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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Proposal: Imminentizing the Eschaton

Add a rule called the Eschaton:-
If it has been more than 48 hours since an Illuminatus last made an official post, e becomes idle. Idle Illuminati may not be unidled. This rule is automatically repealed on Ascension.

Tick Passed 6-4, Reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur the 26th of June at 13:20.

Plot for Control: Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

Friday, June 24, 2005


Your angular-faced and heavy-shouldered new Pope declares that Decepticon attacks are Sinful - the controllers of the Decepticons must now pay Influence to use that Organisation's Power.

Tentative Powers, Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

An Illuminatus who controls the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow may have an additional Agenda. If any Agenda of that Illuminatus is switched, then all of eir Agendas are considered changed.


Proposal: 400 for all.

Change the agenda named "Puppet Master" to:

Agenda #2: "Puppet Master". An Illuminatus with this Agenda may declare Victory if it controls 25 or more Organizations and the total reality index of all eir organisations is 400 or more.

Tick Passed 7-2, Reached Quorum.
Enacted by Excalabur, 26th June at 09:22

Proposal: The Good Times Are Over

append the following paragraph to the end of rule #19:

This dynasty should end soon.

Tick Reached quorum, passed 8-2 (Counting DEFERENTIAL votes as the same as BOTH spin doctors' votes). Enacted by Excalabur, 25th June at 07:07

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tentative Powers, The Catholic Church

A controller of The Catholic Church may declare an Organisation Power listed in rule 16 to be a Sinful power, by posting to that effect. Only one power may be considered Sinful at a time - any previous Sinful powers lose that status. Whenever an Illuminatus wants to use a Sinful power, e must first lose an amount of Influence equal to the Reality Index of the Organisation that has the power, or e may not use the power.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Proposal: Small Stuff

Change the title 'R.A. Shea' to 'R.A. Wilson'.

Change the title 'Man of Shadows' to 'Person of Shadows', and append to the end of the description 'Any Illuminatus holding this title may optionally change the word "Person" for any other noun.'

Tick Passed 7-0, reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, June 23rd at 04:44.


Doodle hasn't voted in a week, so e goes idle. And KnightKing seems to have gone AWOL from both the active and idle lists, so e's getting put back in the idle list. Quorum is still 6.

I don't have KnightKing's e-mail address, so eir name currently points to blognomic. If anyone has the right contact for him, feel free to fix it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tentative Powers, Alien Abductees

The controller of the Alien Abductees may, once per day, post to the weblog announcing the abduction of an Illuminatus. That Illuminatus may not Declare Victory within 48 hours of the posting. Each Illuminatus can only be abducted once during the Dynasty.


Proposal: Short One

Add a Link to the SupporterLists in the sidebar.

Cross Self-Killed, moot. Failed by Excalabur, 12:14 on the 22nd of June.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Proposal: Step right up

When this Proposal is enacted, exceptional titles are awarded based on how an Illuminatus voted on it. Changes of Vote are ignored when determining the title awards: only the first vote cast by an Illuminatus is counted for this purpose; and DEFERENTIAL votes are considered as such, not as the final vote that they evaluate to.

The 'Lucky Number' referred to below is the number of final votes in excess of Quorum. For example, if Quorum is 6, and 8 final votes were tallied, then the Lucky Number is 2. If Quorum is not Exceeded the Lucky Number is 1.

The Illuminatus whose FOR vote occured closest to the Lucky Number in the chronological order of votes, without being past it, gets the title of R.A. Shea.

The Illuminatus who spent the most Influence bribing DEFERENTIAL votes on this Proposal gets the title of Spin Doctor. If no DEFERENTIAL votes were bribed or there is a tie, the Illuminatus whose DEFERENTIAL vote occured closest to the Lucky Number in the chronological order of votes, without being past it, gets the title of Spin Doctor.

The two Illuminati who cast the same votes occurring closest to the Lucky Number in the chronological order of votes, without either being past it, get the titles of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Any Illuminatus who does not vote on this Proposal gets the title of Man of Shadows.

(Titles awarded later in this process override those given earlier. So if an Illuminatus qualifies for Spin Doctor and also Tweedledum, e is just given the Tweedledum title.)

Tick Passed 6-3. Lucky number is 3. Aaron is R.A. Shea. Paladin is the Spin Doctor. Doodle, Cosmologicon and Royce are Man of Shadows. KnightKing is idle since e does not appear in the list of active Illuminati (nor does e appear in the list of idle Illuminati). Enacted by Excalabur, 22nd of June at 12:07. If anyone disagrees, please CfJ.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tentative Powers, Monsanto

The controller of Monsanto may, once every 24 hours, remove a single Influence gain of another Illuminatus which was due to an Organisation Power used within the 24 hours, and gain that amount of Influence emself instead. "Thank you for purchasing a Monsanto brand product."


Plot for Control: Decepticon Fleet

Did anyone not see this coming?

Proposal: Fixing Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Change the desriptions of the title of Tweedledee and Tweedledum to:
Tweedledee and Tweedledum If Tweedledee takes a legal action and it is legal for Tweedledum to take an identical action then Tweedledum shall take that action. If Tweedledum takes a legal action and it is legal for Tweedledee to take an identical action then Tweedledee shall take that action.

I think that this would be a better wording than the current one.

Tick Passed 6-2, reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur, 22:00 on the 20th of June.