kevan, +1 to Damanor

Proposal: reducto [trivial]

repeal rule 11

Enacted by Kevan, 25th Feb. +2 to Wittgenstein, +1 to Kevan.

Proposal : Look Into The Eyes [Trivial]

Create a new Super-Power, "Mind Control":-

A Hero with Mind Control may, no more than once per day, alter the vote of another Hero, on a single Proposal. This is signified by responding to the victim's original vote comment with three copies of the replacement vote icon. (For mysterious reasons, the Super Villain cannot be affected by Mind Control.)

Failed by Kevan, 25th Feb. -4 to Kevan.

Proposal: Feel the Burn

Add a new attribute in the GNDT, Life.

Life, the equivalent of HP. Life can be any integer between zero and 50. A Hero will gain 10% (round down) of their life every 48 hours in power. All Heros will have a Life status of 40 shoud this proposal pass. Should Life reach zero, a Hero cannot use any powers that aren't automatic until their Life is above 0

Is it just me, or do we need another attribute for powers to have effect on, other than Power? I know its simplistic and maybe it's too reminiscent of HP in most RPG's. It doesn't make sense to have what will more than likely be the "source" of our super-power's also be the only thing they can really effect.

For example, if there exists at some point a power Fireball, which, say, takes away 5 power from whomever it is directed at. To put limits on use, it will either take Power from the person who uses it, or the holder of the power will be limited by number of uses per day. If you don't limit it in one of those two ways, then you're letting them use something quite damaging whenever they want. Instead of directing the effect of Fireball at Power, all these problems can be fixed by directing them at removing "Life".

Commence abuse.

Failed by Kevan, 25th Feb - timed out 8 votes to 9. -5 to Truman, +1 to Kevan.
Taraba is now idle, under Rule 2 ("Admin may render a Hero idle if that Hero has failed to vote for more than a week"). Quorum remains at eleven.

Proposal: Leech Boy [trivial]

Create a new Super-Power, "Ki Conduit."
At any time, you may drain any one consenting Hero of any amount of Power not exceeding the total amount he has, and give that amount of Power to any second Hero whose Power is nonzero.
Testing the waters for creating Super-Powers. This one has the nice feature that it has a built-in way for Heroes to pay you for your services: you'll help them trade Power if one of them will let you drain a few points from them in exchange.

Enacted by Kevan, 25th February; timed out 9 votes to 5. +2 to Satyr Eyes, +1 to Kevan. Brendan wins the Super-Power, paying 32 Power.

Proposal: Again!

This assumes that the proposal Super-Powers, passes.

Enact a rule, Super-Powers Types:

That there can made, if a proposer so desires, four distinctions among superpowers, to be made when the powers are proposed.

-Fantastical super-powers, which tend to cost Power to use.

-Mechanical super-powers, which tend to be Power-free but have a limited number of uses, or take time to recharge.

-Random Powers, whose occurences are just that. It is simpler if these powers are not random in effect, but in magnitude of effect. Even so, the effects of those powers could be directed randomly, at a random time, by the throw of a die.

-Constant Powers, which are always in effect.

Any superpower can be proposed that costs zero Power to use, or can be used with no time limitations.

If anyone else wants to propose other categories, I'd very much like additions and opinions, and I don't think this needs to be all.

In fact, please don't vote until people have had time to weigh in.

Enacted by Kevan, 25th February. +10 to Truman, +2 to Kevan.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Proposal: BIFF!

On its route to the power plant, a tanker of radioactive liquid nuclear waste was accidentally dumped into the lake. The Super Villian can, by dunking ordinary Henchmen into the toxic goo, use this to her advantage.

Add a rule, Henchgoons:

The Super Villian may, at any time (although no more than once every 3 days), create a Henchgoon by posting to the effect on BlogNomic. The post must contain a brief description of the Henchgoon, with any salient features or powers it possesses.

For example:

Henchgoon: StatueMan
A slow-moving, green-glowing walking statue with unstopable strength and resilience to damage. Very succeptable to pigeon crap.

Any Hero may choose to persue the Henchgoon by emailing the Super Villian, detailing how they would use their powers to stop him. The cost of any powers used must be spent in the GNDT before the 24 hour wait period is up. After 24 hours, the Super Villian must choose one of the Heroes who responded within the time limit as being the Hero who stopped the Henchgoon, based on the creativity and plausibility of their use of powers. She must post this information to the original Henchgoon post at the earliest available opportunity.

Upon defeating a Henchgoon, a Hero gains 20 Power. They may also optionally post a comment of Henchgoon:DICE to the GNDT, with the effects of the dice result corresponding to the table below:

1: The Hero is bitten by the radioactive Henchgoon, and gains a Superhero ability relating to the Henchgoon they defeated.
E.g. After defeating, and being bitten by, the Radioactive Statue, the Hero gains the ability to Stand Very Still.
This ability is chosen by the Super Villian.
2: (Left blank to be filled by future rules)
3: (Left blank to be filled by future rules)
4: (Left blank to be filled by future rules)
5: (Left blank to be filled by future rules)
6: Roll again. If the Hero rolls three 6's in a row, they have met their Nemesis. In killing their Nemesis, they have had to heroically give their life. Their Power is set to 0 until such a time as a Ressurection rule is created and fulfilled, but they are remembered as a True Hero (which is recorded in the sidebar) and may overact to their hearts content. When they do eventually get Resurrected, they immediately gain 100 Power (on top of any Power gain brought about by Resurrection) and any existing Super Power of their choice.

If no Hero responds to the Henchgoon in the 24 hour period, all active Heroes loose 15 Power.

Edits: Included expenditure of power when using Super Powers, and made death at the hands of one's Nemesis slightly more worthwhile.

FOR Passed 14 to 2 at 3:46 am GMT, 2.24.2004. +10 to Joranj, +2 to Brendan.

Proposal: Superpower Types

This assumes that Proposal: Super-powers, passes.

Enact a new Rule, "Super-Power Types" :-

When a Hero proposes the existence of a new type of super-power, they must specify which of two types of Super-powers it is.

These two groups are Fantastical super-powers and Mechanical super-powers.

-Fantastical super-powers are those possesed naturally by a Hero/Villian. They cost a certain amount of Power to use, from 0 to any integer the Proposer of the new super-power may wish to set. All uses of Fantastical super-powers are limited only by the amount of Power the user has in the GNDT.

-Mechanical Super-powers are those which the Villian/Hero uses only with the aid of some device. They do not cost any Power to use. Mechanical super-powers can be limited in two ways. A Proposer may state that whomever recieves their super-power has only a certain number of uses before the super-power is gone, and/or that the super-power may only be used once per an interval of time.

Self-failed by TrumanCapote, -5 to TrumanCapote, +1 to Damanor

Proposal: Patrolling the City

Add the following rule:

heroes may carry out a number of exploits, but only one exploit at any given time. A heroes current exploit is tracked in the GNDT. The following exploits are possible:
  • Patrolling: The hero is out and about patrolling the city and doing what they do best. A hero who begins patrolling may not go undercover for at least 24 hours. When this rule is enacted, all heroes are patrolling. When a new hero is added, that hero begins patrolling.

  • Undercover: The hero is chillin' in their secret identity. If at any time the hero would lose power, except in accord withRule 7: Enactment, that hero loses 0 power instead. A hero who is undercover may not make proposals. Heroes have to keep up their duties, so if a hero remains undercover for more than 48 hours, any hero may move them to patrolling.

  • Mutating: The hero is invoking whatever arcane source provides their powers. For every 24 hours spent mutating, the hero may gain 10 power.

Self-failed by Orkboi, -5 to Orkboi, +1 to Damanor

New Player: Strider

Stepping carefully around puddles of radioactive ooze, someone new picks his way into the heart of The City, a lean and hungry look in his eyes. And his ribs. And his... well, he's just generally lean and hungry.

Let's have a big hand for Strider!

Proposal : Villainy

[ Everyone teaming up against the Super-Villian seems a bit harsh. Without getting back into the complex hidden identities of the previous Dynasty, picking sides might be more entertaining. ]

Enact a new Rule, "Allegiances":-

All Heroes are either Good or Evil; they may choose to declare this in the GNDT, or to keep it a secret and reveal it later. Once a Hero has declared themselves to be Good or Evil, they may not change their mind.

Any Hero who has declared their allegiance may nominate an Arch-Enemy from those who have declared the opposite allegiance; this is also tracked in the GNDT, and may not be changed once first chosen.

Evil Heroes are known as "Villains". The Super Villain is automatically Evil.

Enacted by Kevan, 23rd Feb. +12 to Kevan.

Proposal : Is It A Bird? [Trivial]

[ An obvious bit of theme. ]

Enact a new Rule, "Hero Identities":-

All Heroes have Hero Names, which are tracked in the GNDT and are initially blank. A Hero may announce and set their Hero Name at any time, but may not change it afterwards.

Enacted by Kevan, 23rd Feb. +3 to Kevan.

Proposal : Super-Powers

Enact a new Rule, "Super-Powers":-

Strange radioactive forces are warping the minds and bodies of the Heroes of BlogNomic - a Hero may possess any number of Super-Powers, which are tracked in the GNDT. This rule shall list their names and effects.

Proposals which create a single new Super-Power are considered to be Super-Power Proposals. Any Hero may make a Bid for such a Super-Power by specifying an amount of Power to Bid (which must exceed previous Bids, be an integer, and may not exceed their current Power), in comments.

If the Proposal passes, the single highest bidder (if one exists) who is still able to pay their Bid price does so, and gains the Power in question. (A Super-Power Proposal may not be enacted within an hour of a Bid being made on it.)

[ Changed from "enacting admin's bids are ignored" to "can't enact within an hour of bidding", in response to Kamikaze's comment.

Changed again to demand ascending, integer bids. ]

Enacted by Kevan, 23rd Feb. +12 to Kevan.

Proposal: Not that we needed it this time [trivial]

and with the hiatus period, it might be more difficult having pending proposals through Ascension (actually I'll have to think a bit on this case), but I still think it's handy.

Ammend rule 10, appending to the paragraph starting with "The Hiatus"... the following sentences:

The new Super Villain may also proclaim at the Ascension Address the veto of any Pendig Proposal(s). From the failure of said proposals shall incur no Power penalty for the proposer.

(actually, I may change just where it reads "a proclamation that any number of Rules will be repealed" to be "...Rules or (Pending?) Proposals...", if we all agree that a repealed proposal no longer a valid proposal, thus being impossible to fail/pass).

Enacted by Kevan, 23rd Feb. +2 to Kamikaze, +1 to Kevan.

Ascension Address

Once again you foil my nefarious schemes. I will no longer tolerate this! But even, combining your abilities wasn't powerful enough to stop me. Even now, I have a plan in the works that will put an end to you and your meddling ways. A plan so sinister, so divinely evil in every way that it will certainly bring about the beginning of my reign of terror. I will finally achieve my goals. And all shall tremble before my splendor and evil genius.


Welcome to the 13th Dynasty of Blognomic. By 'evil' proclamation repeal rules 12 to 29 and replace 'The Man' with 'Super Villain', 'Person' with 'Hero', and 'Status' with 'Power'.