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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Proposal : Karma Before The Storm

[ There's not enough Karma modification going on. I toyed with awarding auto-Karma for updating other Karma (but we don't like auto-Karma), and with awarding points (which is better, but still a bit fiddly), but ended up with just a vague "Karma flux is good" clause. Arguably an unspoken thing, but I think we need to give Karma a kick (and make the importance of its alteration clear to new players and outsiders, if "flux is good" is indeed the consensus). ]

To Rule 13 (Karma), add:-

"Karma flux is good - Players are encouraged to decrease the Karma of Players who aren't applying any Karma changes."

Failed by Myke, Friday the 14th, -2 Points to Kevan