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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Proposal : Back to Basics

[ Myke claims to be casting AGAINST votes to reduce the proposers' scores, where proposals are "going to pass anyway". Since this can be tripped up by a change in quorum (as was the case with "Shush"), or see a proposal Myke approved of failing when someone else changes their vote to match his, I think we're better off with the old scoring system. A vote should only reflect whether you want a proposal to pass or fail (even if it's "I want this to fail so that the proposer doesn't get 10 points"). ]

In Rule 11 (Points), replace the paragraph beginning "When a proposal ceases Pending" with:-

"When a Proposal is enacted, its proposer gains 10 Points (or 2 Points, if most of that Proposal's FOR votes were marked Trivial). When a Proposal fails, its proposer loses 2 Points."

[ But to stop people getting full, easy points for a Proposal that only makes a minor change, or is a result of public discussion... ]

But also add to Rule 4 (Voting):-

"FOR Votes may be marked as 'Trivial' if the voter considers the Proposal to be of minor effect, or to make amendments already discussed by other players, or to be otherwise unworthy of reward."

Enacted by Kevan - +12 Points under the old scoring system, +1 for admin