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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Proposal: Government

Add a new rule, "Government":

There are two political parties, the Romantic Party and the Realist Party. The beginning of every week will mark a new term for the parties, and of the set of players who are currently active in the game, the player with the most Karma will be appointed the head of the Romantic Party, and the player with the most Points will be appointed to the head of the Realist Party. Heads of both parties will be marked as such in the sidebar.

Any player who does not belong to a party may make their allegiance known by making a public declaration in their weblog and by either deducting 5 Karma to join the Realist Party or deducting 5 Points to join the Romantic Party. If a player does not have enough Karma or Points to join a party, they cannot join. Members can switch parties at most 1 time per day. Members of either party will be eligible for all advantages and disadvantages that are associated with it.

If a single player holds the most Points and Karma, then a "Reign of Terror" period will begin. That player will become a "Dictator" (marked as such in the sidebar), and will gain 30 Points and 30 Karma for every term of office that they hold that title, plus have whatever powers are associated with Dictators during a Reign of Terror.

Failed by Kevan, Friday the 7th, -2 Points to Erik