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Friday, February 14, 2003

Proposal : Don't Talk About BlogNomic

Enact a new Rule, "The 15th Rule of BlogNomic" (or the 16th or 17th, as matches the number of the new rule; the text of the rule itself should be updated to reflect this, in such a case) (this is all terribly important):-

"The 15th rule of BlogNomic is you don't talk about BlogNomic; although players are encouraged to include a link to BlogNomic from their weblog, and may include a generic warning that any weird content may be due to the game, they should not specifically announce that a given post was made for the purposes of BlogNomic. (Anyone breaking this rule may be fined 20 Points.)"

[ "This is a post that fits a prize condition in BlogNomic" posts (of which I'm guilty myself) are a bit boring - working it into stuff you'd be happy to post anyway, or exhuding an air of intentional mystery, are far more interesting. ]

Enacted by Kevan, Saturday the 14th, 15 Points to Kevan