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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Proposal: Multipost

In Rule 15, add the following text to the paragraph beginning with "If a Player has a Colour..."

"To take a daily Turn, a BoardPlayer must make an entry in their Blog after the Daily Post. An additional post is required for any additional Turns. Subject matter of these posts is irrelevant."

[Another attempt to tie the gameboard back to the blogs.]

Failed by Myke, Tuesday the 8th, -2 Points to Myke, +2 Points to Myke
Proposal : Pointlessness

[ I'm having doubts about the current use of Points in the GameBoardGame; Myke and I are pretty much unassailable, and the cost to claim one of Myke's squares is currently more than the prize for winning the game. A purely abstract and self-contained game would be more interesting for everyone, I think. ]

In Rule 15, replace:-

"(If claiming an owned Square, the claimer must first pay points equal to 1/4 of the Point score of the Square's owner, rounding up. These points are lost. If claiming a Square whose colour matches that of an idle BoardPlayer, the claimer must first pay points equal to 1/8 of that idle Player's score, rounding up.)"


"(If claiming a non-white Square, the claimer must simultaneously change one of their own Squares to white.)"

Enacted by Kevan, Tuesday the 8th, 15 Points to Kevan
Proposal: Special Events (GameBoard)

A GameBoard player may spend 1/2 of his points (rounded up) to designate any empty square as a Monument. Monuments may contain a small image (no larger than the square) and a hyperlink for further explanation.

In order to enact a Monument, 1/2 of Quorum must agree to the sentiment of the Monument before it is created. (thus ensuring a *bit* of check and balance) Note: The members who approve the Monument do not have to be Board Players. (thus involving more players in the board)

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 8th, -2 Points to Mikey, +2 Points to Kevan

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Proposal: Light Dusting

(Eh, let's clear out some rules which aren't being used, or aren't working properly.)

Repeal Rule 7 (Kicking the Idle). (It's been annoying to lose "proper" players due to a spate of blog silence, and fairly meaningless to assume that an idle Player will also become an idle blogger.)

Remove the second paragraph of Rule 8. (Fair point, but it's never happened yet; we haven't even had one time out.)

Repeal Rule 10 (KISS). (Again, never actually made much difference, so far as I've noticed, and the wording's a bit off anyway; we might have a few proposals enact at once, with half of the final one being chopped off by KISS, with disasterous consequence.)

Enacted by Myke, 10 Points to Kevan, 5 Points to Myke
Proposal: Reset

All rules are erased. Gameboard is erased. All points, stats, etc are erased and the game starts anew. Fresh. Clean.

Failed by Myke, -2 Points to Mikey, 2 Points to Myke

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


To Players who don't participate in Prize claiming/posting, and don't collect daily post points,

Why are you playing BlogNomic?

Is there some higher objective to this Nomic that I'm missing?

Please comment on this and let me know... because I feel like a huge dork for claiming prizes, voting on everything, making proposals, and actually making an effort to win... and I have to seriously bite my tongue at a lot of vote explanations that are cast by people who aren't participating.
Proposal: Declaration of BoardPlayer Independance

I would like to amend several rules (Rule 3: Proposals, Rule 4: Voting, and Rule 5: Enactment) on the basis that there be a distinction between proposals having to do with Blognomic only, and proposals having to do with the Gameboard only.

[I came up with this proposal because I don't feel I should be penalized for not voting on something that I know almost nothing about. If I don't know how the Gameboard works, how can I vote on Gameboard proposals? Thanks to Myke for his help.]

Add the following to Rule 3:

"A BoardPlayer may state that their proposal is a GameBoard Proposal. GameBoard Proposals may only be voted on by BoardPlayers. Only proposals that deal solely with the GameBoard, and have no relevance to the main BlogNomic game (i.e. creating a prize that would give BoardPlayers points would be unacceptable, but changing the way a move is made on the GameBoard would be) can be designated GameBoard Proposals. For the purposes of GameBoard Proposals, quorum is one half of BoardPlayers, rounded down, plus one. GameBoard Proposals follow all other rules of Proposals."

Add the following to Rule 4:

"Only Boardplayers may vote on Proposals specifically designated as Gameboard Proposals."

Add the following to Rule 5:

"For Proposals that are designated as Gameboard Proposals, Quorum for GameBoard Proposals is one half of BoardPlayers, rounded down, plus one."

Enacted by Myke, 10 Points to Lyndse, 5 Points to Myke

Proposal: Practical Application

Upon the passing of this proposal, each Player will have 24 hours to calculate his/her Output. After that 24 hours, the Players with the highest and lowest Output will recieve 20 Points each.

Enacted by Myke, 15 Points to Myke
Prize: Hidden Treasure (20 Points)

Player must post an entry in which the first letter of each word, when separated from the whole, form a sentance or message. Post must be at least 30 words long. Prize can only be claimed once by each Player, and must be claimed within 24 hours of posting the entry.

Monday, March 31, 2003

Prize : The Cross-Pollination Prize (10 Points)

A Player may claim this prize for taking a sentence (of at least ten words) from a weblog posting by any other Player, and including it in a posting in their own weblog. A Player may claim this prize up to five times (they should quote the sentence in the GNDT when claiming the prize).
Prize: Word of the Week (25 points)

To show how colorful your vocabulary is (and how creative you are), successfully use the word "salmagundi" (and try to do it seamlessly) at least once in each of your blog entries for this week. This must be done each day of the week (seven times) in order to claim your prize: it may be claimed on Sunday night. This prize may be claimed once by all players.

Proposal: Extended GamePlay II

Add to the bulleted list in Rule 15:

  • Block a square from being purchased by another GamePlayer by placing the text "X-[blocked gameplayer's name]" in the square to be blocked. A block can be placed on any white square, or any square owned by the GamePlayer. A block costs 1/4 of the points of the Player to be blocked. Multiple blocks can be placed on each square. When claimed by a non-blocked GamePlayer, all blocks on a square are removed.

[I think this is a cool twist. It will spice things up, and make it less boring than "I claimed this." "I then claimed this."]

Enacted by Myke, 15 Points to Myke
Proposal: Extended GamePlay I (Trivial)

Add to the bulleted list in Rule 15:

  • Give one of his/her own squares to another GamePlayer by changing its color.
  • Move out of a square by changing it's color to white.

[We've mentioned this in earlier discussion, under the guise of "selling" a square to another opponent. Under current rules, that is not allowed, because a GamePlayer cannot move out of a square, or give it to somebody else.]

Enacted by Myke, Sunday the 6th, 4 Points to Myke