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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Proposal: Move the Game Board

[I promised to build the game board should that proposal pass--one that would allow archiving of previous moves as well as password protection. I began to put this script together, but then realized that I should probably check, just in case, to see if there was a wiki out there that had password protection, since they already have the versioning functionality which was the more difficult of the two features to implement. Lo and behold, there is. And a friend of mine, Bill from Brilliant Corners already had an installation set up. He has gratiously offered to host our board, if we so desire to use it. I actually think it's better that it be hosted by a non-player (unless he decides to join the game) since it will prevent the temptation to use the wiki too much and become a WikiNomic instead. We've got one page, and one page only.]

Make the following changes to Rule 15: remove the HTML table that currently represents the gameboard from the rule and add in its place, "The Game Board is currently located here. To make changes to the Game Board, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page under "Notes and Revisions". Every significant action made on the board must be documented in the "Notes and Revisions" portion of the Game Board."

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 17th, -2 Points to Erik, +2 Points to Kevan
Proposal: Eye Queue

If this Proposal passes, a hyperlink list of all Pending Proposals will be added to the sidebar of the BlogNomic page. Upon passing or failing, the Proposal will be removed from the list.

Also, if the Proposal "What I Meant to Say Was..." passes, revised proposals will be marked as such in this list when the revision is proposed. If "What I Meant to Say Was..." fails, ignore this paragraph of the proposal.

Failed by Kevan, Monday the 17th, -2 Points to Myke, +2 Points to Kevan
Call for Judgement

Craig modified his own Karma score, something clearly illegal by rule 13. The 10 points he deducted should be added back to his score.

[I would have just fixed it, but I imagine that doing so without a CFJ would have left myself open to CFJs myself. There really should be a way for admins to fix trivially obvious mistakes, and "mistakes" as well, although we haven't seen any of those yet. At least, I don't think so.]

Failed by Erik, Sunday the 16th, since it had 7 votes against (did not need a CfJ)
Proposal: What I Meant to Say Was...

Create a new rule named "Revising Proposals":

If a proposal is pending, the player that proposed it may revise it by posting a comment to the proposal, beginning with "Revision:" and followed by the entire new text of the proposal.

If a proposal has been revised, FOR votes cast before the most recent revision are not counted toward marking the proposal Enacted.

If a proposal has been revised and marked Enacted, the text of the most recent revision is used as the proposal text.

[Made possible by Erik's generous gift to the game. This way, if the only problem with a proposal is, say, a single word or phrase that was entered wrong in the midst of sleep deprivation, the proposal can be fixed before being voted down.]

Failed by Erik, Sunday the 16th, -2 Points to Don, 2 Points to Erik

Friday, February 14, 2003

Proposal: Karmic balance

[The sum Karma of the game is steadily rising, which seems a bit messy (as it doesn't, really, with points). In an attempt to address this, I suggest:]

In the rule 'Karma', replace "A single Player may adjust up to 10 Karma points per day" with "Each Player may adjust Karma by up to 5 points in each direction per day".

Failed by Erik, Sunday the 16th, -2 Points to Raven Black, 2 Points to Erik
Proposal: Late Starters

In the rule "Karma", replace "zero" with "equal the lowest Karma amongst the active players, or zero, whichever is greater".

In the rule "Points", replace "zero" with "the lowest score amongst the active players, or zero, whichever is greater".

[I realise "coming in with averaged values" is unpopular (though, strictly, fair), and since that's failed to pass before, but coming in at all zeroes is quite evidently unfair, I suggest this middle-ground.]

Enacted by Myke, Sunday the 16th, 10 Points to Raven, 5 Points to Myke
Proposal : Don't Talk About BlogNomic

Enact a new Rule, "The 15th Rule of BlogNomic" (or the 16th or 17th, as matches the number of the new rule; the text of the rule itself should be updated to reflect this, in such a case) (this is all terribly important):-

"The 15th rule of BlogNomic is you don't talk about BlogNomic; although players are encouraged to include a link to BlogNomic from their weblog, and may include a generic warning that any weird content may be due to the game, they should not specifically announce that a given post was made for the purposes of BlogNomic. (Anyone breaking this rule may be fined 20 Points.)"

[ "This is a post that fits a prize condition in BlogNomic" posts (of which I'm guilty myself) are a bit boring - working it into stuff you'd be happy to post anyway, or exhuding an air of intentional mystery, are far more interesting. ]

Enacted by Kevan, Saturday the 14th, 15 Points to Kevan
Proposal: Quicker Voting

Add the following to the end of Rule 11: "Within 24 hours of a Proposal leaving the Pending state (ie. either passing or failing), a Player may award themselves three points if their final vote for the Proposal was made within 24 hours of the Proposal originally being posted."

[Just seeing if there's any interest in trying to speed up voting, and also seeing how many capitalized "P"s I could get away with.]

Enacted by Kevan, Saturday the 14th, 10 Points to Erik, 5 Points to Kevan
Proposal: Biting Oneself on the Butt

If the proposals entitled "The Game Board" and "And Now for Something Completely Different" passed, add a new rule named "Karmic Barriers":

Each turn, each player may place one of his karma points on a vacant game board location of his choosing. The karma point ceases to belong to the player, and is destroyed two weeks after it is placed.

[Rationale: This lets people interfere with movement of rules around the board by filling in vacant spaces. And if one interferes with someone else's actions, that someone else will probably be pissed off; hence the karmic backlash.]

Failed by Kevan, Saturday the 14th, -2 Points to Don, 2 Points to Kevan

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Gifts for BlogNomic

I've upgraded our BlogSpot account to be ad-free and our backBlog comment system to allow for posts longer than 400 characters and different smilies if we want them. Consider it a late welcoming gift to the game--I had intended to do this when I first joined the game, but BlogSpot has been producing errors when I tried to upgrade until today.

Is there any way the sidebar links -- the player blogs, the GNDT and the current ruleset -- can be made new-window links?
Proposal: And Now for Something Completely Different

If the proposal entitled "The Game Board" passed, add a new rule named, "Manipulating the Rules":

Rules are objects that can exist on the Game Board. If, at any time, a rule is not on the Game Board, it is assigned a random vacant location and placed there.

Each week, each player can move one rule in one of the following two ways:

  • from one space on the Game Board to an adjacent vacant space
  • jumping a rule in an adjacent space to land in a vacant space on the other side

Rules take precedence in the game over rules they jump. If a rule is jumped by a rule it takes precedence over, it no longer takes precedence over that rule; that rule takes precedence over it.

[Couldn't resist.]

Failed by Kevan, Saturday the 14th, -2 Points to Don, 2 Points to Kevan
Proposal: The Game Board

Add a new rule named, "The Game Board":

The Game Board is part of the Gamestate and will serve as an abstract environment in which objects (that the Rules have specified as belonging on the board) can interact. Rules of interaction will need to be created.


[If this passes, I suggest we move the board to some other place where it's easily modified and accessible to players. The hope here is that by creating a board and pieces, we can then create a new enviroment, with its own subset of Rules, that might give more incentive to the seeking and rewarding of points and karma.]

Enacted by Kevan, Saturday the 14th, 10 Points to Erik, 5 Points to Kevan

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Before-the-event Judgement

Question about "positive feedback", also encompassing any future comment-related rules - my blog appears both as a blog and as a livejournal. The posts are duplicates, but the comments are separate, from different sets of people. Can I claim "positive feedback" points from my livejournal comments as well as the ones in my "official" blog's comments, or am I limited to claiming only the "official" ones? (Official being defined as "the one that my name links to, here"). I can see arguments both ways - on the one hand, the comments are all on my entries, and my LJ readers would possibly be commenting in the blog if it weren't for the mirroring, but on the other hand, only the one blog is registered as my Blognomic blog.
Proposal : Admin Pay Hike

[ Eh, a measly point (and nothing for a failed proposal) isn't much of an encouragement to perform admin duties, or to ask to become an Administrator. (Which people are welcome to do, of course - we could probably use a couple more.) ]

In Rule 11 (Points), replace "An admin gains one point each time he or she enacts a proposal." with "Whenever an admin Enacts a non-Trivial Proposal, they may claim 5 Points. Whenever they Fail a Proposal or Enact a Trivial Proposal, they may claim 2 Points."

Enacted by Myke, Friday the 14th, 10 Points to Kevan, 1 Point to Myke
Proposal : Karma Before The Storm

[ There's not enough Karma modification going on. I toyed with awarding auto-Karma for updating other Karma (but we don't like auto-Karma), and with awarding points (which is better, but still a bit fiddly), but ended up with just a vague "Karma flux is good" clause. Arguably an unspoken thing, but I think we need to give Karma a kick (and make the importance of its alteration clear to new players and outsiders, if "flux is good" is indeed the consensus). ]

To Rule 13 (Karma), add:-

"Karma flux is good - Players are encouraged to decrease the Karma of Players who aren't applying any Karma changes."

Failed by Myke, Friday the 14th, -2 Points to Kevan

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Proposal: That's a Stupid Prize

Append to the rule "Glittering Prizes" the following paragraph:

If, within 24 hours of a Prize's announcement, the Prize has comments from X distinct Players containing the word 'stupid', where X is equal to the number of active players divided by three (rounded to the nearest integer), then that Prize is cancelled - an admin should change its reward to "0 points", and revoke any points already claimed from the Prize.

(Requiring less than quorum because of the tight time limit, and because it's requiring an active and deliberate veto rather than a yes/no decision.)

Failed by Myke, Friday the 14th, -2 Points to Raven
Proposal: Patching the Patch

If the most recent proposal entitled "Shut Up RavenBlack" has passed, add to the end of Rule 14 the text "(Maximum 10 points per entry, and 70 points per week.)".

Filling in the gap on Kevan's proposal.

Enacted by Kevan, Wednesday the 12th, 10 Points to Don, 1 to Kevan

Monday, February 10, 2003

Prize: tsoP sdrawkcaB (30 points)

Player must write an entry where all of the text is written backwards, the post beginning with the last word, and ending with the first, and every word is spelled backwards. Post must be at least 50 words long to qualify. This prize can only be claimed once per week.
Prize: Language Post (20 points, 15 points if done with Babelfish)

Post an entry in another language, that is not your primary spoken language, of at least 30 words. Any language is acceptable including made up ones such as Klingon and Elvish that have already been created. Note which language is being posted in. Provide translation for 2 more points. This prize may only be claimed once during the week.
Prize: Guest Blogger (15 points)

To claim this prize, a player must post an entry written for them by someone else. That person must include their name or identity somewhere in the post. This prize may only be claimed once during the week.

Proposal : Shut Up RavenBlack

Reword Rule 14 (Positive Feedback) to:-

Whenever a Player posts a blog entry, they may claim X points, where X is the number of people (aside from themselves) who posted a comment to the preceding entry. These points must be claimed within half an hour of posting the new entry.

[ Eh, this seems a neater solution, making it per-person rather than per-comment. It also makes the points award a voluntary claim, rather than the current compulsory gain. ]

Enacted by Kevan, Wednesday the 12th, 11 Points to Kevan
Prize : Game Review (20 points)

To claim this prize, a player must post a review of some sort of game (computer, board, card, or anything), the review consisting of at least one hundred words and a link to a relevant site. This prize may only be claimed once during the week.