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Saturday, July 09, 2005


I`ve added the Library text to the ruleset. Would Admins please care to do that when enacting Proposals?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Splitting Hairs

I don't really think that Cayvie has a great case against my use of the word "YES" instead of "FOR" in my Walker's Unite proposal. However, Smith, if you want to head off Cayvie at the pass (and add further complications and confrontations to the game), as well as protect your kickback, you could issue a "Formatting Edict" restricting proposals to use the word "YES" instead of the word "FOR". I think there's a good case that this edict would be within the very vaguely defined constraints set out in Rule 19.

Proposal: Minimalist Kickback Solution

I humbly submit that, the following text be added to the end of rule 17:

A disciple's number of walkvotes can not be altered except by the mechanisims described in this rule. Walkvotes can not be used to cast extra votes on any proposal altering rule 17.

Tick Passed 9-1, timed out. Enacted by smith, 11th of July at 15:36.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Proposal: You Actually Smell Good!

I humbly submit that something needs to be done about Walkvotes. Please note that "walkers unite" won't do anything, as it rewards voters for "YES" votes, which don't exist. However, I'm sure that the next time someone wants to create a kickback proposal they'll be more careful. So, I think that if we want to fix the problem, we have to do it now.

Amend the sentence in rule 17 that reads
At any time, a Disciple with at least 1 WalkVote may subtract 1 from eir WalkVotes to cast an extra vote on a proposal.

to read
At any time, a Disciple with at least 1 WalkVote and at least 7 Honor may subtract 1 from eir WalkVotes and 6 from eir Honor to cast an extra vote on a proposal.

Cross Failed 2-7, timed out. Failed by smith, 11th of July at 15:34.

Pending Proposals

There are pending proposals which seem to be more than 48 hours old. Isn't it time to enact or reject them?

Proposal: Humbled

I humbly submit that our WalkVote to Quorum ratio is rather... unstable. To remedy this, add to the Walkabout rule:
Quorum is temporarily increased by a third of the total number of WalkVotes used on a Proposal, rounded down, for determining the Enactment or Failure of that Proposal only.

Cross Failed 5-6, timed out. Failed by smith, 11th of July at 15:33.

Proposal: Tyranny of the Walkers - a Pedocracy?

Add to the Walkabout rule:

Quorum is increased by a third of the number of total WalkVotes held, rounded down.

Cross Failed with Self-kill. Failed by smith, 11th of July at 17:58.

Proposal: The end of kickbacks.

I humbly submit that kickbacks will stop if there is a penalty for proposals being vetoed.

Enact a new rule named "No kickbacks for you!":

If a proposal is vetoed then the Disiple who proposed it loses 20 honor.

Cross Failed 3-9, timed out. Failed by smith, 11th of July at 15:31.

Proposal: Walkers Unite!

If this proposal passes, then every Disciple who used a Walkvote to cast a "YES" vote on this proposal shall recieve 3 Walkvotes. If this proposal is Vetoed by the Philosopher-King, and the Veto is overturned by The Gadfly, then The Gadfly will receive 1 additional Walkvote.

We have enough walkvotes to reach quorum and outvote the non-walkers. Vote early and vote often!

Tick Passed 16-3 (8 WalkVotes spent). No effect on Gamestate. Enacted by smith, 11th of July at 15:26.
By using all caps and quotation marks, this Proposal appears to refer to a vote type which is not defined. This may either be seen as an alternate description of a "FOR" vote, or a lure to waste WalkVotes. Since intent cannot be proven, and also to encourage the use of defined terms whenever possible, I have enacted this proposal so that no WalkVotes were rewarded. Please see Splitting Hairs for more debate on this, and feel free to contest this with a Call for Judgment.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Proposal: Because balance should never be easy

I humbly submit that Rule 16 should be repealed, the ruleset be re-numbered to account for the gap, and the following should become a rule entitled Society.

There are five locations in the city: the Academy, the Symposium, the Temple, the Palace and the Town Square.

The Academy is the home of the Rational; only Disciples with 56 Knowledge or greater may enter it. Any Disciple in the Academy may change their Role to Guardian.

The Symposium is the home of the Appetitive; only Disciples with 56 Gold or greater may enter it. Any Disciple in the Symposium may change their Role to Producer.

The Temple is the home of the Spirit; only Disciples with 56 Honour or greater may enter it. Any Disciple in the Temple may set their Role to Auxiliary.

The Palace is the home of balance; only Disciples for whom the value of all their Aspects is within 5 of each other may enter it. Any Disciple in the Palace may change their Role to anything they please, provided they meet any requirements listed elsewhere in the Ruleset.

The Town Square is the home of the common man; only Disciples who may not enter any other location may enter it.

Whenever a Disciple creates a new Proposal, it must contain the name of the location where the Disciple was when e posted it; this information should be placed after the proposal title in square brackets. Proposals may only be voted upon in the location in which they were posted. Once cast votes remain valid regardless of how the Disciples moves, but if a Disciple ever becomes ineligible to enter a location, all eir votes cast on proposals from that location become invalid. If they have proposals pending in that location, the proposal remains valid, but their automatic FOR vote is not counted. Self-kills remain valid in any situation.

When resolving proposals, the resolving Admin may choose to base quorum on the number of Disciples eligible to vote at that location at the time of enactment.

Add the following to Rule 15:

Disciples must be in the Academy to start or participate in a Debate, and must remain there for its entire duration. Anyone allowed to enter the Academy may be considered a member.
Cross Failed 2-9, timed out. Failed by smith, 11th of July at 15:07.

Going on Walkabout

We'll be discussing this emphemeral nature of humanity. Who wants to come along?

Proposal: I can't think of a good name

I humbly submit that one should be able to sell property.

Add the following text to rule 20:
Disiples may sell a piece of their property for gold equal to half the original price.

Tick Passed 11-1 timed out with 1 abstention. Enacted by smith, 11th of July at 15:04.

Proposal: I seem to have encountered a mental block

I humbly submit that good slaves are hard to find, and that they fetch an accordingly high price. Thus, the cost of the Slaves in rule 20 "Property" should be changed from 25 to 40.

Also, in the same paragraph, change "may add five to their Gold" to "may add six to their Gold".

Tick Passed 7-3 (timed out) with 1 abstention. Enacted by smith, 11th of July at 15:00.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Would our P-K care to explain his veto to Proposal: Flexible Property?

Proposal: Expansion

Add the following paragraph to rule 19:

Occasionally, the Gadfly may remove one edict from the list of edicts in this rule.

For Passes 9-0. Reaches quorum. Enacted by Angry Grasshopper, 07/07/2005 20:40.

Edict: We Both Go Down Together

Hence forth, there shall be no legal proposal that exceeds five hundred words. This includes that silly italics bit that people like to tack onto the end in order to explain themselves. But this does not actually include the title of the proposal nor the word "proposal" denoting that one's proposal is in fact a proposal. Have a nice day.


Hm, looks as if I haven't really got time to keep up with BlogNomic, as things are. I'm currently sinking all of my spare online time into developing the aforementioned-secret-project Urban Dead (which went live a couple of days ago); I'll be back in a week or two, when it's calmed down, probably.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Going On Walkabout

Would anyone care to join me?

Proposal: The Republic revamped

I humbly submit that Rule 11 - The Republic is too confuse and must be rewritten to:

In The Republic, the perfectly just city correlates with the perfectly just soul. Each of its citizens must strive to moderate the three aspects of eir soul: the appetitive, the spirited, and the rational. In this way, the city must also moderate its tripartite citizenry.

* Gold shall represent the Disciple's Appetitive Nature.
* Honor shall represent the Disciple's Spirited Nature.
* Knowledge shall represent the Disciple's Rational Nature.

To represent the tripartite citizenry, each Disciple shall be assigned a role. The possible roles are: Producer, Auxiliary, or Guardian, which one has a Significant Aspect:

* Producers, whose Significant Aspect is the Appetitive (Gold)
* Auxiliaries, whose Significant Aspect is the Spirited (Honor)
* Guardians, whose Significant Aspect is the Rational (Knowledge)

Whenever a new Disciple joins the game eir values for each Aspect representation defaults to 50.

If a Disciple has no Role, the Philosopher-King may assign them one.

If a Disciple has a role, they may convert one aspect of their soul into another - decreasing one by five to increase the other by five. (If the former cannot be decreased, the other may not be increased.) This act may be performed no more frequently than "often".

* Producers may convert Knowledge into Gold.
* Auxiliaries may convert Gold into Honor.
* Guardians may convert Honor into Knowledge.

Disciples must keep the three Aspects of eir souls in balance.

If at any time one of a Disciple's Aspects has a value greater than or equal to the sum of eir other two Aspects, e must reduce eir greatest Aspect by one third of its value, rounded down. If the Aspect being reduced is this Disciple's Significant Aspect, e may increase eir other two Aspects each by half the value (rounded down) the greatest Aspect was reduced.

Often, a Disciple may transfer up to 5 of eir Significant Aspect to another Disciple whose Role is the same as eirs.

11.1 Degenerate Roles

If a Disciple’s Significant Aspect reachs 0, eir Role degenerates, as follows: If a Producer has 0 or less Gold eir role is set to Thief, if a Auxiliary has 0 or less honor eir role is set to Traitor, and if a Guardian has 0 or less Knowledge eir role is set to Idiot.

Often, Thieves may steal Gold from another Disiple by naming a victim and rolling 2DICE6 in the GNDT. The victim then loses Gold equal to the dice roll and the Thief gains Gold and loses Honor equal to the dice roll. In the event that the Thief rolls a 2 the Thief is caught, loses all eir Gold and Honor and the victim's gold is not reduced.

Traitors may only vote the opposite of the Philosopher-King's vote or the same as the Gadfly's vote on proposals that are not made by em. A Traitor may once every 24 hours increase eir Honor by 5. A Traitor may not increase eir honor if the Gadfly has taken a game action in the last 24 hours.

Idiots may only vote deferential. Any Disciple may transfer 5 Knowledge to an Idiot to change eir vote on a proposal to For or Against. A proposal made by an Idiot does not automaticly fail if that Idiot votes against it.

If a Thief has 50 or more Gold eir role is set to Producer, if a Traitor has 50 or more honor eir role is set to Auxiliary, and if a Idiot has 50 or more Knowledge eir role is set to Guardian.

For 6-3 with 3 Deferentials. Timed out, Failed by Angry Grasshopper, 07/07/2005 20:37.

Proposal: Flexible Property

I humbly submit that the current Rule 20 - Property system is too restrictive, and shall be rewritten to:

Disciples may purchase land, buildings, slaves, cheese, and a few other favorite things with their Gold. Whenever a new piece of property is proposed to be added to the list below, the proposer must use the format [Name of Property]: {Price in gold per unit} – (Any special effects or limitations it might carry).

The Property owned by a Disciple shall be tracked by the GNDT in the format of a comma separated list, with each entry in the format [Name of Property](X), where X is the quantity of that Property owned.

The following is a list of possible things they might purchase:

Houses: 10 – Only producers may purchase houses as auxiliaries and guardians live in state sanctioned barracks and dorms, respectively. A Disciple who owns houses may ignore up to X edicts issued by the Philosopher-King, where X is the number of Houses e owns.

Slaves: 5 – Often, a Disciple who owns Slaves may add X to their Gold, where X is the number of Slaves e owns. Whenever a Disciple makes such an addition to their Gold as the result of owning Slaves, that Disciple's Honor may be decrease once by the number of Slave-owning Disciples. Any Disciple not owning Slaves may enforce this decreasing.

If Proposal: Summer Reading passed, add this to the text above:

Library: 20 - Only Disciples owning Houses may purchase a Library. A Disciple who owns a Library may often, instead of converting one aspect of their soul into another, gain 5X Knowledge. Each Disciple may have only 1 Library.

To each Disciple who owns “House”, give em “Houses(1)”, instead.
To each Disciple who owns “Slaves”, give em “Slaves(5)”, instead.
To each Disciple who owns “Library”, give em “Library(1)”, instead.

Veto Vetoed by Aaron. Failed by Angry Grasshopper, 07/07/2005 20:37.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Proposal: Summer Reading

I humbly submit the following quote: 'A room without books is like a body without a soul' -- Cicero

Add to the list of property in Rule 20:
Library: 20 - Only Disciples with a House may purchase a Library. A Disciple with a Library may often, instead of converting one aspect of their soul into another, gain 5 Knowledge.

For Passes 10-2. Timed out, Enacted by Angry Grasshopper, 07/07/2005 20:20.

Proposal: "the current The Gadfly"?

I humbly submit that the last sentence of Rule 10 "The Gadfly", which currently reads
Disciple Smith is the current The Gadfly.

should be altered to read
Currently, Disciple Smith is The Gadfly.

Just tidying up a lingering grammatical thing.

For Passes 10-0. Timed out, Enacted by Angry Grasshopper, 07/07/2005 20:15.

Proposal: The Honor System

I humbly submit that certain rules are tedious to enforce, and ought to be self-enforced. To encourage self-enforcement, the following blockquoted text will be added as a rule entitled "The Honor System" if this proposal passes.

Any rule (or any clause of a rule) may assert that it is enforced under The Honor System. No rule may assert that any other rule or any clause of another rule is enforced under The Honor System. No rule may over-ride this paragraph of this rule.

If a Disciple (the Accuser) believes that a rule (or clause thereof) enforced under The Honor System has been broken by another Disciple (the Accused), then the Accuser may make call a Show Trial by making an official post with a title of the form "Show Trial: [Criminal Name], [RuleName]" where [Criminal Name] is the name of the Accused, and [RuleName] is the name of the rule broken. The post must describe the rule breakage, and present any necessary evidence.

A Disciple may be found Guilty or Innocent of a Show Trial allegation. The verdict is decided by a vote. The voting method to be followed is identical to the voting method for CfJs, specified in rule 6. A vote of of agreement corresponds to a Guilty vote, and a vote of disagreement corresponds to an Innocent vote.

A Disciple's vote must be solely determined by whether they agree or disagree that the Accused broke the specified rule. If a Disciple believes that the Accused has already been found Guilty for the specific infraction under a previous Show Trial, then e may vote Innocent. This paragraph of this rule is enforced under The Honor System.

If a Disciple has been found Guilty under a Show Trial, then they are Publicly Humiliated.

When a Disciple is Publicly Humiliated, eir Honor is reduced by 20. If eir Honor is less than 20 before the reduction, then their Honor is set to 0 and their Gold is reduced to make up for the excess penalty points. If their Gold is also insufficient, then their Knowledge is reduced in the same manner.

Eventually, I think rules involving comparing ones aspects to the Republic's aspect and decided whether or not to increase ones own aspects are good candidates for The Honor System. But let's see if the idea is palatable to others first.

For Passes 8-3. Timed out, Enacted by Angry Grasshopper, 07/07/2005 20:15.