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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Propsal: Clocksmith

Add to the rule "The Atomic Bomb"

"When an admin updates the atomic bomb, he may claim 5 Gold."

[there's no incentive right now.]

Enacted by Kevan, Thursday the 9th, 5 Gold to Geran, 5 Gold to Kevan

Friday, July 04, 2003

Proposal: BlogNomic Summer Time

[The activity here is exceptionally low, probably due to it being high summer. Meanwhile, the Atomic Bomb is ticking away.]

In Rule 25: Atomic Bomb
Change "[. . .] two consecutive days [. . .]" to "[. . .] four consecutive days [. . .]".

Failed by Geran, Saturday the 5th, -2 Gold to Nea, 2 Gold to Geran

Monday, June 30, 2003

Declaration: Highwayman

Néa is the new Highwayman. Long live the resistance!

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Proposal: Mr. Franklin Says Differently

New rule: Bribes

A Rebel player whose proposal is vetoed may pay the Emperor an amount equal to one quarter of the Emperor's gold (rounded up) to cancel the veto.

A Loyal player other than the Emperor and Grand Vizier may pay the Emperor two-thirds of the Rebel bribe (rounded down) to retain the veto. The Rebel player's gold is not returned if this happens.

The Loyal player may not have received a gift of gold from the Emperor or Grand Vizier since the proposal in question was made, and may not receive a gift from either for a period of three days after his or her bribe was made.

For the puposes of this rule all players are considered to be of the same alignment they were when the proposal in question was passed.

Failed by Geran, Saturday the 5th, -2 Gold to Squirrel, 2 Gold to Geran
Proposal: Hauled from the Ashes (trivial)

Add to Rule 25: Atomic Bomb
[... all rules except the first eight], this one, and the glossary [will be repealed.]

Enacted by Geran, Saturday the 5th, 2 Gold to Squirrel, 2 Gold to Geran