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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Proposal: Chariots of Fire (Trivial)

Rename the god Asclepius to Apollo (To make him a God of similar standing to, say, Artemis, Apollo's twin.)

Change his description to

Apollo: god of music, medicine, and prophecy. A successful prayer to Apollo will Heal a number of Mariners (of the Priest's choice) equal to the Prayer Roll. Mariners Healed in this way lose the "Enraptured", "Turned into a Pig" and "Depression" Ailments, if they have them. Additionally, any Prophet who worships Apollo gives his/her ship Foresight (2) instead of the normal Foresight (1) for Prophets.

I figure we should make some of the weaker Olympian gods stronger, in order to compete with the new Titans. 5 additional Morale a Lacuna is turning out to be quite a significant benefit.

Enacted by Cayvie, Successful Riot, with no morale effects.

Proposal: The Power to Bring Revolution to the World

As is obvious by now, the Titans are staging a full-fledged revolt against the Olympian gods who cast them down. The battle lines are being drawn…

Add to the rule “Gods”:
Athena, Poseidon, Artemis, and Ares (if they exist) are Olympians; Prometheus, Amphitrite, Phoebe, and Menoetius (if they exist) are Titans. All other gods are neither Olympian nor Titan.

Add an Ailment:
Scarred: A Mariner with this Ailment is said to be Scarred. A Scarred Mariner cannot be inspired by Zeus, and takes only half damage when smitten by Zeus.

Add a Rule, “Titans”:
There is a statistic called Balance of Power, which is at all times equal to the number of Olympian worshippers minus the number of Titan worshippers, with Priests counting double. Various events happen when Balance of Power first becomes strictly below certain whole numbers. Such events are as follows:

Below 15:
Poseidon ceases to exist; his description in the rule “Gods” is repealed. Anyone who formerly worshipped Poseidon no longer worships a God. Amend the Rule “Jobs” to change “The Captain has a Speed of 5” to “The Captain has a Speed of 5, or 7 if at least half the Mariners on his Ship worship Titans”. Zeus smites all Titan worshippers in anger, causing them to lose 10 Morale and become Scarred, and inspires all Olympian worshippers, causing them to gain 5 Morale.

Below 5:
Artemis ceases to exist; her description in the rule “Gods” is repealed. Anyone who formerly worshipped Artemis no longer worships a God. Amend the Order “Sail” to make the phrase “the Supplies value of the ship is reduced by twice the number of Mariners aboard the Ship” read “the Supplies value of the ship is reduced by twice the number of Mariners aboard the Ship, or by the number of Mariners on the Ship if at least half the Mariners on the Ship worship Titans”. Zeus smites all Titan worshippers in anger, causing them to lose 20 Morale and become Scarred, and inspires all Olympian worshippers, causing them to gain 10 Morale.

Below -5:
Athena ceases to exist; her description in the rule “Gods” is repealed. Anyone who formerly worshipped Athena no longer worships a God. To the end of the formula in the Rule “Homesickness”, add: “However, Ships at least half of whose Mariners worship Titans are wholly immune to Homesickness, and their Mariners have no Morale deducted.” Zeus smites all Titan worshippers in anger, causing them to lose 30 Morale and become Scarred, and inspires all Olympian worshippers, causing them to gain 15 Morale.

Below -15:
Ares ceases to exist; his description in the rule “Gods” is repealed. Anyone who formerly worshipped Ares no longer worships a God. In the rule “Piracy”, to both the formula for Attack Strength and that for Defense Strength, add: “ (+ 200 if at least half the Mariners on the Ship worship Titans)”. Zeus smites all Titan worshippers in anger, causing them to lose 40 Morale and become Scarred, and inspires all Olympian worshippers, causing them to gain 20 Morale.

No change in Morale described in this rule is to be construed as a global-level or ship-level modifier.

Failed by Cayvie. -3 to SatyrEyes, +1 to Cayvie.

A Titanic Struggle

Rebellion led by the mistress of guile.
The poisoner seeing the fruit of her work.
A false turn of phrase. A nefarious smile.
Duplicity held in Amphitrite’s smirk.


Revival of a weary race.
A silver crescent o’er the land.
A light in dark. A time in space.
Renewal held in Phoebe’s hand.


Retaliation against an old foe.
Insolence punished by thunderous harm.
Beast in a corner. A blow for a blow.
Vengeance in brawny Menoetius’s arm.


Revolution of the mind and of the soul.
Holy fire that was carried from the sky.
The birth of man. The death of gods’ control.
Liberation in Prometheus’s eye.


Even light casts shadows, making a pair out of Olympians and Titans.

Amphitrite: Goddess of the sea and of duplicity. A successful Prayer to Amphitrite allows the Praying Mariner to increase or decrease any Captain's Speed by three less than the Prayer Roll, until the new lacuna starts. Every Mariner who worships Amphitrite gains 5 Morale per Lacuna, which they may claim at any time during that Lacuna.

Phoebe: Goddess of the moon and of renewal. A successful Prayer to Phoebe between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM GMT increases the Supplies of the praying Mariner's Ship by twice (the Prayer Roll minus one), rounded up. Between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM GMT the Prayer causes the praying Mariner to lose 5 Morale as an annoyed Phoebe inflicts minor smitation upon him or her. Every Mariner who worships Phoebe gains 5 Morale per Lacuna, which they may claim at any time during that Lacuna.

Menoetius: God of warfare and vengeance. A successful Prayer to Menoetius increases the effective Battle Strength of the Praying Mariner's Ship by 10% times (the Prayer Roll minus one), rounded down, until the new Lacuna starts. Every Mariner who worships Menoetius gains 5 Morale per Lacuna, which they may claim at any time during that Lacuna.

Prometheus: God of wisdom and liberation. A successful Prayer to Prometheus will increase the Morale of each Mariner on the Ship by an amount equal to the Prayer Roll minus one. Every Mariner who worships Prometheus gains 5 Morale per Lacuna, which they may claim at any time during that Lacuna.

Lacuna 9: Ithaca Calling You On

Aboard three battered ships careening on a wild night sea, dozens of pairs of eyes opened in unison. The heavens were screaming.

Foxfooted Udelar bounded nimbly out of his cot and was on the ladder to the deck almost before his comrades had decided whether to be frightened or not. Hand over hand to the top, a few rungs from being able to pull himself onto the deck… but wait. Something was wrong. Udelar looked down. Why was the ladder, which normally glinted silver on nights of the full moon, so dark and lifeless? Dread filling his mind, Udelar clambered to the deck at record speed. He did not even notice the bounding of the sea, or the strangeness of the sky. His eyes went to the moon – or rather, to where the moon ought to have been, and to where, against all reason, the only things in the sky were the blood-streaked clouds.

Brother Cayvie, traveller of islands, was the first to hear the mighty crash that sounded like a thunderclap. Emanating from the north, the sound seemed to fill the sky like a flock of dark birds. His eyes strained at the northern horizon. He felt he could almost see the sound’s faraway origin. His mind – borne, perhaps, on the wings of Athena – seemed to fly over the waters to a mountain Cayvie had never seen, but of which he had heard in the ancient legends. Olympus? No, not Olympus; there was no great palace at its peak, nor the twelve Olympians holding council. Indeed, there was only one man, held there in chains… yet as Cayvie watched, he saw a cleft in the mountain beneath the man grow wider and wider. To his astonishment, Cayvie realized that the mountain itself had split in two, causing the horrible thundering. And as he came to grips with this, he saw the chains of the prisoner, under the ever-increasing tension of the widening canyon, shatter into a thousand pieces.

Brother ChinDoGu of the sober jests did not look to the moon or the horizon. In an instant, with a mind suddenly terrifying in its lucidity, he realized what was happening. Why Poseidon had been so silent of late. Why all his prayers had gone unanswered. Why the devout Eriphyle had been wracked by misfortune and strife even as its crew feasted and praised its god. And he looked down into the wine-dark sea, boiling ferociously and sending up masses of froth, and said an awestruck prayer. Not for himself, not for his ship… but for Poseidon.

And Zeus, the bringer of thunder, slept prodigiously through the haunted night. It would not be until the morning, when a desperate Hermes succeeded in waking him, that he would hear what happened. How Menoetius had slunk back from his incarceration in Tartarus. How Phoebe had barred her daughter from entering the carriage of the moon. How Prometheus had slipped his bonds in the Caucasus mountains.

And how Amphitrite, having been poisoning her husband for months, had at last taken the reins of an insurrection. An insurrection of Titans against Olympians. A too-familiar battle – now to be fought again.

A Plug from Royce

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Proposal : Fix mutany [Trivial]

in the rule mutany, after the phrase "the number of For votes outnumbers the Against votes, the Mutiny succeeds." add

If 72 hours have passed and a mutany has not succeeded, it may be declaired failed.

Passed by Cayvie. +2 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Cayvie.

Call for Judgment

I venture that the SS Eriphyle's 5000-Mutiny Scam should be considered illegal, because the act of Mutiny specifically requires that a Mariner "make a post", and this was not done. (In the huge-loop scams of previous Dynasties, they have always involved the repetition of abstract game actions which do not require any posting or GNDT updating as a step in their execution.)

Whatever Morale the crew of the SS Eriphyle gained from the scam shall be deducted, although they can keep that which was gained by each of their Mariner's first mutinies.

(Unless most of the legal FOR votes for this CfJ are accompanied by the phrase "bad etiquette", in which case these initial Mutiny gains shall also be removed.)

Mutinies on the SS-Eriphyle

Me and my crew will now call for 5000 mutiny's each. We will do so, each time, in the order we posted our initial mutiny posts (Dunam, ChinDoGu, axiallus, octave). Following up we will all vote against all mutinies we can vote against. To show that we all agree on this, we will make a post with "FOR" for each agreement.
Actually a blog post should be made for each mutiny, but we feel it's in the best interest of everyone to make the claim instead of spamming the bandwith of the blog. If anyone wants to CFJ this I wish to point out that this kind of action has taken place before in the history of blognomic (as I read from the archives).


Mutiny on the SS-Eriphyle

For good and sufficient reason, I declare a mutiny aboard the SS Eriphyle.

Mutiny on the SS-Eriphyle

The Captain is issuing orders. Excellent; we shall see what Dunam's plan is. I declare a mutiny!

Proposal : Abandon Hope [Trivial]

To the "Descend" Order of Rule 15 (Actions), before the final sentence, add:-

The Ship spends the entire Lacuna in Hades; any Ship in Hades is assumed to be at an infinite distance from all Ships which are not in Hades, for the purposes of any rule which requires Ships to be within a certain distance of one another.

Passed by Cayvie. +2 to Kevan, +1 to Cayvie.

Mutiny on the SS-Eriphyle

As priest of Poseidon and advisor of Dunam, I can see the necessity for this. I, too, declare a mutiny.

Mutiny on the SS-Eriphyle

Listen to me, crew of the Eriphyle.

You have been condemning my actions and questioning my authority for too long. Although I too feel the longing for Itheca, we gain nothing by squabling amongst ourselves. I demand that everyone will now repledge their loyalty to me! If there is someone who could lead you better than me, let him step forward now! I declare a mutiny!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Proposal: Mad mutiny [trivial]

In the rule 'mutiny' change:

If any Mariner on a Ship deems it necessary


If any Mariner on a Ship deems it necessary and there isn't a
mutiny currently going on on that ship

Passed with a Quorum by Dunam on 04.23.04 at 15:08 GMT; +3 to Dunam

ChinDoGu's Log : Poseidon Returns

Today I, rather half-heartedly, lead a prayer session to Poseidon. Things were not going well. The depression of the crew made it more difficult... and my own state was not helping.

Then suddenly, the inspiration of the other true believers on the Eriphyle struck me. It was like a revival, a re-awakening. Posedon was there, listening to my prayers. I briefly considered turning his power agains that evil crone Keitalia, but knew that I must hold true.. in spite of her unwarrented attack on us. I knew that Poseidon would see this and protect his own.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Proposal : Oar's well that ends REALLY badley.

Create a new Ship Order "Out Sweeps"

A ship may only take this action if it has purchased the upgrade "Sweeps" A ship taking this action Sails twice as far as it would due to a normal Sail order, and is subject to all other effects of a normal sail order. Homesickness penalties are Trippled for that ship for that Lacuna. If the application of these increased homesickness penalties will result in any mariner on the ship being reduced to 0 or less moral, the ship moves only its normal speed instead. The increased penalties are still applied.

And a new upgrade "Sweeps"

45 Supplies. A ship which has purchased Sweeps may perform the "Out Sweeps" Ship Order

Someone implied that trippled was too much (I think) I just want to point out that from here on, they decrease, not increase, so near the end this would be downright cheap.

Failed by Dunam on 04.23.04 at 15:02 GMT; -3 to ChinDoGu, +1 to Dunam

Proposal: Repealing (trivial)

Replace the following from the warrior job:

The Warrior is not affected by global Morale modifiers (other than Homesickness). The Warrior's Morale may only be changed if he or she, or his or her ship, is specifically targetted.


Warriors increase the battle strength for their ship as described in the rule 'ships'. Warriors do not lose morale to a succesful massacre attack from a ship that does not have the 'ghost ship' ailment

and replace the following:
Captains are immune to global or group Morale modifiers (other than Homesickness); the Captain's Morale may only be changed if he or she is specifically targetted.

Captains survey the crew and make important decisions. Among other things, they can set orders for their ship and declare attacks on other ships.

Global/group morale modifiers are nasty to keep track off. It is not clearly defined when something is the one or the other or none. Everytime anyone wants to make any modification to morale in a new rule they would have to keep this in mind and navigate so carefully to have the rule work correctly. As such I think it's better and safer to repeal this. Additionally I added a small change: attacked warriors still don't lose morale through a massacre, but now they do lose morale when their attack fails.

Passed with a Quorum by Keitalia on 04.22.04 at 18:18 GMT; +2 to Dunam, +1 to Keitalia

Octave’s Log: Cold Comfort

In the narrative chronology, this precedes Dunam’s log for this Lacuna. --Oct.

It’s after midnight here - or that’s what long-suffering Truman Capote told me when he woke me up to stand watch. "Where are we?" I asked him.

"Still in the Cimmerian harbor," he answered wearily.

"Then how do you know what bloody time it is? We haven’t seen sun or stars in four days. They don’t get those here."

"Don’t remind me," he groaned. He didn’t answer my question, but turned wearily toward his bunk. On a thought, he turned to face me partway, and I had a sudden glimpse of the sea-commander he had once been, and could become again. "Just get out there and do your job, Sailor."

I am now in the crow’s-nest of the Eriphyle, looking out at a dull black sky, a dull black sea, and some dull black rocks. By the fog-dimmed light of the harbor beacon I can just imagine the outline of the Cimmerians’ city on its ridge. The lamps of the town have all gone out. (That must be how Truman knew.) The salt air lacks motion or temperature. The very waves seem quieted, dulled, as they wash the shore. When we got here four days ago, I thought we were literally in Hades.

Turns out I was wrong, because that’s where we went from here. I’m still shaking.

Never mind that we had to disembark and walk that stony road by the weird river whose name I forget. Never mind the way the dead people -- spirits restless like my own -- gibbered and yowled at us when they smelled the blood we spilled for them. Okay, pay some attention to that, I guess, because that’s when it happened. I heard someone calling, "You, Octave, over here!" And I turned to look.

Standing there, grinning like a skeleton, was the guy I’d pushed over the gunwale into the Hellespont our first or second night on board. I’d forgotten all about him, but --

"You rat bastard!" I shouted. "You took enough off of us with those loaded dice. You got what was coming to you. Do you want some more? Is that it?" I rushed him and tried to pin his arms, preparatory to breaking one or both, but somehow he got free, and he was still grinning.

"Can’t kill me no deader than you already have, friend."

"I can still hurt you, you--" I threw a rabbit punch. He didn’t dodge, and yet I missed completely. As I stared at my unbruised hand, reason began to return.

"Wrong again, my friend. But it don’t matter. I haven’t come to fight. I came here to say one thing to you, and that’s Welcome to Hades. We’ll be seeing you in these parts again real soon. Maybe one-two weeks..."

At another time and place I would have just laughed at his Cretan drawl. But here and now I was listening intently in the darkness, and my rage, as quickly as it had come, revealed what it had really been all along: screaming fear. I ran all the way back to the ship with ghosts laughing in my ears, while my crewmates’ shouts faded in the distance.

That was the day before yesterday. Now we wait for a wind to return us to the lands of open sky, and I stare out at a cold mist the color of charcoal, blanketing all this part of the world, the mirror of my despair. How did this voyage go so wrong? Have we offended the gods? Was it that I killed a guest? Was it Dunam - greatheart that he is - or Axiallus with his fire-winged arrows, offending some strict divine sense of propriety with their raids on our rivals’ ships? Was it because I listened to the cook, and gained the name of a mutineer by following his advice? Or only because I delayed too long to take action? Considering my patron deity, it could be any of these. Gray-eyed Athena, whichever the case may be, I know I have failed you in wisdom. I am the greatest and damnedest fool on this ship of great damned fools, and I am blind as a bat on a moonless night - or as any fluttering shade in skyless Hades.

And very shortly, very likely, I go to damnation in truth, and make the metaphor real. My head aches, my hand trembles, I cannot lift it to set the sails. The dead man’s prophecy runs round and round in my brain.

I do remember that Cretans are always liars. I know that for a fact, because one of them told me so himself once. But somehow that memory is only cold comfort to me now.

Ah, when will my torment end?

Proposal: Dude, What's with the Surf? [Trivial]

An idea just occurred to me today... Since the Priests of Poseidon have this strange ability to make things go faster or slower in water. Why not share the wealth?

Append to rule 13 under the Godly description of Poseidon:

Those who successfully pray to Poseidon may split the speed between 1 or 2 Ships' Captains; provided that the speed remains an integer.

This means no silly .5's or whatever.

Vetoed by Satyr Eyes, adminned by Keitalia on 04.22.04 at 18:15 GMT; -2 to Keitalia.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Captain's personal log: Depression about

When I walk among the crew now, it's hard to imagine that it's the same crew that we set sail from troy with. I still remember those proud, couragous faces as we set forth to a journey home. Rich with spoils we left, each man with a well fed grin as I walked among them. We looked ready for anything. And as poseidon as patron god of our ship, how could any mishap occur during our voyage?
I look upon those same faces and I see despair. Their eyes seem hollow of passion and when I manage to spot a grin, it's a sardonic grin not so different from the carrionettes seen in Hades' realm. Sometimes when I come aboard I hear ushered whispers halting. It's obvious that my fellow mariners are starting to question whether I am fit to lead them, because I too question that. I was once called the great hearted, but now as an echo it sounds more like Dunam the heavy hearted, for that is how I feel. Even when I asked ChinDoGu how I could help our crew to regain hope, did ChinDoGu snap at me.
The weight of the ritual after the ghost ship disappeared seem to weigh heavy on my loyal advisor.
With Poseidon and the SS Odyssey turning against us, how can there be hope?

But there will be hope yet, the SS Eriphyle will sail on. For I have conceived a plan. Not through bloodlust, not through friendship, but through competition our spirits will be lifted. But first let's start hauling out the wine. We will feast tonight!

Proposal: Dithyramb

In the rule gods add the following to the list of gods:

Dionysus, the god of madness and blissful ecstasy. A succesful prayer to Dionysus eliminates the effects of homesickness for all mariners on the ship being prayed for, until the next lacuna has started. A failed prayer to dionysus gives all mariners worshipping dionysus on the same ship the ailment 'enraptured'.

Note that dionysus also has a feast bonus.

A song sung in honor of Dionysus is called a dithyramb.

From the bottom of the vases
emptied in drunk merrymaking.
From the madness of man's faces
in a night of bitter aching

Springs forth the god of wine
doubly mad and half divine.
God of blissful ecstasy
Set my inspiration free!

Failed by Keitalia on 04.22.04 at 18:12 GMT; -3 to Dunam, +1 to Keitalia

Cayvie's Log: Return of the Masked Invader

It truly saddens me to hear that several fine young sailors on the Eriphyle have been stricken with horrible longing for any sort of home, so much so that it has impacted their sailing abilities. Perhaps this could be why they, rather bafflingly, decided to assault the Odyssey? The logic of their actions eludes me, certainly; they seem to act out of impulse rather than reason. Such is the way of the sea, I suppose, which I guess is why it sickens me so.

Fortunately, our crew appear to be in fine spirits, even as we approach the very center of the Mediterranean. Josh has continued to surprise me with his versatility; I once thought he was nothing more than a brawny fighter, but he appears to have picked up the intricacies of sailing in hardly any time at all. What a clever lad; I only hope his ambition doesn't cause him to overstrain himself. I'll just keep reminding him that we're making steady progress, and as long as we make it to Ithaca, we'll be fine. Aaron has also continued to be quite a blessing, somehow seeming more enthusiastic the further we get from land. I don't know how he does it, but it certainly has kept me from despairing at all.

On a darker note, I have been hearing strange whisperings in my slumbers, in languages I do not comprehend, but which still somehow manage to convey a feeling of profound dread. Why, last night, I dreamt that I was on the bottom of the sea, but I could breathe and see normally. There was neither fish nor sea-plant to be seen. I found myself chanting, in a voice that was not my own, words that I could not remember upon waking. I do not know what this foretells; I pray it is nothing more than a dream. I will not tell the others for fear of dampening their moods.

Proposal : Oar's well the ends badley.

Create a new Ship Order "Out Sweeps"

A ship may only take this action if it has purchased the upgrade "Sweeps" A ship taking this action Sails twice as far as it would due to a normal Sail order, and is subject to all other effects of a normal sail order. Homesickness penalties are Trippled for that Lacuna. Should this homesickness reduce any mariner on the ship to 0 or less moral, the ship moves only its normal speed.

And a new upgrade "Sweeps"

45 Supplies. A ship which has purchased Sweeps may perform the "Out Sweeps" Ship Order

Self-Killed by ChinDoGu, adminned by Keitalia on April 22 at 18:06 GMT; -3 to ChinDoGU, +1 to Keitalia

Lacuna 8: Watch and Listen, Learn and Wonder

Dusk was coming on, and the great tactician’s arms were sore. This had been the longest conversation Kevan had had with another ship since leaving Troy, and it had not gone well. With relief he set down the heavy signaling flags, and set off for the crew quarters for what was sure to be an uncomfortable chat.


Having towed the prophet out of the crew quarters, Kevan sat her down in his private chamber. He decided to skip the preliminaries. “I just spoke with the Eriphyle,” he said, his voice carefully controlled. “I demanded to know why they shot at us. They tell me Brother ChinDoGu of the sober jests had a vision in which he saw you praying to Poseidon to hamper the Eriphyle. Is this true?”

Second-sighted Keitalia nodded. “I was thinkin’ on it, and it seems ta me that th’ fair shores of Ithaca arna for they devotees of Eris ta see. At least, not afore we, bein’ the weary an’ devout lot we are, make port ourselves.”

Kevan was revolted at Keitalia’s disregard for the chain of command, but he had expected that. A different aspect of her answer was what struck him. “What, aren’t you going to tell me Poseidon told you to do it?”

Keitalia shifted uneasily. “Well… I’m much afear’d the sea-god has been a mite strange lately. Tired or summat. He’s emptied the great sea of fishes, an’ they’ve been nae birds to cast auspices by. He answers prayers, right ‘nough, but he don’t seem to be in a talkin’ mood.”

“Maybe he’s trying to tell you that you ought to spend less time on your knees asking him what to do and more time on your feet asking me what to do. Sister, you put me in the position of having to defend a meaningless and… well, hostile… action that I didn’t even know you took. We may have to go to war against the Eriphyle for our own protection – not to say dignity! – and we’ll look like the aggressors. I can only imagine what Brother Cayvie, traveler of islands, would say if he knew.”

The invocation of Cayvie’s name set even second-sighted Keitalia back for a moment. Cayvie had been well-respected at Troy, keeping the heroes in good spirits even as the tide of battle had seemed to turn against the Greeks. And it was true that Cayvie had condemned infighting in no uncertain terms.

“I thought about throwing you in the brig,” continued Kevan, pressing his advantage, “but decided against it. I told the Eriphylers your prayer was in retaliation for their ‘unconscionable treatment’ of Royce, the long of hope. Now that they’ve shot back at us, we have justification for pressing an attack. If I decide to press an attack. And it will be I, not you, who makes that decision. Understand?”

Keitalia only smiled. “Oh, ye may decide ta fight or no, ta speak or no, ta sing and dance or no, but ye’re but an actor in a scene set by the gods. And ’twill be the gods, ne’er you, who set that scene, cap. ‘Tis a conceit to think elsewise.”

“It may be their scene, but the script is damned well mine, not theirs.”

“Is it, cap’n? In the end, nary a man amongst us can be aught but who he is. An’ we all alike will do as we must, bein’ where we are on th’ stage. What ye do be like with where ye are. And that, dear cap’n, be the gods’ purview.”

Monday, April 19, 2004

Proposal : Northeast 3 or 4, Monsters Decreasing, Moderate or Good [Trivial]

[ Perhaps time to lose the random mishaps, now that Lacunae are speeding up? ]

Within the "SAIL" Order of Rule 15 (Actions), remove everything after the words "In addition".

(Also rename Rule 15 to "Orders", which I think should have been done already, but was missed.)

Failed by Keitalia, 21st April. -3 to Kevan, +1 to Keitalia.