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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Hm, I had this arrive in an email this morning, apropos the commenting system we're using:-

"Your backBlogPro account will expire on February 3rd. You will be downgraded to backBlogBasic, which lacks some of the features of backBlogPro, including feedback-to-feedback, mail notification on new feedback, customized smilies set, deleting feedback, and more.

To continue using your backBlogPro account, please pay the $10 annual subscription fee within a week."

In retrospect, I probably laughed at the threat of having smileys turned off when I first signed up. As the ruleset stands we can get away with shouting FOR and AGAINST, if we lose the voting icons - when I've got some spare time, though, I'll have a go at writing a comments system that specifically supports BlogNomic, including voting results in the "Comments: X" bit, and whatever else.

I am a bit busy with this, this week, though, so we'll be shouting FOR and AGAINST for a while, at least.