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Friday, September 12, 2003


In the interests of greater production and revenue for the Empire, I would like to request a promotion to Finisher of the Factory to work with the new Foreman.

Proposal: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

add to Rule 21 under the Civilian category:

Civilian Workers and Civilian Retail may claim Credits, once per day, if they have been present in the Factory or Cafe(respectively) for the previous eight hours. The number of Credits that may be claimed is equal to 5 + 5 * their current Career level. (eg: 10c for Level 1, 15c for Level 2, and so on)
If a Civilian has been in the Factory or Cafe for more than 48 consecutive hours, any other Citizen may call an ambulance and have them moved to the Hospital. A player is immune to the effects of overwork if he/she has consumed Coffee within the past 56 hours.

Enacted by Anthony, 9/13. +11 to Bottle, +5 to Anthony.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


In the interests of greater production and revenue for the Empire, I would like to request a promotion to Foreman of the Factory.


Oh yeah, and I think it is still within 24 hours of my joining so I shall nominate Gillian as the person responsible for my joining.

Proposal: Multiplaying

I noticed a flaw of sorts but I am not sure how enforceable this would be.

add to rule 2:

Any player caught multiplaying shall have all of their citizens imprisoned.

Just thought I would start with the consequence and then move on to some form of investigation procedure later on.

Failed by Anthony, 9/13. -5 from Bottle, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal : Generic Transfer Applications

[ Combining the two transfer mechanisms, and fixing a loophole. ]

In Rule 20 (Career Options), remove both paragraphs beginning "A Citizen may apply" and replace them with:-

A Citizen may apply to be transferred to any Level within any sub-Branch, by posting to the BlogNomic weblog with such a request. This request may be stamped with a mark of Approval or Rejection by any Citizen of a Level higher than the requested Level (provided they are part of the requested sub-Branch, or a member of Government). If an application is legally stamped in favour, the Citizen is reassigned to the requested sub-Branch and Level.

There is currently a loophole by which a Citizen can ask to be promoted to Level 5 by a Level 2 superior, then have that superior ask to be promoted to Level 5 as well, and approve it. If this loophole has been exploited, any Citizens involved shall be demoted to Level 1 and sent to Prison.

Enacted by Anthony, 9/13. +16 to Kevan, +5 to Anthony.

Proposal : Specific Dissent [Trivial]

Since Thoughtcrime can also be used within the BlogNomic blog, add a new one:-

Being the first Citizen to vote against a Proposal, but making no comment on it. (10c)

Enacted by Anthony, 9/13. +2 to Kevan, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal: Union amendment (Trivial)

To Rule #20 - Career Options add:

As the Labor Union Leader is assigned to lead the Union, who in turn defends the worker's rights against potential abuses by their superiors, the Labor Union Leader cannot be assigned to the post of Foreman of a Factory, and vice-versa.

Failed by Anthony, as per Rule 7, 9/13. -5 from Est, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal: Production!

To Rule #22 - Locations, add:

If a Factory is large enough to require the management of an Overseer* it will be producing items on such a large scale that it will generate revenue. The amount of revenue a Factory generates can be found by multiplying the number of workers active at the Factory that week by 50.

The revenue generated is distributed thusly:

  • The Factory Overseer is given a 20% performance bonus

  • The Emperor is given a 40% share

  • The remaining 40% is divided evenly among the remaining government citizens

If there is a fractionary share, the Overseer and governmental shares are rounded down, whilst the Emperor's share is rounded up.

* replace this with "Foreman" if my previous proposal doesn't make it through, I'm hoping you'll see why I like "Overseer" better in this proposal.

Enacted by Anthony, 9/13. +16 to Est, +5 to Anthony.

Proposal: change of title (Trivial)

In Rule #20 - Career Options, change :

Level 5 - Foreman


Level 5 - Overseer

as Level 5 is the highest level available, and a Foreman is only the shift leader of a factory, not the overall manager of the factory. (also, i think that the title of "Overseer" fits in better with my next suggestion)

Enacted by Anthony, 9/13. +2 to Est, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal : Keep Writing [Trivial]

In Rule 25 (Thoughtcrime), replace "Posting about not having posted recently (20c)" with:-

Failing to post during the past week. (30c)

[ I can't remember what I was getting at with "posting about not having posted"; it seems fair enough. But failing to post seems a bit criminal (Citizens going on holiday can declare themselves Idle to avoid being punished, of course). ]

Failed by Anthony, as per Rule 7, 9/13. -5 from Kevan, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal : Union Fairness

In Rule 13 (Labour Union), replace the first two points of the "Members of the Labour Union may" list with:-

1. Nominate a new Labour Union Leader. Any Union member may post such a nomination; if a majority of Union members respond in favour (and if the Union has at least three members) within the next 48 hours, then the nominated member becomes the Labour Union Leader.

Also, Anthony shall be removed as Labour Union Leader, for assuming the role before other Civilians had a chance to have their say.

Failed by Anthony, as per Rule 7, 9/13. -5 from Kevan, +2 to Anthony.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

New Citizen: Bottle

Citizen Bottle has arrived in the Imperial City with 80 Credits, and reports as a Civ:W1:Floorhand to Housing Block Alpha. Quorum remains at 6.

Proposal: Addition Menu Item

Add to Rule 28:

Smoothe (250c): The Smoothe is very healthy for you and thusly gives you the incredible(literally) ability to move up one branch level in your field. Unfortunately, after drinking the smoothe once it leaves such a horrible aftertaste that Citizens may never purchase a smoothe but that once.

Offer void where it conflicts with other rules such as that of Rule 20.

Enacted by Kevan (timed out; passed by 5 votes to 4), 12th September - 11 Credits to Gillian, 5 to Kevan

Proposal: Construction Company

[buildings takes time, money, and people to build them]

Add to rule 20 as a Civilian branch:

Civ: Construction
Level 1 - Builder
Level 2 - Crew Leader
Level 3 - Project Foreman
Level 4 - Architect
Level 5 - Firm Owner

and Add to rule 21:

Whenever a proposal for a new building is enacted there must be at least one member of the Civ: Construction branch active in order for the building to be erected. Details of the buildings Cost and Time to construct should be included in the origianl proposal. Half the cost of the building shall then be distributed equally (rounded down) among all the active members in Civ: Construction. The building only appears on the Ruleset when the projected Time divided by the number of Civ: Construction members active (rounded down).

Failed by Mat, 9/11 4:07pm

Labour Union Leader Election

I nominate myself for Labour Union Leader. All Labour Union members may now vote for the candidate of their choice in the comments within the next hour. Since I am the only nominee, I forsee an easy win.

Results will be announced in an update to this post.

Update: The votes have been tallied. The first Labour Union Leader is... Anthony! Congratulations to all those who ran.

Labour Union membership

I will be joining the Labour (Labor) Union, as per Rule #13.

(Since I am an admin, I have updated the sidebar.)

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Proposal : Nepotism

[ Another way to climb the greasy pole... ]

To Rule 20 (Career Options), add:-

A Citizen may apply for promotion within a sub-Branch by posting to the BlogNomic weblog with such a request. This is dealt with as for a cross-Branch application, except that superiors within that sub-Branch may also stamp the application.

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:20am

Proposal: Shoulda Coulda Woulda [trivial]

Make the following change to Rule #1


Admin Staff may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset at any time.


Admin Staff may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset at any time, obvious typos can also be corrected in proposals at the request of the initial proposer.

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:19am

Proposal : See the World, They Said [Trivial]

To the Government section of Rule 21 (Career Benefits), add:-

Government Citizens may fine other Citizens for Thoughtcrimes.

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:17am

Proposal : Infamy, Infamy [Trivial]

[ In light of Votes of No Confidence, I'd like a way to sack (with reasonable compensation) any Government officials who have displeased me. ]

To Rule 20 (Career Options), add:-

The Emperor may reassign a member of his Government at any time, transferring them to the same Level in a different sub-Branch.

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:16am

Proposal : Imperial Equality [Trivial]

In Rule 18 (Dynasties), replace "The Emperor's Imperial Favor is always left blank." with "The Emperor's Imperial Favor is always +6."

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:15am

Proposal : Crime Pays

[ Government aren't being paid very much, and the reward for Thoughtcrime arrests can be a bit flimsy, so... ]

In Rule 25 (Thoughtcrime), remove "When a Government Citizen fines a Citizen for Thoughtcrime, they may claim half of that fine (rounding down) as a bonus.", and add the sentence:-

This fine is paid directly to the Government Citizen enforcing the fine (part of it may, in turn, be used to reward informants).

...before "Once a Citizen has been fined".

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:14am

Proposal: Courses galore

To the end of Rule 11, within the Governmental education category, add the following course:
IngSocian Dynamics - This class provides governmental citizens with more extensive knowledge on the foundation and infrastructure of higher administration. This course has a prerequisite of IM101 and thereby may only be taken by level 2 government citizens who wish to become senators (level 3). The class requires 5 (five) 8-hour session, with each session costing 6 credits; all of which must start on a seperate day. In addition to the course, 3 successful non-trivial proposals must be passed by the student of this course upon completion of the class sessions. Senatorship shall not be awarded until all requirements have been fulfilled.

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:12am

Proposal: Government wages

Apparently, govenment citizens have no career benefits at this time. With this proposal, I hope to change this.

Append to the rule 21, after the "Government" category:
Government citizens earn 2 credits for each successful proposal passed by a BlogNomic citizen. The government citizen is responsible for staking the 2-credit claim in the GNDT and must do so within the same day as that which the proposer has been awarded, according to the GNDT.

This, in turn, seems unfair that gov't citizens are able to capitalize off of doing nothing other than making the claim, but the time limit will keep them attentive if they wish to earn wages. Also, I find the 2-credit-per-proposal stipend petty compared to that which civilians earn for an 8-hour day at the factory.

Failed by Mat, 9/11, 4:09am

Proposal: Beginner Sci:Academia course

Its about time Scientists get some courses to be able to get promoted. I propose to add the following to Rule #11 - Education for Sci:Academia citizens:

Basic Teaching Concepts
This class is a week-long group of sessions designed to teach Citizens how to become a Scientific Lecturer. At the completion of the course, students will go from tutoring students to actually teaching them. Skills gained include syllabus preparation, effective communication, scientific thinking, and, as an added bonus, spitball dodging. Payment and attendance: BTC is a beginner-level course taken in five (5) 10-hour sessions. Students may not take more than one session per day. Cost is 6c per session. (Plain-english version: This course will advance a Level 1 Science Academia to Level 2. It requires that you attend five sessions. The cost is 6 credits per session.)

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:05am

Proposal: Beginner Civ:Retail course

I propose to add the following to Rule #11 - Education for Civ:Retail citizens:
Basic Restaurant Skills
This class is a week-long workshop designed to teach Citizens how to serve food to customers. At the completion of the course, students will get out of the dishroom and be hired as a Waiter at the Chestnut Tree Cafe or other fine eating establishment. Skills gained include taking customers' orders, dish carrying, drink refilling, and menu explanation. Payment and attendance: BRS is a beginner-level course taken in five (5) 8-hour sessions. Students may not take more than one session per day. Cost is 6c per session. (Plain-english version: This course will advance a Level 1 Civilian Retail to Level 2. It requires that you attend five sessions. The cost is 6 credits per session.)

Enacted by Mat, 9/11 4:04am

Proposal: Completion of the education path for the working class.

I propose to add the following to Rule #11 - Education:

Management of Manufacturing Facilities
This class is a three-week workshop with the goal of teaching the student all the information necessary to manage a factory of the Empire. Skills gained include: Advanced accounting, inventory management, worker discipline, written & oral communication.
Payment and attendance: MMF is an advanced course, and as such must be taken in fifteen(15) 8-hour sessions. Students must have completed "Advanced Manufacturing Concepts" in order to take this course. Students may not take more than one session per day. Cost is 15c per session.
(Plain-english version: This course will advance a Level 4 Civilian Worker to Level 5. It requires that you attend fifteen sessions. The cost is fifteen (15) credits per session : 225c in total)

Failed by Mat, 9/11 4:01am

Proposal: Finishing School

I propose to add the following to Rule #11 - Education:

Advanced Manufacturing Concepts
This class is a two-week workshop aimed at furthering the knowledge gained in "Intensive Assembling". By the end of this course, students will be given the necessary information to perform as a Finisher in the factories of the Empire. Skills gained include: Advanced hand-eye co-ordination regimes, mid-level machinery maintenance (presses, pokers, jiggers), basics of accounting.
Payment and attendance: AMC is a moderate-level course taken in ten(10) 8-hour sessions. Students must have completed "Intensive Assembling" in order to take this course. Students may not take more than one session per day. Cost is 10c per session.
(Plain-english version: This course will advance a Level 3 Civilian Worker to Level 4. It requires that you attend ten sessions. The cost is ten(10) credits per session)

Enacted by Mat, 9/11. 3:59am

Proposal: Democracy

enact a rule entitled "Elections" in which:

The position of Gov:Ministry level 5 -- The Emperor can be democratically elected by the members of blognomic.

After an Emperor has served for four weeks, on the fifth week any member of Government may call for a "vote of no-confidence" in the current Emperor.
If a majority of the members of Blognomic vote FOR the "vote of no-confidence" within 24 hours of the initial call for the “vote of no-confidence” then the Emperor is immediately demoted to a Civ:Worker level 1 Floorhand (the Emperor may not VETO a "vote of no-confidence").
If the Emperor is successfully removed then, in the following 72 hours, the floor is open for nominations of candidates for a general election to assume the position of Emperor. The Government Official who originally called for the “vote of no-confidence” is not eligible for nomination. During those 72 hours no new proposals may be introduced but instead each candidate who has been nominated and accepts that nomination shall "Announce Their Candidacy" (i.e. post to the Blognomic community as to why they should be the next Emperor). After the initial 72 hours has passed, the voting may commence. Each Blognomic member may only vote once, and by voting they shall place a FOR vote on the nominee’s "Candidacy Announcement" post. The Candidate that acquires the most votes shall be named Emperor and their reign shall officially start forthwith. In the event of a tie vote the highest non-candidate Government Office holder shall throw the tie-breaking vote.

Failed by Mat 9/11 3:56am

Royce Re-Directs Military Operations

After mistaking Nder for the leader of LiveJournal Nomic, I have sent the original declaration of war message to 12g, the one who is actually in charge. Hopefully the operation will be more sucessful this time, with the response of the actual leader.

Monday, September 08, 2003

The Calling of the Lottery

Through the same method used as the first lottery drawing (which I assure you is in accordance to rule 17,) the Imperial Lottery is awarded to Est.

21 tickets were bought, thus 21 tickets are awarded. 5 of those credits (one-quarter, rounding down) will be distributed among government citizens with 16 credits being directly awarded to Est.

Congratulations Est!

+16 credits to Est, +1 credit to Kevan, +1 credit to Aaron, +1 credit to Mat, +2 credits remainder given to Est (Est gets 18 credits)

Proposal: Favor limitation

To prevent extreme amounts of favor from exploiting rule 5, I'd like to propose the following sentence in Rule 18 to be changed from:
Values can be negative, positive, zero, and as large or small as the Emperor deigns.


Values may range from negative six (-6) to positive six (+6).

This would prevent, say, the emperor from awarding 1 million favor to someone and have their proposals give them 1 million plus 10 credits.

Enacted by Anthony, 9/8. +16 to Mat, +5 to Anthony.

Proposal: Course for Government citizens

add a paragraph to the end of rule 11, implying a course being added with the following description:

Imperial Mechanics 101 - This week-long class allows new-found government citizens to advance their career status. Upon completion of this course, level 1 government citizens will be capable of performing the tasks that are required for a senator's Aide (thusly, they will be advanced to level 2.) IM101 is taken in five 12-hour sessions, costing 5 credits per session. No two sessions may be started on the same day.

I wasn't really sure as to what advantages levels currently have to government citizens, but I'd like to see some position advancement correlation as has been happening with the other careers. If someone would be so kind, please start proposing advancements that would allow this position to have substance.

Enacted by Anthony, 9/8. +16 to Mat, +5 to Anthony.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Proposal: Trade workshop

I propose we add a course to rule 11 - Education that builds on Est's course idea:

Intensive Assembling
This class is for apprentices who want to get past simple packing and stacking and move onto the assembly line. This class is a 2 week-long intensive workshop designed to build on lessons learned in Introduction to Factory concepts. By the end of this course, students will be able to work as a full-time Assembler on full pay and benefits. Skills gained include advanced packing, managerial elements, and assembly belt maintenance. Payment and attendance: IA is an intermediate-level course taken in ten (10) 8-hour sessions. Students may not take more than one session per day. Cost is 6c per session. (Plain-english version: This course will advance a Level 2 Civilian Worker to Level 3. It requires that you attend ten sessions. The cost is 6 credits per session.)

Enacted by Anthony, 9/8. +13 to Anthony, +5 to Anthony.

LiveJournal Rebels!

On Saturday, September 6 at 2:31 PM, I recieved the following message from Nder:

"it's not really my call, as I don't run the group, but personally, i'll go with rebellious, as it's more natural to me."

LiveJournal is rejecting our occupation! I authorize a full assault upon LiveJournal.

Proposal: Consolidation [Trivial]

Amend rule #20 as follows:

Remove Gov: Ministry sub-Branch level 5 - Prime Minister

and move Gov: Emperor to this position so that it reads:

Gov:Ministry: (Gov:M:)
Level 1 - Intern
Level 2 - Aide
Level 3 - Senator
Level 4 - Minister
Level 5 - Emperor

[This way the Emperor is actually part of the chain. And since there are no multiple occupiers of levels 4 & 5, Emperor is still intangibly yet uniquely attainable. It just makes sense that Emperor should be the top of the government chain, not some separate entity altogether, otherwise, what is the Prime Minister for?]

Enacted by Anthony, 9/8. +2 to Aaron, +2 to Anthony.

Proposal: Workers of All Lands, Unite! ... again

Enact a rule "Labour Union" which states:

Civilians may organize. Civilians of Sub-Branch Levels 1-3 may join the Labour Union simply by saying so in a post. The admins will maintain a Labour Union membership sidebar by indicating members with an ! (exclamation point) by their name. Members of the Labour Union may:

1) Elect a Labour Union Leader through nomination and majority vote [position to be added in Rule # 20 under the Civilian branch as Civ:LUL]
2) Overthrow and Reelect a new Labour Union leader through posts that indicate as such and go through the same election procedures as the initial election.
3) Strike
a. The Labour Union Leader may post an announcement to Strike at anytime
b. A Strike only occurs when all the Labour Union Members have voted FOR the Strike and moved into the Factory (picketing) within 24 hours of the initial post, otherwise the Strike fails.
1. If the Strike is successful then each government official will suffer a fine of five (5) credits per Labour Union Member per 12 hour period during which the Strike lasts.
c. The Strike only lasts so long as all Labour Union Members remain in the Factory
1. However, during this time, they may not earn money for working in the Factory.
d. After the first 12 hours of a successful Strike any Government Official may (only from the Imperial Palace) call for an Injunction.
1. The Injunction passes only if a majority of non-civilians vote FOR it within 24 hours of its Proposition.
2. A successful Injunction breaks up a Strike by returning each Labour Union Member to their housing complex and fining them 15 credits (an Injunction may not be grounds for moving citizens into the Hospital).
e. Otherwise the Strike continues until other Rules, such as Rule # 20, take effect.

If the Labour Union Leader’s credits exceed those of all the Government Officials put together, a new dynasty will begin and the Labour Union Leader will become the new Emperor.

Enacted by Anthony as per Rule 7, 9/8. +10 to Aaron, +5 to Anthony.