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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Proposal: Registration Fee

Add to the first paragraph of Rule 11:

"The Admin who sets up a new Player receives 10 points."

[Setting up a new Player is a lot more work than administering the average Proposal, and it's not like it's all that common. As a side note: Kevan, is there any way to give Admin's access to adding a Player to the GNDT?]

Enacted by Myke, Tuesday the First, +15 Points to Myke
New Player

Everybody please welcome Lyndse to BlogNomic.

Kevan, GNDT please? Thank you!

Friday, March 28, 2003

Proposal : Standing Room Only

Any Players who are Idle at the time of this Proposal passing shall be contacted by Kevan, asking if they have any intention of returning to the current incarnation BlogNomic (it may well implode or finish, and start again, at some point). Any that don't intend to return shall cease to be Players, and be removed from the Player Roster.

[ I get the impression that a few people won't be coming back - it'd be good to trim the player roster down, if this is the case. ]

Enacted by Myke, Tuesday the First, +10 Points to Kevan, +5 Points to Myke
Proposal: Spring Cleaning

The blog gets cluttered with posts that end up making it difficult to keep up with everything. Deleting proposals after they've been passed or failed and removing requests to go idle or return to active status once those actions have been done would make checking in easier.

I propose that all resolved issues be deleted from BlogNomic.

Failed by Myke, Saturday the 22nd, -2 Points to Mikey, +2 Points to Myke

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Call for Judgement

I was bought out on the gameboard as an idle player, and I never was idle.

I want my square back or it should be purchased at a higher cost. Either will make me happy.

(also, I would like to be un-idled)

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Proposal: Move it or Lose it

Add to Rule 15:

"If a BoardPlayer has not taken a turn in one week, they will be booted from the GameBoard and all of their squares will revert to white. After being booted, a BoardPlayer may return, but must start as if they were a new BoardPlayer."

[It is just really pissing me off that I can't make a move on the GameBoard until anybody else does, and that by not taking a Turn (or even entering "I took a Turn by doing nothing") a few other Players completely stopped GameBoard play. MOVE IT OR LOSE IT, FOLKS]

Failed by Myke, Friday the 21st, -2 Points to Myke, +2 Points to Myke
Under Rule 2 ("Admin may render a Player Idle if that Player has failed to vote for more than a week."), Adam and Mikey are now Idle. Quorum falls to 3.
Call for Judgment

Kevan fined various people 10 points for not voting on Operation Free Squares, yet did not fine himself 10 points even though he hadn't cast a vote on it either.

It does not matter that by Rule 4 his nonexistent vote is counted as FOR. It only matters that by Rule 8 he has not cast a vote.

Recommended action: Kevan be fined 10 points for his violation of Rule 8. (I may also penalize him Karma for neglecting his own violation, but that's a personal decision.)

Monday, March 24, 2003

Prize: Jekyll and Hyde (20 points)

Post an entry arguing your opinion on a current event/issue/debate etc.
The next day, post another entry arguing the opposite side of the issue, with no reference to the fact that it is not what you actually believe, or referring to the first entry.
Prize may be claimed once by each Player, and must be claimed within 24 hours of the second entry's posting.
Prize : The Ole Andersen Memorial Prize (5 points)

This Prize may be claimed once for every Non-English Letter in a blog entry, provided that the letter is part of a word, and that that word is part of a sentence. This Prize may not be claimed more than ten times by any one Player, and may be split over as many entries as the Player wishes.

The set of Non-English Letters are defined as:

Xylen - having posted no entries to her weblog since the 7th of March, and being Idle all that time - is hereby removed from the Player Roster, under Rule 7 (Kicking the Idle).