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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Proposal: Idle Only By Request, AWOL By Default

Change the line in Rule 2 that says, "Admin may render a Player Idle if that Player has failed to vote for more than a week, or if that Player has asked to become Idle. Admin may un-Idle a Player who has asked to become un-Idle." to instead say, "Upon a player's request, Admin must render a player Idle. Idle players are exempt from all Rules while Idle, unless the Rule specifies otherwise. Player may ask an Admin to render them un-Idle at any time, at which point they will again be considered an active member of the game and held under the jurisdiction of all Rules."

In addition, rename Rule 7: "AWOL" in order to avoid confusion about Idle status. Finally, edit Rule 7 to say "a Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog during the previous week" to say, "a Player has posted no entries to his or her weblog and/or has not voted for any proposals during the previous week".

[I hope this is not too many changes for one proposal--I tried to think of a way to split them up, but because of the dependencies between Rule 2 and 7, this is the only way I could think of to clarify some of the vagaries I felt existed. In particular, as the rules currently stand, it is unclear what would happen if a player both stopped writing in their weblog AND stopped voting for a week--would they go Idle or be removed from the roster?]

Failed by Kevan, Tuesday the 11th, -2 Points to Erik