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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Proposal : Irregular Expressions [Trivial]

If the "Iconic Representation" Proposal passed, replace the "Appropriate Icons" section of the Glossary with:-

"Appropriate Icons: For use in voting, a red angry face shall represent a vote AGAINST, and any of the yellow faces shall represent a vote FOR."

If it didn't pass, Kevan shall eat his hat.

[ Less danger of subtly invalid voting by people forgetting which smiley to use, removal of any potential confusion caused by people voting with the Official Voting Smiley and idly emoting with the others, and extra bonus humour in allowing a relevant choice of expression. Note that this is a Trivial Proposal. ]

Enacted by Kosta, Thursday the 6th, +2 Points to Kevan, +1 Points to Kosta