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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Player Withdrawl Request

Due to time constraints and general blogger problems (maybe it's my computer, I don't know), I am officially packing up and shipping out of the Kingdom. I haven't exactly found prince charming yet, but I'm off to explore the horizons. I'd like, if I may, to donate my gold to this month's lottery jackpot. Consider it my charity offering to the locals.

Good luck, and Happy Blogging.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Proposal: The Emperor's Groove (Trivial)

From this point on, Admins are to be known as the Emperor's "Staff".
Players are to be known as "Subjects".
The Ruleset as "The Law".
Enactment as "Imperial Decree"

If Enacted, the Ruleset will be updated accordingly with the new terminology.

[Just to add a bit more character to the game.]

Failed by Myke, Monday the 21st, +2 Gold to Myke
Proposal: Clarification II

Add to Rule 5 - Enactment:
Any Proposal that is Enacted is considered valid and in effect the moment the "Enacted" icon (check mark) is placed on the entry. The Ruleset will then be updated accordingly when possible.

Failed by Myke, Monday the 21st, +2 Gold to Myke
Proposal: Clarification I

(Additions are underlined)

Rule 6 - Calls For Judgement
If two or more Players actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Ruleset, an addition to the GNDT, or another Player's move on the Gameboard, any Player may raise a Call for Judgment by posting an entry which begins with the paragraph "Call for Judgment" in bold text, and goes on to describe the disagreement, and measures that should be taken to correct it.

If the CfJ is in regards to the GNDT or the Ruleset, All Players may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons. If the CfJ is solely Gameboard related, only Gameboard players may cast their vote. If more than half of the Players' votes (their later votes overriding their earlier) are in favour, the Gameboard, Gamestate and/or Ruleset should be amended as was specified. If more than half disagree, the CfJ fails and may have no further effect.

Failed by Myke, Monday the 21st, +2 Gold to Myke
Proposal: Poisoned Apple

[Takeoff on Mikey's idea, but a little less severe, also, playing with teams a bit more. If this passes, I'll share the points with him.]

Add a rule "Poisoned Apple"

A Player may attempt to give another Player a poisoned apple once each week. To do this, they must make an entry that contains a sentance with both the Player being poisoned's name and the word "poison" (or any word beginning with the six letters "poison".)

The Player being poisoned, or his/her teammate, may prevent a Poisoning by posting a message to the BlogNomic weblog, declaring that the apple was poisoned.

If a Poisoning remains present and unnoticed for more than 48 hours, the Poisoned Player is taken aside with severe stomach pains, and his/her score is reduced by 50 Gold. If the Poisoned Player has a teammate at any point between the placing of the Poisoned Apple, and the Poisoning, the teammate's score is reduced by 25 Gold.

If a Poisoning is uncovered, the Player who placed the apple is fined 25 Gold. His/her teammate is fined 10 Gold as an accessory to the crime.

If the Player poisoned is the Emperor, the Player who gave him/her the Poisoned Apple is declared the Imperial Poisoner, and is immune to poisonings for as long as they hold this title. The Emperor's teammate is declared treasonous, and cannot post a poisoned apple until another Player has been successfully poisoned.

Add a bullet to the list in the rule "Teams"

  • Declare a poisoned apple given to his/her teammate, and share in any poisoned apple rewards/penalties.

    Failed by Myke, Monday the 21st, -2 Gold to Myke, +2 Gold to Myke
  • Wednesday, April 16, 2003

    Call For Judgement: Stealing The Monkey

    Okay, it doesn't really have to do with the monkey, but I like that title. On Tuesday, Kevan took over D5, which was a green square, and did not release (according to the log) a square of his own color. This is a violation of Rule #13 which states If claiming a non-white Square, the claimer must simultaneously change one of their own Squares to white.

    Kevan must release a square of his color.
    Proposal : Dead Man's Breakfast

    [ A way to "win", and to bring weblogs back into the game a bit more, and to encourage people to read each other's blogs more carefully... ]

    Enact a new Rule, "The Young Poisoner's Handbook":-

    Any Subject may attempt to Poison the Emperor by including the word "poison" (or any word beginning with the six letters "poison") in either:-

    • A newly-posted BlogNomic weblog posting (excluding Proposals and the Ruleset).
    • A comment to a BlogNomic weblog posting, where that posting is no more than 24 hours old.
    • A newly-posted entry in their own weblog.

    Any Player may prevent a Poisoning by posting a message to the BlogNomic weblog, alerting the Nomic to this danger.

    If a Poisoning remains present and unnoticed for more than 48 hours, however, the Emperor is taken aside with severe stomach pains, and his or her Dynasty ends. A new Dynasty immediately begins with the Poisoner as Emperor.

    Failed by Myke, Monday the 21st, -2 Gold to Kevan, +2 Gold to Myke
    Proposal : Lottery Properly

    [ Changing the Lottery into a simpler, more lottery-like affair. ]

    Rename Rule 17 to "The Imperial Lottery", and reword it to:-

    Any Player may buy a Lottery Ticket for one Gold, at any time. These Tickets are tracked in the GNDT.

    No more than once per week, the Emperor may declare the Calling of the Lottery. A Ticket is selected at random from all those in circulation, and the holder of that Ticket receives one Gold for every Ticket in circulation. All Tickets are then declared void, and destroyed.

    Failed by Myke, Monday the 21st, -2 Gold to Kevan, 2 Gold to Myke
    Proposal: Teamwork

    Add a new Rule, "Teams"

    On Monday, any set of two Players may declare they are a team by posting it in the Blognomic blog. The Player who is not the one posting the entry must comment to it verifying their status as a team. This teaming will last until midnight Saturday night, and must be renewed again Monday if they decide to remain a team.

    Players may only be a part of one team at a time, and may not revoke their team affiliation until it expires Saturday night. Teams will be listed in the sidebar. The first Admin to update this Tuesday recieves 2 Gold, and the first admin to replace it with "Form Your Teams" on Sunday also receives 2 points.

    As part of a team, Players:
    • May claim 3 Gold for each Daily Post their teammate makes
    • Receive 5 Gold for every proposal of their teammate that is enacted during the week they are a team (1 Gold for Trivial Proposals) and lose 1 Gold for every proposal of their teammate that fails.
    • Share in Karma change (if one Player is docked 1 Karma, his/her teammate will be docked the same, etc.)
    • May propose joint proposals, which cannot be vetoed by the Emperor. (This shall be signified by placing "(Joint Proposal: [players' names])" in the bold header after the proposal name. Upon enactment/failure of the proposal, Players split the reward or fine equally, even if enacted/failed after their week as a Team. *Both Teammates must be GamePlayers to post a joint gameboard proposal.*)
    • Must each pay 10 Gold to the Jackpot as an Imperial Team-Tax by Monday night, or their team is disqualified for the week. (One teammate may pay for both, if he/she desires. The Emperor's team is waived this fee.)

    [I'm proposing this as the new shift in the game this round, as a replacement for last round's prizes. Also, this fits nicely with the goals I stated in my welcome address.]

    Enacted by Myke, Friday the 18th, 15 Points to Myke

    If my last proposal passed, then why hasn't the jackpot been changed to five points yet? Also, people have been fined points since this was enacted. Those should be up, too. Can we get this going, please?