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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Proposal : Admin Appreciation [Trivial]

[ I think reverting Admin rewards to 2003 levels would be healthier for the Nomic than the Fast-Track proposal - I'd rather have a Nomic where everyone was an Admin, and helped out when they could, than one where part-time assistance was actively penalised. ]

In Rule 6 (Enactment), replace "OPP" with "oldest pending Proposal" and "NTP" with "non-Trivial Proposal". (!)

And replace the paragraph beginning "Whenever an Admin Enacts" with:-

Whenever an Admin Enacts a non-Trivial Proposal, they may claim 5 Dignity. Whenever they Fail a Proposal or Enact a Trivial Proposal, they may claim 2 Dignity.

Enacted by Kevan, 27th August. +3 to to Kevan.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Proposal: Fast-Track

Alter the last paragraph of "Enactment" to read as:

Whenever an Admin Enacts or Fails a Proposal that has been pending for more than 48 hours, he/she has the option of deducting 5 Dignity from the accounts of all active Teamspersons who did not vote on the Proposal. Furthermore, he/she will deduct 1 Dignity of each Admin, including him/herself, for each full 24 hours the proposal remained pending after the initial 48 hours. These deductions cannot take place if a proposal has been vetoed or self failed.

Failed by Kevan, 27th August - vetoed by Brendan. -3 to Chronos, +1 to Kevan.

Call for Judgement

We seem to have a whole bunch of pending proposal, most of them ripe for Enactment. I ask the administration for immediate enactment of the following Proposals, which are pending for more than 48 hours:
  • Cleaning Up (8/9/2004) - 7 For, 2 Against
  • Look Busy (8/9/2004) - 8 For, 0 Against
  • Page-Turner (8/15/2004) - 4 For, 0 Against
  • Silver Lining (8/15/2004) - 6 For, 0 Against

Besides that, there's another CFJ which is pending for more than 4 days. I ask the administration for its immediate passing:

  • Water Cooler (8/13/2004) - 6 For, 0 Against

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Proposal: Flattery...

... can work miracles for you.

Add to Document Pushing:
  • Flatter Someone. This Teamsperson (the Flatterer) must post a GNDT comment stating who is being Flatterered and transfer 10 Dignity to that Teamsperson (The Flattered), which must have a higher Dignity. The Flatterer is thus allowed to, during 48 hours counting immediately after this action is announced, act or be targeted by actions as if its Dignity were the same as the current Flattered Teamsperson's Dignity.

  • Discredit Flatterer. This costs 15 Dignity. This Flattered Teamsperson must post a GNDT comment stating which Flatterer is being discredited. The effects of the Flattery action immediately cease and the Flatterer looses 5 Dignity.

Should this proposal pass, a new column shall be added to the GNDT, named "Flattering". The value of this new column shall indicates who's currently being flattered by this Teamsperson, with "-" meaning no one is currently being flattered.

Enacted by Kevan, 27th August. +10 to Chronos, +2 to Kevan.

New Teamsperson : Chronos

Chronos extat! Quorum is 8.

Proposal : Project Management

[ Perhaps the current lethargy and lack of documents is down to the unpredictable chaos of the stationery cupboard. Maybe we should get to choose the projects we're making the effort to initiate. ]

Replace "Generate Work" with:-
Start a Project. This costs 10 Dignity. The Teamsperson may create a Document containing any number of Black and White Pages, and one other Page of their choice, and place it in their own Inbox.
And add a new game action:-
Answer the Phone. This costs nothing, but each Teamsperson may only Answer the Phone once per day. The Teamsperson must post a GNDT comment containing either one or two occurrences of the string "Document:COLOUR"; a new Document is then added to their Inbox with the resultant colours, in the order that they were generated.

Enacted by Kevan, 27th August. +12 to Kevan.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Proposal : Silver Lining [Trivial]

Reword the effects of Silver Pages to:-

Silver: High-Profile. When Claiming Credit for a Silver Document, the claimer earns Dignity equal to 5+(5*X), where X is the number of Silver pages in the Document. Upon doing so, another Silver page is added to end of the Document.

Enacted by Kevan, timed out 6 votes to 0. +3 to Kevan.

Proposal : Page-Turner [Trivial]

[ Some clarification of the "page" thing. ]

In Rule 11 (Document-pushing), replace "A Document is represented by a string of characters, being the first letters of all of its colours (so a Teamsperson with two Yellow Documents and one Blue-and-Puce would have an Inbox of "Y Y BP")." with:-

A Document consists of one or more Pages, each of a specific colour, and in a specific order. A Document is represented in the GNDT by a string of letters, being the first letters of each of its Pages' colours, in sequence. (eg. a Document whose first Page was Red and whose second Page was White would be listed as "RW".)

And replace, in "Generate Work" section, "with the resultant colours" with:-

with Pages of the resultant colours, in the order that they were generated

Also replace "add another Orange page to it" with:-

add another Orange page to the end of it

Enacted by Kevan, timed out 4 to 0. +3 to Kevan.

New Player : Dirk

Here's your inbox, here's your outbox, here's your card for the photocopier. Welcome to the company.

(For what it's worth, Blogger invites seem to be working again, even if they give a crashy error message upon submission. Did E.lite ever get a proper account set up?)