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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Proposal: Sloppy Play

Add this to the end of Rule 6: Call for Judgment.

When a Call for Judgment is successfully passed, in addition to any measures outlined in the Judgment itself, the accused Player must also write an entry in their weblog celebrating the virtues of the Player (in a non-sarcastic matter) who made the Call for Judgment, as well as elaborate fully on the despondence of their own existence for the mistake. Said entry must contain at least 20 unique adjectives.

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 11th, -2 Points to Erik
Proposal: Idle Only By Request, AWOL By Default

Change the line in Rule 2 that says, "Admin may render a Player Idle if that Player has failed to vote for more than a week, or if that Player has asked to become Idle. Admin may un-Idle a Player who has asked to become un-Idle." to instead say, "Upon a player's request, Admin must render a player Idle. Idle players are exempt from all Rules while Idle, unless the Rule specifies otherwise. Player may ask an Admin to render them un-Idle at any time, at which point they will again be considered an active member of the game and held under the jurisdiction of all Rules."

In addition, rename Rule 7: "AWOL" in order to avoid confusion about Idle status. Finally, edit Rule 7 to say "a Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog during the previous week" to say, "a Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog and/or has not voted for any proposals during the previous week".

[I hope this is not too many changes for one proposal--I tried to think of a way to split them up, but because of the dependencies between Rule 2 and 7, this is the only way I could think of to clarify some of the vagaries I felt existed. In particular, as the rules currently stand, it is unclear what would happen if a player both stopped writing in their weblog AND stopped voting for a week--would they go Idle or be removed from the roster?]

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 11th, -2 Points to Erik

Friday, February 07, 2003

Proposal - Karma Police

Enact a new Rule, "Karma Police":-

Any Player may make a Karma Assessment against any Player (including themselves), if that Player has not already been Assessed in the current week. The Assessed Player has their Karma Score added to their Point Score.

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 10th, -2 Points to Kevan
Xylen, having failed to cast any votes in the past week, has been marked as Idle under Rule 2. With only nine active players, quorum has dropped to five.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Revealing my Master Plan

Actually, I am commenting that there was an odd bug with the GNDT, when I tried to give some points away to Kosta as a gift, it continually refreshed an older command that reset his score at 135. Odd.

While I'm here, I might as well explain why I was giving the points away. Hopefully, now that Ravenblack is no longer playing, I can discuss proposals with the now rather large player base without having them stolen immediately under me. Although this is all still vague and feedback-requiring...

Erik's Government proposal is an interesting idea I'd like to play with, but I dislike a few things. The two party system, basing it on stats and requiring people to pay to get in, and what I just noticed were rather high rewards (30 karma a week?) for becoming head of both parties at once, a state which means you're already pretty in the lead. Also, making the "head" of the party based on points and karma is kind of biased against new players. But if I did act on any of these ideas, I'd probably give a large percentage of any points gained from the proposal to him for inspiration credit.

Anyway, I'd like to work on something that would let players create their own parties, and join those of other players. Rewards (Points only, not Karma. I'm still a social purist for that attribute) for being in a large party, but also rewards for being the head of a party, thus encouraging the creation of new parties, and recruitment. Letting people come up with inner-party rules for governing members. Possibly, later, moving into a system where only the heads of parties can vote, thus curing the problem of large numbers of players, making quorum on a proposal take a while to get. Although that latter bit would probably wait until much later to implement.

Anyway. Thoughts on that as a concept? Any other ideas people would like to see in such a system?

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Proposal: Out of Order Proposal Enactment

In rule 5, replace the 2nd paragraph ("if a pending ... mark that Proposal as Enacted.) with:

If a pending Proposals FOR votes exceed or equal Quorum, then any Admin Staff may update the Ruleset and/or gamestate to include the specified effect of the Proposal, and mark that Proposal as Enacted.

Now I have Proposed a Proposal. All I have left to do is award some points, and I'll be a real boy.

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 7th, -2 Points to Craig
Proposal: Place Roof On Positive Feedback Prize

Append a clause to Rule 14 that says, "(Maximum 10 points per entry, and 70 points per week)" to prevent one or two friendly commenters from running up your points to infinity.

Enacted by Kevan, Friday the 7th, +10 Points to Erik, +1 Points to Kevan
Proposal: Government

Add a new rule, "Government":

There are two political parties, the Romantic Party and the Realist Party. The beginning of every week will mark a new term for the parties, and of the set of players who are currently active in the game, the player with the most Karma will be appointed the head of the Romantic Party, and the player with the most Points will be appointed to the head of the Realist Party. Heads of both parties will be marked as such in the sidebar.

Any player who does not belong to a party may make their allegiance known by making a public declaration in their weblog and by either deducting 5 Karma to join the Realist Party or deducting 5 Points to join the Romantic Party. If a player does not have enough Karma or Points to join a party, they cannot join. Members can switch parties at most 1 time per day. Members of either party will be eligible for all advantages and disadvantages that are associated with it.

If a single player holds the most Points and Karma, then a "Reign of Terror" period will begin. That player will become a "Dictator" (marked as such in the sidebar), and will gain 30 Points and 30 Karma for every term of office that they hold that title, plus have whatever powers are associated with Dictators during a Reign of Terror.

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 7th, -2 Points to Erik
Proposal : Irregular Expressions [Trivial]

If the "Iconic Representation" Proposal passed, replace the "Appropriate Icons" section of the Glossary with:-

"Appropriate Icons: For use in voting, a red angry face shall represent a vote AGAINST, and any of the yellow faces shall represent a vote FOR."

If it didn't pass, Kevan shall eat his hat.

[ Less danger of subtly invalid voting by people forgetting which smiley to use, removal of any potential confusion caused by people voting with the Official Voting Smiley and idly emoting with the others, and extra bonus humour in allowing a relevant choice of expression. Note that this is a Trivial Proposal. ]

Enacted by Kosta, Thursday the 6th, +2 Points to Kevan, +1 Points to Kosta
Proposal : Pop Idle

[ At the moment, if a Player's going to be offline for a week, they have to choose between resigning from the game, or hanging around slowing down the proposal queue. This proposal puts forward a way for people to declare a temporary absence without losing their place.

At the same time, it allows Admin to quietly mark apathetic voters as being temporarily absent, leaving it up to them as to whether they wake up or quit the game. ]

To the Rule 2 (Players), add the paragraph:-

"Some Players are Idle, and should be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of all other rules, Idle Players are not counted as Players. Admin may render a Player Idle if that Player has failed to vote for more than a week, or if that Player has asked to become Idle. Admin may un-Idle a Player who has asked to become un-Idle."

Enacted by Kosta, Thursday the 6th, +10 Points to Kevan, +1 Points to Kosta
Proposal: Iconic Representation

Add to the glossary

Appropriate Icons: For use in voting, a red angry face ( :angry: ) shall represent a vote AGAINST, and a toothy yellow face ( :teeth: ) shall represent a vote FOR.

[The Voting rule states that votes can be an "appropriate icon." We used that as the check and x icons. Choosing which of the available icons "appropriate" would make seeing the votes easier again, now that the FOR/AGAINST icons are gone. The red/yellow contrast is the easiest to see, and angry/happy is, in my opinion, appropriate.]

Enacted by Kosta, Wednsday the 5th, +10 Points to Myke, +1 Points to Kosta

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Call for Judgment

The Proposal of There Once Was A Limerick Prize was passed with only four votes. I believe the quorum is 5. I think that we need to wait for one more vote on that one.

Failed with 5 votes against.
Proposal : The Prize Carousel

[ Reworking the Prize system so that we get a new set of Prizes each week - as well as keeping the game fresh, it'll allow room for things that would only be interesting once; treasure-hunts ("Post a picture of a giant squid!"), lazyweb calls for research ("Post links about Icelandic surnames and give your thoughts on them."), random trivia ("Answer these questions!") and general miscellany. More appealing to writers and readers alike, I think, than Alliteration and Surveillance and Haiku week after week after week. ]

Reword Rule 12 (Glittering Prizes) to read:-

Various Prizes are up for grabs in BlogNomic - each has a condition and a reward. A Prize's condition can only depend on the content of the weblog posting for which the Prize is claimed. A Prize's reward may vary as part of that condition, but may not exceed 50 points.

Every Monday, each Player may announce a single Prize for the week ahead by posting an entry to BlogNomic whose first paragraph is "Prize : [Name] ([Reward])" in bold text, where [Name] is the name of the prize, and [Reward] is its reward; the remainder of this post should detail the prizes conditions.

If a Player has posted a blog entry that meets a Prize's conditions, they may award themselves Points equal to that Prize's reward, anywhen within an hour of posting the entry. (Prizes may only be claimed during the week they were announced. A Player may not claim their own Prize on a Saturday or Sunday.)

Enacted by Kosta, Wednsday the 5th, +10 Points to Kevan, +1 Points to Kosta

Monday, February 03, 2003

Proposal : There Once Was A Limerick Prize

Remove the Haiku Prize and replace it with:-

Limerick Prize : 10 Points. Player must make a posting in the form of a structurally-correct, rhyming limerick (with or without follow-up comment).

[ Has it really been six days since the last proposal? Let's try this random stab at the ruleset, to warm things up again. Haiku are a bit boring, after all. ]

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 4th, +11 Points to Kevan