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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Proposal: What I Meant to Say Was...

Create a new rule named "Revising Proposals":

If a proposal is pending, the player that proposed it may revise it by posting a comment to the proposal, beginning with "Revision:" and followed by the entire new text of the proposal.

If a proposal has been revised, FOR votes cast before the most recent revision are not counted toward marking the proposal Enacted.

If a proposal has been revised and marked Enacted, the text of the most recent revision is used as the proposal text.

[Made possible by Erik's generous gift to the game. This way, if the only problem with a proposal is, say, a single word or phrase that was entered wrong in the midst of sleep deprivation, the proposal can be fixed before being voted down.]

Failed by Erik, Sunday the 16th, -2 Points to Don, 2 Points to Erik